Plump BBW In Extreme Hardcore Sex

Plump BBW In Extreme Hardcore Sex
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It's a bright sunny day in the forest as I idle slowly along the path through the sparse trees.

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Just so you know, my name is Rebecca, but everyone calls me Little Red on account of the red hooded cloak I always wear, at least I think that's why. They all warned me not to take the shortcut through the forest, but I'll be fucked if I'm walking the long way round to Granny's house, not with this heavy basket of goodies in tow.

Big bad wolf or no big bad wolf. They tell me granny is ill but that's old people for you, always something wrong with them, and I get the chore of checking in on her. After an hour or so of walking I stop for a rest by a big old oak tree and sit down. Opening the basket I reach in and grab a cake, taking a big bite as I feel the soft warm breeze blow over my long legs and up my short red dress.

I lie back enjoying the attention of the wind on my body, almost drifting off to sleep when I hear footsteps.

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I open my eyes and see you there. 'Who.who are you?' I ask nervously. 'Isn't it obvious' you reply pausing. I stare at you with a baffled look on my face. 'I'm the big bad wolf' you tell me eventually, and impatiently. 'Are you going to eat me up?' I ask coyly 'Well, I am a bit peckish' you reply 'I have a basket of goodies here, It's heavy as fuck and could do with being lightened a little' I say nervously, hoping to tempt you away from consuming me whole like everyone told me would happen.

'Such coarse language from such a pretty young thing' you say, eying me in a way that makes me feel like a three course meal. 'Sweet young virgins aren't what they used to be.' you add nostalgically.

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'I'm no virgin!' I tell you smiling, 'and I'm not so sweet when you get to know me either' 'Oh my dear girl' you say licking your lips and running your eyes hungrily over me 'I'll bet you are!' I begin to wonder just what part of me you are thinking of eating when I hear the sounds of a tree falling in the distance.

Relieved I say 'Thats the woodcutter, you'd best scoot or else he'll chop you to bits, you know what woodcutters are like, all muscle and any excuse for a bit of bloodshed.' 'And where might you be headed with your basket of goodies, my little appetizer?' you ask preparing to make your exit. 'Grannies house' I tell you rather naively. 'She lives just outside the woods', I add.

'That way', I point. 'Very helpful' you say grinning broadly, 'perhaps when next we meet I can nibble your pie, and perhaps I might have something for you to wrap your lips around'.

With that you race off into the trees disappearing in a flash. 'Hmmmm.There's no pie here' I think to myself, double entendres were never my strong point. After a long and lazy walk, broken by the odd rest and a bite to eat, I finally come into view of Grannies house. Eagerly I run up to the door and pull the chord, hearing a bell tinkle inside. 'Come in' comes a croaky voice from within. Opening the door I step inside. The place smells a little odd, kind of like raw meat but I don't pass comment.

'Ah, Little red riding hood' "Granny" says, pulling her bonnet over her head and huddling under the bedclothes.

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She seems a little different from usual, actually a lot different, bigger, hairier, more masculine, that sort of thing. 'Come here, my dear. Sit by the bed' 'oh no' I think to myself 'please don't ask for a sponge bath' but it seemed "she" had something else in mind. I look at granny as I sit on the edge of the bed, amazed at the change.


Gazing at her somehow familiar face I say, 'Granny, what big eyes you have!' 'All the better to look at you with,' comes the croaked voice as those very same eyes roam my body slowly. 'And what big hands you have granny' 'All the better to touch you with' Could have seen that coming, but I didn't expect to feel one of those hands, those big strong hands, slide over my knee and slowly up my thigh, under the hem of my dress.

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'Granny, really!' I say pushing the hand away and in so doing also pushing the bed sheet away. I look down in amazement, jaw open, wondering what sort of weird affliction granny must suffer from, knowing only that it's going to take a hell of a lot of leeches to get rid of "that" thing.

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'Why Granny' I say between short sharp breaths 'what an "ENORMOUS" cock you have!' And suddenly your voice changes to one I recognise, the voice of the big bad wolf. 'All the better to Fuck you dear' All of a sudden I am flung onto the bed and you are on me, those big rough hands tearing my little red dress, grasping my big firm breasts.

'OOOooo Mr. Wolf' I say 'What kind of a girl do you take me for?' 'I don't take you for any sort of girl' you reply breathing heavily, 'I'm just going to take you!' 'Oh, well that doesn't sound too bad' I say smiling as you tear off my panties with one hard rip, 'but where's Granny?' 'Not to worry about her, Red' you say 'some of my friends are, how shall I say… having her for dinner!' You pull my legs wide apart and I watch you guide your massive tool towards my tight eager pussy.

'Now I know why they call you the BIG bad wolf' I gasp and all of a sudden you thrust into me deep and hard. I wrap my long slender legs around your back and yell out as you pound into me again and again, your mouth on my neck kissing and nibbling, your hands ravishing my soft breasts and your thick cock shafting into my tight wet hole.


The bed squeaks noisily as you shaft me hard onto it and I writhe under your powerful body, squealing and moaning loudly in pleasure, loving the feel of your hard meat stretching me tight and filling me up.

You continue to gasp and grunt and mutter obscenities at me as I squirm beneath you. My own shouts grow louder into screams until all of a sudden the door of the house explodes open and in steps the muscular woodcutter. 'Don't worry fair maiden' he says in a deep booming voice, 'I'll slay this beast' 'Oh shit' I hear you whisper.

I look at him angrily, 'Do you mind!' I shout 'were trying to get off over here, and it's not bloody pay per view so kindly get the fuck out!' 'Oh.erm.sorry miss' he says and leaves sheepishly, axe in hand. 'Perv!' I add seeing him take a final envious look as you ease your engorged cock back inside me.


'Now, where were we?' You drive into me hard, 'oh yeah.that's where' I gasp out amidst a giggle and once more feel you begin to hammer into me. 'Fuck me.oh yes' I gasp, as your thrusts grow more urgent, screwing me hard and relentlessly.

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My orgasm begins to well up, and eager to cum I push up against you, driving you deeper still into my delicious pussy. With an ear splitting scream I feel my body gripped by waves of hot pleasure as my orgasm rips through me.

My pussy grips your manhood (or should I say big bad wolfhood) tightly, squeezing and caressing it with the silky walls of my moist sex, and with a final grunt I feel you unload deep inside of me, squirting spurt after spurt of hot creamy cum against my womb, your hands vigorously grasping my tits as you empty yourself fully into my willing hole, until eventually you collapse onto me exhausted and satisfied.

Hours later, after some minor repairs to my dress and a dazed walk home, my parents ask about granny. 'Oh Grannies just full of energy' I tell them 'I'm seeing her again tomorrow' 'And what about that big bad wolf?' they ask, slightly worried.

'Oh, he's big alright, I say, smiling to myself 'but he's not so bad!'.

The End.