Mature Cougar Fucks For Flowers

Mature Cougar Fucks For Flowers
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On a Sunday night, I stripped down to my bare and naked natural body. I took one last glance at my clock, it was one in the morning. We could go that night because school had closed for a week term break and we would not need to go to school for the whole week. Time to go down to meet Rose, my sister. I opened my door quietly and crept out. I closed it quietly again. As I tipped toed to the stairs, the cold, icy breeze erected my nipples. At the backdoor, Rose was already there, like me had already left her clothes in her room.

"Hey, Florence. I am kind of bored of staying in the backyard, it is simply not thrilling anymore. How about we play in the front yard where there might be a chance of people catching a glimpse of our naked bodies?" "Sounds like a great idea to me. Let's go." Once we left the backdoor, we ran around like wild women. It felt so great to be free and open. We walked down the lawn to the front yard. In the front yard, we had a small walkway connecting our front door to the streets and 5 feet fence surrounding our front yard so it gave us a bit of security but I always thought how much can it help.

My mother had planted shrubs around the front yard to make it more lively. It also gave us a place to hide if anything goes wrong. In the front yard it was slightly different from the back. It was more open and brighter as the street light could shine into our house.

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The excitement was coming back to me and I could see from Rose's erected nipples, she was excited too! We started of with a 69 session on the grass as none of us could wait to jerk each other off. I laid onto of her this time and fingered her and licked her saccharine cunt.

While I did that, Rose sucked and kissed my pussy and she also groped one of my breast and started teasing the nipple. The frosty cold air blew pass our nipples and that brought us to our climax. We orgasmed into each other's face and some of the fluid dripped onto my breast.

We got up and sat on the grass, looking and admiring each other's bodies for a while. I got up first and started to wonder around the lawn when suddenly I felt a hot spray of liquid hit my back. Rose had lifted her hips up and was pissing at me.

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"Oh you!" I cry out. I turned around and pissed back at her. Warm sticky piss was on each other's bodies. After the piss fight had ended, we laughed and giggled. I wiped some of the piss from my body using my hand and rubbed it on Rose's body. She retaliated at me and both of us started to play with each other's piss. Soon our bodies were covered with a layer of gleaming and shining liquid. "What should we do now Rose?" "Well, we can go for a stroll down our street together?" "Are you mad Rose?

We will sure be caught and mum and dad will know about it.


We will be so screwed!" "Oh come on Florence. It will be fun!" Rose gave a slight pat on my bottom "Let's go" At the gate, we looked out. There was nobody in sight. Rose unlocked the gate and took a step out and looked around again. I followed Rose out of our house. The excitement was building inside of me again, I could feel my pussy wetting itself.

Rose closed the gate behind us. Just then a car sped down the street. Both of us instantly crouched down. My heart was beating faster than it had ever beat before.

Once we saw the car had passed, we looked at each other in the eye and laughed. "Oh my goodness, we almost got caught! Do you think he saw us?" I said. "I don't know, but I don't want to stay here and find out.

Let's begin our walk!" Both of us got up and got a good look around to make sure nobody and no cars were there. We decided to walk east of our house.

We passed by 3 to 4 houses and some of them were still lit with people in.


We stop by one and inside sat a guy around his 30s with his eyes glued to the television. To spice things up, we stood outside his lawn and waved with our arms up high to attract his attention. Rose pushed up her breast over the lawn fence and shook it back and forth. We stood there for about a minute or so and the guy didn't even stir. We deduced that he either was sleeping or he is bloody interested with his show. Well, it was our first time attempting to flash our bodies in public. It was really hot and I started to get a little horny.

Both of us stopped at a parked car and squatted in the shadows of the car and we started to jerk ourselves off. The thought of masturbating nude in the streets being completely vulnerable turned me on and I climaxed. My juices squirted from my pussy onto the cement pathway. I leaned back onto the car and relaxed while Rose jerked off. What a quiet night, not many cars or people passed by our area. After Rose jerked off, we took a stroll back home.

Hand in hand, the nudist sisters walked down the streets. Instead of taking the usual path back, we chose to take the back alley, maybe it might be more interesting there. It was quiet a long detour, way longer than we had expected it to be. To our disappointment there were no exciting events that occurred.

When approaching the last turn that led to our house, we saw a silhouette coming our way! Oh no, the person is so going to see us.

We had to climb over our neighbor's fence to avoid getting caught. Quickly, we lifted ourselves over the fence and we crouched behind the fence. We waited for the man to walk pass us but he lingered around the alley looking for something. In our neighbor's backyard, there was a small pool in the centre and it was surrounded with grass and a few potted plants.

Slowly, we crept along the back fence to the side fence that separated our house and our neighbor's. Once we had reached the corner, we felt the fence shaking. We turned back and saw an old man covered with rags climbing over the fence we had just climbed. He was breaking in. Fortunately, the moon wasn't bright and the whole lawn was dark. If we didn't make a sound, we would not get caught. The tramp slowly took off his clothes and stripped himself to his undergarments and slowly submerged himself into the pool in the backyard.

Rose and I squashed each other behind a small potted plant at the corner of the lawn.

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Our bodies were cramped side to side. Rose whispered,"Florence, we will wait here till that hobo leaves the lawn, if not he will spot us." We huddled together and waited for the tramp to get out.

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He was just laying in the pool resting. In a small corner, it started to get a bit hot. Our whole body started to sweat a lot. Soon, we were covered with a layer of sticky sweat. My bottom started to get really uncomfortable sitting on the grass patch and so did Rose. The sky was getting brighter. Oh no it is going to be morning soon, I thought. It seem like there was no way of escape.

We either get caught by the tramp now or later in the morning by the neighbors.

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Meanwhile, Our sweaty and sticky bodies rub against each other. The feeling of another girl's body in contact with me really turned me on. We completely forgot what was happening and started to grope at each other's bodies. With our bodies all over the other, it felt so erotic especially when we were in our neighbor's lawn.

I started to climb over Rose's body and I kiss her on her lips. Two of us gave each other a passionate kiss with our tongues interlocking together. Our breast were rubbing against each other and our hips grinding together. Our intimate moment stopped when we heard "HEY!

You bloody old tramp! Get the hell out of my pool!" We looked in the direction of the voice and saw Mr leenock, our neighbor rushing out of his house straight at the tramp who was grabbing all his clothes and trying to get out of the pool. "Florence, this is our chance to get out. While Mr leenock is furiously chasing that tramp away, we will climb over this fence and we will be back in our house." Once Mr leenock started to drag the tramp out the front of his house, we climbed over the fence and back into our house.

We almost got caught. Once we were in our backyard, we realized we were kind of dirty and smelt quiet bad. We went to unwind the water hose we had in the backyard and start to spray each other with it. Rose got hold of the hose first and turned the pressure to the highest and aim at my nipples and aroused my nipples. I used my hands to shield my nipples while I tried to grab the hose from Rose. We played with the hose until our bodies were sparkling clean and the whole lawn was completely wet as if it had just rained.

Not wanting to wet the house, we ran around the lawn chasing each other to dry our bodies and our hair. Now the sun was in the horizon and the sky had a slight tinge of pink and was very much brighter. We retreated back into our house. Rose and I had one final kiss and we went back into our rooms. I was still very arouse when I recalled what we just did so I made myself cum before I went to sleep. Next morning, I woke up at around 11am still completely nude from last night.

"Ah." what a refreshing night and sleep I had. I wore my nightgown without my bra or panties underneath. I freshen up at the toilet and went down to the dining room. My mother was not at work and Rose was having her brunch. I greeted my mother and gave her a kiss on her cheek. Rose and I exchanged winks, reminding each other of the adventure last night. While my mother brought out my brunch, she said,"Florence, your eldest sis, Ellen is coming back later since the term break has arrived.


Your dad is busy at work and Josh as canoeing practice today. So I have taken the day off from work and the 3 of us will be going to pick her up from the airport after lunch, so remember to be available for the rest of the day." "Alright mum!

I can't wait to see her again," I lied to my mother. In my mind I thought, damn that bitch is coming back.