Gay sex free movies first time Watch as these eight beautiful

Gay sex free movies first time Watch as these eight beautiful
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With tears,welling in her eyes.It dawned on Tina,that she,did'nt hate her mother.She actually loathed her intensely! "No,Tina!Under no circumstances are you going to that party tonight.That Stacey girl,is a harlo:t.She dresses like the whore of Babylon.Her parents,don't attend church.Lord have MERCY!


It did'nt matter to her mother that both her and Stacey were still virgins at sixteen.Or that Stacey's parents were really sweet,good people.Or for that matter that her and Stacey were best friends and everybody was going to be at the fucking party except her! The woman,was a Bible punching nut.Tina,knew what was coming next.Numerous,lengthy and boring quotes from the bible.She,had heard it all before.Tina,got a tub of chocolate mousse from the refrigerator and stomped off upstairs.Behind her,she heard the zealot,"It says in the GOOD book,in Matthew,verse.'' ''Oh,fuck off!''Tina thought loudly.

Tina,loved her room it was her escape hatch.Full of all the little nik naks she collected.Rufus the family's elderly German shepherd,was lying outside her door.He looked up at Tina with those big sorrowful eyes."Ok,boy come on in!Just us buddies to watch TV on a Friday night,hey!'' Tina,flopped down on her bed,kicking off her Reebok's.Her Dad,he was her stepdad actually,her real dad had died when she was two,worked late all the time recently.She wouldn't be surprised if he had someone on the side.The bitch downstairs appeared to be a Polar ice queen!He was a sweet guy and she loved him.Up against her mom though,he was spineless and henpecked.

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He had given her,his credit card two weeks back to buy herself some clothes.The crap,her mother bought her,belonged in the last century.She ruffled under the bed and pulled out two bags.Up on her feet she took off her, jeans.Pulling,her T over her head.She took the Florence Nightingale,like underwear her mother insisted on buying her and dumped it in the small bin.Studying herself,in the mirror.Tina knew she was a hoty!Long, athletic legs [She was on the 1st track team].Tight,taut tummy,perky medium sized bust and a beautiful face.Green eyed, with cute freckles on her nose and cheeks.Her dark hair was styled in a short bob.

Rufus,looked at her appraisingly."Hey like what you see,kid!'' she asked sweetly.''How sad'' she spoke loudly,"I got to entertain my dog.Man,life can be a bitch!''Rufus,was lucky tonight, normally she,did'nt let him in her room.Tina,looked down at her pubes.A tuft of downy pubic hair above her shaven vagina.She had just finished her period yesterday and always got a bit horny around this time of the month.Tina,squeezed one of her breasts and with her other hand rubbed her clitoris."Mmmmmmm'' she murmured.She,took one of the lacy black bra's she had bought and put it on.She looked really sexy in it!She shuffled her feet wide apart and started gyrating her hips.She placed her middle finger back on her clit.Toying with it clockwise then anticlockwise."Ooooooh that's darn good!''Starting to simmer with lust a strange thought came to her.In the reflection of the mirror,she saw the tub of chocolate mousse on her nightstand and Rufus sitting on the floor watching her.She giggled."Nawh,Tina.That's freaky man!'' she thought.

A sheepish,look on her face.Tina manouvered her lithe young body.She was flat on her back.Her butt,right on the edge of the bed.Legs spread,vulva, gapping and exposed.Buck naked,she had taken off the bra and her bobby socks.She hadn't bathed yet and she could smell her own sweat and BO.The pussy smell on her fingers was strong and musky.She dipped her fingers into the choc mousse and spread it on her beaver.She was concentrating on getting a second helping to entice him with.

When he suddenly drew up to her and stuck his muzzle between her legs.His snout was cold and moist and it touched,flush against her anus as he took in her scent.Tina nearly hit the roof!"Shit!Owwww,aah huh,that's good''she urged him on as her ass and pussy quivered.His first lick was wet and the sensation it gave,made her arch,her back and thrust her hips.Even her long pointy toes curled,involuntarily.''Yeeeeaaahhhh!Ohhhh.

that's just the best!'' He was chowing her vagina.From anus to clitty.Licking,sucking and probeing.It was bliss.Tina was loving every minute of it.She opened her legs wider for him to get at her.Tina became a sweaty,heated,twitching,moaning. slave,to his rough tongue! Tina,knew how dogs did it.She had never heard of bestiality in her life but some primal,almost animalistic lust overcame her.She got down on the floor,on all fours,raising her butt provocatively.She did'nt care that she was a virgin.In fact she did'nt give a ratsass!She had such an urge to be humped that it felt like it was chokeing her.

Tina,actually had no idea it was possible for a canine to mount and copulate with a human but driven by waves of want for a hot man.She was going to fucking try.Rufus was old and a veteran of having a leg over,although till now that had been limited to dog bitches. Rufus could smell his young mistress's tangy fuck organ,it was sweaty and sooo on heat.He knew what she wanted and mounted up.His forlegs were on her steely little buttocks.He worked his body into position.

Holding his mate tightly by the hips.His aged but still strong withers,taking a firm hold.Tina was dripping.She was masturbating crazily,working her cunt."Geeez,oh fuck.I'm sooooo hot.Oh this is nasty.Can ya?Can ya?Huh?Can ya do me boy?Pleaaaaaase,DO me!!!'' Tina,was gobsmacked by her own reactions and overwhelming desire.She did'nt get a chance to think about what she was doing because Rufus,with his pinkish purple,heavily veined and throbing doggycock was searching with his wild thrusts between her legs to bury his wick.He found her pleasure dome and his cone forced open her vulva.Tina, froze as he runted into her,his dick finding the resistance of her hymen a tough nut to crack.

He slowed down.Clenching on to his bitch and panting heavily.He was an old boy and this human bitch was young and wanting. "Wait,boy!Let me help ya!''Tina reached under her,brushing her drenched hood.His cock,was very sensitive to her touch.Rufus,shuddered violently as she wrapped two fingers around his warm pulsing doggydick.She held it gently and thrust her ass back.Inside her,she felt his dick mesh against the inner skin.Her hymen first tore and then was ripped apart by his member.

His,cock no longer obstructed but easing deeper,Rufus became animated. Beating at her pussy.Throwing his weight against her ass.She felt his hanging testicals hammer against her buttocks.He was buried deep in her,up near her uterus.Tina was crawling with the dog shuffling,connected behind her!She was sweating heavily,perspiration,dripping from her brow onto the carpet.Her tits wobbled with the dogs humping.Tina felt her orgasm rush her and croaked''Oh Fuck!You making me fucking cum!!Oooohhhhh!''They came together.Rufus,suddenly spasmed alarmingly.His withers,rippling with muscle.The dog actually climbed Tina's butt.Digging his nails in her flesh,causing angry red welts.Tina felt him draining his balls like a hose deep inside her body.

Rufus lay on his side,licking his frothy balls and cock.His jism was leaking out of Tina onto the carpet!"Fuck Rufus!Ya cum alot!''.She reached for her T and stuffed it between her legs to soak up their secretions."Out boy!Scram!'' Tina's,world came crashing down around her on Sunday morning,a week later.Her mom,was gone to some Evangelical Crusade and would only be back on Tuesday."These days, are reserved,for the Lord!'' She had told them last night.Days of hot gossip more like it for 'holier than thou' Tina thought.She only got up at 11:15.She had been smsing her friends till around 2 in the morning.Wearing a tight new tank top,boxers and bobby socks she went to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

''Hi baby!How you this morning?''Tina squinted her sleepy eyes,her stepdad,Robert was sitting in the livingroom.''Cool,Dad and ya?''she asked sweetly,pouring her cereal into a bowl."Oh,never been better,babes!''.He said it with a strange tone and Tina,looked up at him.He had a wide grin on his face and his eyes looked dark."Ya, look like da kitty kat who got all da milk,Dad!''she said in a cute looney tunes like voice."Oh,I sure did honeybunch.''He picked up the phone and dialed.Tina raised her eyebrows when she heard his short abrupt conversation."Yeah, she's awake!Hurry up I'm waiting.'' "Who was that,Dad?'' she asked questioningly."Patrick,his coming over for a couple of beers.''.No something was really fucked up here.Tina thought.Beer!Her mother would have a apocalyptic stroke.She said nothing and finished her juice.

"Dad!Im gonna get dressed and go to Stacey's,for abit,ok?'' "No Tina,baby.You gonna take everything off and bend over for,Daddy!'' Tina,froze in midstride,she felt the blood drain from her body.''Huh?what ya say?''she stammered.He looked at her picking up the universal remote.''You heard me loud and clear,little angel!''He hit play and the TV came to life.Tina heard her voice before she actually saw herself.She,was groaning,on all fours.The picture was crystal clear.Rufus was fucking her,the sound of his panting loud.

Tina went weak at the knees and she stumbled.Tears,brimmed in her eyes."Oh,Daddy!Where did ya get that?'' she sighed.Robert smiled,a tear ran down her cheek.She sounded utterly devastated.Robert felt a shudder of anticipation run through him.His groin stirred.She could never imagine how much he was going to enjoy humiliating her.

"Why,would you do this,Daddy?!'' The tears were now a steady stream.The TV was blaring out her lusty yells as the dog nailed her.He switched the volume down."Tina!I've got the tape.I hold the cards.You got nothing.All you can do is hope I'm merciful and that I don't distribute it to everyone you know.Strip down,baby,dont make this harder for yourself!'' Tina's hand,was over her mouth,sobing from the heart.She felt so crushed!''I love ya Daddy.Please don't do this to us.Please!Please!'' Patrick,burst into the room.He was grossly overweight and owned an electronic's store in town.He saw the evidence playing and quickly summed up the situation.''Beautiful!Tina,a masterpiece!The most erotic coupling I have ever witnessed!I supplied the survelliance cam!''He said proudly!Tina had always despised him the guy was a perv!He plonked himself down on the sofa.He was sweating,profusely in the summer heat.He took off his thick lensed spectacles and wiped them down.Squinting between her and her Dad as if he were watching a tennis match.

"I've told you twice already,Tina! Take your fucking,clobber off.Do it now!''Tina stood defiantly,her arms crossed."Shit you look beautiful when you pissed!Undress,Tina!Now!''Tina gave a heartwrenching deep sigh of defeat and pulled the tank top over her shoulders.She was'nt wearing a bra and the sight of her 16 yr old bossom had a marked effect on both men.Her,Dad took in a deep breath and groaned softly.His,tongue licked at his top lip.Patrick,gulped and started wringing his podgy fingers.

''I never seen anyone as gorgeous as you!You do things to me, I.cant explain!''Tina eyed Patrick nervously.''Dont,worry angel,Patrick is just gonna watch.'' ''The shorts,honey'' she could hear the heavy lust in his voice.His eyes had narrowed and he had a sizeable bulge in his jeans.Tina,put her fingers in the waist of her shorts and stepped out of them.

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She was'nt wearing pantys and the sudden sight of her little twat,brought a groan of appreciation from both men."Bobby socks.Take them off!I want to see your feet and toes,Darlin''Balancing,on one leg at a time.She pulled her white cotton socks off.It was very humid and Tina,felt,hot,sweaty and scared. Her emotions were in turmoil.Did nobody love her?She wanted to plead with him to stop this madness but knew,there was no turning back.She would'nt give him the satisfaction of her begging.

Naked,as a new born babe.The pretty teenager,stood,glaring with attitude.Not knowing that her pout.Made her look even more desirable and highly fuckable.Patrick,was screwing her visually.His eyes seemed to be on stalks the way,they were poping out at her. Fuck!She thought.He makes me ill.She returned his stare with hate filled eyes"Come here and bend over the sofa,so I can have a good look at ya!''she heard her stepfather croak.

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Tina,stomped over and got down kneeling,per his instructions on the sofa.Her dad moved behind her,positioning her body.Her back to him,she felt his damp hands on her butt.He placed her like he wanted.Getting her to open her legs,alot wider so that her puss was exposed.Feet to the side.Her,tits squashed up against the top. Robert,knelt down on one knee and licked her foot from the heel up to her toes.Pauseing,to take her big toe in his mouth,sucking and tasteing it real hard.When he withdrew it,it was soaked and dripping with his saliva.He mouthed her size 5 foot.Nibbleing,licking and biteing gently.Forcing her other toes in his mouth and suckling greedily.It was an unusual,yet funky feeling and Tina,tried to pull her little foot loose of his grasp.Her tiny foot struggling in his hand made him release a lusty and tormented moan.She could hear,Patrick wheezing as he watched them intently.Her Dad gave her other foot the same treatment.Pulling and cracking her long toes.

"Turn around for me,Tina'' he rasped.She obeyed,sitting flat on her ass,face level with his groin. ''Undo,my pants,hun''With her,dainty nimble fingers,Tina did as he asked.She unfastened his belt buckle.The top button of his Levi's was hard up against his stomach and it took her awhile to unloosen it.Once she got it loose the other three opened easily.She took her hands away and looked up at him.He was amass of pure desire.His face was red,eyes glazed and lips wet.

''Take my cock out,release it''She opened his jeans.His penis was rigid against his transparent white briefs.Up by his foreskin a wet circle had formed.She stuck her hand down the front of his briefs her knuckles brushing,against his thick mound of pubic hair.She encircled his shaft in her palm.He felt big and sweaty in her petite hand.She pulled the front of his briefs down freeing his organ."Work it,Tina,jack it with your hand,put some spit on your palm''Tina spat into her hand and held his dick.This time,he released a long high-pitched groan of ecstacy.He could,finally do with Tina,as he pleased after years of lusting for her.

She was squeezing his girth and working him,fast.Noteing,how his foreskin moved back and forth over his knob.He felt like a red hot poker in her hand.He entwined his hands in her hair."Stick,your tongue out!Lick the head''Tentatively,she stuck out her tongue and licked his crown with quickfire swipes of her tongue"Yeah,that's it like a lollipop!Uhuh''She placed the tip against the underneath of his glans and licked in an upward motion."Oh fuck,I can't handle this,Come,up ya get on the sofa.I'm gonna do ya'' Tina positioned herself as before.Her pose drove him crazy.Gripping,his cock he moved against her petals and entered her.Already inundated with her spit and his sweat he drove into her easily and in one movement was buried to the hilt"He rode her viciously like a bronco!."Hey,cooooool it'' she gasped.No sooner had he entered her than he withdrew,ejaculating in heavy spurts all over her lower back and ass.He crumpled to the floor.Tina,looked over her shoulder at him and the warm jism sprayed over her body.He was bloodshot.

His,chest heaving alarmingly.His erect cock,secreated a pearly drop of thick jism oozingly from it's spout. "Fuck me.I ain't ever felt such a fine pussy.The bitch is hot!''Patrick, looked flabbergasted that it was already over.He had his puny dick in his hand,Tina noted.In her opinion the man was a maggot.The phone rang shrilly.Her Dad raced to get it,his deflating member bouncing in front of him. "Helllo.Yeah!.Sure,its started.I already fucked the ho.''Tina felt a wave of disbelief and mounting terror grip her.She stared at him mouth agape!''Yeah,come join the orgy'' he chortled loudly and Tina knew she was in deep shit.

The teens,back to him. Patrick had quickly undressed.He pounced on her.His hefty bodyweight knocked the breath out of her and Tina,gasped for air.Grasping the opportunity,Patrick stuck his fat but small dick into the conceited bitch.Tina felt the pig enter her and screamed with fury."You fucking bastards.What is going on here?Help me.Help me.Somebody!Help meeeee!'' Robert,dropped the phone and was beside her in four great strides.He grabbed her,mouth forcing her jaw apart.He,inserted a small ball into her,trap and wound box tape tightly around her head.Yanking her arms,he handcuffed her wrists as she bawled.Patrick,stabbed at her vagina with his member.The feel of the fat man violating her,made Tina illl.She screamed blue murder into her gag as he raped her.Patrick,felt the sweet power.And enjoyed her barely audiable ''No!OH NO!Noooot youuu!'' ''Yeah,sorry.fucking Patrick,he couldn't control himself any longer.Ha,ha.Yip!His fucking her as we speak.You should see the bitches face!.When ya,arrive come through the garage.You got a remote.and bring the dogs'' Her father's conversation, had terrified Tina,shitless and she peed on Patrick,hotly as he pumped into her.His ample buttocks,clapped loudly with his every heave.

"Patrick! You want to impregnate the bitch?Here use this,asshole!''Her father tossed him a can of spermicide.Patrick, withdrew and doused her pussy with it.It was cold against her flesh and the handcuffs were chafing her wrists.Remounting her the fatman,released his load in her canal with a mighty groan.The thought that he could make the beautiful teen pregnant helping to bring on his orgasm.He plonked himself in a chair a sweating,heaving mass.Expecting a sudden coronary.The sight of Tina's facial expressions as the man had cum made Robert,rock hard again.Her face had twisted with horror,disgust and loathing.He grapped the struggling young women as she tried to kick out at him.He pressed her down on her tummy.Kicking her legs apart and dryassed, sodomised her.

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Tina,turned crimson.The vein at her,temple stood out against the skin and pulsed.He was really hurting her!The pain was the most intense she had ever experienced.It flashed deep in her, innards where the bastard was rooted dickdeep.She had felt a searing pain as he invaded her anus.She was sure he had torn he r pink rosebud.

Robert,was sweating like a rapist as he buttfucked his 'daughter'.Her backside was clamped around his pole.His sweat flew from him and covered her back in yellow droplets.His stepdaughter,writhed and squirmed from the pain he was bestowing on her.A small amount of blood was welled around his cock,where he abused her.

He was starting to tire,he must have been going at her,solidly for at least 10 minutes.Patrick,was urging him to find more energy!"That's it,Robert!Fuck her!Sodomise the young slut!Nail her!''.Robert,knew,second time around he would take ages to cum.He wanted that warm cunt again!He pulled out of her ass.He had to really pull back with pressure to extracate his cock from her tightfisted shithole.When it emerged it was caked with her excretment and blood,he turned her on her back.She was crying,hysterically into the gag.She had a pleading look in her eyes.Reaching out for a merciful part of his soul to bring her the relief she so desperately sought from this nightmare.He took no notice and with his dirty dick entered her beaver,he took her solidly,by each ankle,lifting her buns off the sofa and reamed her!He pulverised her pussy!Really socking it to her.The fucking,she was enduring etched brutally and painfully on her face!Her ass was gaping,beneath his pistoning cock,inflammed,the sight,drove him to new heights of surging,primal runting and he taught the teen a hard unforgettable lesson.He hurled insults and profanities at her as he humiliatingly,raped her.

"Feel me in ya bitch?You like it Tina?Huh?This is just the start cunt!.We can tear ya apart.Ya, going to do everything we tell y.!Or I swear we will fucking KILL you''His words made her struggle against him in desperation.The sight of the gorgeous teens writhing body made him want to cum!He did'nt just want to fuck her physically.It was also his intention to snuff out her mind.To take away everything that was good and sweet about her!"Here ho!Milk Daddy's cock!Milk it with ya puuuuuussyyyy!'' Pillageing and plundering!Finally,quenching his lust with the heaviest orgasm he had ever let rip in his life,inundating her canal and womb with his seed!


End of Part 1.