Busty blonde and brunette gets ass

Busty blonde and brunette gets ass
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Utopia for One Chapter 4 Strippers By Dominic Durobastone Back on course, the master ordered that Phil be untied, his shoes, socks and pants be disposed of in a nearby rubbish bin and his hands be retied behind his back.


This time Richard was instructed to check his dick and make him hard. Richard approached the task with obvious distaste but dared not refuse or delay. "Hail us a cab…actually two Naidu, there's a good girl." Without delay two cars responded.

The master took the front seat of the first car with Naidu and her two charges hopping in the back. Richard took the front seat of the second car.

Sarah and Kate got in the back and the half naked Phil was bundled into the boot. "Take us to the best strip joint in town." The master commanded jovially.

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Vanessa began to panic. "That would be Pussy Galore" responded the cabbie equally jovially. "Pussy Galore…of course it is!" he chuckled. "Guess most of the patrons are pissed…can't make hard to remember…eh." While Vanessa thought she would die in the back seat, the cabbie and the Lord exchanged lewd banter about the names given to such establishments." "Are you Ok, Vanessa" asked Naidu.

"Yes fine" she responded quickly, immediately realising she had missed her chance to feign Illness and escape. In no time they arrived at the gaudily lit club with neon lights in the shape of legs and Marie Antoinette champagne glasses adorning the entrance. As the party assembled the second driver dragged the half naked Phil out of the boot to the hoots and hollers of the drunks standing in line waiting to enter the club.

"What do you want me to do with this, boss?" he asked addressing the party in general. Turning to one of the bouncers the master said "This man is my prisoner.

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Please tie him to the lamp post" indicating the nearest pole "facing out… We will collect him when we leave." turning now to Suzanne he instructed her to make sure he was erect, before turning back to the bouncer he added "make sure no one physically harms him or removes what is left of his clothes…I don't care if people want to fiddle with his giblets, but prefer he is not brought to climax." Turning again to the entrance, the VIP party were whisked quickly inside the cavernous auditorium with a brightly lit centre stage surrounded by banks of tables in the dark.

On the stage woman with blue hair was in the second half of her routine, still dressed in a brief bikini but teasing the audience with her thumbs hooked in the waist band of the panties.

The manager of the club approached the party with his arm outstretched in greeting. The Lord failed to shake the proffered hand, leading to a moment of embarrassment on the part of the manager. Recovering quickly the manager welcomed him fulsomely. "Where would you like to sit sir" he asked Absentmindedly the master pointed to a table on the right hand side of the stage as the woman on stage slowly removed her panties as she gyrated, leaving her clad only in a brief bra and a micro g string, somewhat similar to the garment selected by for Sarah and Naidu and like the reported knickers under Vanessa's tiny skirt.

The manager then went about the task of clearing the requested tables and instructing a topless waitress to clean the tops. "Can I get you a drink Sir" "Bottle of Bollinger and three glasses, a Heineken and three glasses of water… actually water all around in addition to the champers and beer…" Turning to head to the bar to fill the order, the manager then nodded at Vanessa "Kitty" he said acknowledging her in a censorious tone.

As they took their seats, the stripper lost the Bra to revealing a couple of silver cups stuck to her nipples and covering her areoles. The tart continued her sensuous dance removing, first the right cup and then the left and throwing them into the audience and then through her arms wide shaking her tits while gyrating around the stage, dressed only in the micro g string.

Just as the manager and the topless waitress returned with the drinks it became obvious that the g string was not coming off. "Don't your sluts take it all off" he asked with his voice raised over the music. "We find that stripping them down to the micros and then getting them to serve drinks as they end their dance is popular with the customers…Candy here" he indicated the waitress "stripped just before you arrived.

Nothing sell drinks like a waitress who has just stripped and the micro is a great place to collect tips…see Candy is doing really well." He said earnestly. The bank notes in the waist string of her knickers stood as testament to the success of the act.

"How do you know Vanessa?" "She is one of our dancers" the manager responded, a little down cast. "Day off, eh" "No, rang in sick" "Vanessa…what is the meaning of this?" "I…um…I…wanted to serve you…um…sir…" "Enough…" the Master said firmly.

"Three things…While I am here the bitches do complete strips…you can tie string around their waists…after they dance…that will enable them to collect tips without impeding the punters view of their cunts." Changing tone to a more sarcastic one he continued "Vanessaeh … why did you take on Kitty…'Vanessa the undresser' works so well…ha ha ha…anyway…"Changing again to a more conversational tone he continued "Vanessa is here now so she can be the first to do the full strip.

Vanessa has been selected by me for use, so she will come with me when I go but she can work until then…stripping and then serving drinks in the buff…then we will see who drums up the most business…a slut in a g string or a completely naked one" Just then a well-built red head began her act.

"get back stage and get ready… you are on after ginger…oh and dance around a bit after it all comes off…you are a pioneer in this club…make sure the punters he a good look at everything you've get." With that the master settled into watch the floor show while Vanessa hurried off to prepare for her act, devastated. For all her time as an exotic dancer she had treasured the tiny scrap of fabric that was her micro g string as the preserver of her dignity.

In much the same way as Sarah had refused to allow men to strip her as a final defence against total depravity. The redhead followed a familiar script. It appeared that the only difference apart from the was the top layer of clothing. The redhead began in a full length emerald green gown that looked like it came from the 19th Century.

The gown itself did not last long.

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Nor more than a minute into the routine it was ripped open down the front, where it had been held in place a well hidden strip of Velcro running the full length of the dress from neck to floor. The crowd of almost all men roared their approval as the Victorian belle was instantly transformed into a 21st Century whore selling herself in a competitive market.


As she danced the master reflected on how his ban on sex would have hampered business. He imagined that these women were probably not paid much to strip, if anything, the money was made in tips throughout their shifts and then they would spend the rest of the night on their backs making a fortune. Looking around at the waitresses he was impressed by the quality, he would not reject a single one.

They would all command a high hourly rate and doubtless still provide real value for money. Of course they would give him whatever he wanted and more for free, but he considered that if he wanted any of them he would have to take them now. After he changed the rules tomorrow all of these girls would be back in business and quickly spoiled.

He doubted he would ever use a prostitute. As he returned from his mental diversion, ginger was just removing her bikini panties, just a bra and couple of nipple caps to go. He liked the look of her. Pale white skin gave truth to her luscious red thatch. She was a big girl, but big all round. A D cup that inevitably sagged a little under the weight.

A narrowish waist and a flat tummy and impossibly long legs mounted on stilettos, she moved with confidence and grace. Her bottom like the rest of her was a little on the large side but in good proportion. Off came the nipple caps and both were tossed at the master. He caught them both and shouted "Bravo" as he beckoned her with his finger.

She nodded and winked, clearly eager to make contact. After a couple more minutes of dancing the girl bowed deeply to all sides of the stage., acknowledging the cheers of the audience while providing a first rate look at her glorious arse and a tantalising peak at pleasure central, only just covered by the scrap of fabric that is her g string.

A couple of kissed blown to the sex charged congregation and she disappeared behind the black curtains where a very nervous Vanessa waited to commence her act. "Well honey, you may think you own him…but I am about to make a bid." The redhead said menacingly as she passed.

"I reckon I will have his cock inside me before you finish your dance". Emerging from back stage the redhead made a b line for the masters table instead of heading to the bar to start serving drinks. The Manager tried to head her off but she brushed him aside.

He then followed in her wake. Arriving that the table she stood before the lord and asked sweetly "I hope you enjoyed my little dance Sir." then suggestively hooking her thumbs into the waist string of her remaining garment added "Is there anything else I can do for you." "Oh.so sorry, Sir… Big Red here started her routine before I got a chance to tell her to do the full strip…would you like her to remove her g string now?

I have a string she can tie around her waist to collect tips." "Big Red is it?.how appropriate. No I would like Big Red to sit with me while Vanessa dances…may be she will learn how to do a proper strip. I will decide if and when Big Red loses her panties." "Very good, Sir" the manager responded "can I get you anything else?" "No." then shifting his attention to Kate who was sitting beside him "Find another seat… Big Red is going to join me for the show." Big Red smile triumphantly, taking her seat beside the master, crossed her legs and reached between his to begin the process of making good on her threat to Vanessa.

"Two things you need to know, bitch…One; women have their legs open at all times in my presence… ready to serve…crossed legs are a punishable offence." Chastened, Big Red, uncrossed and opened her legs. "Two" he said removing her hand from his crotch "I don't want jizz in my pants…that's what sluts like you are for…a repository for my cum…got it?" "Yes, Sir" she responded meekly, her plans in total disarray. Just then the music started and Vanessa emerged confidently, galvanised by Big Red's threat.

She was already over her getting completely naked hoo doo. She was going to give a great show and cement her position high on the Lord's dance card. Her theme was milk maid and from her first appearance it was clear that she was a crowd favourite. She began by removing ribbons that secured girlish pigtails on either side of her head and shook her hair free, instantly changing her persona from chaste to free spirit.

The crowd roared "take if off Kitty" Next the checked dress was discarded much the same as Big Red's emerald gown had been and her persona moved from free spirit to wanton. The master then plunged his fingers into Big Red's panties lingering just long enough to tease her and coat his finger in her juices.

"Desperate for cock I see" he whispered in her ear as he wiped his fingers in her flaming mop. Big Red was struck dumb. The master was hatching a plan. Vanessa continue to disrobe while gyrating to the delight of the crowd. None of the assembly knew of the plan to go all the way but with the dance not reaching a conclusion and Vanessa's thumbs hooked tantalisingly in the waist string of her panties and chant of "take it all off" started.

Someone yelled "Sow us your pussy, Kitty" Another responded "Show us your kitty, Pussy" the crowd roared. The master was having a great time. This girl, the polar opposite of Naidu was assuming a similar position of primacy, albeit untried.

The entire room was rapt, with the exception of Big Red who seethed. Her demeanour was not lost on the master and her fate was sealed. Vanessa had now stopped dancing and was strutting around the perimeter of the stage from left to right, the audience was stunned into silence…even the music stopped.

She was feeling immense power, the centre of attention, for this brief fleeting moment she owned everyone in the room, even the master. Her journey ended at the point closest to the master where she applied a little more pressure to the string and it gave way. To the cheers of the audience she triumphantly held the ruined garment aloft, stretching her beautiful body out to its magnificent best.

All over the place men were creaming their Jeans. Even the master came close to losing it. All of the men in the room wanted to love…yes love her…worship her…hold her.

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All of the women simply wanted to be her. Returning slowly to the front of the stage, Vanessa continued to hold the rag aloft as she descended the steps to the floor of the auditorium and walked, head high, arms stretched higher, around to the master's place.

She then bent her body at the hips to a right angle and presenting the scrap of fabric to her lord breathing sensuously "To you my noble Lord with my undying love." He rose accepting the tattered gift and took the hand of the naked stripper, kissing it as one would kiss the hand of the most refined noble lady.

Sarah and Kate both knew oi that instant that they had been demoted on the masters dance card behind Vanessa the Undresser. The crowd, truck dumb by the performance, came to life with cheers and applause. With that as her backing track she returned to the stage to acknowledge her adoring audience bowing and exposing her private parts, glistening with desire and hope, to all present. Her job done she moved to the back of the stage, finally blowing kisses to her fans before disappearing behind the curtain.

Vanessa's magic echoed through the room until the master abruptly broke it. Standing, he grabbed a fistful of Big Red's hair and dragged her to her feet. He pushed her out of the booth and then pushed her round the path recently trod with dignity by a naked Vanessa. Reaching the steps, he forced he up onto the stage. She had no idea what he planned but knew it was not good.

Turning her to face the audience, once again struck dumb, he instructed he to "Spread your fucking legs you cheap slut." Terrified, the redhead complied. He then reached between her wide open legs and found the waist of the g string a roughly tore it from her body.

"You won't be needing this any longer" he shouted in her ear, loud enough to be heard by most in the auditorium.

He then turned to drag the dancer back through the curtain, maintaining throughout the scene a firm grip on her luscious but soiled locks. Back stage he found a dancer dressed as Princess Leia, ready to step onto the stage, Vanessa looking like a winner, preparing to serve drinks in all her glory and a girl sitting at the mirror making up in preparation for the next dance.

"Ok princess…go out and do your thing to entertain the great unwashed while I attend to this whore. Vanessa…you are a star… I want you to stay and watch…you too Bambi" he said addressing the girl at the makeup mirror.

Just then the manager walked in. "What's going on?" he asked a little bewildered. "Cue the music Jabba, the Princess is ready to get her kit off…you can go…I am going to deal with this slut" he said without relaxing his grip on her hair. Taking the hint, the manager left and the Star Wars theme drew the next act onto the stage. Dragging down on her hair the master brutally instructed "On your knees, cunt. and keep those legs well spread…" turning his attention to the girl at the makeup mirror, he changed his tone from brutal to firm.

"Stop what you are doing, Bambi…I want you to see how I deal with bitches that annoy me. Also, you are about to see what I've got so I insist that you show me what you have. Strip and hurry up about it." The stripper did as she was told, getting naked was her shtick so it was it was not of any consequence to her. She was a beautiful girl as were all the other girls in the place but the master did not pay a great deal of attention.

His focus was, as usual, at the outer edges of emotion. Worshipful affection for Vanessa and vengeful anger at the behaviour of Big Red…behaviour that was about to be corrected. Like all the women, the stripper he had christened Bambi, was incredibly attracted to him but given the malevolent atmosphere that prevailed, she was happy to be the innocent bystander.

"You are about to give me a blow job, cunt…or maybe I am going to fuck your face… doesn't matter. same dif. Now normally, I would tell you that you have to swallow the lot. You are lucky! There is a woman out in the club who accidentally failed to keep it down and received six cuts of the cane on her naked arse for her failure. You will not be required to swallow a drop…well not initially… I intend to spray my cum on you face and in your hair.

You would be well advised to take it all, any attempt to duck or avoid the spray would be treated the same as the other girls' failure to consume." With that he kicked off his shoes and undid his pants and peeled them down to the floor before stepping out of them.

The three women got their first hint of what was to come with his white briefs straining to contain his angry cock.

They did not have long to wait. With without delay he removed his underpants and the Monster sprang free. All of the women reacted audibly. "Oh my god" said Bambi in wonderment, once again glad she was just a spectator. Although like all present she was deeply attracted to the lord women the size of the erection was terrifying. "It's too big…it will tear me apart…this could kill me…" exclaimed Big Red genuinely afraid of the damage the great cock would do her.

"But what away to go…" added Vanessa dreamily, unable to take her eyes of the mighty sword. In truth, she was also now glad to be a mere spectator on this occasion, viewing the act may prepare her better for her own ordeal, which she knew was not far away. "I think all of my playmates have found it painful, but not so much as to prevent them from climaxing… most having multiples…not many walk away from the experience…only one as I recall it and she did so very gingerly." He then pulled his shirt over his head giving the girls a look at the complete package.

Big Red, still terrified by her immediate prospect, breathed heavily. Transfixed Bambi said "Oh my, it just keeps getting better." "You are the most magnificent creature I have ever seen…" added Vanessa admiringly.

Emboldened by his assurances that his cock was not lethal and utterly captivated by his powerful and flawless male body she added "I am willing to take Red's place&hellip." He shook his head.

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Sinking to her knees, Vanessa went on "I am prepared to beg for it Lord" "I think you are a quality unit Vanessa, this is not your time or your place. Your time is soon and your place is near, but you deserve better then the dressing room of a strip club… Red's attitude has offended me and as a result I have a plan for her that I doubt you would want to be a part of.

You can stand again…I think you will be more comfortable" Returning his attention to Big Red and resuming his crude tone he said "open your mouth, cunt." The terrified stripper complied and he shoved his engorged member into her mouth and down her throat adding "haven't got much time, need to spray your face and fill your pussy before the Princess finishes her act." Paying minimal attention to the woman sucking his cock the master turned to Bambi and instructed her to clear the free standing table in the middle of the room "that is where I will fuck her after the blow job." Turning to Vanessa he said in a more friendly tone, "Give us a&hellip." he stopped noticing something out of the corner of his eye.

Turning back to Bambi "Is that a dog collar?" "Yes Sir" she answered quizzically. "I have a use for that…do you also have a leash?" "I'm sure we have a chain leash somewhere." "Find it" "I think it is in the props box." Added Vanessa helpfully. The Girl went about finding the requested item.

Returning his attention to Vanessa he resumed "Give us s kiss beautiful" Vanessa responded without delay stepping to his right side and immediately engaged with his lips and tongue licking and sucking with enthusiasm. The kiss, combined with a rather good oral effort by Red bought him quite quickly to climax.

Breaking from his kiss with a slightly disappointed Vanessa, the master grabbed a handful of her luscious, if soiled, locks and pulled he mouth of his cock, the head emerging just as the first spurt erupted shooting straight up before settling on her head. He released her hair and used his hand to improve the direction or the ejaculation.

"You'd better close your eyes, Red" He advised. Reaching for his convulsing member Vanessa said "here, let me help". He released his hold and allowed Vanessa to aim the flow while massaging it to extend the orgasm and maximise the amount of jizz in Red's face and hair.

Finished he said "like your work ladies". Big Red had proved to be a very proficient cock sucker but humiliated and covered in gunk she did not even register the compliment. Wiping the cum from around her eyes and redepositing it on her chest, Red opened her eyes to see the master and Vanessa in a rapturous embrace and again kissing hungrily.

Breaking from the snog briefly the master crudely instructed Red to get on the table, on her back, legs spread and prepare to be fucked. Sad and defeated Big Red complied. "Found it" announced Bambi proudly holding the chain leash aloft. Big Red's mood darked further as she felt that this was going to add to her suffering although she did not really understand how…yet.

Whispering in her ear the master asked Vanessa to help him back to "fighting form." Reaching between their close pressed bodies, Vanessa found him quite rigid but nevertheless to advantage of the request to give it a bit of a massage." "Ooh, you are ready sir, happy to help." Turning his attention to the cum covered stripper he instructed her to "move your arse to the edge of the table and hold your legs behind your knees and pull them back." As she complied he growled "and pull them wider." Positioning himself between her wide spread legs he instructed her to look him in the eye as he impaled her.

Doing as instructed he forced his way into with merciless force. Her eyes flew wide and she screamed in shock and pain he brutally stretched her vaginal opening. The scream was loud enough to be heard in the auditorium over the music. Patrons everywhere look at one another quizzically, except for Naidu, Sarah and Richard who knew exactly what was going.

No one dared to even think of intervening. As he relentlessly shafted Big Red he asked Bambi between strokes to find out where the dance was up to. The girl moved to the curtains to peak through. "Nearly done sir" she reported "Down to nipple caps an g string." "Better get a move on" the master said as he quickened the pace while Red uttered a primordial grunt on each thrust" Just then the music stopped. The crowd cheered and applauded the Star wars act as the now over.

The naked dancer bowed to the audience. "Let me help" said Vanessa sinking to her knees and beginning to lick the masters scrotum as he continued his ruthless shafting of Red. And that that was the scene that confronted a naked Princess Leia as she retreated from the stage. One workmate on her back, legs up and wide being screwed by the most magnificent man she had ever seen. A second colleague also naked, on her knees with her nose buried between the masters beautiful buttocks and a third, also naked watching.

She was struck dumb, unable to avert her gaze from the deeply erotic scene before her. A combination of the timing, an admittedly pleasurable pussy and Vanessa's creative intervention pushed the master to an explosive orgasm that triggered a similar reaction in Big Red. With Vanessa continuing to stimulate the master continued to pump semen into Red for 90 seconds before he withdrew and shot the last of his load onto her belly. Withdrawing, the Master said "I think it is time to go… Vanessa, get a clean wet cloth and clean me up… Big Red…off the table and on the floor on all fours, like the dog you are…Princess Leia, get the collar and leash from Bambi and but on this fucked dog…" at that moment Vanessa came to him with wet and dry towels to perform a rudimentary bath on the Lords private parts.

As she went about her business he continued "after I am clean and ready to dress you too are to dress and go and tell my harem to get ready to leave…Bambi…you had better get ready to do your thing after I have walked the dog." Big Red was devastated. She had had a shattering orgasm but it had been earned in the humiliation of a public blow job, that left her covered in cum, and would be paid for in a humiliating display. She knew instantly that the cause of her misery was her arrogant approach, but beyond that superficial understanding she struggled to comprehend why her treatment was so brutal.

No one wanted to incur the master's wrath so all they all moved quickly to perform their allotted tasks. Vanessa was dressed before the master, not surprising in view of how little she had to put on. The high heels had not come off at all and the panties were ruined in the strip so it was just skirt and top. She then moved on to her next task. Once dressed the master went to the side of his latest conquest and took the lead proffered by the very nude Princess Leah and said "Come Red…I'll take you for a walk." As the curtains opened the audience went silent.

Normally such an opening was heralded by theme music and presaged the appearance of a young woman committed to divesting herself of clothing, relevant to the music, for the entertainment of the masses. But not on this occasion. The Master stepped from the gap in the curtains, clad as before in black leather pants and a white peasant shirt. He was quite a sight, even for a predominantly hetero, predominantly male, predominantly pissed audience. There was a smattering of nervous applause. In his right hand, he held the looped end of a dog's chain leash, and next emerged Big Red, the upper part of her body caked in semen and on all fours.

He led he around the stage giving the audience a good look at the results of her blow job and, as she passed a view of her pussy leaking virginal blood and cum, visual evidence of the fucking they had all heard when she screamed on being penetrated. Seeing his harem assembled, the master tossed the leash contemptuously on the stage and descended the steps to lead his party out of the club.

They hailed a cab and promptly two arrived. Naidu, Sarah and Richard will ride with me. The rest in the second cab with Phil in the boot. "The hour is late" he intoned with an urgency that would not tolerate debate. "Richard… you are probably desperate… go and fuck Claire quickly and then to bed.

You must be at your physical and mental best to execute Claire's sentence in a few short hours…actually, on that subject I think it would be best if we split the sentence… you know… three straps on the pussy and three cane stripes on the arse in each session…that way she will not be able to regard any part of her ordeal and will be able to spend 24 hours knowing what is to come…!" "Kate needs to be prepared, and her fucking must be…" with that they arrived at the hotel so the revealing of the plan was suspended.

Emerging from the cab they entered the foyer where once again a media crush threatened. Holding his hand up in resistance the master announced that he would hear no questions and provide no answers. Turning to Richard he said "You know what you have to do." bring the others up in the second lift. I will ride with Sarah and Naidu." Entering the lift he pressed the button and then continued "Kate needs to be prepared for her service and Phil also needs to be cleaned." The arrival of the elevator at its destination again interrupted the monologue.

Leading the two women into 4701 he continued "Vanessa intrigues me and is ready to serve, so she will be first and as her sponsor Naidu, you will be second…if there is a second… Sarah, you will prep both Phil and Kate…that should take some time, he is a hairy bastard.

After that you will tie him up on the balcony…near Claire but with no prospect of physical contact. You will then report for duty in this suite. Kate and Suzanne can sleep in 4702.I won't using them until tomorrow." Just then the flow of instructions was interrupted by an anguished cry. "SHE'S GONE"!

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