Bangalore Wife Fucked In Front Of Husband

Bangalore Wife Fucked In Front Of Husband
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Seduced By The UPS Man Part One My name is Sammy (short for Samantha). My husband Dan and I have been happily married for twenty-seven years.

We have a great sex life and enjoy role-playing. Although we have talked about acting on our fantasies, we have never actually been with other people. The closest we have come, is one time Dan took me to an adult bookstore where we went into a video booth and manually masturbated each other.

Although I was very tense and self-conscious, the night was a real turn-on and we had even better sex when we returned home. Having all those men at the bookstore staring at me actually was exciting and made me very wet. Dan loved it when he discovered how damp and open my pussy was in our little booth. We both agreed that one of these days we will go back and maybe invite one of the other men into our booth.


Just the thought of doing this makes me very apprehensive, but at the same time extremely hot. We will see. Until recently this was the extent of our "wild side". Things have changed a bit (for the better) and I have to thank the UPS man at my job for "opening the door".

I work for a company where I am charge of all the shipping and receiving of UPS parcels. My office is near the warehouse and every afternoon I prepare packages to be picked up by UPS and Federal Express. Over time I got to know the drivers and we generally joke around and enjoy good-natured fun.

Nothing unusual or unprofessional. About three weeks ago, a new UPS man showed up and announced that he was taking over the route. The other driver who serviced our account for years was evidently promoted. I felt a little chill of excitement when he told me this.

The other driver was older and kind of stogy, but this new driver was about ten years younger than me and super cute. He was tall, well built with very dark black hair and a well-trimmed mustache. He had very well developed legs and thighs and looked very sexy in his UPS shorts. He introduced himself as Tommy and had the most charming smile, bright white teeth and gorgeous blue eyes. I was totally ruptured by him but tried not to show it.

I don't know, but maybe I did a poor job hiding my interest, or he was just a natural flirt, but as the days went by Tommy became more flirtatious and bolder in his conversations with me. He was always complementing me; saying how I was the best looking girl on his route, loved my blonde hair and how he always looked forward to seeing me.

I was flattered, but was not so sure this was just a line from a very smooth talker. I do not have the confidence I once had when I was younger, but for someone my age, I think I am in pretty decent shape and still relatively attractive. I occasionally experience, while driving guys in passing cars beeping at me, waving and smiling. Not as much as in years past, but now and then.

So&hellip. what's a married girl to do? Here I am being teased by a younger hunk and no one else around to keep us from playing our exciting dance each afternoon. Eventually, Tommy became somewhat bolder. I noticed how he would directly stare at my boobs and make all kind of awkward attempts to bump into me and touch me. Each time I felt electric shivers go up and down my body. I made no real attempt to pull away or discourage this. He did most of the teasing.

I just sort of went along with it and occasionally gave him a smile or a wink. A couple of times, I think he caught me peeking at the bulge in his shorts.

There was no question that Tommy was packing some serious equipment. Like most women I was very curious, but too shy to act. Once or twice he was standing right in front of my desk with an obvious erection. I could not help but notice. He even in a clumsy way tried to hide it by pushing it one way or another. This made me absolutely crazy. I couldn't wait to get home so I could play with myself and cum. This whole thing has spiced up our sex life.

I have been telling Dan about Tommy and he gets turned on just hearing my daily tales. He keeps encouraging me to be a little more aggressive and maybe actually let Tommy touch me.

Almost every night I come home and Dan and I fuck like teenagers as I tell him what Tommy said or did that afternoon. Every day I count the long hours till Tommy shows up.

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The short five minutes he spends in my office makes my entire day. It has gone on like this for weeks. But, things have a way of changing real fast. The other afternoon I was watching the clock, counting the minutes till Tommy shows up and I started to feel very wet and horny. I started to rub between my legs under the desk while thinking about what Tommy's cock looked like. I was doing this for several minutes and getting very worked up, when the door opened and Tommy walked in with his usual cheery bright smile.

He took me by complete surprise I was deep into my daydream and I never heard him approaching. I guess he could tell I was up to no good. Either by my blushed face, heavy breathing or the fact that my hand was still between my legs. He towers over me when I am sitting and he made no attempt to move or divert his eyes. I had no choice but to slowly and very embarrassingly remove my hand from between my thighs. I was out of breath and had a difficult time acknowledging his arrival.

He seemed to understand my predicament and took advantage of the situation by boldly moving around my desk and pulling me up to my feet and started kissing me with such deep passion that I nearly passed out. I was so weak and limp he had to hold me up. I was in his total control- I had no ability to stop him, nor did I want to.

It only lasted I am sure for just a few seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. He slowly stepped back and let me slump down back into my chair. My head was swimming. My pussy was throbbing. Tommy without any further words took the prepared packages in his arms and walked to the door.

He turned briefly, smiled and mouthed, "I'm in love" and left. It took me several minutes to recover. I was a mess. I decided to leave early and go home and think this all over. I was so confused and embarrassed. When Dan got home I was in the bathtub soaking. As usual, he asked me how my Tommy visit was. I didn't know what to say. I was still overwhelmed. Dan kept on prodding and after a glass of wine I told him what happened. He was so turned on he pulled his cock out in front of me and started to jerk off.

As I continued to describe what happened he shot his load all over my tits as I lay in the tub. Watching him rub his cock got to me and I started to rub my pussy and had one of the strongest organisms I ever experienced several seconds after Dan came.

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Wow, were we ever shocked at our actions. We never did that before so unplanned and spontaneous. We never ate dinner that night.

We just collapsed in our bed and continued to have one of the best nights of sex in our married life. As you can imagine, the next day I was beside myself. I did not know how to react or what to say when Tommy showed up.

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I eventually decided (like any women) to play it like nothing at all happened. Sure enough at exactly 4:00 PM, Tommy shows up (this time he actually softly knocked on my office door). That totally broke the ice and cracked me up. I could not help but smile as he walked in. I know my face was bright red, but what the hell… Tommy asked how I was and I murmured something or another and we proceeded to do business as usual. As he was gathering up the boxes he looked over at me and said, "You know Sammy, last night I had a dream about you and it ended in a very satisfying way".

He completely caught me off guard. I don't know why or how, but I just blurted out that I did too. He said, "a dream"? I just smiled. "Did it end the same way, mine did", he asked? I lowered my eyes a little and softly said yes.

Well, the cat was out of the bag now, that's for sure. Yesterday, Tommy came by as usual and he wasted no time in asking if I wanted to meet him for a drink after work. Just like that! I was completely unprepared and didn't have time think of an excuse.

I just simply and weakly said, sure, what time, where"? He mentioned a local tavern that I had been to a number of times and felt comfortable going there. We agreed on a time and he left. I was breathless and as excited as a teenage girl going on her first date. Then it hit me - what about Dan? Uh oh, what am I going to tell him? I phoned him and just blurted out what happened.

He was silent for a moment or two and then I heard him say "go for it hon". That's all I needed to hear. I told him I would not be out too long and would tell him every detail. I also told him I did not intend to let this get out of hand. So, don't expect too much. I cleaned up my desk, went into the ladies room and spent the next fifteen minutes getting ready as best as I could.

Damn, I wish I had a days notice and I could have worn something nicer. Oh well, this is the way these things work, right? After work I went to a local grocery store and did a little shopping to kill some time. At 6:00 I pulled into the parking lot and went right into the bar. Tommy was sitting at a table in the back.

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I spotted him immediately. He was the best looking guy in the place. I was a little taken back seeing him in a normal shirt and jeans. I was use to him in his UPS uniform. He looked gorgeous.

He got up and held a chair for me. I sat down and he ordered me a beer. We talked without any awkwardness whatsoever. I found out he was married with three kids (I was never sure, he never wore a wedding ring). I was a little disappointed, but also relieved at the same time.

We talked about kids, schools, neighborhoods etc.

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for an hour or so. He was very easy to talk with. He was also funny and polite. I liked him… a lot.

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His blue eyes enthralled me and as time went on he moved closer to me and started gently rubbing my arm and legs. I was his, if he wanted me. After three beers I was feeling a little tipsy and mentioned that I better get going actually I was hoping we would go out in the parking lot maybe kiss a bit and then be off. But, Tommy had other plans. As we left the place he took my hand and led me to his pick-up truck He opened the passenger door for me and we both got in.

He turned the radio on softly and pulled me over to him. I was dizzy and had a hard time catching my breath. He put his arm around me and without saying a word we started kissing like horny kids.

We must have kissed for a half hour. I do not remember being so turned on by just kissing in my life. He was very good at this. He kissed softly and perfectly. His worked his tongue expertly in my mouth. He spent time kissing my ears and neck all the time rubbing my back and legs. I worked up the courage to rub his chest and was delighted to feel how hard and defined it was… and no beer belly!

My God he was in good shape. I have gotten so use to Dan that I forgot what a younger guy feels like. Slowly, Tommy worked his hands to my boobs. I let him. After all, I was rubbing his chest like crazy. Although my boobs are not what they once were they are still in good shape and I am pretty proud of them. They are not huge, but their still firm and my nipples still get hard and tingly.

He loosed my shirt and bra and started working them over pretty good. I was just laying back and enjoying the whole treatment. After awhile, it occurred to me I ought to be doing something for him too.

So I gazed down at his lap and to no surprise saw he had a huge boner. I placed my hand over his pants and started to rub his cock. It felt like a steel rod! Nothing like Dan's semi-hard cock. I noticed immediately how thick and fat his cock was compared to Dan's.


They were both about the same length, but Tommy's cock was by far much bigger in girth and many times harder. Wow, how I would love to feel that thing deep inside me. But, as much as I wanted it I was not about to fuck in a pick up truck in a parking lot. No way! Tommy started to get really, really worked up. His hips were in motion and he was squeezing my boobs harder.

His kissing became frantic; I was just as worked up. Things were getting very, very hot in that truck. He opened my pants and slid his hand under my very wet panties and started rubbing my clit. I almost lost it then and there. Slowly, he worked a finger inside me, then a second finger. He slid my pants and panties down further so I could spread my legs a little wider to give him better access. In the mean time, he opened his pants and let me bare-hand his wet, hard cock.

He had incredible balls. They were very hard and very full. And, unlike Dan, he was very hairy. Tommy was a real man in every sense of the word. Very manly and strong. I became so wet and open that to my utter shock Tommy was able to slide in a third finger easily. He started fucking my pussy with his fingers very forcefully.

I could not control myself and started to grind and push so his fingers would go deeper. I even shocked myself as I heard myself groan. Our breathing was rapid and the truck's windows started to fog up. We didn't care. Tommy started to try and remove my jeans completely, but I said, "no not here, please".

It was too cramped and I was not comfortable fucking him for the first time in a truck. Thankfully, he understood and continued fingering me, even more vigorously.

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We both had to cum. I was almost there and so was he. I was so hot rubbing his cock I decided to do something I rarely do with Dan. I bent over and started licking and sucking his cock and balls. He smelled clean and tasted wonderful. I really got into it. I took him in my mouth deep and massaged his rock hard balls. He held my head with one hand as he fingered me with his other.

He slid his cock in and out of my mouth.


He was mouth fucking me! I was delirious with lust. I knew he was about to cum and I was determined to take his full load in my mouth and swallow something I never did with Dan. Sure enough Tommy started to buck and wam&hellip. globs of very thick semen shot deep into the back of my throat. I had to swallow at least three times.

Not a drop was lost. It tasted fine and didn't smell (like Dan's of course). Well, Tommy was not entirely finished cumming when I felt an orgasm starting deep inside me. Boy oh boy, was I in for it. I came and came and came. I rocked and bucked and groaned like never before.

The spasms started and continued as he thrust his fingers (all three!) deep inside my open pussy. I almost fell onto the floor of the cab. Tommy held me up and never lost a stroke inside me. After I was done, I was a bit surprised at my condition. Surveying the situation, here I was with my jeans below my knees, my shirt and bra pulled up around my neck, my legs and belly totally soaked by my pussy juice and a very thick, throbbing and wet cock inches from my face.

Wow, would Dan love to see this I thought. Without too much embarrassment I managed to dress and watched in fascination as Tommy placed his still hard cock back into his pants. We both laughed and started to kiss again. My God, I never experienced such hot, steamy sex like that in years maybe never at all. Tommy walked me to my car and we stood and kissed some more. I could have turned around and went right back in that truck of his, but I knew I had to get home.

Plus, the second time around I was not so sure I would be able to keep Tommy from fucking my brains out. We parted and I drove home in a very satisfying trance. I held my hand to my nose several times just to remember his wonderful sex scent. I walked in the house and there was Dan waiting.

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"Well"? He said. "Honey, do I have a story for you. Let's go upstairs", I said to him winking and swirling my tongue over my lips. It took us all of thirty seconds to remove our clothing and plop naked into bed. I didn't even go into the bathroom to freshen up. Dan immediately started feeling me up and examining my body.

He asked if we fucked. I told him no, but I do intend to very soon. He noticed how sticky and sweaty I was. He went wild, especially when he saw how swollen my pussy was from Tommy's intense fingering. I replayed the story to Dan in detail.

The only fly in the ointment was that Dan was a bit shocked when I described how I swallowed Tommy's full load. The shock didn't last too long though because Dan ended up kissing me deeply, licking my face and sucking my tongue. He went crazy eating my pussy and getting me all wet and open again. I was still very horny thinking about Tommy as Dan slid his skinny cock into me.

We fucked for only a few minutes as I played with my clit and we both experienced the most powerful orgasms either of us has had in years. We lay there panting and soaked. Both well satisfied. I was even surprised to see Dan with a semi-hard-on for several minutes after we fucked. We agreed that Tommy and I could continue to see each other as long as Dan was in the loop.

I cannot wait till my next date with Tommy and Dan cannot wait to fuck me right after Tommy has me. The best is yet to cum! Peace and love, Sammy