Getting that pussy in the shower

Getting that pussy in the shower
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Chris: Growing up i had a good friend named christian, his family were my neighbors so you could rarely find a day when i wasnt at their house.

Their moms name was chris.

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I often joked around with her, but one day, I walked into their bathroom to find her in the shower totally naked. Growing up I had a sister so seeing a naked female wasn't a very big deal for me, but seeing chris's shaved pussy and perky tits turned me on big-time.


I found a place in their master bathroom that she wouldn't be able to see me, and I unbuckled my pants, and beat my meat till I came in my palm, then i wiped it all over a pair of her panties that were by me, thinking that someday I would have cum in her pussy, wnd that stain would just be drips. Adter that experience I would subtley drop her gifts such as chocolates and letters saying that she was a beautiful woman, and fuckig her would be a privelage.

I would continue to watch her in the shower, sometimes being daring enough to touch her while she stripped down but she never knew All was good until she found out who was giving her all of these gifts,so I decided I would wait for a day when there was nobody but her at the house and I would ask her if she could show me how to take care of a real woman.

I would catch her right as she was getting out of the shower so she would only be wearing a tight black shirt with some panties that were damp from water and my cum ( as I had been watching her the whole time she was in the shower). The shirt made it so i could perfectly see her beautiful tight tits poking through the fabric so I asked her again " will you show me how to treat a real woman?" She would ask me what I meant by that,and I would tell her " I think you know".

"oh no way" " its okay no one will ever know, I promise! and I've been craving your juicy pussy scince i moved in" "no no no, your much to young" "please Chris", I'd say, "i am the one who has been leaving you all of these gifts", " I am completely against what I'm about to say but i will just give you a blowjob.

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now i know you arnt very expirienced in stuff like this so just let me do all of the work. So let me unbuckle these pants to see that dick of yours." I brought up my hand and put it on her forehead trying to push her head down, but she pushed it away saying " just trust me I have done with this type of thing, just take of my shirt" I, being a young man wouldn't know much so i just take off her shirt seeing her beautiful perky tits flop out, just then my already rock hard penis would shoot out a little by of precum.

As she fumbled around with my belt buckle I took my chance to feel her luscious tits as i listened to her talk about how much she would be regretting this. " you can touch and suck on my tits this time but I think any pussy play would be a little to much. Oh, here it is look at that huge fucking cock, I don't know if I will be able to fit the whole thing in my mouth, what is it 10 inches?" she wrapped her warm moist hand around it and began to pump it, each time more precum would spurt out onto her hand making the lubricant better.

" alright now I'm going to. Blow you ." she said to me and without giving me a chance to prepare put my cock in her mouth and chocked it all down, she brought it out and told my to fuck her throat like it was her pussy so I grabbed the back of her head and fucked her throat like I would if it was her pussy, I could hear her gagging and I wanted to full out but this was to much for me and i started cumming in her throat, letting out gallons of my spunk into her mouth and until she couldn't hold anymore and she let it go on her face.

When I finnaly died down, she was covered from forehead to tits in my sticky man goo and she took one big gulp and swallowed it all The next few days were very nice for me and Chris, she would always flash me a little view of her tits while we were sitting on the couch, or she would lick her lips so that every time i saw it I would cum In my pants right there.

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One day as i was walking in I heard very rapid breathing coming from her room. I turned the corner and saw, what to my 14 year old brain was like when I miner saw a gold vein. Chris was laying spread eagle on her bed, three fingers deep in her pussy, with juices dripping down her legs and fingers so that the smell of pussy filled up the whole room making me a little but lightheaded. I had grown a little callus to these very sexy things, so my dick had only just started to stir at seeing this.

At seeing me, she quickly put the comforter over her naked body, but I could see that she still had her fingers inside her butterfly.

" what! Shouldn't you be looking for Christian or something" she said In a calm voice. " that's what I came over for but smelling you all over this room made my cock want something else." " no, I told you last time that I was t gonna do anything wih you ever again." she seemed very adimant but I could see that she was slowly coming to orgasm.

" I could help you with that, but if not please just help me cum" I said in an almost begging voice. " fine, but If anything I want you to fuck me." I was still a virgin at this point, but also very horny do any second thoughts were immediately canceled out of my head.

"I guess" I said a little bit anxiously, as my whole body was shaking at this point.

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I walked over to her as she pulled the comforter out, revealing her beautiful naked body, and for the first time her un obscured vagina.

" alright I'm already pretty lubed, and you won't need a condom so just slip it in." I followed her intructions, and pulled out my pike, considered what I was doing, then put it inside of her.


Immediately, I felt a rush of feeling like joy, and guilt, but I started pumping and everything but the ecstacy went away.

" maybe we should stop, I mean you could be my son." but it was to late, I was already going and there was nothing that could stop me.

She tried to get up but I pushed her down, and kept pumping in and out of her juicy pussy.

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I looked her right in the eyes as she let a little tear out, along with a small moan from between her lips " this isn't right, you are so young" she kept saying. But I just kept going until I started to feel it.

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It started in my toes and slowly moved up until it reached my nutsack which was pounding against her tight asshole. I felt her pussy clench hard around my dick, as her whole body started to shake, I let loose my load. The first shot let out what felt like 5 ounces, wich was the same with the 2nd, and the third, but for the fourth and fifth I let out at least a gallon of my dick milk into her still clenched pussy.


What I hadn't noticed while I was cumming, is that she had let loose at least 2 gallons of her own pussy juices squirt all over me, getting on my face and into my mouth, which tasted fantastic so i swallowed it down. " now go get me a martini glass" chris said very sternly, so I ran to the kitchen, ignoring questions from her tight and perky fourteen year old daughter Alaina. I grabbed the glass and ran back into chris's room and handed it to her.

She then stood up, and held the martini glass under her snatch, and started pushing.

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I saw my own cum fill up that glass to the brim, knowing that there was still much more juice in her pussy. " you let all of it go didnt you?" she said in a joking matter then she took the glass and poured it into her mouth, gargles it around for a minute, then swallowed the load down.

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I sat here for a minute, dipping with pussy juice, dick deflating, as Chris pushed the rest of the cum out of her pussy and drank it, put some clothes on, ruffled my hair and left the room