Underwear twinks outdoors jerking and sucking

Underwear twinks outdoors jerking and sucking
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I went to a carnival on the 4th of July. I was excited about the rides, the food, and of course, watching the fireworks at the end of the night. My boyfriend and I had been together for over a month now. He surprised me with tickets to the carnival and I was really happy. As we walked past the different games and rides, I couldn`t help but notice a strange looking ride in the distance.

It was the new haunted house they had built. Rumors around the carnival say that the ride was built from real haunted houses around town. I was a skeptical type of person. My boyfriend Kendall loves haunted houses and stuff like that. I`m more into going out to clubs and hanging out at the beach. Kendall spotted the ride and grabbed my hand. "Come on, Lilly!!

We have to take this ride!" Of course I didn`t want to go, but Kendall wouldn`t take no for an answer. I sat down in the trolly and Kendall sat next to me. "Don`t worry, if you get scared, you can latch onto me." Kendall proudly stated. I rolled my eyes and looked infront of the trolly, seeing bright lights flashing. I looked behind me and noticed there was no one else riding this ride. "Kendall.we`re the only 2 people on this ride." I said. "Ahh don`t worry about it." Kendall said with a laugh.

I nodded and the ride began. We passed along a large plexiglass window that had a large skeleton behind it. I looked at it and rolled my eyes. "Oh this is so lame, Kendall!" I yelled out angerly. Kendall was having the time of his life. I was getting pissed off by the lame attractions. All of a sudden the ride stopped. I throught that this was just part of the ride. I began feeling fingers, run up and down the back of my neck. I hit Kendall and told him to knock it off. "Ow! Hey!

I didn`t do anything!" I felt the fingers again and growled softly. "Kendall It`s not funny! Knock it off!" I shouted at him.

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"Honestly, babe! I didn`t do anything!" Then all of the lights went out and the fingers began traveling around my body. I decided to let Kendall do it since he wasn`t gonna stop.


I felt my shirt being torn open and my large breasts came out. The fingers ran around my delicate nipples, making them stand up with pleasure. I moaned softly and took a deep breath when I felt my pants being unbuttoned.

Kendall was actually doing this. He pulled my pants down to my ankles and began fingering my pussy hard, getting it wet. The fingers rubbing my nipples, couldn`t be from Kendall.

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I turned my head seeing a large older man. I wanted to scream out but the man held my mouth shut.

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He quickly grabbed Kendall by the head and snapped his neck, killing him instantly. I tried to scream but the man had his hand over my mouth. He lifted me off of the trolly and picked me up to where my hot, wet pussy was now in his face.

He pushed one of his large fingers into my tight asshole and pounded it hard as he suckled and lapped at my eager pussy. I was screaming for him to stop but he wouldn`t listen. His finger was so deep in my ass it was making me scream out louder. I tried to push him away but he held me tighter. I was getting close to coming and he was curling his tounge around my swollen clit like a lollipop.

I squirted my come all over his face and screamed out. "AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The man licked his lips and lapped at my pussy gently to keep me wet. He layed me down on top of a plexiglass box and rammed his massive cock into my pussy.

"AAAHHHH!!! NO STOP!!!!" His hips bucked hard into me. The sound of my juices slurping with every thrust aroused him more. Our skin slapped together as he thrusted into my eager pussy.

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He gripped my shoulders so he could thrust harder. My pussy was spouting come in every direction. He grabbed onto a whip and pulled out of my pussy. He began whipping me so hard it was leaving marks.


"NO!!! STOP!!!" He spun me around and spread my ass cheeks, ticking my asshole with the whip threads. I moaned out loudly wishing he would stop. "No!

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stop it!!" He began whiping me hard on my ass leaving marks. The more I screamed, the more he would whip me. He tossed the whip away and spread my asscheeks, forcing his massive cock into my ass. He spun me around again to where I was laying on my back and fucked my ass like that.

He reached down and used his thumb to massage my pulsating clit, which made me scream out more. He thrusted so hard into my ass, it made me feel like I was being fucked by 3 cocks at the same time. After he was finished with my ass, He quickly grabbed onto my pussy and squeezed it tightly.

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It made me come another time, filling up his cupped hand with my warm come. He looked at me and licked his hand and smiled. He pulled me close and began rubbing my clit hard and fast, making me want to come a 3rd time. He continued for over 2 hours until i squirted a massive load of my come all over his hand and arm. He motioned for me to leave. I got dressed quickly and ran out of the Haunted house. Outside, I looked up and saw Kendall sitting on a bench.

I looked back at the haunted house ride and looked back at Kendall who was walking up to me. "Did you like the ride? I told you it was gonna be lame. Come on. Let`s go watch the Fireworks." I was shocked. I saw Kendall die. No one believes me. Not even Kendall. I have not gone on a haunted house ride ever since.

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