Wife Wants Three Guys At Once In A Foursome

Wife Wants Three Guys At Once In A Foursome
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During Harson's first three months on the throne, many things happened. Every girl in the palace, as well as several hundred from the surrounding areas, found themselves providing sexual tribute to the new King, which relieved many of the "stresses" of his work. Many virginities were given to him.

Of course, one of the first things Harson did was launch a counter-attack on Devrican. Though it was less about revenge and more about Harson wanting to conquer the country for Janosia. Naturally Lexia's magic played a large part in the war, and within a month, Devrican was the first territory to be conquered as part of the new Janosian Empire. By the time we re-join the story, Harson's armies have already begun their invasion of three other countries, with Janosia having tripled in size thanks to their military efforts.

------------------------------- Far across the universe, another person was having fun with servant girls. Specifically, fucking one of them doggy style while he 69ed the other one. He came powerfully into them both, while the girls themselves experienced the best orgasms of their lives.

Well, best since the last time this guy fucked them. The two girls were dismissed, and he laid back and shut his eyes, relaxing in the post-orgasmic glow as he returned to a single body.

He loved sex, and he was glad his Master allowed him to have as much of it as he wanted, with whomever he wanted. Truth be told though, he always preferred doing it with members of his own species. He'd particularly enjoyed that time he and Alexis had done it on top of La Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, but there'd been plenty of other wonderful encounters. Joining the mile-high club with Amia and Dorothea without the aid of a plane.

Fucking Lumiosa during the coronation of Britain's King George VII. That threesome he'd had with Sarosa and Afericus in Thailand. "Ahem, are you done daydreaming?" The genie opened his eyes, and found that he was laid in his Master's office, on the sofa. "Certainly, Master," he said, sitting up. "Need something?" "We have received a distress call from a remote, uncivilised planet," the Master replied.

"One of ours?" "Yes, but the date signature on it is more than 70 years ago. And it bears the signature of the Imperial Postal Service." "Maybe the ship which went missing all those years ago?" "Very possibly. The planet is quite far away, hence the time it took the signal to reach us. Outside any of the known Empires." "What does it say?" "Ship crashed on primitive world.

Rest of crew dead. Natives friendly, and providing shelter. Requesting collection ASAP." "So what are you going to do? He's almost certainly dead now." "Well it seems to me we have a habitable world that none of the Empires have yet colonised." "I take it you wish to change that?" "Well, I'm sure the savages that live there wouldn't object to a touch of civilisation." "And savages are definitely in my top 3 groups of people to fuck.

Maybe top 5." "I trust I can count on your magic to help my armies out?" "As always, Master." ------------------------------- Sofia fell backwards onto her bed, as she made out passionately with Lexia, the two of them running their hands all over each-other's skin. "Mmmm, you taste gooooood, your highness," Lexia moaned. "Please, call me Sofia…" "Oh get a room you too," said Nyssha, who'd followed them in. "Do not feel any obligation to remAIN!" Sofia squealed as Lexia squeezed her bottom.

"Oh no, I'm gonna stay here. In fact…" Nyssha said, before teleporting underneath Sofia. "I might join in." The three of them rolled around on the bed, kissing and stroking whatever flesh they could all get hold of. Eventually Lexia pinned Sofia down. "Now now your highness, we need you to sit still for your treatment." "Mistress, do I have permission to work a little bit of magic on you?" "Mmmm, certainly," Sofia grinned. Nyssha snapped her fingers, and Sofia felt her breasts tingle intensely.

Lexia and Nyssha immediately went for her, and began sucking and licking on her nipples. Sofia moaned, feeling their tongues slide lustfully over her overly sensitive nipples, which had been made so by a wish Sofia had made weeks ago.

She moaned loudly, and yet in a regal way which Sofia's royal upbringing caused.

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As her breasts were orally assaulted however, she felt another interesting sensation. It felt as though she was being…drained. Like a great pressure was being lifted. It was more than just sucking. They were suckling her.

So this is what breastfeeding feels like, Sofia thought. It was different than she'd expected, although admittedly she'd had no idea what to expect. It was a rather pleasurable experience, having these two magical beings suck her boobs dry, hanging onto her like a bunch of particularly clingy newborns. It was all she could do to get over her mother's death. A week of crying and praying for the Gods to please bring her back had done nothing to alleviate her sadness, so all she could do was fuck to try and take her mind off of it.

If only she'd known her mother's heart was in such poor condition, she thought. She could have saved her. If only she'd known… Sofia felt an intense pressure building up in her breasts, and then an explosion.

Her boobs were orgasming! Not just that, but they seemed to be.ejaculating? Sofia's boobs were ejaculating large squirts of milk into the genies' mouths! It was a rather strange experience for her, though she imagined this must be what it felt like for a man to cum. When it was over, the genies both kissed her, and then each-other. "Like that, your highness?" Lexia asked, and Sofia just nodded contently, her eyes shut from exhaustion.

"Good. Well then Nyssha, I'd say it's time for dessert, wouldn't you?" "Desser-WOAH!" Sofia cried out, feeling her pussy suddenly be attacked by Lexia and Nyssha's tongues. "Oh…Oh my word…" Sofia spread her legs wide, allowing the genies unrestricted access to her vagina. He felt them penetrate her, both of their tongues sliding between her folds, and sliding deep inside her most intimate area.

In and out, in and out, in and out…with a little bit of shaking it all about when they were really deep inside her. While Nyssha continued tongue fucking her, Lexia slid out, and instead focused all her efforts on stimulating her clitoris. Sofia screamed. A climax ripped through her with a breath-taking intensity. Lexia and Nyssha didn't cease their ministrations at any stage, Sofia's genitals contracting and convulsing around their millennia-old tongues.

Sofia couldn't believe how good it felt, better than any climax she'd ever experienced in her life. But she supposed pleasure had no limits when one such as a genie was administering it. Sofia barely got a chance to recover from her climax before she felt herself be penetrated by a large penis. She opened her eyes, and saw Nyssha on top of her, fucking her with her ghost penis as she had before, while Lexia continued licking her.

Her pussy was on fire, having not quite recovered from a lifetime of celibacy, despite a few weeks of frequent, mind-numbingly intense sexual stimulation.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhhh my Gooodneessssss…" Sofia moaned.

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She was experiencing an orgasm every few seconds, her mind, body and soul barely able to comprehend such incredible pleasure. "Oh yeah…you like that Mistress?" Nyssha asked, and Sofia moaned an affirmative. "Then have some more!" Sofia screamed as she felt her pleasure grow a million times more intense, Nyssha bombarding her body with magical pleasure. Eventually Nyssha looked down, and realised that Sofia had passed out from sexual ecstasy.

Nyssha and Lexia pulled away, and Lexia pulled the duvet over her. "Well that was fun," Lexia smiled. "I guess," Nyssha said. "Now I'm gonna go watch some DVDs." "Oh…don't you wanna do some stuff with me?" "Nope, I fulfilled my Mistress' desires, that's my work complete." "But don't you wanna-" "Not really." Lexia frowned a little, as she watched Nyssha return to her lamp.

------------------------------- "Your majesty, we are approaching the planet." "Thank you captain," said the Emperor. He sipped his drink, as the crew of his flagship ran around, the ship coming out of hyperspace. On the screen in front of them, he saw his prize. He didn't know what the locals called this place, but that wasn't really important.

He figured he might call it Kramia XI. Or Kramona V. Or Kramelius XII. Either way, it would be his before long. The Emperor picked up his lamp, and rubbed it.

Clouds of Green smoke poured out, forming his genie. "Need something, Master?" "We're here, Marcio. I wish to make my broadcast now." ------------------------------- Down on the planet below, people were working hard in Janosia's capital city to erect a statue of their beloved ruler, King Harson IV. When finished, the statue would depict a very naked (Aside from his crown) and very well-endowed Harson, with an equally well-endowed naked girl on each arm, worshipping him.

The statue would take up the central plaza of the capital city, where everyone could marvel at it. It was a bright and sunny day, until the people heard the crash of thunder, and the flash of lightning. Storm clouds gathered, and rain poured down. A giant figure then faded into existence in the sky, wearing glorious robes. "It is Mathulevius!" Someone shouted. "Judgement Day is at hand!" The crowds got on their hands and knees, bowing their heads to the figure they assumed was their God, waiting for Sorreliftia to appear and judge them.

"Hello there everyone!" Said the figure. "I am Emperor Kramus XII, ruler of the planet Earth, and her Empire. An Empire which, as of today, includes all of you. Now there's no need to worry. I think you'll find I'm a very fair and kind ruler.

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And I promise that those of you who submit to my power will be spared. But I also promise a slow and agonising retribution for those who dare to resist me. So why don't you all do the sensible thing and obey me and my soldiers?" There was another flash of lightning, and thousands of ships began to descend on the planet. Harson looked out from the palace, angry. "LEXIA!" He shouted. "Yes Master?" Lexia asked, rushing in. "Get rid of these sky demons! NOW!" "Yes Master!" Lexia thrust her hands into the sky, firing beams of energy at the descending ships.

No effect. She fired again, but still no effect. "Why is it not working!?" Harson shouted. "Master, it seems that these ships are being protected by another genie's magic," Lexia replied. "SOFIA!" Harson shouted. "I've told her not to interfere!" Harson started storming off, before Lexia stopped him. "Master, what about the invaders?" "Send the army! Send everyone! I want them to crush them!" Harson stormed to Sofia's bedchambers, where she found her on her knees, looking out the window and praying.

"Sofia, what the fuck have you done!?" Harson shouted at her. "What are you talking about?" She asked. "You brought these invaders here! You gave them immunity to my power!" "I have done no such thing!

I only wish to protect our people!" "Then why are they immune!?" ------------------------------- When the Imperial soldiers had landed, they'd expected to be greeted by hordes of cowering natives, with perhaps the occasional fanatic whom they could capture and take to the Emperor for torture. They had certainly not been expecting armies armed with all the latest in military weaponry.

Fighter jets, tanks, and all the rest of the things 42rd soldiers were expected to fight with. The problem was of course that all of the soldiers were immortal. Emperor Kramus had given his soldiers complete immunity from harm, and instant healing/revival even if they were to come to harm. The thing is though, that's what Lexia had given Janosia's soldiers. All across Farfalla, Harson's soldiers fought to defend the planet from these invaders. Towns and cities were protected by magical barriers, but out in the wilderness, and in the skies, an unending battle raged.

The people on the planet didn't know what was going on, assuming that the Gods were fighting amongst themselves. Sofia meanwhile spent her days praying for the Gods to protect them, and to bring this conflict to an end.

Because even with Nyssha and Lexia's power, they could not drive off the power of this being's genie. 4 days into the conflict, and Emperor Kramus was equally frustrated. He'd not been expecting resistance of this kind. How did this primitive world even have a genie on it? He'd been assured that they had only ever been born on Earth, and he was certain no-one could have brought one here.

He decided it was time to answer. Down on the planet, the people saw the image of the Emperor once again appear before them. "Hello again people," he said. "My my, you people are being very resistant to my attempts to take you over. Most planets are down on their knees worshipping me by now. But then, I suppose that's because they didn't have the help you have.

So I'd like to invite the genie and its Master to come and see me on my flagship. That's JUST the genie and its Master. I'll lower the barriers for you. Just teleport up." "Harson, are we going to go?" Sofia asked her brother. "What do you mean WE? He was inviting ME, not YOU," Harson replied.

"He invited the one with a genie. I make that to be both of us." "She has a point, Master," Lexia said.

"I didn't ask for your opinion, did I?" Harson said. "I am your King, and I forbid you to follow me." "Well unfortunately, you cannot control me, and I am going," Sofia said. "Nyssha, I wish to go to see this alien being." "Sure, it's not like I had plans today or anything," Nyssha said. She snapped her fingers, and they both vanished. "Lexia! I want to follow them! NOW!" "Yes Master." The next thing the four of them knew, they were stood in a lavish dining room.

The large table was covered in wonderful-looking food, and set for three. "Thank God, I'm starving," Nyssha exclaimed, before setting to work on the food. "Well, this is certainly a surprise." The 3 of them, with Nyssha joining in between bites, looked up and saw the Emperor, standing in his lavish robes, with a guy in plain green clothes next to him.

"I believe I said just the genie and its Master." "Master, these people are both…Lexia!" Marcio said, before recognising her. "Marcio!" Lexia smiled. "I've not seen you in years!" The two genies embraced, hugging each-other tightly. "Nope, not since that business in Argentina," Marcio said. He squeezed her ass, causing her to yelp and giggle. "What are you doing on this backwater planet?" "Oh you know, granting wishes, giving blowjobs, the usual." "Ahem," said the Emperor.

"I take it you two already know each-other then?" "Um, yes Master," Marcio said. "We've known each-other since the 20th century, when our Masters were associates." "I demand to know who you are, and I demand an apology for your invasion of my dominion," said Harson firmly. "Oh? And who are you to demand anything of me?" "I am Harson, King of Farfalla and Emperor of her dominions, fourth of that name," he said proudly.

"Really now? Well I am Kramus, Emperor of Earth and her dominions, twelfth of that name. And you shall get no apology from me." "Forgive him, your majesty," Sofia said, bowing her head.


"My brother has always had a right high opinion of himself." "Brother? Oh lovely, a princess," Marcio said, inching up to her. "I've not fucked a Princess in years." "Marcio, not now," Kramus said. "Prepare the table, we have more guests than expected." "Your wish is my command, Master," Marcio said, a tad disappointed. Marcio snapped his fingers, and the table grew longer, two more places being set at it.

Kramus sat down, with Marcio next to him, Nyssha on the other side. "Please, sit," he said. Sofia did so politely, while Harson sat down and put his feet up on Lexia's legs.

"And of course, feel free to eat." Sofia looked at the food hesitantly. "Please, unless you have been foolish enough to not wish for magical protection, nothing I could give you would harm you. So please, enjoy." Lexia and Sofia took some of the food politely, with Nyssha still stuffing her face, while Harson just continued glaring at Kramus. "Now then, I would be very interested in knowing how your two genies came to be on your planet," Kramus said.

"It is rather simple, your majesty," Sofia said.

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"Please, call me Kramus," the Emperor said, trying to seem friendly. "And what might your name be?" "Sofia," she smiled.

"As I was saying, it is rather simple. Many years ago, our grandfather, King Reylos, fell from the sky in a shooting star, and brought us many artifacts from the heavens.

Lexia and Nyssha were among them." "Interesting. Tell me, this grandfather of yours, was he wearing a red uniform with an emblem rather like this?" Kramus asked, the Imperial Postal Emblem appearing as a hologram in front of them.


"Yes!" Sofia smiled. "That is the holy emblem that was present on his star as well!" "I thought so. Of course, you must realise that this makes Lexia and Nyssha my property?" Kramus said. "Oh? And how have you come to that conclusion?" Harson asked. "Genies were all born on the Earth. As the Earth's Emperor, they therefore belong to me." "That's not true!" Nyssha said, her mouth full of food. "As every genie knows, we're the property of our Masters." "Oh I disagree," Kramus said.

"I own the Earth and her colonies. I own everyone and everything in them, I just allow people to borrow them." "Well I am certainly no subject of yours," Harson said. "Well that's the thing, isn't it? Because you see, I have rather claimed this planet as my own." "Typical human," Nyssha said. "Finding a group of people less advanced than yourselves and trying to steal their land.

Although Harson really shouldn't complain. He's the one in the middle of a land lust." "I am not!" "I'm not doing anything you're not doing," said Kramus. "The only difference is that this time, both sides have magical assistance. So we have a stalemate. I cannot defeat you, and you cannot defeat me." "Emperor Kramus, I am sure that we can resolve this conflict peacefully," Sofia said. "Well that's the thing, isn't it? Neither of us wants to.

Neither will rest until the other is dead. And that isn't going to happen for a long, long time." "So what do you propose?" "Perhaps we could work together? Perhaps, if you let me take over your planet, I would allow you to remain the local ruler? Subject to my control, of course." "I fail to see what I could have to gain," Harson said. "You'd be part of something much greater.

You'd suddenly have links to thousands of planets across 12 galaxies.

Imagine how that would feel." "You know what I enjoy the feeling of?" Harson said. "Ruling over half a planet, soon to be the entire thing, and cumming inside a thousand peasant girls a day." "I am in possession of a harem full of literally billions of the most beautiful girls from across my Empire, of every alien species man has ever desired. You could cum inside every single one of them, if you accept my offer." "Master, I advise you to accept," Lexia said.

"Unending war is not something which you would enjoy." "I agree with Lexia, Harson," Sofia said. "Please accept Emperor Kramus' kind offer." "You know what I think?" Harson said. "I think that you, Sofia, are merely my younger sister. And you, Lexia, are merely my slave. I am King of Farfalla, soon to be Emperor of the whole of Janosia. I refuse to bow to this man from the stars." "Then you are a fool," Kramus scowled.

"While you continue to resist me, your planet shall never no peace." "That's nice," Harson smiled. "I grow tired of this. Lexia, take me home. I wish to make love to you." Lexia snapped her fingers, and she and Harson vanished. "I am so sorry for my brother's arrogance," Sofia said. "Not at all. I can tell you are a sensible girl. You would have accepted my offer." "I desire only peace for my people." "Plus all that sex you wished for," Nyssha said. "You know, for a sheltered princess, that girl's seriously perverted when she wants to be." "Now that is something I'd like to see," Marcio grinned.

"Marcio, could you leave us please?" Kramus said. "I would like to spend some time alone with the Princess. If that is okay with you, Sofia?" "I should really be getting back," she said.

"My brother is already mad at me." "You are a Mistress, and as such, answer to no-one. You need not obey him." "I suppose you are right. Nyssha, could you leave Kramus and I please?" "But I'm still eating!" Nyssha said with her mouth full. "You may take as much with you as you desire," Kramus said. "Now please, obey your Mistress." Nyssha sighed, and disappeared into her lamp with the contents of the table, Marcio also disappearing into his own lamp. "Now then, I shall show you around my ship," Kramus said.

He offered his hand to Sofia, who stood up, and followed him. As they walked the corridors of the ship, Sofia looked around in amazement as she saw men, women, and creatures of unidentifiable gender, who all came from so many different species that Sofia did not recognise. And every single one of them bowed to Kramus as he walked. "Notice the respect they give me," Kramus said. "I demand it of all my subjects. I take it you receive similar treatment on your planet?" "Similar, yes." "The respect is natural.

With Marcio and Nyssha, the two of us are above all of them." "I would not quite have put it like that…" "No, I suspect you wouldn't." Kramus opened a door, which led into what appeared to be a small capsule.

The two of them walked inside. "What is this?" Sofia asked. "You'll see. Activate!" There was a blinding light, and a second later, Sofia could see that they were elsewhere. She looked around, and saw things she did not recognise, floating in the middle of a sea of shining lights.

"Like that you see?" Sofia turned around and saw Kramus, floating in the middle of nothing. "You are…without clothes…" Sofia said, her life-long prudishness returning to her.

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"As are you." Sofia looked down at herself, and gasped, and realised that she two was naked. "Don't worry, you are quite safe. We are inside an invisible bubble, providing us with heat and air." "Where are we?" "You mean you don't know?" Sofia shook her head. "Well those things over there are my fleet," Kramus explained, pointing to them. "And that place beyond it is your world." "My world?" "Yes.


That is Janosia." "But it is a sphere?" "Your world is rather primitive, isn't it?" "Certainly not. We live in large cities, and have all the latest amenities." "That's not what I meant…I take it this is your first time seeing your world like this?" Sofia nodded.

"And what do you think to it?" "It is beautiful. To think that the Gods decided to bless us with such beauty…" "Gods? Oh dear…" "Pardon?" "Oh, I meant…the beauty down there is nothing compared to the beauty up here." Kramus floated over to Sofia, and wrapped his arms around her, stroking her stomach lovingly.

"You are very sweet…" Sofia said, moaning quietly as he caressed her skin. "Such beauty deserves equal pleasure…" Kramus said seductively. He moved his hands down to Sofia's vagina, and stroked her lips, causing her moaning to intensify.

"Let me show you how we celebrate beauty on my planet…" Kramus bent Sofia over, and lifted and spread her legs apart, an easy task in zero gravity.

Kramus slid his cock into Sofia's pussy, causing the two of them to moan. He began thrusting, fucking the alien princess in the wheelbarrow position. "Oh yes…Oh my goodness…" Sofia moaned. It was an interesting experience, being fucked in zero gravity while she gazed on at her world. Kramus' penis felt strange, as well.

Somewhat…ribbed, for her pleasure, she assumed. It was certainly the most enjoyable penis she had had the pleasure of sampling during these past few weeks. Kramus' equipment and skill meant that Sofia didn't last long, and neither did he.

The two of them climaxed together, Sofia crying out to the Gods as Kramus filled her up with an almighty groan. Before they'd even finished cumming, Kramus grabbed Sofia by the ass, and flipped her over. She wrapped her legs around his hips, and she bobbed up and down on his cock, the two of them working themselves to another orgasm before their genitals had fully recovered from their first ones.

Kramus squeezed Sofia's ass hard, and made out with her passionately, as the two of them were driven to orgasm after orgasm. When they were finally done, Kramus held Sofia in his arms, the two of them kissing and cuddling one-another. As Kramus looked down at the princess in his arms, he almost regretted what he was about to do. Almost. "Goodbye, Sofia," he said. As soon as he did, Kramus disappeared. "Kramus?" Sofia asked, looking around for him. "Kramus!?" Meanwhile, Kramus had appeared, fully dressed, back in the teleport chamber.

"So sorry about this Sofia," Kramus said. "You were a sweet girl, but I have to send a message. Deactivate!" Back outside, Sofia felt the air around her dissipate, along with the warmth.

All of a sudden, she was floating naked in a vacuum. "Kramus!" She shouted desperately, but no sound was heard. "Kramus! Nyssha! Harson! Anyone, please help me!" Sofia felt the intense cold on her body, and her lungs begging for oxygen, and realised that this was the end for her.

------------------------------- Author's message: Sorry about the long wait again. University re-started this week so I've been very busy with that. The story is reaching its climax. The final chapter will be Chapter 8.

I know it's shorter than my previous stories, but I feel any longer would just stretch the plot unnecessarily, and it lets me go back to what I really want to write. As for what is going to happen, I'll let you speculate in the comments. Farewell for now!