Bondage guy gets handjob with cumshot and fucking in the ass

Bondage guy gets handjob with cumshot and fucking in the ass
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I remember this SO clearly ! I started learning about sex at a very young age. I had a couple of friends that were older and very promiscuous. They taught me a lot and I enjoyed every minuet of it. In those days I really liked jacking off with other friends.

One buddy of mine took forever to cum. He had a monster cock and I loved to watch him beat off. At times, it seemed like it would take him hour or longer to spew his load.

Of course I would lend him a helping hand. What a good friend I am ! Little did I know then how much it turns me on NOW when thinking back on those good old days.

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I will never forget what happened one day at a new friends home. Chris was my age 13.

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I was helping him work on a go-cart he was building. It was a hot summer day and we were in just our bathing suits in his garage. Feeling horny, I asked him if he likes to beat off.

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He said "what" ?? You know …… "do you like playing with yourself ? This guy did not know what the fuck I was taking about ?


So I proceeded to tell him what me and my other friends do. He really looked perplexed, and asked me several questions. I could tell he wanted to know moreso I told him all kinks of cool things I did with my friends.

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"Chris" I said, "let me show you what I am talking about" I told him lets go behind the boat incase someone walks in. We did just that. Standing there I pulled his shorts down and what I saw next was unforgettable.

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I am not exaggerating ! There sprang out of his shorts a 10 inch pink cock. I could not believe the size of it. I instantly starting jacking it. I remember saying " wowit's huge" I felt like I was jacking off a fucking horse ! I asked him " you've never did this before ?" he said "no" I don't know if I believed him or not. What I did know for sure was he liked what I was doing to him.

I popped Chris's baloney there in that garage that afternoon and I never got to see him again as the dumb fuck told him Mother what we did. She would not allow him to see me again&hellip. Bummer ! So masturbation has been and still is a big part of my sexual life. I am married to a wonderfulgreat looking girl and both of us love to Jack and Jill. In fact we have vaginal sex rarelybut oral and hand DAILY. I love watching my wife masturbate and she REALLY gets off watching me.

SoI am sure you all get the picture clearly.


I DIG MASTURBATION. Now, to the subject of this story. I always wanted to see a young girl masturbate and have an orgasms. It's been a major fantasy of my since I was 10 years old. Now that I am 32 and have no kidsI thought I would never see this fantasy become a reality …&hellip.

Some young girl that does not know they are being watched, no video'scamera'sor people watching (that she knows of ) You get the scene ? Wellmy fantasy came true last summer. My hobby shop is very close to my neighbors back yard. Their pool is only a few feet from my shops window. Just a four foot fence separating us. One day when I was on my ladder getting a can of paint off the shelf I noticed out the window young Heather in the pool. I have seen her and her sister many times in the pool area and I just hesitantly turn away.

But this day was different ! Heather is so cute. She stands tall for her age, she has long blond hair and has a great personality. She is always smiling. Now I know why. That day I just noticed she was alone in the pool and she keep looking around as to see if anyone was watching her. I thought that was odd.


As I stood on the ladder I also noticed Heather kept looking downlike at her crotch. Her hand was moving quickly and I said to myself&hellip.No she's not&hellip.Noshe's just doing ???…&hellip.she must be playing with some toy or something. She's not playing with her pussyI kept telling myself. Then the young little bitch pulled her bottoms half way down to her knees.

She just sat there on the steps staring at her pussy and rubbing the hell out of it. I saidthis is too good to be true. I been waiting for this day too long. She would rub for a few seconds then look around to make sure nobody entered the pool area and back yard.

Then all inhibitions must have left Heather. ! She pulled her bottoms off completely and put them on the side of the pool, Then all inhibitions left me as well and I pulled my paints off as fast I could and said to myself… This is going to be fun ! You GO HEATHER! Standing on the ladder with cock in handI watched this young thing get very aggressive with her pussy. She kept a fast and steady motion all the while staring at her young mound.

She would glance up to see if the coast is clear and then back down to the action spot. My cock now is hard as steel. Almost too hard as it losses feeling when it's that stiff.

I kept a steady jacking motion on my stiff shaft. Never taking my eyes off her. I got off the ladder and found a set of binoculars and got back on the ladder started round two with my cock. Now, Heather was in a totally out-of-control state of pleasure. She then reached over and grabbed some kind of pool cleaning device.

It had a round base and a funny shaped " tube" sticking out about 6 inches. I thought maybe she was finished masturbating and now she was going to clean the pool or something like that.

WRONG ! I could see her put this object under her like she was going to sit on it.

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She fucking went crazy with that thing. She keep making these wonderful faces as she kept working that pussy hard. I thought "dam Heather you obvious used that thing before"she knew exactly what she was doing., all from experience. The horny little thing was turning my cock on so much.

I could not hold back any longer&hellip. I blew a load all over the place and my knees went weak. I looked down at my cock and I don't ever remember seeing it that big before. I was in a total state of pleasure. Then she moved into the center of the pool, again I thought &hellip. she must be finished masturbating…… NOT !

With that pool devise she put both hands under her holding the round base at the same time and she then rocked back and forth. Back and forth she keep rocking.

I don't think she was inserting it in her pussy as it was to big for her. She was violently rubbing it against her clit and pussy lips. My cock was rock hard again. The harder she rocked the harder I beat my cock. It seamed like she was in an out of control state-of-mind.

So I did the same to myself. I was beating my cock so hard that it hurt (so good.) She rocked and rocked all the time making these wonderful faces. I could see her crunching her teeth and her lower lip protruding out. Her head splashing the water like a macho shark being caught. FUCK ! THIS IS WILD, I said out loud !!!!!! Then came her orgasm. It looked like she was being electrocuted. I have never seen such a more beautiful sight. Her ecstasy of pleasure was plastered all over that young girls face.

Then came the out-cry of pleasure. UHHHH AAHHHAAA AGAIN AND AGAIN& was loud an with a deep tone to her voice. Then I watched her go back to the edge of the pool to slip on her bottoms. She sat at the steps for about 5 minuets in total bliss.

I had a long and hard orgasm for the second time as I stared at her post climaxed face. I was so exhausted but I could not stop stroking my rod.! I keep saying to myself…THAT WAS SO FUCKING HOT !! As I looked at all the cum that was EVERWHERE on my handlegs, the ladder, the floor and thought …only if I could have filmed thatbut it's defiantly plastered in my memory bank FOREVER.