Round jugged babe sucks a cock

Round jugged babe sucks a cock
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The moral of this story is: Never take a horny blonde shopping if you want to get anything done; give her what she wants and needs before you leave. It started on the forum Wednesday morning with some flirty chat with the one that gets my motor running and my juices flowing. But, sadly, we didn't have enough time to satisfy the horniness that was building inside me. So there I was, getting hornier and hornier as the day passed. Usually when this happens, to satisfy my needs, I strip down naked and wait for my girlfriend Ashley to come home from her classes at the university; then attack her when she gets home.

She usually gets home between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. depending on the traffic. That day she called and told me her last class was canceled so she would be home early, and wanted to know if I would go with her to do some Christmas shopping. Well, since Christmas was just a little over two weeks away, and I hadn't bought a thing for anyone yet, I agreed.

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When she came home I greeted her hoping that we would get some playing done before heading out shopping. But, Ashley was on a mission, she was determined to get to the stores before it got too late.

I, on the other hand, had only one thing on my mind, but thought that if we could just get the shopping done, I could do what I wanted later. I went to my bedroom to change as Ashley went to hers across the hall.

The first thing I put on was a pair of panties; normally I don't wear any, but I was so wet that I didn't want to leave my wetness behind everywhere I sat. My lust-filled mind had me grabbing a mini skirt and a white almost shear button up blouse, but realizing that this was the type of clothing I would wear to a club, I decided I'd better check to see what Ashley was wearing.

I walked into her room in just my panties; I was so hoping that she would be nude and that maybe I could persuade her to give me the orgasm that I so badly needed. Ashley was picking out a blouse, and was wearing a pair of jeans that made her butt look so good. I realized that my clothing selection was way out of line, and that her getting dressed meant that I had little chance of seducing her. Seeing her topless didn't help me get any less horny.

So, still hoping I could change her mind, I walked up to her as seductively as I could and lustfully kissed her beautiful lips. She was starting to warm up and her head was spinning as I walked her over to her bed, and gently eased her back down on it.

I climbed on top of her and was kissing my way down her neck when she came to her senses and started trying to get me to stop. I was gently licking her nipple as I heard her say "Mmmmm…Em, you turn me on soooo much, but we need to goooo." So with that I released her hard nipple from my mouth, popped up, kissed her lips and said "Alright, then let's go!" Her eyes full of lust turned to shock.

"What?" she said. "Let's go." I said as I walked back in to my bedroom. I had my jeans on and a floral print blouse almost buttoned up before she got up off her bed. I had my shoes on and was standing at her bedroom door waiting as she finished buttoning up her blouse.

I wanted Ashley sooooo bad, but knew that she really wanted to do this shopping. So, I felt if she wanted to go shopping so badly, I could at least make her as horny as I was. A little about Ashley and me: Ashley is my female lover. She is: 22, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, 5-6, 110 pounds, 36B, athletically built, toned, and sexy as hell.

Whereas I'm 23, long blonde hair, green eyes, 5-4, 105 pounds, 34C, run and swim just about every day. We met in college. Ashley's in her final year and I graduated last year.

We've been lovers for 13 months and she has lived with me for a year. We hopped in my sports car and headed to the mall. Ashley wanted to get a new cell phone for her boyfriend Mike, so our first stop was the electronics store, to see if the Geek Guys, or whatever they're called, could help us pick one out for a man.

I pulled into the parking lot, found a pretty good parking spot and parked. I asked Ashley to grab my purse for me from behind my seat, and as she leaned between the two bucket seats I had her right where I wanted her. I gently brushed the hair out of her face and gave her another lustful kiss; she melted at that moment, and dropped my purse as we wrapped our arms around each other.

My fingers fumbled at the buttons of her blouse, as hers did to mine. Still kissing and with her blouse unbuttoned, I undid the button on her jeans and slid my fingers down into her panties. Feeling how wet she was only made me want her more, as I kissed down her neck and found a nipple with my mouth. Her soft moans and hand that was working in my jeans, were driving me nuts and making me wish we would have stayed home longer. We had lost track of the world around us as we heard the scuffle of people and a car door open behind me.

Ashley pulled her hand from my jeans and pulled away from our embrace. I looked over my shoulder to see two teenage boys who were going shopping with their mother staring at the two of us. We both covered ourselves back up and started buttoning up our blouses as we heard the mother of the two boys call for them and mutter something about "sluts" to them.

We regained our composure, left our blouses one-button-to-many unbuttoned, and headed into the store. As we entered the crowded store we were greeted by one of these Geek Guys and told him we needed help picking out a cell phone for a guy. He took us to a counter where the phones were and quickly two more Geek Guy's were there to help us.

They pulled out a few phones and set them on the counter for us to examine.

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Knowing exactly what I was doing I reached across the counter to the phone farthest away from me, and everyone standing around the counter could easily see down my blouse to see that I was not wearing a bra. The Geek Guys that previously were almost combative with each other trying to find us the best phone were now silent.

These guys that were pretty smart were now mindless idiots. In the silence Ashley smiled at me and reached across the counter for the phone farthest from her, and then everyone knew she wasn't wearing a bra either. The Geek Guys were now almost in a coma, with the most glazed over and shocked looks on their faces. Finally, I said something that brought them out of their trances.

It was fun teasing them but we had things we wanted to do, and it wasn't them. We got straightened out on the phones and thanked them for their help. Before going to the checkout, I reached up, slid my hand behind Ashley's neck, and pulled her head to mine.

Our soft kiss quickly turned more passionate before breaking from it and smiling back at the Geek Guys. Poor guys all had hard-ons; it was as if they had just watched a porno for the first time. We checked out and went to the main part of the mall, holding hands and frequently grabbing the other's ass as we walked.

Usually we don't let the world know that we're lovers; in fact, we're usually with our boyfriends and look just like two normal couples. Or just two girls shopping. But, that night we didn't care; we both wanted each other so bad and nothing was going to stop that.

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There was a small group of teenage boys following us so, just to tease them, I pushed Ashley up against the wall in the middle of the mall. She immediately put her arms around my neck, I put my hands on her ass, and we passionately kissed. What started out as a tease to these boys quickly became something hotter between the two of us.

We snapped back to reality, and noticed that a lot more than just the boys were watching us. A little embarrassed, we quickly went into the nearest department store and lost whoever may be watching us in the clothes racks. I picked out an outfit that I thought Ashley would look really hott in and told her I would buy it for her if she liked.

She in turn picked out an outfit for me to wear. We went to the changing room in the far corner of the building, to try on the clothes that we had picked for each other. I was changing in a stall when Ashley asked me to come out and see how she looked. I opened the stall door, grabbed her arm and pulled her in the stall with me. We both melted in each other's arms and were quickly trying to figure out how to get the other out of her clothes.

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A short time later, we were both standing with just our panties on; the clothes we were trying on lay at our feet as we were kissing. Our hands roaming over each other's bodies, I squatted down and with that brought Ashley's panties to her ankles. She raised her leg up on the small bench that was provided, to give me easy access to her soaked pussy.

I had no idea how horny she was. Usually I like to tease her and take my time, but she grabbed the back of my head and pressed her pussy to my mouth.

Oh god, she tasted so good, my heart was pounding and I was so excited. I plunged my tongue in her as deep as I could; she pushed my face even harder into her. My nose was buried and I couldn't breathe, but I didn't care. Ashley let out a moan that I thought half of the store could probably hear, but I keep going. I grabbed her ass and pressed her even hard into me, trying to fuck her with my tongue and making sure not to miss a spot inside her warm, wet pussy.

We could hear someone enter the dressing room and stop in front of the stall we were in, but I couldn't stop. Ashley let out another moan, more like a cry, as I knew she was getting close to orgasm. She put her hand on my shoulder for balance as her legs became wobbly. That's when we heard the voice at the door. "Only one girl to a stall, please!" the woman's voice said.

We stop what we were doing. "I'm going to have to ask you two to leave," she said. We smiled at each other. Shit we'd been caught. "One of you needs to come out here right now!" the voice said. "Fine, hang on a minute." Ashley replied I stood up as Ashley bent over and pulled her panties back up.

Leaving the clothes in a heap on the floor Ashley stepped to the stall door and opened it. The woman looked so shocked when Ashley opened the door wearing only thong panties and then stepped past the woman and into the stall next to me, where the clothes that she had been wearing waited. The woman looked at me, my mouth and face covered with Ashley's juices, naked except for the panties I wore.

The woman shut the stall door and said, "Ladies please get dressed, and never come back to this store. I will call security if you're not out of here in three minutes!" And then we heard her walk away. We quickly dressed and were out of the store, leaving the outfits on the dressing room floor. Ashley felt a little pissed off; who could blame her, she was so close to orgasm. We walked into Fredrick's of Hollywood, which was just a couple of shops down from the department store, with me following behind her.

Once inside she started looking through the racks of bras, but I could tell she wasn't really looking; she was too pissed off to pay attention to anything .

A saleslady walked up to her and asked, "Is here something I can help you with, hun?" Ashley, not really thinking straight, unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it open, and said to the woman. "Yeah, what size bra do you think I should wear?" Well, not to be outdone, I reached out, cupped a boob with my hand, and said to the lady, "I think she's a B-plus, what do you think?" The sales lady was speechless. Ashley has fantastic boobs, but I think it was more because she'd never been flashed like that before.

So I buttoned my blouse, opened it up and said, "What size do you think I am, hun?" Ashley reached out cupped one of mine and said "Oh, that's a C for sure, hun." The woman that was running the store must have noticed us and quickly came to the aid of her salesgirl. When we saw her coming we started buttoning our blouses up, and by the time she got to us Ashley was heading for the door.


I suggested we get something to eat; I put my arm around her and rested my head on her shoulder as we walked toward the food court. We got a bite to eat and drinks and sat next to each other at a table in the crowded area.

Ashley cooled down as we ate, and when we were done we exchanged some little nose rubs and cute little kisses. Ashley pointed out to me that my face still smelled of her juices and suggested I use the ladies room to clean the smell off.

After the ladies room, we walked through the mall with our arms around each other and a hand on the top of the other's ass. Everyone looked at us, but what did we care. We were still incredibly horny for each other but were maintaining control as best we could. We went into our favorite clothing shop and again looked for an outfit to buy the other. We were still all over each other, and everyone in this store was pretty much watching us.

We didn't bother to try the clothes on this time. We didn't need to. We knew each other's size. In fact, the only reason we had tried clothes on in the department store was so that we could get together in the dressing room. After that disappointment we just weren't in the mood.

We went to the casher to check out. We always pick the hottest one to wait on us, it doesn't matter how long a line she has. It's just what we do.

She rung me up and started ringing Ashley up when I grabbed Ashley and gave her another lust-filled kiss.

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God, here we go again. We broke from the kiss and the casher told Ashley the total. Then she asked how much longer we would be shopping. She said she got off in about 3 hours and would love to get together for a threesome maybe.

We smiled and told her that we had something we needed to hurry home and take care of or else we would wait for her. Then she asked why we didn't try the clothes on.


We told her we got a little carried away last time and that we didn't want to get that way again. She suggested that there probably wasn't anyone in their dressing room and that no one would say anything as long as we were quiet. So with a smile and a squeeze of my hand, Ashley dragged me off to the dressing room. Once inside we locked the door of the small room.

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This dressing room was much better. It was more like a closet, with walls that went floor to ceiling. We dropped our bags and began removing each other's clothes. Nothing was going to be tried on this time except my pussy on Ashley's tongue.

We kissed as we unbuttoned each other's blouses; the first one that had the others top unbuttoned got breast to feast on. I had her top off first and started licking and sucking her beautiful pink nipples, as she fumble with the last of my buttons. Finished with my buttons I stood and let my blouse fall from my shoulders.

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Ashley started at my neck line and started kissing down my chest, grabbing a boob and feeding the nipple to her mouth. Gently licking it, then sucking, and then sucking harder. God I was so horny. She moved to the other breast and unbuttoned my jeans. Again, licking, sucking, and sucking harder.

She started kissing across my stomach and pulling my jeans and panties down with them as her mouth got lower. Finally she had my jeans at my knees and was licking the shaven area above my clit. The last time we shaved each other we shaved bald, so that there was nothing down there at all. I desperately tried to pull my leg from my jeans so that I could get my legs spread and that tongue where I needed it. Finally it came loose and I put my foot on the little plastic chair in the room.

Ashley took one hand and gently parted my lips with her fingertips. Once she found out how wet I was she just plunged them into me. Oh god, I almost came right then. She quickly removed those two wet, creamy fingers, and started tonguing my butthole. Once she had that thoroughly wetted, those two creamy fingers returned, but this time at my butthole. She gently slid them into my ass; I was so horny I nearly sat on them. She started long licks on my pussy, butthole to clit, like a child licking an ice cream cone.

She slowly thrust her fingers in and out of my ass, as her tongue got deeper and deeper into my creamy pussy. Then she went for my clit, licking and sucking on it.

Her hand was pumping my ass harder and harder. I was so ready to cum. The waves of orgasm were building in me as her mouth clamped down on my clit and sucked it as hard as she could.

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"Ohhhh god, Ashley" I cried, a little too loud. I had forgotten where we were as the orgasm shook my body. My head was spinning as I braced myself against the walls of the tiny room.

Ashley's mouth would not release my clit and her hand was moving faster as she pumped my ass. My body started to shake, the orgasm was so intense. God I had needed this all day. Ashley released my clit and gently licked my juices as the orgasm subsided. She smiled at me all shaking and panting hard. She stood up, gave me a hug and a good long kiss with those lips drenched in my juices.

I regained my composure, smiled at Ashley and told her it was my turn. She said she could wait till we got home, but was definitely going to hold me to it. We quietly got dressed and sneaked out of the dressing room. The salesgirl's offer of a threesome was tempting but we were in the mood to be alone.

We waved to her as we left and then headed back out into the mall. We walked by Victoria's Secret, and I dragged Ashley in. I told her to pick something out for both of us to wear for tonight and I would buy it. Not that we really needed lingerie to turn us on, but more for us to feel sexy for what I wanted to be a very long sensual night. We picked out matching bras and panties and quickly paid for them. We walked holding hands again through the mall.

Everyone looked at us, but I don't think they were looking at us so much as lesbians, but more as two hott women that were so happy to be with each other. Back out in the car, this time Ashley was the one passionately out of control.

I started the engine and she started licking my neck. She knew that drove me nuts, especially when I was driving. She unbuttoned my blouse as she kissed my neck. I decided I needed to skip the freeway; last thing I needed was a wreck on the way home.

Her hand slid into my open blouse and she gently pinched my nipples, she then started on my jeans, and slid a hand into my panties searching for my clit. With her other hand she started unbuttoning her blouse. By the time we were home the only thing we really had on were our jeans. Thank god we didn't get in a wreck or pulled over by the police. I hit the button on the garage door opener, pulled the car in, put it in park, and hit the button to close the door.

Ashley was almost in my lap; she grabbed my head and pushed it to her breast. I eagerly licked, kissed and sucked her nipples. I heard the door to the house open and then a short time later close, but I was too busy with Ashley's nipples to care who it was.

Ashley told me later that it was my boyfriend, John, and that when he saw what we were doing he knew he should just leave us alone.

I wanted more of Ashley, and we were only feet from my bedroom where we could enjoy each other in comfort. I broke from her hold on my head and we got out of the car, grabbed each other again at the door to the house, leaving all shopping bags except for the Victoria's Secret one in the car. We quick scurried through the house, removing our blouses along the way, and stopping briefly to say hello to our guys.

They were watching something on TV and had big grins on their faces when they saw their topless blonde girlfriends, horny as hell and practically attacking each other. We headed off to my room as we heard the guys say, "You two have fun," behind us. We ran to my room, shut and locked the door behind us, and dove on the bed.

Tonight was girls-only night and the guys were going to have to sleep alone. So much for Christmas shopping. We only got one thing that we needed and tortured ourselves doing it.