Hardcore gay Nathan Stratus ordered a ample package and it eventually

Hardcore gay Nathan Stratus ordered a ample package and it eventually
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This is the same characters as in my previous two stories, but with the appropriate body parts :D We arrived Sunday night at our beach-side hotel in Savannah, Georgia for a week-long spring break during our sophomore year of college. After checking in and unpacking our clothes swimsuits, evening dresses, t-shirts, jeans, and sandals it was a little after 10:00PM.

I was wearing a loose black t-shirt, a heavy contrast to my toned and muscular milky-white skin, short shorts, sandals, and had my shoulder-length auburn hair in a pony tail. Stevie wore a black cotton dress over her slender, tanned frame, flip-flops, and let her long, straight and dark brown hair flow freely over her shoulders. After unpacking and noticing the time on the clock, I turned on the television and turned to a local news channel to check the next day's weather report as I sat on the edge of one of the two hotel beds and kicked off my sandals.

Stevie sat down beside me, kicked off her flip-flops, and stretched and yawned as she laid down beside me. I kicked off my sandals and laid back as well and looked at Stevie.

"We better get to sleep. I've got a big day planned for us tomorrow," I told her as I stood up, pulled my t-shirt off, and took my shorts off, and tossed them by the side of the bed, exposing my milky-white toned frame under my purple bikini.

Stevie looked at me lustfully and asked almost in shock "You're going to sleep like that?" "You're right. I think this might be too much. I need to get more comfortable." I joked as I slid my bottom off, exposing my round, toned ass and trimmed, red-haired pussy as I tossed my bikini bottom on top of my shirt and shorts.

Stevie's eyes filled with lust as I turned to her and slowly untied the strap of my bikini top and slowly pulled it away from my body, exposing my c-cup breasts.


I crawled under the covers of our bed, hiding my body from Stevie's lustful eyes. "It's getting late, and we've got a lot to do tomorrow. Are you coming to bed or not?" I teased? "Of course!" she responded without missing a beat.

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She jumped up, kicked off her flip-flops, and pulled her black cotton dress over her tanned body, exposing her small, slightly-rounded ass, shaved, bald pussy, and no bra over her perky handful-sized breasts. She crawled in bed behind me in the spooning position, put her arm around me, and pressed her pussy against my ass.

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She kissed the back of neck and moved her hand slowly down my belly to my pussy. "No, no. Not tonight," I teased as I grabbed her hand and pulled it back up around my waist as she sighed in disappointment and hugged me tight ++++++++++ I woke up in out hotel bed and rolled over to look at the clock on the nightstand. Surprised that it was almost 12:00PM, I rolled over and started shaking Stevie's naked body. "Stevie!" I whispered in her ear. "Wake up!" As she opened her bright brown eyes, I put my arms around her and kissed her.

I pulled her naked body to mine as she wrapped per arms around me. Her hands moved down my back and grabbed my pert, round ass before pulling her face away from mine.

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"Why the lovely awakening?" she smiled? "Just a teaser for what I've got planned tonight" I teased as I tried to get out of our bed. As I stood up, exposing my toned, naked 5'7" body, Stevie sat up, grabbed my hand, and pulled me back on the bed on top of her. We giggled as we wrestled, and I finally straddled her, the sheets on the bed separating us.

I leaned down, brushed her long, dark brown hair out of her face, and kissed her passionately as her hands moved from my shoulder-length auburn hair, pulling it out of its pony tail, down my light skin to my ass.

I slowly moved my kisses down her face to her neck as she moaned and moved her hands slowly over my body. I slowly worked my caresses down tanned skin to her chest and then slowly, gently suck on each small breast as she ran her hands through my hair and moaned.

Slowly, after what felt like a minute or two, I slowly kissed down her stomach to her hips and thighs as I crawl off the end of the bed.

She scooted down to me as I ed myself between her legs and kissed up the inside of her left thigh and then her right before planting a small kiss on her shaved pussy before gently putting the tip of my tongue on it and licking upwards towards her clitoris. "Oh, mmmm, yeah," she moaned. I looked up at her lust-filed eyes as I slid my hands underneath her ass and squeezed and slowly put my mouth against her clitoris and gently sucked.

My tongue massaged her clit in a circular motion as she put hr hands in my hair and breathed in and out. I twirled my tongue faster and faster to match her breathing. After about two minutes, she began tugging at my hair and bucking her hips. "Oh, God, Jessie! I'm about to come!" I kept my tempo going as she pressed my face in to her as she bucked through her orgasm ""Oh, God," she breathed heavily as her orgasm subsided.

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I crawled back on the bed over her tanned, naked body, my eyes filled with lust. I leaned down and kissed her passionately. I pressed my hands down against her shoulders as I straddles one thigh and began grinding my pussy against her slowly. She reached up and grabbed my c-cup breasts as I moved my kissing to her neck, grinding a little harder and faster as I got closer to orgasm.

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"Mmmmm," she moaned as I kissed and sucked on her neck while her fingers winded through my auburn hair. I pushed her shoulders harder as I suckled her neck more passionately and grinded my pussy more violently.

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With every grind, my breathing grew heavier as I neared orgasm. "What's wrong?" Stevie asked quizzically as I pulled away from her neck. "Roll over," I demanded.


"Why?" "I want to come one your ass, baby," I demanded lustfully as I quickened her roll on to her belly by turning her body with my hands as she flipped. As soon as she was on her belly, I mounted her slightly rounded ass and began grinding as violently as before, my hands pressed in to her shoulder blades.

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"Baby," I moaned as she giggled, "This feels so good." I pressed in to her ass as hard as I could as I neared orgasm and pulled on her long hair with one hand. "Oh baby, fuck my ass!" she demanded as her head reared back. The orgasm pulsed through my body as I bucked on Stevie's ass. "Oh, God!" I breathed heavily as I came and pulled even harder on her hair. When the orgasm subsided, I fell to her side as she rolled over to face me.

I put my arms around her as she put hers around me. Our legs intertwined as we kissed.