Dünen de maspalomas grande canarie espagne 11

Dünen de maspalomas  grande canarie espagne 11
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Usually I came home around six in the evening but on that Friday I got off work at around two.

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It was a slow day and I thought it would be a good idea to prepare something for Paul instead of the usually fast food so I left the officer early. When I pulled into the driveway I saw his bike in the grass.


Over and over I'd told him not to leave it in the grass or someone would steal it but for some reason he didn't believe his mother. I took it into the garage. In the kitchen I was about to call to him but then figured maybe he was just in from school and sleeping. I put my bag and purse down and looking into the refrigerator scowled and then sighed.


Nothing was in the bottom that could be prepared quickly and everything else needed to be thawed, fast food for another Friday. Up the stairs and past his room a sound caught my ear. My own mother always said she had ears like a cat and after becoming a mother I started to think she was right.

Either Paul was working out or he was having trouble breathing. His door was ajar.

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I peeked in through the slit. His lamp was on and the curtains drawn.

He was on his bed naked. His head was back against the head board. His legs were spread.


One hand was on his shaft moving up and down slowly and the other cupped his balls. I saw him licking his lips as he moaned. My first instinct was to push the door open and stop him.

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Curiosity got the better of me though and instead was intrigued. For fourteen year old his shaft was long and thicker than I'd expected but then again he was a growing boy, already five nine and taller than I. Gradually the rhythm of his hand increased.

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I felt a tingling in my pants. It sent my hand between my legs to satisfy but between the fabric I couldn't reach it yet in spite of myself and what I was watching I slide my hand down my pants and touched my mound.

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No panty to hamper me my hand was soon further down and moving up and down my slit occasionally rubbing against my hardening clit.

Watching Paul, aroused by the sounds he made and the sight of him jerking off I started to feel pressure building within me yearning to be released. My own rhythm quickened to match his hand as it slid along his shaft.

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Juices from my pussy heightened my sensation as I pressed harder against myself my other hand gripping the wall as I leaned forward. Paul's back arched slightly and a small fountain of white erupted from the tip of his head oozing over his hand and onto the sheet just as I felt a deep contraction in my pussy and a sudden release of pressure and pleasure. The door creaked opening slowly but yet fast enough where I couldn't stop it. Paul opened his eyes and stared his hand still on his shaft cum dripping over his hand.

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I stared my hand in my pants my juices on my fingers. A flash of embarrassment swept over me and I'm sure from his reddening face the same thing swept over him. Neither of us said a word.

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I, sliding my hands from inside my pants the moistness rubbing on my stomach said, "We're ordering out tonight." Turning on my heel I retreated to my room. As I closed the door though and stripped myself down for a shower I knew that our awkward encounter would not be the last and maybe not the last for even that evening.