All gay porn movie Fuck that intern from Tech

All gay porn movie Fuck that intern from Tech
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It isn't a bad thing to be the youngest of five children, especially when you are the only boy in the family. Let me explain. My name is Earnest Winston Mallone. I am the product of a loving couple who are still married to this day. When my Mom and Dad started out, like most couples, they wanted a son, a daughter, a nice house and the proverbial white picket fence.

There first born was a girl, April. April was a perfect baby. She was in tumbling, ballet and eventually grew up into a beautiful woman. Two years later, Mom became pregnant again. Mom and Dad hoped that this child would be the boy to carry on the family name, unfortunately it was another girl, Beth.

Then there was Charolette. In one last ditch effort, Mom and Dad tried again. Mom and Dad were ecstatic to find out early in the pregnancy that they were going to have twins. They were equally ecstatic after the ultrasound to find out that one of the twins, was a boy. My sister Dedra was born two minutes before me, officially making me the baby of the family.

We were a close family. My parents were hard working and they distilled their work ethics into us all. By the time I was twelve, I was working with my uncle on his farm, making a hardy living, for a twelve-year-old.

When I turned sixteen, I entered the workforce and work as a Stocker at a local supermarket. My sisters all grew up to be beautiful young ladies.

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All four were very popular. They were all good students in school and worked part-time jobs when their schedules allowed them to.

When Dedra and I entered High School, April had already graduated and was taking classes at the community college. Beth was a Senior and Charlotte was a junior. Unlike my sisters, I was not popular. I was simply known as the Mallone Sister's brother. I was the only one of the 5 that wore glasses, and even though I worked on the farm and at the store, I was nothing but skin and bones.

I stood almost six feet but weighed barely 100 pounds. I was also at the top of my class, I was on the debate team and a multiple winner of the County's Science Fair. I was pretty pathetic.

Not only did I think it, but many others did as well. I was the butt of many jokes, mainly because I was a frail nerd, but also because the guys knew my sisters would come to my rescue. The guys would stuff me into a trash can and sit back and watch my sisters help me out of it, while hoping they would get a flash of cleavage or a panty shot from under the short skirts they wore. Things took a turn for the better around mid-term. Everyone was fretting over the up coming exams, everyone but me of course.

At supper one night, Beth made a comment that one of her best friends was really worried about her chemistry exam. The girl was set to graduate at the end of the semester but if she failed she would have to retake it, making her go the full year. Mom asked Beth if she had thought about having me help her friend. Beth looked at me and smiled. "Ernie, would you? You have helped me; would you mind helping Alyssa?" I sat and chewed on my food like I was considering the proposition, but I already knew the answer.

Alyssa was one of the prettiest girls in the school. She had long black hair that flowed down her back to her bubbly butt. Her breasts were like two ripe cantaloupes attached to her chest.

She had dark skin, that made me think she was of hispanic descent, but I never asked. I swallowed my food and answered with a simple, "Sure." To make a long story short, I met Alyssa at the library every day during lunch, and on the night before the test, she was to spend the night with Beth so we could cram.

That day after school, Beth and Alyssa had sat at the dining room table while I helped them review the material. After supper, it was shower time. As you can imagine in a house of seven, the bathrooms stay busy.

I finished my shower and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. As I was walking back to my room, Alyssa called me and I stopped at the room that Beth shared with April. April was working late so Alyssa was laying on April's bed, while Beth was on hers.

Alyssa asked me to explain a couple things one last time. I sat on the foot of the bed and began to explain. While explaining, I could not help to notice Alyssa's dark eyes staring into mine. Her breasts were stretching the white tank top she was wore. She was laying on her stomach, and the short shorts she was wearing hugged her butt as if she had been melted and poured into them.

As I was talking my mind was on her and how hot she looked. I quickly finished and stood up. I realized quickly my predicament. I readjusted things and hoped it had not been seen.

As I walked out of the room, Alyssa told me that if she passed she was going to give me a big kiss. I smiled and hurried to my room. The next day went on as normal. When I got to school, two jocks gave me a wedgie. At lunch two more tried to flush my head down the toilet, and when school let out, another ran his truck into a water puddle I was standing beside and soaked my clothes.

When I got home I showered and headed to work. I was on break when one of the cashiers called over the intercom that I had a visitor. I put my ipad back into my locker and headed to the front of the store. I was surprised to see Alyssa standing patiently waiting.

I walked to her, she smiled, and I almost melted. "Ernie, I made an A!" She said excitedly. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight. "Thank you, Ernie, I could not have done it without you." She kissed my cheek, and I could my face warm up as I blushed.

"You are so cute. What time do you get off?" "I-I get off at nine." I stuttered. "I want to take you for a burger to show you how much I appreciate your help and I will not take no for an answer." I nodded and smiled. She hugged me again and left. I went back to work and felt as if I was floating on the clouds. Nothing anyone did or said could wipe the smile off my face. The clock seemed to stand still, but finally closing time came.

I almost ran to the back to clock out, and did run down the aisle and out of the door. Alyssa did not disappoint me. Her car sat next to mine. I approached and she got out, with a smile. She handed me the keys to her car and trotted around to the passenger seat. Apparently, she was more comfortable in her Camaro than my Fiesta. We went to a local burger joint where all the high school kids hung out.

I was surprised when Alyssa had suggested the place. I was amazed that she wanted to be seen in public with me. I parked the car and we went inside. As expected, time we walked in, the jocks flocked to us like flies on manure. Some flirted with Alyssa and the rest pestered me.


A couple guys started picking at me and Alyssa came to my rescue. After some jokes about girls always rescuing me, they eventually left us alone. We ate and talked. For the first time, Alyssa acted like she was interested in me. She laughed at my jokes, and even touched my hand a couple times. When we were done, we left. "It is only 10:00, I don't have any plans, so do you want to ride out to the lake?" Alyssa asked as we got into her car. I had anticipated her dropping me back off at the store, so I had sat in the passenger's seat.

I nodded, and she shifted the car into drive and we headed out of town. The whole way there she talked about her plans to go to college and that once she left this town, she hoped to never return.

The lake was actually just a big pond that collects the city's storm water. In the daylight, it is not much to look at, but at night it gives has romantic glow. It also serves as a place where kids go to park.

A many young maiden had lost their virtue on the banks of that lake. I felt weird as Alyssa pulled up to the water and stopped. She opened her door and got out of the car, so I followed suit. She walked to the back of the car and opened the back hatch and pulled out a blanket.

She walked back to the front of the car and spread the blanket on the ground. Then sat down. Again, I followed her lead and sat beside her. We talked some more about our future, then she shocked me. "Ernie, you don't know how much I appreciate you helping me." "It was my pleasure. I am not good at many things, but science is one of my strong points." She slipped closer and laid her hand on my thigh.

"Yes, it is one of your strong points." Then she kissed me. This time it was not a kiss on the cheek, but on the lips. Not only was it a kiss, but she stuck her tongue into my mouth so far, I almost choked. Her hand moved up from my thigh to my crotch and she squeezed it. The kiss was enough to make the blood in my body to rush south, but when she grabbed me, I almost fainted.

No other person had touched me there, since I was potty trained. She was grabbing and feeling everything, I had. Finally, she broke our kiss. I sat in a daze. My whole body tingled. Alyssa moved in front of me and lifted her shirt. The sight of her bare breasts revived me.

Her breasts were firm and plump. Her dark brown areolas were the size of half dollar and surrounded her hard nipples. She took my hands and placed each on one of her breast. I had worked on the farm, I had milked cows, but no udder I had ever felt, felt like these. While I examined her gorgeous melons, she began unbuckling my belt, and unbuttoning my pants. I jumped as her fingers took my zipper.

In my sitting position and the current state of my penis, the zipper would not budge. She removed my hands from her breasts and instructed me to stand. I obeyed. Once I was on my feet, she unzipped my pants and they fell to the ground. Alyssa gasped when she seen the tent in my boxers. "Oh my God, Ernie, it's huge!" I smiled. I knew it was big. The average male penis is between 5.1 and 5.6 inches when erect. I was well above average at eight and three-quarter inches long. Alyssa slowly stretched the waistband of my boxers over my engorged member, like she was handling something fragile.

Then she just stared at it. I am sure if anyone had seen us, they would have thought we were crazy. A scrawny guy standing with his penis at attention, in front of a busty girl on her knees. I chuckled at the thought. The night air was getting cooler, and I started getting a chill. Alyssa's nipples looked even harder than before, as well. Alyssa finally made a move.

She brought both of her hands up and wrapped her fingers around my shaft.

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Her eyes had yet moved from my crotch. She slowly stroked me. The feeling was indescribable. I had masturbated, a lot, but to have her soft hands around my penis felt so much better than my own. As she stroked I noticed her breasts began to sway with her movement. That had to be the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

Her stroking began to quicken. She took one hand and cupped my swinging testicles. That was all it took. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't hold back the flood gates. I groaned as the first glob of semen escaped my penis and splattered between her breasts. She laughed a satisfactory laugh as she continued to stroke me.

Another glob shot out. It was not as powerful as the first, but it landed on her toned, tanned stomach. She continued to stroke. I lost velocity with the third and fourth globs. They both hit the blanket we were on, just short of hitting her. Alyssa looked up at me with a smile of accomplishment. My penis began to soften in her hands. She lowered her head and kissed it on the head, then watched as it began to harden again.

"I was going to let you fuck me, but I don't know if that thing will fit inside me," Alyssa said with a tone of disappointment in her voice. "Technically, " I began, "the average vagina is…" then she stopped me. "You are too smart for your own good, Ernie." Alyssa laid back on the blanket and unbuttoned her jeans. Her hips rose up and she pushed them down her hips and legs. I knelt down to help. I took her jeans at her knees and pulled them past her feet.

Then I looked up at her. I felt my penis enter into arousal mode as she peeled her panties off her wet vulva. She pulled her right leg out of her panties and let them hang off her left leg. I had never seen such a beautiful creature. Her labia was completely bare. Her labia majora were puffy and glistened from her natural juices.

Her clitoris was about the size of a lima bean as it peeked out from its hood. I had seen the female reproductive system in books, but never in real life. It was amazing. I had to have a closer look. I laid on my stomach between her toned legs.

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She opened them wider to give me a good view. I moved closer. My face inches from her vulva. I used my fingers to open her labia majora. I moved closer. The aroma coming from her was intoxicating.

Alyssa moaned as my fingers rubbed down her vulva to her vaginal opening. I felt her raise up and her hand landed on my head. She pulled my face towards her. Before I knew it my mouth was on her vulva.

She tasted, weird but good. It was a tangy, almost salty taste, but I liked it. From the movement of her hips and the moans escaping her lips, she liked me there too. I may be a nerd, but I knew about cunnilingus. I had watch guys perform it on the porn movies I had watched. I flicked my tongue several times against her vaginal opening and labia minora and made my way up to her clitoris.

I brought my hand up and slipped two fingers into her vagina. It was so warm and wet. I felt the sudden urge to suck on her clitoris. I had seen guys do it in the movies, so I parted my lips and sucked in between my lips. This action caused a reaction. Alyssa began to buck her hip, her legs tightened around my head and her hands pressed against my head.

My eyes widened. As she began to swear and call for God. Her hips continued to buck, then her breathing stopped. Her body began to convulse. My fingers continued to work back and forth in her vagina as I sucked on her clitoris.

I was about to check to see if she was still conscious, when she let out a scream that would have awakened the dead. Her vaginal secretion suddenly thickened and the flow increased tremendously.

The taste improved as well. She continued to moan and squirm, and I continued to work my fingers and tongue on her female parts. Eventually her legs released the death grip they had on me and she fell back onto her back. She pushed me away from her vulva, and claimed it was extra sensitive.

I rose to my knees. "Wow, if I am not wet enough now, I will never be. Put that monster in me." I positioned myself between her legs and pushed my penis in alignment with her vaginal opening. I held it until I felt the tip enter her. I knew if I forced myself in her, it would cause her pain, and I didn't want that, so I kept my hand there as a bushing.

I felt her vagina open as I pushed into her. She was tight but her natural lubrication was making it easy for me to penetrate. I pushed about four inches and stopped.

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I looked at her. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face. I pushed a couple more inches in and the smile turned into a grimace. I braced myself above her on my arms and pulled back. Then I pushed back in stopping at six inches. I continued to push in and pull out. Her vagina felt like a silky, wet glove around my penis. It was then I remembered that I was unprotected.

I thought about pulling out, but the sensation was too good. "Oh, Ernie I feel so full." She exclaimed as I set a moderate pace with my trusting. The process of reproduction flowed through my head as we continued to have intercourse. I knew, if Alyssa was ovulating, her chances of pregnancy were great.

However, I didn't think it was appropriate to ask. As her vagina stretched, I eventually pushed my entire length into her. When our pelvises met, it pushed her into another orgasm. She repeated the same actions as before. Her body trembled, her legs tightened and her breathing stopped until it hit.

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Then she bounced around under me until it subsided. Her vaginal juices again increased which made penetration easier, so I began to thrust harder and faster. The sounds of our bodies slapping together drowned out the croaking of the frogs around the water. As my thrusting increased I also felt a familiar feeling building in my prostate. I knew the time was near for me to retreat from my silky confines.


I began to retreat, but was met with Alyssa's feet on my back side. She didn't want my penis out of her. "I need to pull out, Alyssa and I need to pull out now!" She only shook her head. As hard as I tried to push back against her legs, the more I tried, the more I failed. After one last attempt, I reached the point of no return. My testicles constricted, I felt my penis swell inside of her. Then my seed was released into her.

All I could think about was my little Ernie's meeting up with her eggs.

This couldn't be happening. My penis continued to empty my seed into her and all I could do was brace myself on my arms and let it happen.

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I collapsed on top of her once my orgasm had subsided. I felt my penis slip out of her and I rolled off onto my back. I looked at the sky. The stars were so pretty. Then a smiling, pretty face obstructed my view. She kissed me hard on the lips. "Wow, Ernie. That was the best fuck I have ever had. You my friend are a stud." All I could do was lay there and smile. My whole body was numb.

I watched as she slipped her panties back on. Then she stood up and grabbed her jeans and shirt and headed behind the car. In a few minutes, she returned fully dressed.


"If you don't put your clothes back on the mosquitoes are going to make your cock swell," she joked. I slipped my boxers back on and then my jeans. I stood up and saw the wet spot on the blanket. I stepped behind the car and relieved my bladder while she folded the blanket.

I was zipping up when she put it back into the car. The way back to town was similar to the trip to the lake. I could not understand how she could act like nothing had happened. She dropped me off at my car and I went home. When I arrived at school the next day, things were different. All the preppy girls were telling me hi, and smiling strangely. The guys that normally harassed me, just frowned when I walked by. I entered the front hall and Alyssa almost knocked me down with a big kiss and hug.

"How is by stud this morning? You don't know how bad I want you inside me again." To say I was shocked was an understatement. Not only had she publically kissed me, but she had announced that we had had sex. I wasn't sure if it was a dream or a nightmare.