Busty trans cutie bent over and fucked hard

Busty trans cutie bent over and fucked hard
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Your name is Alisha. You are out walking looking for some fun or adventure. Picture a villa high in the mountains with fenced in swimming pool and huge glass windows. The place is secluded and only approached by a single track road or a mountain path. You see it in the distance and decide to be nosy. You are wearing a light pink tank top, white sports bra, light pink panties and grey shorts and sneakers. with a backpack. as you make your way through the woods looking at the large beautiful villa.

You step up closer to the villa looking at the large pool that reflects the warm sun with the snow-capped mountains as a highlight. and then lets your eyes linger on the scene. You gasp softly seeing a naked man on one lounger and a naked girl on the other.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "For god's sake can we get on with it? She should know how to get her ass in the air by now." I exclaim roughly. I move over to take up my position with my long fat cock poised vertically above a bleached blonde's pneumatically enhanced starlet's cunt.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your eyes widen in shock looking at that thick meaty hard cock so fat and swollen as it brushes up snug against the starlet's inner thighs and her smooth glistening cunt lips. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Got any oil there buddy?

She's as dry as a fucking desert, I'm gonna get sand burns fucking that!" "Look, over there by the fence, a bottle of oil. Fetch!" I point to the fence where you are hidden. The cameraman goes over to get it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You quietly hide behind the fence and look over as the blonde girl holds her rear arched up and her hips sway softly.

As you look, that fat cockhead moves closer to her inner thighs and her pink sex. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hey, wait a minute. Is there someone over there?

For chrissake Leon you were supposed to have the area cleared." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You quiver hearing his deep angry voice. An involuntary shudder hits you and you try to hide behind the fence.

but the backpack shows partly. You feel a warm quiver run down your spine and a tingling in your crotch. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I walk over to where you are hidden and see the backpack. I reach over the fence and pull. The backpack and you are dragged over the fence. I stand grinning at you, my massive shaft waving at you as I put you down roughly by the pool.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You gasp feeling me pull you up by your backpack. as you curl up protectively looking back at me. My waving cock so fat and swollen and waving at you lewdly. "I err. I am sorry. I . I did not mean to intrude. I was just.

just hiking by." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Well, what have we here Leon?

Another audition? You didn't tell me. but she looks pretty enough." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You quiver as your light brown eyes widen further feeling my eyes linger over your slender form as your smooth olive skin glistens softly under the warm humid sun.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "OK girl. Just hiking by? And you fell into that bush? Or were you looking to see how a real stud performs? Well.Sit there and watch then. Perhaps you can be Leon's assistant - he could do with help." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your face flushes more. looking back at me standing so tall and that meaty cock sway softly and lewdly.

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You tremble and nervously nod as you keep a distance and look back at him and then at Leon. You settle down on the sun lounger and remove your backpack, looking back at the blonde girl who looks you up and down as if sizing up possible competition then dismisses you completely.

You take the bottle of oil that Leon hands you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Right, what are we up to? Scene seven? Just one more take on this, two in the pool and then inside for the money shot." I slap the blonde's raised ass cheek playfully. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You take a deep breath as you look over.

at the setting of scene seven. your face reddens more hearing him talk about sex action by the pool and.

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and the money shot. Your shorts feel wet as your honey pot tingles again and again at the thought of it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I go back to my position still stroking the biggest length you have ever seen. I lean down between my co-star's legs and swiftly and nonchalantly lap her exposed pussy, rubbing my nose into the soft blonde fuzz covering her mound. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You look at the blonde's hands moving on that thick veiny cock stroking its full length as I lean in and lick at the blonde's pussy lips making you squirm at the sight of it "No, still dry!

Where is that oil? You girl. What's your name? Bring that oil here please." I gesture impatiently. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You hesitate and raise yourself up from the lounger, the slippery bottle of oil gripped nervously in your hand.

"I. I am Alisha". You mumble softly and walk closer to him nervously carrying the bottle of oil as you glance at the blonde girl who is grinning and holding out my shaft for your attention. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Right. pour some into her pussy and massage it in then the same on my cock.

Help me to stay hard." I command. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You shiver, mesmerised by the sight of the blonde's pink and swollen pussy lips and that meaty cock close up. You nervously squirt some oil over the girl's pink pussy lips.

You hesitantly inch your fingers close to her inner thighs and her sex . stroking her ass cheeks softly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I grab your trembling hand and show you how to slide the oil in and around her sex. The blonde starts to moan and you realise she is probably as turned on by you as she is by the stud. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You start in surprise, hearing her moan as you feel my strong hands hold yours, forcing you to brush your fingers against her inner sex and her pink pussy lips.

You sigh softly as you rub the oil into her smooth hot skin. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Good, now do me!", I command.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You hesitate and look down at that thick veiny cock. You nervously squirt the warm oil over that delicious member and its swollen head watching it shine more as the oil spreads over it, the excess dripping to the floor at his feet. You feel adventurous and begin to slide your fingers around the shaft and over the purpling head, deliberately fluttering your fingertips as they circle his piss hole.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I put my hand on your head as you massage my cock.

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It glistens wetly with the oil and becomes even harder as you slide both hands up and down the shaft. I move my left hand to help you with your task. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You feel my strong hand hold your slender fingers and palm over my meaty shaft.

feeling it so thick, heavy and powerful in your soft hands. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hey, Leon.

I've got an idea. Once we've finished this shot why don't we ask Alisha here if she would like a bit part helping us out in the pool?" I look down on her beautiful face and trim body as I ask the question. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your eyes widen looking up at me as your fingers trace up and down the length of my cock.

Your heart races a bit as you stare at me and then over at Leon. You are undone, your head screams 'No' but your body betrays you as nod marginally at the suggestion. You wonder what I have in mind, equally fearful and excited. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Listen, sweetie. Just watch while I do this shot and then Leon can explain what we are asking.

Nothing nasty I promise you." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your fingers linger on that delightful cock stroking me softly and then you reluctantly pull your hands back and away from me. You step back and return to the lounger where you had set down your backpack and watch as I and the blonde girl begin to move sinuously together. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leon gestures for you to sit out of shot.

He brings his camera in close, his lens almost touching my shaft. I lower myself onto the blonde and slide my shaft slowly into her. I build up a rhythm, pulling her onto my meat as we fuck. I glance in your direction and see that you are sitting with your legs apart touching the wet patch on your shorts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You watch wide-eyed seeing that fat hard shaft slowly but firmly split the busty girl's wet sex and pierce in, shuddering at the sight of how it stretches her wide.

stroking deeply and rhythmically into her wetness. You wriggle with frustration as your thighs part lightly and your fingers linger over your moist shorts, watching him spear her harder and faster. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Oh, ah, yes, ah yeesss." I murmur to the camera. "Fuck me! fuck me! harder, harder!" the blonde responds. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You tremble, hearing my deep voice as my hips buck and thrusts harder and deeper into the wet moaning blonde.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I continue to pound this swollen pussy as Leon moves round and under me to get a POV shot as my helmet slips out of her creaming gaping cunt and then buries itself again and again. " .aaand. Stop!" Leon shouts. "That's a wrap, Scene seven complete." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You watch Leon move around and under me, as that thick cock slides slowly, inexorably in and out of the girls wet hole gaping her wet cunt open wide.

You begin to imagine the feeling of that wet shaft slithering out of your own wet throbbing cunt hole and then stabbing back in hard, making you squirm and then suddenly snap back to reality as you hear Leon call "Stop" loudly at the engrossed actors.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I dismount my fucktoy and slap her ass cheek hard. Back to the lounger where you are sitting, I grab a towel and a bottle of water. As I tip my head back to drink I'm amazed to see you reach out and slide your finger over the glans picking up beads of pre-cum as you go. I'm even more amazed to see you lick that finger clean again. " Now, Leon. How do you want us in the pool?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are mesmerised watching that fat haft slither out lewdly from the girls spread open fuckhole.

Watching him grab a towel and sip water you are suddenly struck with an impulse you never imagined possible. You take a deep breath entranced by that thick length glistening in the sunlight. You nervously let your fingertip linger on the purple glans and gather a few drops of my precum over your finger. You dip your head and nervously taste the juice, licking your finger clean of that musky scent.

You watch me with a flutter in your heaving chest as I get together with the cameraman and we whisper together, occasionally glancing in your direction. "Alisha?" I glance questioningly in her direction. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Err.

y. yes?" You ask softly as you nervously walk closer to them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Listen, we've been thinking. This next scene would look really good if we added something." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Added. Something?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "How would it be if you pretended to be the wife.and.


walked out here for a swim. to find hubby balls deep in another woman?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You look at me without speaking. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Are you uncomfortable stripping down to, say, bra and panties?" I ask. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Ohhh. err. " You take another deep breath and look back at me and Leon.

"Ohhh. and this . would be the first time I . I am catching him cheating?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I smile at you encouragingly.

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You take a deep breath. "In. in. only my bra and panties? " You ask softly looking into my eyes, searching for an answer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "You got it! Spot on! Could you. would you be willing." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You look first at me and then at Leon.

and nervously. nod, your face flushing visibly red even in the bright sunshine. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I nod vigorously.

You can see that my erection is bobbing in agreement too --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "What.

err. would I . have to say. when I catch you and HER? I'm already getting into the part unconsciously, glaring at the smiling blonde who is cleaning her dripping snatch with a soft towel. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Okay then. Just nip into the living room and drop your clothes there. You will be out of shot but you'll see Leon wave and then you just wander in, see the two of us and look surprised.

No dialogue. We'll work it from there. Oh, and by the way, this is Mandy Moist. Mandy meet Alisha. And I'm Rod, Rod Hardy." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You nod softly looking back at the living room.

and then at Leon, thinking that in my nervous state I am glad that I don't have to say anything. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I give you a reassuring hug then slide into the pool while Mandy lies on her back by the poolside, legs wide and dangling in the water.

I position myself in between her legs and starts to eat her out. Leon moves in closer and starts filming. He waits for a few moments then moves to the other side to capture the porn star Rod lapping Mandy's ass ring. He tilts the camera to capture a droplet of saliva mixed with juices as it drips into the pool dappled with sunlight.

This man is an expert! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You head to the living room, pulling your tank top over your head and dropping your shorts on top of your shoes. You examine yourself in the mirror and nod appreciatively at your tight body wearing only your light pink bra and panties.

You glance out of the window at my muscular tanned back as I eat Mandy's wet pussy lips and lap at her juices then rise up and drag my heavy shaft across her clitoris, sliding it slowly but steadily into her until my balls come to rest on her puckered ass hole. Leon moves again to get the background in shot over my head and her heaving mound and then waves quickly to bring you into the scene.

You see Leon wave, summon up the courage and make your way out of the living room towards the swimming pool as if you were here to take a dip in the pool on the warm afternoon.

As you approach the pool you gasp sharply and look at your husband buried deep into a writhing, moaning stranger. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Yes my darling. Open your cunt to me. Fuck, yes!" I look up to see the nosey stranger with the beautiful body walking towards us. I begin to wish I was deep in Alisha's hole and not Mandy's slit. "Oh, shit!" I exclaim. "Why are you home. Shit! I wasn't expecting you." I look up in simulated horror as my wife appears by the side of my mistress.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You stand in shock in your bra and panties, left speechless before them.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " .aaand, hold!" Leon gives you a thumbs up. "Now, Alesha, let Rod come up to you, try to comfort you. You just stay angry and still." Leon repositions the camera and calls for action. I walk up to you, wrapping my arms around you to try to control your anger. My obvious erection is slapping your belly as you struggle. "Please darling. She means nothing.

It was just this one time. She called by and I was lonely without you." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You stand rock steady as I rise out of the water and walk up to you. You feel my strong warm hands wrap around your slender body. and feel my meaty hardness brush to your taut tummy and navel.

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You are clearly turned on while still trying to look angry. and fuming. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I grab at you to stop you leaving and my big hand inadvertently snags your bra strap, snapping it and releasing your beautiful rounded globes into the camera shot. I take advantage of the moment and draw you close, trapping those breasts against my wide but hairless chest.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You gasp in shock as your hands come up to cover your breasts. You cannot believe how quickly this scene has escalated and that you are now mostly naked in front of a group of strangers with nothing but sex on their minds. At the same time you are thrilled and excited, your body is responding in ways you never realised it could. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leon continues to film as first Rod and then Mandy reach out and caress your tits and tweak your nipples.

You are all three bound close together, Mandy's breasts and yours touching, melding. Then, without warning, she bends forward and kisses you passionately. You gasp and writhe helplessly as you suddenly feel Mandy reach out and caress the swell of your breasts and tweak your thick hard dark nipples, making you wince as you feel her breasts press against you.

You moan gently and nervously feeling her lean in and kiss you softly and deeply using her tongue to tease the tip of yours and slide along your open lips.

"Hold!" Yells Leon and you all break apart.

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"Jeez, we're so sorry, Alisha." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Shut up Leon and keep filming!" I turn my head to shout angrily at the cameraman. Something good is happening here. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You gasp in shock as your eyes widen and glisten wetly.

You are beginning to realise how vulnerable you are standing in only your panties, your bra down on the floor before you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I move in to share kisses with the two of you.

Our tongues are intertwining, fighting each other for attention, making our lips slippery and hot. First Mandy slides her tongue into my mouth, then into yours. She is virtually fucking our mouths with her long sensuous tongue. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You shudder with excitement, feeling your back pinned to me as you feel Mandy inch up closer.

You watch enviously as her tongue stabs into my mouth and then into yours, making you mewl and whimper softly as you suckle on her tongue that invades your mouth, sighing helplessly as your light brown eyes widen. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mandy draws away and my lips engage with yours. I gaze into your brown eyes with sudden and unexpected passion.

Mandy circles round behind you to push us closer together until there is only heat between us. Then I notice her hook her fingers into your panties and draw them to the floor. You step out of them joining me in pure nakedness. The camera captures the reflected light from the pool dancing patterns over your smooth skin and my tanned buttocks.

We are lost in a moment of pure ecstasy. I bend and effortlessly sweep you up into my arms. I carry you, naked and mewling into the house and up the stairs, laying you gently on the silk sheets of the massive bed. We are vaguely aware that Mandy has followed us. As I rise from the bed she is there beside you with the bottle of oil in her hand. She drips patterns of oil drops all over your naked writhing body. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You grin at Mandy as she oils your slender body, drizzling the warm liquid over your taut tummy and navel and over your sex making you hot as you look up at her eyes with desire.

Mandy smooths the oil all over your body then beckons to me. I gently massage the oil into your firm breasts and belly. Mandy puts down the bottle and joins me, spreading, massaging, tweaking and pinching every part of you. She is once more in your mouth, once again servicing you with her incredible tongue.

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You moan and thrust your pelvis upwards towards the exploring hands as they continue to stroke your slender body and smooth skin.

You feel strong hands cup and knead your breasts and taut belly as you squirm feeling her pinch your nipples making you whimper softly. You feel her kiss and her tongue slither back into your mouth muffling your moans and whimpers as you kiss her back urgently.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For a moment Mandy stops, looks at me and nods. Then she pushes me flat to the bed and kneels over me, my hard cock in her hand. She reaches out to your head and draws you forward. Kisses you, then my stiff member, then you again, sharing my juices with you and yours with me. That thick meaty hard cock glazed in her juices and my precum. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You moan softly and close your eyes and kiss her back softly savouring the taste of my cock from her tongue.

Mandy holds the base of my dick while you lick and tease the head. My back arches in passion and I groan. She starts to stroke the shaft with one hand, the other encircling my balls. You lean in closer and hesitantly licks and wraps your pouty lips around that fat shaft as you feel her hands caress and stroke the base of my cock and my heavy nuts as your lips and tongue swirls and suckles on that mushroom head.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mandy reaches across to draw you close and her hand caresses your firm olive bottom. Her tantalising fingers slip between your cheeks and slide through the wetness to your cunt.

Now her two fingers are inside you searching for that spongy spot that will drive you wild. You howl softly feeling her draw close and run over your rounded olive bottoms as you feel her fingers part your wet cunt lips and slither, in making your wetness ooze over her fingers. Your lips and tongue swirl and wrap around my impossibly hard cock bobbing your head softly over that thick pole. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I take your head in my hands to slow your pace.

As you slide your mouth up and down my manhood I am close to edging. "No, I whisper. Not yet. Please not yet." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You feel my strong hands grip your head and hair and slow your bobs as you drool more spittle and saliva on that fat shaft and your hips buck, feeling more of your juices soaking Mandy's fingers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know the little blue pill will continue to work its magic for an hour or more but want my cum inside you, urgently.

But first I have other things in mind. I rearrange your body with Mandy so that your dripping cunt is directly above her mouth and her equally soaking snatch is within reach of your tongue. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You feel that thick cock slither out of your mouth as you feel me lay you on your back so that Mandy's wet dripping cunt is over your face and tongue.

You wriggle sensuously feeling Mandy's tongue dive into your wetness. You reach up and gently peck soft kisses and licks over Mandy's wet pussy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I move my torso towards your face and easily slide my slippery hard, thick veined cock into your eager wide open mouth.

Then I pull out and push it into Mandy's oiled cunt, driving it in until my balls are in your mouth. Mandy starts to lap furiously at your clit, moaning, shouting and jerking as I fuck her mercilessly.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You groan, looking up at me as that thick cock slithers in deep and full into your mouth and face making you drool harder and wetly soak my cock.

You watch my fat shaft slither into Mandy's oiled cunt splitting her open wide. You yearn to feel that fullness in your drenched cunt as you watch me fuck her hard and deep and furiously making Mandy leak her hot juices round my cock and onto your face.

You lap eagerly at everything you can reach, coating my balls with thick creamy slippery mess. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As Mandy quivers with her first orgasm I withdraw and slide back into your mouth carrying ropes of her sticky cum with me. "Oh, no. Fuck me more. I want it harder." Mandy screams in frustration as her orgasm subsides. You hear Mandy howl louder.


Your whole body is glazed wetly in sweat as is Mandy's. You pant softly and gently swirl your lips and tongue slurping and cleaning my cock of her juices. With willingness I plunge my painfully rigid cock back into Mandy's hot, drenched cunt. Driving faster and faster. Her head is bouncing off your pussy mound but she rams two long wet fingers into you, frigging your cunt and clit, desperate to have you orgasm with her.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You squeal as you feel her fingers twist and twirl fucking your tight wet clenching, pulsating hole. You moan louder as your body thrashes about between us and your body breaks more sweat. Your wet pussy clamps down tight and starts to gush hard, cumming over her lips and tongue. Again she orgasms, drooling onto your pussy. Juices are cascading down sending sensations from your cunt to your belly and heart.

I see that, for a moment you are both spent but my needs are intensified. I slide to the foot of the bed and moisten your ass ring with my tongue. As the mixture of our bodily fluids combine I find the entrance to your cunny. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I push my dick at the entrance to your tight vagina and am rewarded by a sudden muscular acceptance of my purple helmet.

You are so tight I fear I am going to hurt you. Nevertheless I push six inches of massive engorged cock into you until I meet resistance. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You feel that fat purple helmet slither in past your wet cunthole. As you arch your back towards Mandy's face you feel that veiny cock stretch you wider and wider until I slide further in and grinds to your cervix. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I feel you squirming under me but you are pinned like a moth to a pad.

Inch by loving painful inch I force myself into you, filling you as no other man could. Mandy, while sated, is licking my shaft as it disappears into you. She cunningly also gets her fill of your juices as she swipes your nub of a clit with her tongue.

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I'm still only half way in realises that more would be unpleasant. I build up a slow steady rhythm fucking you deliberately, dominating your pussy, controlling your passion. As my helmet brushes against the internal muscles you are clenching around it we set up a thrilling wave of erotic sensation that sends flashes into your brain making your body jolt as if shocked. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Ahhh ahhhhh!" You cry louder as your eyes rolls back in pleasure and pain feeling that thick cock stab in and out rhythmically making your body break more sweat.

Your breasts heave harder and bounce as you feel my powerful cock and fat helmet drive deep making your wet hole clenching and dripping more and more juices on that meaty shaft as you feel me powerfully drill in and out again and again. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I control the build-up of your next orgasm, pausing to give you temporary respite before fucking you deeper and deeper.

Mandy is drowning in your cum, swallowing desperately as your cunt releases more and more while my thick shaft pumps it out of you.

"Oh" "No" "Now, yes, yes, yes!" I feel my balls clench and my thick creamy load rush up the channel of my shaft to bathe your cervix with hot sticky cum. Again and again I drive into you, realising suddenly that you have taken all 10 inches of my manhood.

My balls are now slapping against Mandy's chin, Astonished at my depth, I withdraw quickly and some of my load is deposited all over Mandy's face, ropes of it tangling in her long blonde hair. I somehow find your entrance again and spurt further loads deeply satisfyingly into your sex.

Still rigid, I plunge into you again and again, feeling your pelvis arching up to suck every morsel into you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You groan as you feel more and more cum flood and fill your insides.


You feel that thick cock slither out and drip messily over Mandy's face eyes and her long wet blonde hair. You groan again as my whole length drives into your grateful cunt.

You shudder hard. feeling your wet pussy quiver and pulse milking that powerful cock as your orgasm overtakes you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am now out of control and ravishing you like a wild animal, unable to stop, unable to control myself.

I speed up until the motion of my buttock is a blur. For ten, fifteen minutes we are locked together, sweat pouring from our joined bodies making our motion one of slipping and sliding. Your cunt is ever drawing me further, wildly. I finally shudder and you feel the delicious heat of my ejaculation washing into you. You have taken and tamed the stud you found earlier and you know in your heart that he is yours forever.

Resting on his elbows he kisses your eyes, nose and lips, savouring the salty sweat on them. The three of us slide over and under each other, tasting, licking and feeling every part of our strange sated union. We are gloriously close when we hear someone whisper oh so quietly. "Cut!"