Solo jock in jock strap masturbates his cock and cums

Solo jock in jock strap masturbates his cock and cums
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This is loosely based in a true story. The characters are all real (with fictitious names of course), and things did get funky there for awhile, but a little embellishment was in order.

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Love to hear your feedback. Cheryl was the hot one, but she didn't like me. Not like her sister Debi Sue did anyway. Debi Sue wanted me from the moment she first saw me. But where Cheryl was tall, and thin, and blonde, and lovely, with a tiny waist, pale blue eyes, and amazing full breasts on her slight frame, Debi Sue was short, round, and squat--like a blonde beach ball. Oh, she was pretty like her younger sibling, but in women, size matters too.


And she was THICK. At least her tits were outstanding. I tried like hell to hook up with Cheryl, but she had a thing for preppy-types, and I'd unfortunately taken the long-haired musician route instead. So after multiple turn-downs, it wasn't too long before my 18 year old libido talked me into giving in to Debi Sue's repeated advances.

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I didn't want my friends to know what I was up to, as they'd have ridden me mercilessly. So I'd slip away after school, and meet her at her house, where we'd spend the afternoon fucking like maniacs. She was so into me that she did pretty much whatever I wanted, and before long, we'd built something out of it.

It wasn't love-no fucking way. She was too heavy, and too country-redneck for me to ever seriously consider calling my girlfriend. Their mom, Abby, liked me too. Debi Sue and I were always finished and dressed by the time she came home from work, but the look in Abby's eye more than confirmed that she knew what we'd been up to.

Amazingly, she never said a word. As for the father, well, near as I could tell he'd gone home to visit family back in Kentucky a few years before, and never bothered to return. They hadn't heard from him in over a year, but seeing as he was a raging drunk, and violently crazy at times, I don't think any of the three of them were losing too much sleep over him.

One day, late in the afternoon, after a solid hour of me nailing her from behind, Debi Sue smiled at me as we picked our clothes up off her bedroom floor. "My momma thinks you're cute," she giggled, throwing her enormous bra at my head. I had to admit-I thought Abby was something, too. She totally had that Mrs. Robinson thing going on-if Mrs.

Robinson had grown up in the Appalachian Mountains, that is. She wasn't skinny like Cheryl, nor was she round like Debi Sue, but Abby had a figure that some people would call buxom, and it totally worked for her. Abby's dark brown hair was long, and she let it hang down freely, unlike most women in their late 40's.

And she was as tall as I was. Her blue eyes were the kind that you could totally get busted staring at-they were that pretty. And she had round, firm tits that she liked to subtly show off, long, sexy, solid legs, and delicious lips that I thought about often. "Did she say that?" I asked, trying not to sound too hopeful. "Something like that," Debi Sue offered, nonchalantly, and squeezed my cock through my pants.

Then she paused, and looked me in the eye, so I knew there was more coming. "She…uh…knows what you and I do every day." My stomach lurched. "Oh, great." She smiled again. "No, it's cool. Really. She asked me what you and I did when we were alone. So I told her." "Everything?" "Yes, everything, silly. She's my momma." I couldn't get my brain wrapped around what she was saying. "You mean…you told her everything, in detail?

Like what?" I sat down on the bed, and started at the tiny backyard through the window. "That we do it every day. That you love to lick my pussy, and cum in my mouth. That our favorite position is doggie-style. And that we tried anal a few times but it didn't work cos you were too big.

Momma has a way of finding out the things that she wants to know." My mouth was dry. I had to leave, but I couldn't move. "So, um…is she polishing her shotgun, or what?" Debi Sue turned away.

"She asked me we were in love." I looked back at her. She was fumbling with the button in the front of her tight jeans. "And you said…?" "What do you think I said, honey?

I said of course we were. She likes you--she's always making fun of Cheryl's dorky boyfriends, but not you. She called you a hottie. But I told her to back off-cos yer all mine." The hell I am, I thought, as I followed her out of her room and into the kitchen, slid down her jeans, and shoved my cock up inside her again, pushing her gently against the fridge.

I loved the way that her large, warm ass pressed against me as I thundered in and out of her. And I loved the way that she never-ever-said no. And I loved the way that she looked at me after I'd make her cum. The end of the school year came quickly, and I graduated with all the other retards in my class. Debi Sue and I kept at it like rabbits, although I still never had the guts to take her out on a real date.

It still wasn't a real relationship, but I found that I did look forward to seeing her-and honestly couldn't keep my hands off of her. We'd progressed from strictly using condoms, to me employing the Amtrak method and pulling out on time, making a map of Hawaii on her large roll of a tummy.

She loved it, and her pussy felt even better without latex between us. That summer, I'd show up at her door every morning, just after Abby left for work, and baby and I would spend the day drinking run & cokes, and doing it all over her house. And even though I knew better, I couldn't resist any longer, and instead of pulling out I was now shoving my cock as deeply inside of her as possible as I came, filling her sweet hole with loaded gushers of my seed.

It felt amazing, and she went nuts for it. I think it made us even closer, as we'd lie there afterwards with her head on my chest, and me stroking her hair, talking quietly together. Oh, I knew damned well what it could lead to, but I couldn't help myself. It was just too good. I had to get in as much as I could, since she and Cheryl were headed to their Uncle Glen's in Ohio for two weeks at the end of June. Debi Sue was miserable at the thought of being away from me for so long, while I silently wondered how I'd be able to last for 14 whole days without getting laid.


The days passed quickly, up until Debi Sue left. Then every minute seemed like a week. I tried to jack off and take care of myself, but it was no substitute for her sweet pussy. Every night I'd dream about fucking her, and wake up in a pool of sweat. It was horrible--like quitting smoking, and I couldn't wait for her to get back to me, and back ON me. On our last night apart, I started off with the same dream I'd been having--me, laying on my back in Debi Sue's bed, and her riding me, long and deep.

I looked up at her as she licked her lips and smiled at me, looked far into her eyes, and told her that I loved her.

All at once the scene shifted. Not everything, but I found myself lying in a bigger bed, with a full crop of chestnut colored hair attached to a head that was buried in my chest.

I was still fucking, but the pussy was warmer; and even more amazing. I lifted the chin to kiss the face of the person who was rocking my world, and was suddenly eye to eye with Abby. She put her hands on my shoulders, and fucked me like an animal. And then I felt her pussy milking me, almost like a soft, wet, velvety hand stroking my cock, and I exploded inside her, filling her with my cum.

I woke quickly, and sat up, my dick marble-hard and throbbing. What an incredible dream! But there I was again, pool of sweat, and masturbation just not doing a thing. But it's okay, I thought. My woman will be home tomorrow, and I'll finally be able to get some relief. But those vivid images of Abby riding my dick were sooo powerful. I knew they were driving back from Columbus, and were leaving early. Debi Sue said they hoped to be home by 3pm. I was planning to be there when she got there, and take her out for lunch and hot sex.

Anxious, I called the house around noon, to see if they'd maybe gotten back earlier than expected. Man, did I need some Debi Sue! Abby answered. "Hi Robbie. Sorry, they're not home yet. Yer gonna have to wait a bit longer, Romeo. Why don't you come by around 2? The way their Uncle Glen drives, I wouldn't be surprised if they were early.

" So I showered, and threw on some semi-clean clothes, and headed on over to the Haynes place. Abby answered the door, wearing a small silk robe. "Hi there," she smiled, inviting me in. She sat me on the living room sofa, and plopped down next to me, with plenty of leg showing. We talked about all kinds of crap. Normally, I'm not one to talk with parents for more than 30 seconds, but Abby was totally easy to get to know.

She got up to fix us something to drink, when the phone rang. Abby answered it with the speaker phone button. "Hi momma," Debi Sue sang. "Hi baby. You runnin late?" Abby asked, fully knowing the answer. "Yep. Uncle Glen's Buick won't start. We're takin Aunt Ida's station wagon, but it won't go no more than 50. Uncle Glen says we'll be home after dinner. Is Robbie there yet?" "Oh yes, he's here. We're just talking." "Well, take good care of him for me." "Oh, you know I will, sugar.

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You know I will." Abby returned to the couch a few minutes later, with something dark in a pitcher, and two glasses. "Well, I'm afraid that you'll have to put up with me for a little while longer, darlin. The girls are runnin late. Hope you like Jack & Coke." She poured me a tall one, and one for herself.

Then we clinked glasses, and downed them both quickly. I couldn't help but stare at her painted toenails, wondering what it would be like to suck on them. She poured us two more, which we took to a bit more slowly, pulling her legs up and under her so that her thigh was resting on mine, and looked at me silently for a bit. "You know, Debi Sue tells me that you two have quite a good time together." I almost choked on an ice cube.

"Did she tell you that she let me know what you guys get into after school?" I looked at her wide eyed, shaking me head no, ever so slightly. "But, I'm being silly. Of course she told you. And she also told you that I'm fine with it. So long's as you're both in love, I think young passion is a beautiful thing." Her hand dropped and rested on my arm, and she shifted around so that her feet were in my lap, at my crotch.

She slid her left foot across my stiffening cock slowly, as she continued. "Sounds like you really have taken to Debi Sue. She says that you two do it several times a day. I'm impressed!" Her feet continued to absently stroke me through my pants, as she reached and poured us two more. "My poor feet are so sore. Would you mind rubbing them a little?" I did as I was asked, wanting badly to bring them to my mouth.

I massaged her left foot, slowly, the soft skin warm in my hands, as she worked her right foot back and forth over my throbbing cock. We sat there just like that, silently, looking into each other's eyes as we teased each other. I pressed on, growing bolder, stroking her calf, then her thigh, at which point she shifted a bit and spread her legs.

The small robe was loosely tied, and now opened enough to reveal a total absence of bra and panties. Slowly, I inched my hands up toward the enticing brown patch between her legs, with Abby's eyes giving me the full green light. But suddenly, a thought struck me. What if she was giving me some kind of test? I paused, with the image of Abby throwing me out in the street, and her telling Debi Sue everything so that I could never see her again. Did I want to go through the rest of my life with blue balls?

Abby took my hand in hers. "You're hesitating because of your feelings for my daughter. I like that. It says that you're a good person. But, tell me-do you find me attractive?" There was no way that I was about to lie to her. "Hell, yes! Abby, you are hotter than hot!" "And do you want me?" What is this, I thought-a trick question? I couldn't talk.

I froze, and probably looked like that damned deer in the headlights, too. Don't get me wrong-I wanted to dive into her like a pool, and swim laps all over her body. But the whole thing was just so fucking bizarre that my brain couldn't wrap all the way around it. I realized that maybe I DID have feelings for Debi Sue, and that thought really freaked me out, big time.

Abby smiled again, and I swear, I tingled. "Look, sugar. I'm gonna go and pee, and then I'm gonna get into bed. If you wanna join me, I'd like that. A lot. But if you wanna stay loyal to Debi Sue I understand, and I'll just take a nap and this'll be our little secret.

Feel free to watch TV, and help yourself to another drink." And with that she stood, the tiny robe still dangling deliciously open, and she kissed me lightly on the forehead and strolled slowly down the hall towards her bedroom. I was up before I even realized what I was doing, running purely on cock power at this point, and I caught her before she reached her door.

My arms slipped around her waist, my lips found her neck, and my hard dick shoved against her sweet ass. She turned to face me quickly, and we kissed like long lost lovers. I pushed her against her closed bedroom door, and my hands slipped inside the open robe, finding her ass and pulling her closer to me. She backed me off for a second, let the robe fall to the wood floor, and then wrapped her arms around my neck and attacked my mouth with her tongue. I have to admit that it was hot as hell, standing there with my clothes on and making out with a sexy, completely naked older woman like that.

I couldn't believe how badly I wanted her. Abby dropped a hand behind her back as our mouths battled, and she turned the knob and pulled me into her room, kicking the door closed behind us. She paused for a moment to yank my t-shirt off and my shorts down, and then pulled me onto the bed with her. She lay back, spreading her legs and fingering her swollen clit, smiling at me. "Come here, baby," she said softly, wagging a finger.

"Come to momma." I did. I practically jumped on her as I found her mouth, and squeezed her breasts. She responded by pulling my mouth down to a hard nipple, and I took it into my mouth and sucked greedily. Abby grabbed my cock and began to stroke it, slow and strong, with a touch that was full of experience.

I slid a hand down, and found her pussy, and it was dripping. We lay there, staring, as we jacked each other off. It was incredible. "How'd you like to lick momma's pussy?" she whispered, after a bit. That sounded like a hell of an idea, so I spun myself around quickly, and dove right in, her juices immediately all over my face. Abby began to moan loudly, and held my head in place with one hand, as she grabbed my cock with the other and took it into her mouth, sucking away hard.

Does my daughter do this to you?" she asked huskily as she licked my shaft.

"Mmm hmm," I answered. "But not like that." We were 69ing like maniacs, both of us working like hell to please the other, yet loving what we were getting in return. It was soooo hot. Finally, after several long and intense minutes, Abby pulled her mouth off of my cock with a loud sucking sound. "Ok, that's it. I can't wait any longer," she said quickly, and moved to climb on top of me.

"Momma needs fucking." She grabbed my dick and ran it up and down just inside her sopping pussy. I knew I was in for the best lay of my life, and I couldn't wait. "You ready to give momma some good fucking, baby?" she purred, her breath coming in rough spurts.

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"Absolutely," I whispered, and tried to thrust in as I held her waist. But she stopped me. "No--are you ready to give momma some good fucking?" she asked again. I'd been trying to avoid the way that she wanted me to answer, but I couldn't any longer. I needed to be in her, and now. "Yes, I'm ready to give momma some good fucking," I said, loving the dirty way that it sounded. "I'm ready to stick my big fat cock up inside momma's sweet pussy!" Her eyes blazed with passion, and she moved her hand and slid all the way down on me.

She rode me like a bucking bronco, and I reached up and played with her tits as I hammered in and out of her. Abby was making guttural noises in her throat as we fucked, hard. Her pussy felt even better than in my dream, and I forgot all about Debi Sue. Abby's mouth was inches from my ear as I slammed in and out of her. "That's it, baby. Ooooh, you feel so good in me! Gimme it! Fuck me hard!" she whispered roughly. I rolled her over, sliding high for more leverage and jammed her full of me.

She tried to roll me back, but I grabbed her hands and pinned them on the pillows above her head. In and out I whipped like a piston, and her eyes were on fire with pure lust as we explored each other. She came quickly and suddenly, a loud, wild moan that had her voice cracking, followed by rapid panting.

"Oh, yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yeah! Fuck ME!" She reached back and smacked my ass, HARD, and that trigger had me launching a barrage of cum inside of her. I continued to pound away as I felt my cock spasm over and over inside of her.

And then I was spent. Normally I can make Debi Sue cum 4-5 times before I get there, and then I'm good to keep going for a few more, but not this time. I felt like I'd just shot five years of my life inside of her, and I was toast. We lay there, our sweaty chests stuck together, trying like hell to catch our breath. I knew it was gonna be good, but not like THAT. Abby started giggling softly, and she kissed my cheek. "Wow, baby. That was even better than advertised!" we kissed slowly, sensuously, our limbs deliciously wrapped around each other.

She traced my lips with the tip of her finger, and rolled over to rest her head on my chest. "There's an idea that I've been kicking around for a lil bit now, and I wanted to run it past you, and see what you think," she said quietly, pausing. "I was wondering, how would you feel about moving in here with us?" My head jerked up involuntarily.

I wasn't expecting THAT. Abby continued. "Now, this was all based on the assumption that I could get you into my bed, of course. But as many times as I've caught you checking me out, sugar, I didn't think that was gonna be a tough sell!" She kissed my chest. "Officially we'd have to fix you up in the spare room down there in the basement, for the sake of appearance and all that.

But here's what I'm thinking. I'm gonna get Debi Sue a job at my company, on the night shift. It's about time she got working. So, all day when I'm at work, you and her will have the place to yourselves, and you can get into whatever you wanna do, lover boy. And then at night, when she leaves, you're all mine." She propped herself up on one elbow, and smiled expectantly at me. I didn't know WHAT to say.

I mean, the thought was amazing. Nailing my Debi Sue all day, and then jumping into bed at night with her sexy-assed mother? This sounded like something from those Penthouse Forum letters! Besides, sleep was overrated anyway. But then a bundle of snags came tumbling my way, annoying the hell out of me. "But what about Debi Sue? She's not gonna like that." But Abby just giggled again. "Come ON, darling. She's so into your sweet behind that she'll do just about anything you say, and you know it.

And the thought of her having her man right here, living under her own roof? Please. She'll be all over that like ducks on corn." I had to admit it—she was probably spot-on. "Ok, but what about Cheryl? How are we gonna make all this work without her noticing?" She shook her head. "Darlin, Cheryl is a good girl, and pretty as the day is long.

But smarts are not her best feature. She believed in Santa Claus until 10th grade. Trust me—she's so lost with that iPod on her head that she'll never notice a danged thing." Abby reached down and started lightly stroking my cock, which sprang to life immediately.

"Ok, well, what about my band? We just recorded our new demo last week, and we'll probably be playing a lotta gigs real soon. You gonna be okay with that?" It felt sooo good the way she massaged her cock in her hand, that I even forgot our band's name for a minute.

She reached over, opened the night stand drawer, and pulled out a bottle of lotion. She squeezed a bit out onto the tip of my cock, and the dick massage suddenly became unbelievable. "Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, but my guess is that I'll be keeping you so busy that you won't even have time to THINK about your band!" "I don't know about that," I countered, smiling.

"I spent the last three years writing the songs on that demo. My music is my life." She added my balls to the massage process, and it was so good that it was almost unbearable.

"Well then, I guess I've got my work cut out for me, don't I? I'm gonna tell you right now, Sugar, I've got a very dirty mind and a wild imagination, and there isn't a spot on this here body that's not wide open and ready for you.

And I do mean everywhere." She moved her lips within inches of mine, as the sweet stroking continued. "So, any other issues? Or are you ready to call this your new home?" she breathed. My mind was completely made up for me. All sex? All day? All night?

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Mother AND daughter? Where do I sign up? "Oh, I'm ready, momma," I said quietly, and she kissed me, long and hard, tonguing my tongue and biting my lower lip. "Good answer," she smiled. "So, now that it's official, I think you deserve a reward." She glanced at the alarm clock behind her. "We've got about 3 hours left before the girls get home.

What would you like to do with me?" STAY TUNED FOR PART 2.