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Busty latina from Argentina hot sex with her teacher
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Weekend at the Caravan By Docker5000 Chapter 1 John Holmes was in his room talking to one of his friends over the internet. He was in America. His family had taken him to America as a reward for him doing well in his final exams. John had done better than his friend in his exams and were was his folks taking him as a reward. To his uncles bloody caravan on the Welsh Coast. John truly couldn't believe this his parents could well afford to take him abroad.

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But his father begrudged taking too much time off work. He was a bank manager and was trying to get the vacant job as regional manager. This meant him putting in every hour he could at his bloody bank. John now heard a soft knock on his bedroom door. He told his friend. "To enjoy his holiday and he would talk to him when he could." He now turned off his computer then turned towards his closed door.

He then called out to whoever was outside. "To come in." Sally Holmes now pushed open her son's bedroom door and walked into his room. She was trying to smile at him to try and make him feel better. Sally could understand her son being pissed off with his father. When he started doing his final exams. His father told him if he did well as a reward he would take him on a trip to Europe and maybe do some rock climbing too in the Alps.

However as usual work came first and his father could not take a lot of time off work. So he was taking his son and wife to his brother's caravan on the Welsh Coast for a long weekend.

Sally now sat down on her son's bed and smiled at him once more. She then asked him. "If he had everything that he would need for the weekend at the caravan." John just looked at his mother then tried to smile at her. He then said to her. "What the hell are we going to do in a small caravan for four days?

It's bloody October and freezing and it does nothing but rain on the Welsh coast this time of year. Where going to be stuck in a caravan with dad for four days. I would rather go back to school." Sally to was not looking forward to being stuck in a small caravan with both her husband and her son for four days.

Her husband would begrudge every hour he had to spend in the caravan and her son would be bored out of his head and it would be up to her to stop them from killing each other. Sally was just about to say something to her son. When she heard the front door open and her husband calling out her name. She just shook her head at her son then went to greet her husband. Later that night Sally was soaking in a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine. She remembered when she and her husband went on caravan holidays.

They got to the caravan locked the door and spent most of the weekends in bed fucking each other's brains out as neither of them had a place of their own at the time and each were still living with their parents. They did not get the chance to have much sex apart from the back seat of his car. So when they got the chance to use the family caravan in Wales she always looked forward to the trips. It had been many years since they had last used the caravan as a fuck hid-out.

She would have enjoyed going with just him and maybe getting him to rekindle his passion for her. At the moment his only passion was for promotion at work.

Sally was looking out of her living room window when her husband arrived home from work. She was quite pleased to see that he had put some L plates on his car. Sally had hoped he would let John drive a little way. He had his test coming up in a couple of weeks and any extra practice would be good for him. After dinner they packed everything into the car and set off. George allowed John to drive and he sat next to him in the passenger seat. Sally sat in the back smiling. She was happy that her husband was spending some overdue time with his son.

John to was pleased that his father was spending a little time with him. George allowed his son to drive until they came up to the motorway. Learners were not allowed on the motorway so he took over and Sally now sat in the passenger seat next to her husband. Once they were off the motorway Sally took over driving with John sat next to her in the passenger seat.

Her husband was sat in the back with his computer tablet just finishing off a little work. However neither, Sally or John were upset about this as he had been absolutely wonderful the entire journey. He had been laughing and joking and they had played games like they used to when John was a little boy. It could be a good weekend after all. Now both Sally and John were happy to spend some time with him.

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When they finally arrived at the caravan park it was just getting dark and of course as John predicted was raining heavily. As the car was lovely and warm George told them. "To stay in the car." He went into the caravan and got the heating turned on; 10 minutes later he opened the caravan door and indicated for them to come in. He told them. "Just to bring what they needed for tonight, they would unload the car in the morning." As it had been a long drive and everyone was tired.

Sally prepared a quick dinner for all of them. They talked and watched the TV for a couple of hours. After that they all decided to have an early night. When John woke up the next morning the wind had died down and it had stopped raining. John got dressed and he checked in on his parents.

They were both still fast asleep. He decided to go for a walk. He needed to stretch his legs. John really did not like being stuck in the caravan for too long. However it was still pretty cold. John got the keys to the car from his parents' room without waking them up. He wanted his big winter coat and his thick woolly hat from the car. Once he was dressed nice and warm he decided to go for a walk down the beach. He noticed a car parked next to the caravan next to his.

The car was not there when they pulled in last night. John quickly dismissed the car from his mind and set off down the beach there was nobody about at this hour of the morning so he had the full beach to himself. It was nearly 3 hours later when he started to get hungry and wanted some breakfast that he started to head back to his caravan.

When John got near his own caravan he noticed that his father's car was missing. When he entered the caravan his mother was set at the table and it looked like she had been crying. She quickly tried to cover up her tears when he entered the caravan closing and locking the door behind him. He then went to sit down opposite her at the table. Sally now looked up at her son and tried her best to smile at him. She then said to him.

"Your father got a very urgent phone call from his bank he had to go back immediately." John was really disappointed but deep down he was not really surprised. He now said to his mother. "For her to dry her eyes; he had found a nice little café just beyond the point and it would be his treat." She smiled at her son lovingly, she remembered she was hungry and she was not really in the mood to cook.

15 minutes later they walked into the small cafe arm in arm. The breakfast was very nice and soon they were once again feeling a lot better.

The café had a magnificent view of the bay. When they were walking back to their own caravan. They noticed a man taking things out of a car and taking them into the caravan next to theirs. This caravan was larger than theirs. Then a Woman about the same age as Sally appeared in the caravan doorway. She noticed John and Sally and she gave them a nice smile. A couple of seconds later a girl appeared in the doorway. The man who had been going in and out of the caravan now turned and saw John and his mother walking back to their caravan.

He waved at them in a friendly manner. He was now joined by the two women. When John and his mother got close enough to him he introduced himself to them. His name was Donald White. He then introduced his wife Wendy and daughter Becky to them both.

After they all had shaken hands with each other John and Sally were both invited inside their caravan for some breakfast. Sally politely declined telling them.


"That they had just been to the café on the point." Donald said to her. "Maybe some other time." Sally said to him.


"That would be nice." She and John now went into their own caravan. Donald, Wendy and Becky just smiled to each other as they watched them go. They had plans for John and his mother. Later on John wanted to go for another walk and maybe explore a little bit. However Sally was feeling very tired. She sometimes got really bad migraine headaches and this was one of them times. She just wanted to lie down and get some rest.

John had been walking for about half an hour the sun had decided to make a surprise appearance in the sky and it was now becoming rather hot. He had taken off his heavy coat and he was carrying it under his arm.

John was pleasantly surprised by the sudden heat, he was also happy that the beach was empty. He continued down the beach until he got to some rocks. To get to a further stretch of beach he had to climb over the rocks. When he rounded the corner he found Donald and his family. Donald was taking some pictures of his wife and daughter posing on some rocks.

He was only wearing a T shirt and some shorts. John was surprise that his wife and daughter were both dressed in only bikinis and the bikinis were very small. All three of them now greeted John in a friendly manner. When John was not looking Donald winked at his wife and daughter. They both knew what he had in mind. Both Wendy and Becky grabbed him and pulled him over to where they were posing on some rocks. They put his arms around their waists.

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John felt a little embarrassed with his arms around them. But soon he started to relax. Donald took pictures after picture of them posing together.

Donald now asked John. "If he would take some pictures of him with his wife and daughter." He now offered the camera to John. John was only too glad to get out of the women's embrace. He was getting quite turned on with his arms around them. He now started to take pictures of the family. At first the pictures were just normal ones husband and wife, wife and daughter, father and daughter and so on.

Now John was taking some pictures of Wendy and Becky together they each had their arms around the others waists. Donald now said to them both with a big smile on his face.

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"How about some for the special album." Wendy and Becky just looked at each other and started to giggle. John nearly dropped the camera when both of them quickly removed their bikini tops and started to touch each other's boobs. John looked at Donald but Donald just smiled at him. Donald asked him to continue taking some pictures.

John hesitated for a few seconds then he started to take more pictures. He thought to himself what the hell they were both beautiful women and they were only posing topless. He continued to take picture after picture? While John was taking pictures of the mother and daughter who were now kissing each other and had their hands in each other's bikini bottoms Donald was behind him stripping off all his clothes. John was now shocked when a naked Donald sporting a very huge hardon walked passed him towards his topless wife and daughter.

He now started to kiss them both passionately. As he kissed them he took hold of the laces of their bikini bottoms and pulled them. Their bikini bottoms now fell away from their bodies revealing their shaved pussies to John. At first John just stopped taking pictures and started to watch them. Donald was kissing his wife then his daughter. He was also playing with their breasts and running his hands down to their pussies.

Each of the girls had a hand on his cock and were rubbing it and teasing his balls. Donald smiled at John then told him. "To carry on taking pictures please." He told him. "To get plenty of good close up shots when Becky sucked him." This confused John a little bit now. However he was soon to find out what Donald meant. Becky now looked directly at John and gave him a really big smile.

She then dropped on to her knees. John now started to shake when he realized what she was about to do. However he zoomed in on her face and made himself calm down as he watched her through the camera viewfinder take her father's cock-head into her mouth and start to lick all around it. Donald moaned into his wife's mouth as his daughter teased his cock with her hot mouth. Becky was now giving her father a long and slow deep-throat blowjob. She took him completely into her mouth and down her throat.

She then pulled all the way back and licked his piss-hole before taking him back into her mouth. She was also playing with his balls. Donald and his wife continued to kiss and he was fondling her big breasts as his daughter gave him a wonderful blowjob. Out of his wife and daughter his daughter was truly the best at sucking cock. John had lost count of how many photographs he had taken the memory card in this digital camera must be huge he thought to himself as he continued to snap away.

His own cock in his trousers was getting painful now. He too had a huge hardon now from watching this incestuous family. Donald now broke off kissing his wife and groaned out loud. He now started to fill his own daughter's mouth with his spunk. John knew by the sounds he was making that he was about to cum.

So he now zoomed in on her face. He could see the spunk shooting out of the end of his cock and into his own daughter's mouth.

There was so much spunk going into her mouth now that it was escaping from her lips and running down onto her beautiful breasts. Becky now let her father's cock slip out of her mouth. She turned to look at John and opened her mouth so he could see that she still had a mouth full of her father's spunk and it was leaking from her lips once more.

John zoomed in and took several photographs of her with her mouth full of her father's cum. Becky now got up once more and wrapped her arms around her mother's body. Mother and daughter now started to kiss each other once more. Wendy was using her tongue to scoop out large dollops of cum from her daughter's mouth. Mother and daughter were now sharing his cum between them both. Donald now got dressed as his wife and daughter continued to share his cum. Once he was dressed he took the camera from John and patted him on his back and walked off back towards his caravan leaving John alone with the naked mother and daughter.

Chapter 2 John just watched Donald walked off towards the beach with a confused look on his young face. When he turned back both women were stood only a few feet from him.

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Both were still naked. As he looked at them they both spat some cum out of their mouths and onto their own breasts. Which they now started to rub into their own skin while they continued to look at him smiling wickedly. Donald now doubled back. John was no longer looking his way and he climbed up onto some rocks behind them. He now had the perfect position to take more photographs without being seen. Both women were now looking at him intently. John now looked down at what they were looking at.

His cock was making a large tent in his jeans now. Both women now walked up to him and each of them placed a hand over his cock and started to rub it. John was now moaning as both of them teased him. Donald smiled to himself and started to take some pictures. Wendy now pulled down his zipper while Becky undid the button of his jeans. Both of them now pulled down his jeans and boxer shorts. John now felt the sea breeze on his cock and balls and this made him moan out once more. Both Wendy and Becky now got down on their knees in the sand and each started to run a hand up his leg and caressing one of his balls each.

John moaned and groaned as the two hands went up to his balls and hard cock. John was a virgin and he had never experienced anything like this before in his life. Both Wendy and Becky were now running their tongues up and down his hard cock.

John couldn't believe that he had a mother and daughter licking his cock at the same time. Both of them where now taking it in turns to suck on his cock. John was now in heaven. Donald now decided that he had enough pictures to get into John's mother's cunt. He now headed off to her caravan to confront her with the photographs. He was going to play the outraged husband and father. Before Donald headed off he managed to catch his wife's eye. He waved at her and she acknowledged him by giving him a quick wave back.

John had his eyes closed as Becky was now behind him licking out his asshole. Wendy had his cock completely in her mouth and she was sucking him for all she was worth. Donald indicated to his wife to bring him back in 20 minutes.

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Wendy waved ok to him without once stopping sucking on his young hard cock. Donald before knocking on John's mother's caravan door had picked up some sand from the beach. He now put some of the sand into his own eyes to make it look like he had been crying.

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Sally was asleep on her bed, when she heard somebody knocking on the caravan door. As she was only wearing a long T shirt she quickly put on a dressing gown. When she opened the door she was very surprised to see a very upset Donald outside holding a camera in his hand.

Sally now asked him with concern in her voice. "If everything was ok." Donald as on cue as a tear dripped down his face asked her. "If he could come in. He had something very serious to discuss with her regarding her son." At the mention of her son. Sally got very concerned and quickly asked him into the caravan closing the door behind him. If she could have seen his face. She would have seen the big smile cross his face, which instantly disappeared when he turned to look at her. Wendy was now on all fours in the sand and Becky was helping an over excited John get into position behind her mother.

She had hold of his cock and she was guiding it into her mother's waiting pussy. Wendy now moaned out in joy as she felt his entire cock slip into her pussy. John was now losing his virginity to a stranger's wife. John's first instinct was to start hammering away at her pussy. However Becky had her hands on his ass and as well as teasing his balls and asshole. She was also controlling the speed in which he could fuck her. Becky knew how her mother liked to get fucked, she had brought home plenty of her boyfriends in the past and both mother and daughter had shared them together.

While Donald watched from the loft and watched and filmed everything on the hidden cameras which they had all over their house. Donald now quickly explained to John's mother what he had seen her son doing with his wife and daughter and how outrage he was. He demanded that she ring her husband at once and tell him what his son was getting up to. Donald now said to her. "That he was in two minds whether to go get a whip and whip the life out of him. How dare he defile his wife and daughter?

He would divorce his wife and disown his daughter." He was shouting and waving his arms about. Sally could not believe what he was telling her until he demanded she look at the pictures on the camera.

Sally had always considered her son such an innocent and shy boy. Sally was not going to call her husband. He would totally over react. Sally now tried to explain to Donald. "That John was over the age of eighteen and that she really had no control over what he did. However she felt she had a duty to make amends to him." This is what Donald wanted to hear. Donald now said to her with a hint of triumph in his voice.

"So you're prepared to make amends for what your son is doing as we speak to my poor wife and innocent daughter." Sally just nodded her head to him. John was now pounding into Wendy's pussy exactly how she liked it. Becky was now laid in front of her mother on the sand her legs open and her hips up a little as John fucked into Wendy's pussy from the rear.

Wendy was licking out her daughter's pussy as John fucked her. Donald now took hold of the belt to her dressing gown and pulled it open. He then told her. "To turn around." Sally did not say a word she just turned around. He now pulled off her dressing gown. Leaving her only in her large T-shirt and small white panties. Sally was now once again facing him, but she was looking down at the floor. Donald liked her big boobs; he could clearly see her nipples pressing against the thin material of her over-sized T shirt.

Donald now told her. "To lift up her T-shirt so he could see her big boobs." Sally only hesitated for a few moments; she was imagining her husband's reaction when he found out about his son's behaviour. She took a deep breath and slowly started to raise her T-shirt. Donald couldn't help letting out a loud moan and a big smile crossed his face as her big boobs now came into view.

She had magnificent breasts with large nipples which now looked like they were fully hard. Sally now had the T-shirt completely off; and she just dropped it onto the floor and stood there with her arms at her sides as he just stood looking at her. Donald now told her. "To turn back around." Sally took another deep breath and did as he told her.

Donald now moved up behind her and he started to kiss her neck. At the same time he took hold of her big breasts and started to play with them. Sally tried her best not to enjoy this but it had been weeks since George had touched her this way. And his hands on her boobs felt nice. Donald smiled to himself when she started to softly moan as he tweaked her hard nipples. Donald now started to kiss his way down her back. He now took hold of her panties and tried to pull them down.

She quickly grabbed them and stopped him. Donald just continued to kiss and lick her back. Eventually she let go of her panties and Donald pulled them down her legs. Sally's moans now grew louder when she felt him pull her ass cheeks apart and his tongue ran up and down her outer pussy lips. She couldn't believe she was allowing another man to touch her in such an intimate way. Sally had never cheated on her husband.

She couldn't believe that she was about to cheat on her husband. Sally loved her husband very much. However she was very frustrated and she had a high sex drive and needed to be fucked on a regular basis and her husband was not satisfying her any more. Donald now put a little bit of pressure on her back so she bent over a little more. Sally now moaned out louder when she felt his tongue darting in and out of her pussy. She could feel herself getting wet.

Sally still couldn't believe she was letting a virtual stranger put his tongue into her pussy. She was now begging him to lick her harder. John had just filled Wendy's pussy up with his young spunk and was lying on the sand recovering his breath. Becky was in between her mother's wide spread legs eagerly licking out his cum from her mother's cunt. Watching Becky licking out her own mother's pussy soon had him fully hard once more.

John now positioned himself directly behind Becky. Becky saw him out of the corner of her eye and she realized what he was about to do. She now raised her ass a little bit so he would have better access to her pussy. Soon she was moaning into her mother's pussy as John fucked her cunt with powerful thrusts. Wendy held her daughters mouth on her cunt and just smiled at John as he fucked Becky's cunt. Donald now gave Sally a long over-due orgasm with his very talented tongue.

Sally screamed out loud as she had her orgasm it was so powerful that she spurted off all over Donald's face. She then collapsed onto the floor with a contented look on her face. Donald now moved so he was stood directly over her. He then undid his belt and jeans and he let his jeans and boxer shorts fall down to his ankles.

Donald had a huge erection now. He played with it as he looked down at her. Sally had now recovered enough to look up at him. She saw the biggest cock she had ever seen as she watched him stroke himself a drop of pre-cum dripped from its tip.

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Sally could feel herself licking her own lips in anticipation as she watched him. Donald now looked down at her. He could see her licking her lips. He smiled to himself then said to her. "Get onto your knees." Sally quickly got onto her knees. She was now looking directly up at him and smiling at him.

She now used her tongue to lick her own ruby red lips. Donald now told her. "To suck his cock." Sally had only ever sucked off her husband's cock. But she did love oral sex. Sally looked at Donald for a few seconds then she took his cock-head into her mouth and started to suck it. Donald now moaned out in pleasure she had a very good technique. She gently kissed and nibbled and licked all around his sensitive cock-head.

John was now laid on the sand next to both Wendy and Becky. Both of them now had a pussy full of his young spunk. The girls now helped him get dressed. The girls then replaced their small bikinis and with one of them on each side of him they started to walk back towards the caravan.

The sun which had made a guest appearance in the sky was now going back to its hiding place and the girls were now shivering with the cold. As they were only wearing very skimpy summer bikinis.

Just as they got near Johns caravan the heavens opened and it started to pour down. Without thinking John opened the door to his caravan and he and the girls piled inside. John closed the door behind him. John was now hearing strange sounds coming from the master bedroom at the other end of the caravan.

Wendy and Becky were also hearing the strange sounds. But they knew exactly what the sounds were and who was making them. They just smiled to each other as John went to investigate. They also followed behind John. John was now just opening the door which led to the master bedroom. He was now frozen to the spot at what he was now seeing. His mother was completely naked and on the bed with her legs wide open and Donald was also completely naked and he was ramming his huge cock in and out of her pussy and John's mother was screaming and moaning and raking his back with her long nails.

John felt instantly angry then for some reason he felt instantly jealous. He wanted to be the one giving her a good screwing. He knew that his father had not touched her for a long time and by the sounds she was making she was really enjoying what Donald was now doing to her.

John was unaware that as he watched Donald fucking his mother Wendy and Becky were quickly undoing his trousers and before he knew what was happening their hands were playing with his cock and within seconds they had him nice and hard. John stood there just watching Donald fucking his mother while both Wendy and Becky completely stripped him once more. Now he was stood there naked with both of them playing with him. Becky now went over to the bed and whispered in her father's ear as he continued to fuck Sally.

Donald stopped fucking Sally with his cock still buried completely in her. He then turned and saw a naked John staring at them. Wendy was stood behind John her hands were wrapped around his front as she slowly jacked him off. Donald now pulled his huge cock out of her cunt. Sally moaned out in frustration. She then saw for the first time her son and he was completely naked and looking at her with a strange expression in his eyes.

Donald now climbed off the bed and walked over to John. He then looked at Sally. Donald now patted John on his back and said to him. "Go get her." Sally now had a look of pure terror on her face when she understood what was about to happen to her.

She was just about to get off the bed when both Wendy and Becky pinned her to the bed and they also pulled her legs back open for John. Donald stood behind John and he just gently pushed him towards the bed. John had a strange expression on his face as he climbed up onto the bed.

Sally was now shouting at her son. "To come to his senses, he couldn't do this she was his mother after all." However John was completely oblivious to anything she was saying to him. John without hesitating thrust is cock deep into his mother's pussy. Sally cried out in shame, frustration and pleasure.

But she would not admit the last part to herself. Sally was about to try once more to make him come to his senses when John clamped his mouth down over hers and thrust his tongue into her mouth and he started to kiss her so passionately as he thrust in and out of her pussy.

Donald was stood with his arms around his wife and daughter and was watching as Sally continued to try and fight off her son.

Sally was hitting her son with her fists as he continued to kiss her and pound into her pussy. Donald, Wendy and Becky were just stood watching as this son continued to rape his own mother. Sally continued to fight him.


Her two fists were hitting him in his sides as she tried to fight him off her. Donald then smiled to himself when he saw her fists open and her hands started to run up and down his back and she started to dig her nails into his back. John finally broke off his kiss with his mother and looked at her. He had started to come back to his senses. Before he could say anything to her. She looked him directly in his eyes and she called him.

"A fucking bastard." She then wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth back down onto her mouth and she now thrust her tongue up into his mouth and she started to kiss him. It was now the other way round. Sally was now in control. She had decided that she wanted it now. Sally was digging her nails into his ass to control how fast he pounded into her cunt. She was biting his ear and telling him. "To fuck his mother harder." Donald quickly got dressed and led his wife and daughter out of the caravan.

He left this mother and son to their fucking session. John and Sally fucked each other throughout the night in every position possible. Sally had her caravan fuck sessions back. But not with her husband anymore. It was going to be with her stud of a son. When they were having a brief rest period in between one of the fucking sessions they both noticed that Donald's car was gone.

Donald and his family had left during the night. Both Sally and John were sad to see them go. They had a plan for a large orgy.

Sally wanted to try two cocks at once. However she would have to wait until John could bring around a couple of his friends and she could experiment with them. She let John catch his breath and have a drink and eat a sandwich. Then she pulled the poor boy back to her bed. She sent her husband a text message saying they were having a good time at the caravan and she would get the train back.

They stayed an extra week and apart from going to do a little bit of shopping they never left the caravan and never got dressed. They just fucked and fucked each other all day and all night. By the time they got home John was an expert on every aspect of fucking.

His mother had also showed him that she liked water-sports. Something she was always too embarrassed to do with her husband. But her son was quite happy to experiment and he liked to piss all over her face and tits after he had given her a good fucking.

When they got back home. Sally got George to buy her a small car so John and she could share it. George was more than happy to get her the car as it meant he would not have to take her or him anywhere any more.

Sally and John used the car to go to the caravan it least once a month and without George. Sally also got to try many cocks at once has long as one of them was John's that was his deal with her. As for Donald and his family they never saw them again. The End