Hung schneiden Hahn in Mann Nabe Fahrrad

Hung schneiden Hahn in Mann Nabe Fahrrad
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In these modern times of potential and actual terrorism, street crime in all of its forms to any other act deemed not in the public interest, the word is "surveillance". Everywhere there is CCTV, shops and shopping malls, all forms of public transport, town centres and even the street you live in.

Everyone is on the lookout for the Bogey Man, he is real and he is in your imagination. Big Brother is your new neighbour. Do all these cameras stop the crime on our streets? Do they eliminate the threat of terrorism? And do they stop me getting my cock out and having a wank in McDonalds while sitting near a sexy female and her friends while they munch on a Big Mac?

Er. no not really.


I can't speak for street criminals, the purse snatchers, drug dealers or even the terrorists. I don't know any, but I'd imagine they take a lot of what they do and keep it away from such obvious places where they can be recorded and it used in evidence against them.

The same is true for me, I may have my cock out in McDonalds and near to cumming while I'm looking at her long shapely legs but it's away from the nearest camera and there may be a coat over my lap as well.

Or there may not be, because there is also one other thing that lets me masturbate in public. It's that 99% of the public don't see what I'm doing and the other 1% that do, choose not to get involved, if it's not affecting them personally then they really don't care. Very occasionally there have been a few tuts and head shakes but so far they have been few and very far apart. I'm not saying that I'm not careful or I just get my cock out in the middle of the high street, no, what I am saying is that the long shapely legs I'm looking at in the McDonalds with my hard cock in hand, is in this case is covered over with my coat and it's not very obvious what I'm doing.

That's because she is with some friends and if one of them were to see me wanking then it be more likely that a scene would happen, a staff member would be told, then the police may be involved. But if she were alone, then it would be quite likely that my cock would be on show and if she were to see my cock then, nothing, she would go back to eating her burger and I would finally cum over the floor. Part of the thrill I get from doing this is that she may see and she may get embarrassed.

Plus if there were no one else around I may purposely show her to get the same reaction.

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I work to the situation at hand and decide the best way for me to have my wank at that moment by asking a few questions to myself. Are lots of people around going to help and hide what I'm doing or not? Whether I can wank openly in front of her or not.


Can I cum on her or not? And check for cameras and or staff members. I've been doing this for over 20 years now and know what's best to do within seconds of deciding that I'm going to have a public wank. The 2 following incidents that happened recently are completely different but will show what I mean. The Bus Journey It was a mid Sunday morning and I was off to visit my sister.

She lives about a 15 minute drive from me, but I was expecting to drink a lot of alcohol there so I left the car at home and went for the bus. Now the journey would take about 30 minutes once the bus arrived. It arrived a few minutes after I go to the bus stop. It was an old double decker bus and probably seen better days, but it does have proper padded seats.

Not like the newer buses that just have moulded plastic seats that after 5 minutes give you a numb ass. I got on the bus, paid for my ticket and went upstairs to the upper deck. It was empty and I sat towards the back of the bus. The bus had moved off hitting little or no traffic and only stopped once in 10 minutes to let someone on. That someone came to the upper deck and sat 2 seats behind me but on the opposite side of the bus. That someone was a lady in her 30's, quite short maybe 5'1 or 5'2 but she had the slim figure to match, short dark hair, brown eyes and her makeup was subtle yet suited her.she was wearing a dark blue jacket that stopped short of her ass, over a white top that showed off her small but pert tits to perfection.

Her legs were wrapped in black leggings her ass not showing any sign of panties underneath. Her feet were just in a simple pair of flat black pumps. My cock twitched in to action.

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Another good thing about this bus other than comfy seats is that it doesn't have any CCTV in it, just a mirror at the front of the bus so the driver can see if there's any trouble on the upper deck. If he were to look at this mirror now all he would see is 2 people just sitting in their seats and then he would have gone back to keeping his eyes on the road.

The pants I was wearing were a loose fitting pair of dark green cargo pants and I went commando as well, so when I unzipped my fly my cock sprang out of its cage with little effort as there wasn't anything holding it back. I gently got to work on it. I knew from where she was sitting, she wouldn't' be able to see my cock as I was too far over in it and right next to window.

But for the moment that was ok as I wanted to make my cock nice and hard with some pre cum at the tip of the head. So I carried on stroking nice and slow. I quickly glanced over my shoulder at her, she was just staring out of the window at the passing view.

My gaze dropped to her tits, the V of the top ended below her titsexposing her cleavage. Her bra working their magic and pushing her tits up. The view was 1st class and helped get my cock rock hard. My eyes were back to my cock and could see pre cum oozing from my piss slit, making the head shiny. I let go of my cock for a moment and shuffled along my seat and slightly twisted around to my right.

I knew I was at the right angle now for her to see my cock and I could see her now without twisting my head around any further. She was still looking out of the window. And got back to wanking, but now more vigorously and the wanking action more prominent and obvious. She was still looking out of the window. After a few more minutes, I purposely let out a little moan of satisfaction and I spotted her eyes move to me then down to my cock.

She held her gaze at my cock for just a second and then back to the window. The colour of her cheeks were a little redder than before and I saw her unease as she slightly shifted in her seat. The bus has stopped at a bus stop I heard the hiss of the doors opening and just heard the voices of 2 women talking, but they didn't come upstairs.

The doors closed and the bus moved off. I was close to cumming and my stop wasn't too far away either.

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I shifted slightly again in my seat and I saw her look over again at my cock. My hand very quickly pumping at my cock, the pre cum making my whole cock glisten. And shiny I looked over at her and smiled and she quickly averted her eyes. I was about to cum. I stood up facing her and a final few strokes of my cock then shot out a large amount of cum that hit the floor.

I hadn't quite finished yet and continued to pump my cock. She looked at my cock again, her cheeks quite red with embarrassment and discomfort and I was looking at her tits, and I cum another 2 times, again the cum hitting the floor. I saw a little string of cum hanging from my cock head, so I scooped it up with a finger and licked it off while I looked back in to her eyes and smiled at her while I put my cock back behind the zipper then turned around and went downstairs.

I told the driver to stop at the next stop, he did and I got off finishing the journey to my sisters with a 10 minute walk. At a bar. It was gone 11pm in one of my favourite watering holes in town. The loud music was pumping, the talking became shouting so what was said could be heard. The booze was freely flowing down the necks of its patrons and everyone was drunk. It was 6 deep at the long bar, all wanting more booze.

I was in the middle of this, pressed up against a girl wearing little and showing a lot. Her ass pressed into my crotch, how she didn't feel my hard cock that was already exposed pressed in between her ass cheeks I don't know, but she was very drunk which probably explained it.

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She was drunkenly shouting at her friend and she was shouting back a drinks order. Nobody paid me any attention. I held my hard cock and started to rub it over her ass cheeks that were barely hidden underneath a micro skirt, leaving a slimy trail of pre cum and it looked like a snail had slithered over her ass.

I let it go and my cock stood to attention and I ground in to her ass again then pushing my cock down and got it between her legs. I thrust my hips slightly towards her, my cock rubbing between her ass cheeks down to her cunt my cock head feeling the material of her g string she was wearing.

She didn't notice a thing.

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My cock was throbbing, wanting release. I still was gently thrusting my hips then I was pushed from behind on to her so my cock rubbed its whole length between and under her ass cheeks.

It was too much for my cock to bear and I could feel it ready to explode with cum, I just managed to pull my cock back from its new home out from underneath the micro skirt and shot 4 loads of hot sticky cum all over her skirt covered ass. Some cum was dripping off the hem, It looked good.

It would have taken a thousand snails to get her skirt that slimy. I somehow managed to turn towards the bar and put my cock away for the time being and the girl with my cum on her ass also turned towards the bar. Now pressed up against her ass was another girl also wearing a tiny skirt, my cum was now on an ass and the other girls cunt. This was a good night out.