Para entrar na Fraternidade Vale Tudo ate fazer o que nao quer assistam

Para entrar na Fraternidade  Vale Tudo  ate fazer o que nao quer assistam
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[b]You slowly crept out of the warm downy feather bed, and slipped into her rather nice slippers, which were a present from Mrs.Weasley. (Homemade of course.) Slowly creeping down the tarnished worn out steps, your long rather curly hair bobbing against the rythm of your step. Upon entering the kitchen, Mrs.Weasley sat you down, and offered you toast, and some pumpkin juice.

Munching away at the toast, Mrs. Weasley announced the plans for the day, and headed off to scold Ron about the untidyness of his hair. A mound of shaggy black hair emerged from the upper stairwell, and Harry slowly decended down the stairs to join you for breakfast. "Mourning Hermione." "Same to you Harry, ready for the train ride in?" "Urm.yes, but it will be rather long." "Indeed." In the bathroom, you checked that everything was in porportion.

Hair was crimped, and de-frizzed, teeth were brushed, and everything else was in order. You were rather shaply for a 5th year, long torso, long legs, and a good upper chest. You were a 34 B. Mrs.Weasley franticlly called all the children around the table, and made sure everything was ready for the trip to the train station. "good bye Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny!

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Fred and George will meet you at the school!" Blowing a few kisses, and wiping some tears out of her eyes. The train drew out of the platform with a few solid jerks, and wipped out of the staion blowing smoke to the west.

You found an empty seating area, and settled down, pulling out your spell books, and supplies. "Well, another year awaits, hopefully not as thrilling as the last." Ginny chortled, and stroked her newly aqauinted cat. Loud purrs roumbled out of its chest, and it slowly fell asleep.

Upon arriving at Hogwarts, you were eager to eat, and meet the new first years. A few new youngsters joined the Gryffindor table, and sat down neatly beside you. You noticed something fammiliar. The icy stare of Severus Snape. His cold eyes meet yours. you looked away, and chattered with ginny, and some other girls. After an evening of eating, eating and more eating, you wanted to curl up in bed, and go to sleep. "Choclate clod hoppers." the portrait of the fat lady opened, and Nevil began to whine about how he would never would never remember the password.

the warmth of the common room was so enlighting, and seductive. Walking up the stairs to the girls dormitory, you noticed the same bed you always slept in was neatly made, and ready for use. "Get up Hermione!" "five more minutes." Great, potions first class. you walked down the corridor to the great hall and grabbed some breakfast. Snape was sitting in his usual seating area reading the daily profit, and poking at the plate of food placed infront of him.

You grabbed a bagel, and headed off, hoping to be early for some studying. Entering the cold unwelcoming dungeon was hard, but it had to be done. Taking a seat next in the front, you pulled out your notebook, and quill, and began reviewing your textbooks.

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"Good day class." Snape unexpectadley burst in, and began writing instructions on the board. "We will be making a simple love potion to start off. Open your books to page 235, and read the following paragraph, and take the required notes." Just as he was finishing his last sentence, Harry burst in, huffing and wheezing. "Sor.Sorry professer." "Late again Potter. 5 points from Gryffindor." A small but smug looking smirk crept across Snapes face.

One of the buttons on your white blouse bursrt off, hitting the ground, and rolling behind snapes desk.

Snape was trying so hard not to look. You noticed his eyes slowly moving towrds you. You took your robe, and fasntened it shut. you felt the most wonderful sensation down in your crotch. it had a slow throbbing pulsating feeling.


The need for someone to touch you, feel your young virgin pussy. You shook your head, and began taking more notes. After what seemed like a very long five minutes, you got up, and went to an empty cauldron.

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Grabbing some ingredients of the shelves, you started your potion, and you were the first one finished. Malfoy looked rather un happy because of the rules.

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No taking class made potions out of the dungeons. You were willing to do so, you knew that Harry had a thing for you.


And that wonderful throbbing pain in your crotch wouldnt go away. Bottling your potion, you slipped it under your robe.

Handing snape another bottle with the same potion, you scurried off to your next class. Charms. After a long day, you followed Harry to the common room. you made tea, knowing that Harry loved tea. "I made tea Harry, want some?" "Oh, thanks Hermione." Taking his cup, he slowly drank it, and fell asleep for what seemed to be 2 minutes.

Looking rather groggy, he moved closer to you. "You look so beautiful today.Hermione." He took the bait.

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It was late at night, so no one would catch you. Slowly unbuttoning your blouse, he tenderly kissed your lips. then it happened. He lunged forward, and began eating your face. Fiercly grabbing your breast, harder and harder he kissed you, feeling every nook and crany in your mouth.

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Rubbing your head. Laying you down on the couch, he removed your shirt compleatly. Hovering over you, he ripped off your bra, reveling a perfect pair of tits. Your pink puffy nipples getting harder and harder.

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He slowly licked them, and licked the underside of them. "Yes Harry!" Smiling like a horny englishmen.he ripped of your panties, and slowly took out his cock. You were surprised, it was big. 7 inches long, and 2 inches thick. Slowly pushing it in your soft wet cunt, you whimpered. Your creamy thighs quivering. Slowly he thrusted, in and out. faster and faster he pushed, driving it hard into you. His firm round balls slapping against your ass.

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"Hermione.fuck your so tight." After 6 minutes, he removed it, and placed it in your ass. ===================================================