Indian Whore And A White Customer Fucking

Indian Whore And A White Customer Fucking
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Jane woke up friday morning, full of the joys of spring, still glowing from the mind blowing sex the previous night. Her ass and pussy aching, but in a nice contented way, not like before. Her breasts and nipples hardly sore at all. As Jane showered, replaying the events of last night again, she could not believe the risks Steve took when it came to how and where he would have sex with her.

Blowjobs in car park and cinema, fingering me while in the cinema and sitting round the dinner table with my family, and as for sneaking in to her parents bedroom and fucking me in front of them as they slept. That made fucking me on the lounge sofa, kitchen stool and my bedroom while my family slept seem normal. Jane remembered how exhilarating it was, the bigger the risk Steve made her take and the more terrified she was, the bigger and more intense her orgasm.

Jane was afraid of what she had become and what it would lead to. As much as she loved Steve for turning her into a confident, fulfilled woman, she was scared of the influence he had on her. Lynn had woken from the best nights sleep she'd had since her torrid nightmare had started, her new found resolve to take back control of her life and deal with any further advances from her daughters boyfriend in a no nonsense manner had filled her with hope and positive energy.

Her lips felt a bit strange as if coated by a dried lip balm. Lynn licked her lips tasting a strong sweet flavour that was new to her 'bit weird ' she thought as she headed for the shower. Looking in the mirror she noticed the skin on her face was a bit flaky, ' probably a bit run down after all the stress these past couple of days ' Lynn thought.

Showered and dressed, Lynn headed for the kitchen to check on Tom. Tom was a good son, never any trouble, he always sorted himself out for school, getting his own breakfast and being ready in time. Lynn looked Tom up and down, he was turning into an handsome young man, reminding her of Mark, who had been his age when they first started going out together.

She wondered if Tom was going out with anyone, but was far to reserved to broach the subject. ' I hope not, one of her offspring dating was nightmare enough, i couldn't cope with both of them dating right now ' thought Lynn. Lynn said " Morning Tom how's things?". " All good mum, did dad get off to the airport okay " Tom replied. "Must have done, i didn't wake up and he hasn't called" Lynn answered.

" I'm off to school now, see you later, bye " said Tom as he picked up his backpack. " bye love, have a good day. Oh, don't forget auntie Sandra will be here at 4 to pick you up " said Lynn, kissing Tom's cheek. "hadn't forgotten mum, later's" were Tom's parting words as he left for school. Sandra was Lynn's only siblingfour years older than Lynn. She had two children, Paul sixteen and Sarah nineteen. Both families got on really well, often holidaying together. It wasn't unusual for for their kids to have sleep overs at each other's houses.

Lynn and Sandra were very close and similar in looks and figure, people always referred to them as 'two peas in a pod'.

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Sandra's life had been ripped apart six months ago, when she found out her husband Phil was having an affair. It resulted in an acrimonious divorce that was very upsetting for her and the two kids. Jane came into the kitchen saying "Hi mum, thanks for the lovely dinner last night.

So glad you all like Steve so much. He told me i had a kind, giving family, especially you mum". Lynn felt herself blush, thinking back to yesterday when Steve had lifted her onto the stool next to where Jane was standing and stuck his big penis in her, 'was she giving or was he taking. ' As she looked at the stool she became horrified, there for all to see was a puddle of her dried vaginal juice. It looked like someone had spilt half a glass of squash on it. She hadn't noticed it during her frantic efforts to dress herself and get the deserts out to her family before she was discovered.

Then after dinner Mark had led her off to bed. Lynn in a state of panic tried to distract Jane's attention "what time are you off to college ?" "Soon as i have finished breakfast, got a full day, hope to be home by five " replied Jane.

As Jane pulled out the stool in front of her to sit down and eat her breakfast, she also noticed the dried cum puddle on the other stool caused by Steve making her pussy leak like a sieve as he went down on her, then fucked her pussy and arse stupid, making her cum multiple times before carrying her up to her bedroom lmpailed on his cock.

Now they were both in a state of panic, wondering how they could clean it before the other one noticed it. Their conversation was a bit tense as they both tried to behave as if everything was normal until a point when they both caught each other glancing at the cum puddle. Lynn nervously said "Oh look, Tom must have spilt some juice earlier, i'll wipe it up". Jane watching in horror as her mum got a wet dishcloth and cleaned up her dried cum juice.

An awkward silence followed as they both believed it was their own pussy puddle and not a joint effort. The silence broken by Jane's phone ringing, "Hi Steve" Jane answered walking out of the kitchen to speak privately.

Lynn breathed a sigh of relief as she rinsed out the cloth and took it to the utility room placing it in the washing machine, returning she washed her hands, cleansing them of the disgusting juice.

Lynn could faintly hear Jane talking to the bastard that had caused the puddle in the first place. There's a few words i'm going to say to him the next time we're alone together Lynn told herself. Jane came back into the kitchen smiling and all loved up. " Off to college now, see you later ", she said giving Lynn a kiss on the cheek before heading out the house to catch her bus to college.

Alone at last Lynn got on with her chores, washing up the breakfast dishes, then collecting the laundry from the bedrooms. As she straightened the bed quilt that had been folded back over on itself in Jane's room, she noticed a big messy stain similar to the one on the kitchen stool.

That bastard, she thought, he had the nerve to sneak up here and have sex with my daughter while Mark and i were sleeping next door.

Lynn had no choice but to strip it from the bed and add it to the washing pile. As she picked up Jane's dirty clothes she noticed how crusty her panties were. Lynn quickly recognised it was Jane's over aroused vagina juice that was the cause, the same as her own nightdress had been from last night and no doubt her panties would have been the same if that brute hadn't stolen them from her.

Lynn returned to the utility room and loaded the washing machine with her armful of dirty washing. Her chores all done Lynn made herself a cup of coffee and relaxed on the sofa to read another chapter of her book. Steve had woken about 8.30. He was up, showered and finished his breakfast by 9.

Time to put my plan into action he thought to himself, a big grin on his face. First he phoned Jane, telling how amazing she was etc, the main reason for calling was to check her father had left ok. Tom had gone to school and she was off to college for the day.

Jane thought how much she loved him and how considerate he was about her family. That call delt with, it was time for a second phone call. Steve had a natural gift for understanding the ways of a woman's mind and logic, his ability to manipulate them and get them into a state of confused thinking.

A skill he had used on countless occasions as he literally charmed them out of their knickers. What set Steve apart from most other people when it came to pursuing women, was the fact he was not accountable to anybody.

Since his parents had died Steve had no one to admonish him, no one to be ashamed or disappointed by his actions. He had one uncle that lived in Newcastle somewhere, he hadn't seen him since he was about six.

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He wasn't even at his parents funeral. For Steve, Essex was his oyster and as far as he was concerned all women were fair game. Say for example Lynn had told her husband or Jane about him fondling her or he had been discovered balls deep in Lynn in the kitchen during dinner.

What's the worst that could happen, there would be a scene, Jane would dump him. Even if her father had attacked him he would not be worried. Steve was a big strong man and could have row if needed. Steve had a devil may care attitude, loved the buzz he got by taking liberties and the risks during his pursuit of pussy.

Steve would think nothing of skipping work or letting customers down if it interfered with his love life. He had about £700'000 in the bank and no mortgage to worry about. Other men played golf golf or went fishing, Steve pursued sexual conquests and loved the adrenaline rush the thrill of the chase gave him. Steve scrolled down his phones contact list, stopping at Lyndi Loo and tapped it.

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Lynn saw a strange number as she picked up her ringing mobile. She answered it anyway. "Hi Lynn, it's Steve, don't hang up i've got something important to say to you ". "How did you get my number " Lynn asked in an angry tone. "Off Jane's phone, but that's not important, i've called because i want to apologise for my behaviour " Steve told her in a contrite manner. "I'm listening " Lynn answered shocked, she was expecting more of his cruel tricks, not an apology. "Look, can i come round to apologise and clear the air in person, i can be there in thirty minutes " Steve asked using his politest tone of voice.

"Fine, there's a few things i'd like to discuss with you too " Lynn sternly replied. "Thank you i really appreciate it, see you soon, bye Lynn " Steve smiled as hung up. Lynn was caught by surprise and shock as she hung up the phone. At last she could see an end to her nightmare, his apology and some stern words from her would get her life back to normal. He had even called me Lynn, not Lyndi Loo that i hate so much.

Right, i have thirty minutes to prepare, i need to create an image of authority, more business like, to make me more imposing. To show him i'm not scared of him, let him know i'm not to be trifled with. Lynn went to her bedroom and opened her wardrobe, picking out a white silk blouse and her long loose black skirt.

Once changed Lynn looked at her appearance in the full length mirror. Her silk blouse buttoned right up to the neck, her long black skirt down to just above the ankles. That's the look i want, a woman not to be messed with.

Not long after Lynn heard the knock on the door. Opening it she saw Steve standing there there looking sheepish. "Come in to the lounge " Lynn gestured as she closed the door behind him. Steve could have wet himself, seeing Lyndi Loo dressed up like a victorian school teacher.

"Would you like a tea or coffee before we begin " asked Lynn "No thanks i'm fine thank you " said Steve sitting in the middle of the sofa, then gesturing for Lynn to sit on his left hand side. Lynn automatically doing as he suggested, forgetting she had wanted to control the situation. Steve started the conversation by saying "Lynn, i'm so sorry about the way i treated you, your a fine decent woman. A loving mother and wife. When i first saw you spying on Jane and i the other night i should have stopped what we were doing and got us both dressed.

please except my apology " Lynn was taken aback by the sincerity of his apology "Well i accept that your sincere with your apology but you have caused me considerable distress and i was not spying on you, i had merely got up to get a cup of cocoa to help me sleep after you had fondled me earlier. The lounge door was not closed and hearing noises i looked in to investigate." Steve replied " Again, i can only apologise for grabbing hold of your bottom and squeezing your breast, i don't know what came over me, i must have been intoxicated by your sexual presence.

You would have had every right to slap my face if you had so wished." He thinks i have a sexual presence thought Lynn, feeling herself flush a little, when Steve's next question caught her off guard "If you wasn't spying, why did you not stop us or leave us alone, you watched for two hours as your daughter and i made passionate love " "i don't know " was all Lynn could think to say.

"Is it because your sexually frustrated, even if you don't realise you feel that way". Steve asked in a kind caring way. Lynn felt herself flushing and her nipples hardening, this conversation isn't going the way i imagined it would. At least he's not mocking me in the sarcastic way he treated me before, he sounds genuinely concerned about me. "I don't know " was all Lynn could say again in her confused state. Steve reached out his arm along the top of the sofa, his finger and thumb coming to rest at the base of Lynn's neck causing her to shudder.

He felt her tremble as he slowly began to massage her soft flesh. " Do you think all your repressed sexual desires are the reason you came with me into the toilet and let me push my cock into your wet vagina with not one word of objection ". "I don't know, i feel confused when i'm around you " Lynn answered trying to make sense of it all.

Why was he being so kind and understanding, Steve edged closer to Lynn, still massaging her neck he reached his other hand onto her shoulder and began massaging"Your so tense Lynnall this sexual tension and guilt are weighing far too heavy on your emotions, you need to find a way of releasing the pressure building up inside you". Lynn could feel his words relaxing her, her body responding to his stress relieving fingers. " That feels nice i haven't had a massage in years " she replied dreamily, leaning forward, allowing easier access to her back.

Steve began to work his hands slowly down her back, passing over the large clasp of her bra as his hands massaged their way to the top of her skirt. Steve loved the feeling of silk over flesh, slowly massaging his way back up, Steve gradually eased his hands forwards so they were stopped on their upward advance by the underside of her large tits. Lynn let a soft moan escape her lips and felt a tingle in her vagina. Steve continued to massage the flesh on her sides and stomach, each time he would bump the bottom of her tits another moan would escape her lips.

Steve could see her hard nipples protruding through her bra and blouse, her beautiful big tits slowly rising and falling in time with her heavier breathing. Steve lifted his hands higher brushing her tits and nlpples as his hands circled lightly, hovering with the faintest of pressure. He witnessed Lynn bite her bottom lip as her soft moans turned into a whimper.

Steve stopped teasing her nipples and began squeezing her tits firmly. Lynn whimpered louder as she grabbed Steve's hands with her own "This is so wrong, your my daughters boyfriend, i'm a married woman, we can't and besides, i'm old enough to be your mother, please stop" Lynn implored trying to pull Steve's big strong hands off of her breasts. Steve held them firm as he leaned in close to her ear whispering " I know it's wrong, but i think your the sexiest woman i've ever known, would you deny your body the feelings and pleasures it deserves.

Steve started to nibble and kiss her neck and earlobe as he ignored her clutching fingers, taking her nipples between his index fingers and thumbs began rolling and squeezing them. Lynn's hands fell away leaving Steve free reign to play with her surrendering breasts.

"Oh god this feels so good, sooo goood, but it's sooo wroooong, i'm maaaarieed, sooooo gooood " Lynn battled with her demons as her senses overloaded. She knew it was wrong and she had every intention of putting him in his place but his tongue in her ear and the pleasure coming from her nipples were making her vagina pulse.

As Steve continued to play with her left tit and nipple, his right hand began to ease her blouse out of her skirt until it was free, he then started undoing her buttons. "You've got a beautiful, sexy body. Your experiencing your sexual desires and emotions for the first time the way god intended. Don't waste god's gift, it's been locked away deep inside for far too long ".

Steve whispered, breaking down what was left of Lynn's emotional defences. Lynn either unaware or too turned on to care didn't resist as Steve used his right hand to unclasp her now accessible bra strap, then pushing both cups upwards, allowing her great big tits to fall into their natural position. Now swinging free and unprotected Steve resumed his two handed attack on her large fleshy mounds.

"No i can't, my husband, my children, oh god soooo niceee, soooo goooooood, daughter sooo wroooong" As Lynn babbled away with failing resistance Steve edged her down and scooped her legs up so she was laying across his lap on her back. He used his left hand to play with her tits and nipples as he eased the hem of her victorian looking skirt up until it was bunched around her waist.

The sight of what can only be described as her large bloomers made Steve chuckle. Even they struggled to hide her growler of a bush, Her gusset was soaking wet.

As Steve cupped her cunt he heard and felt it squelch. Lynn let out " aaaaaag fuuuuck" the first time she had ever used that word in her life. followed by "Please stoooop, i'mmmmm aaaa maaaaarieeeeed mooootheeeeer, ooooogod noooooo" Steve ignored her pleas, her defences non existent. squeezing her nipple with one hand while he began removing her knickers with the other.

Lynn even complied as he told her "Lift up that sexy arse of yours ". Steve stuck two fingers into her squelching cunt and began to finger fuck her. Toying with her g spot as his thumb brushed over her clit. Lynn was a whimpering mess just begging for the release Steve had so cruelly denied her the previous day."Ooooh god, ooooh pleeeeaaaase maaaakeeee meeeee cuuuuuuum, doooont stooooooooop thiiiiiiiiiissss tiiiiiiimmeeee, neeeeeeeaaaaaarly theeeeeereeeeeee, nooooooooo dooooont stoooop, puut theeem baaack iiin youuuu baaastaaaaard ".

Steve stopped pleasuring her body and lifting her legs and arse squeezed out from under her and stood up. Steve stripped off whilst looking at his girlfriends mother laid out on the sofa. Silk blouse wide open, bra pushed up around her neck, with her beautiful big tit's exposed, her skirt bunched around her waist and her juicy sodden cunt barely visible through her grizzly Adams pubes.

Steve wished he hadn't already stuck his cock in her before. This would have been the perfect seduction. Now totally naked Steve wanked his rock hard big cock as Lynn watched him with pleading sultry brown eyes, her magnificent tits heaving up and down, her big fat nipples sticking over an inch proud of her two inch diameter areola.

Steve got back on the sofa and knelt between her legslifting an bending them as he pushed them towards Lynn's chest, spreading them wide to gain full access to her pulsing snatch. Steve bent forward smelling her beautiful pungent aroma before clamping his mouth over cunt and taking three deep slurps of pussy nectar.

"Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhh" loudly escaped Lynn's lips, Steve released her cunt and kneeling upright again started to slap her mons with his heavy meat.

Looking into her eyes he said "Tell me, Lyndi Loo wants her daughters boyfriend to fuck the shit out of her". "Please stick your big penis in me" Lynn pleaded. "That's not what i told you is it " Steve told her as he stopped slapping her mons and started rubbing his helmet up and down her leaking pussy lips.

Lynn whimpered "Oh god, Lyndi Loo wants her daughters boyfriend to fuck the shit out of her" With that Steve steadily ploughed his big fat throbbing meat up into her sopping cunt, this time he got all the way to six inches, Lynn grunted as Steve pulled all the way out and rammed it back in burying it up to the hilt.

Steve kept it buried as he hooked his hands under her bent knees and pushed them down until they were nearly beside her head.

This pulled up her arse allowing Steve the best possible access to her wanton cunt. Steve pulled almost all of his big cock out before smashing it back in. Lynn couldn't believe it was possible to be this full with hardly any pain. Steve started to plough Lynn deep and hard, his bollocks making a satisfying slap on Lindi Loo's exposed arse ring. Like he had told Jane before, Steve said " put your hands above your head, i want to see who's tit's flop around the most, daughter Jane's or mother Lyndi Loo's." Steve used his left hand and arm to hold both of Lynn's legs in place as he picked up his iphone, having placed it there when stripping.

A couple of taps on the screen and he was in video mode, free to film the once prim and proper, church going housewife laid out in front of him. Lynn was close again, as she stretched her arms above her head without question. "Sooo biiiiig, sooooo haaaaaard, sooooo fuuuul, soooo cloooooose, haaaaaarddeeeerr, haaaaaaarddeeeeeer, dooooont stooooooop, soooooo clooooose" Lynn's moans getting louder and longer. Steve was in his element, in total control of Jane's mother.

As he was slamming his eight inch slab of fat meat into her succulent wet cunt he looked down as he filmed his prize. Lyndi Loo almost bent in half, her glorious tits flopping wildly, her head tilted back, eyes scrunched shut concentrating on her fast approaching orgasm of a lifetimeher mouth half open as she spouted gibberish.

Steve offered her some encouragement "That's it Lyndi Loo fuck my big fat prick, use that tight cunt hubby can't satisfy, fuck me harder, show me your a better fuck than that cock hungry slut daughter of yours. Tell me Lyndi Loo's a better fuck than her cock hungry daughter " Steve could see she was close as she meet him thrust for thrust, Lynn was about to explode "Oooh god, Lyndi Loo's aaa beeteer fuuuck thaaan heeer coooock huungry daaaaughteeer, ooooooo fuuuuuck, biiiiig coooock, fuuuuck Lyyyyndiiiiii Looooooos cuuuuunt, yooooou baaaaaaastaaaaard moooootheeeeeer fuuuuuucker,oooh god fuuuuuuuuck, cuuuuuuuuuumiiiiing" Lynn stiffened like a board and went silent, about 10 seconds later she started to shake uncontrollably, her tits undulating in beautiful ripples.

Lynn's mouth opened wide and emitted a sound like a wounded animal loud enough to wake the dead, followed by a non stop stream of obscenities she must have been saving up all her repressed life.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh.cooooooock iiiiinnnnn myyyyyy cuuuuuuuunt sooooooo gooooooood, soooooooo biiiiiiiiiiig, sooooo fuuuuuuuuckeeeeed, caaaaant stoooooop cuuuuuuuuuuuuumiiing, soooooooo fuuuuuuckiiiing pooooooooweeeeeeeerfuuuulllll, fuuuuuuck thaaaaat mooootheeeerfuuuuuuuckeeeeer coooooock iiiiin mmmmmmy sllllluuuuuuut cuuuuuuuuuuuuuunt" Lynn finally stopped cummming about Five minutes later. Steve stooped filming and put his mobile down. She slowly opened her eyes and focused on Steve's grinning face.

Steve released her legs and let them return to the sofa. Lowering his body he supported his own weight on his forearms as his head lent in and he took turns licking and kissing her rock hard nipples, raising his head Steve looked deep into her tear filled brown eyes and asked "Well Lyndi Loo, how was your first proper fuck and orgasm". Lynn was speechless.

she could still fill tiny little little orgasms, her vagina kept spaseming over Steve's rock hard cock that was still buried in her.

Steve lent in and for the first time kissed Lynn softly on the lips. Slowly he nibbbled and lightly bit her lips, probing his tongue gently inside. Steve raised more on his elbows allowing him to squeeze her tit's and pinch her nipples, he began to raise and lower his arse cheeks fucking her drenched cunt in small gentle strokes. Steve heard Lynn's moans of pleasure escape her lips before she started to respond to his kissses.

Lynn instinctively wrapped her legs around Steve's waist using them to pull his beautiful phallas deep inside her on every short stroke.

She tangled her fingers tightly into his hair pulling his mouth roughly against hers, mashing his lips into hers, her passion building as Steve started to increase the power and length of his thrusts. In less than two minutes Lynn broke the kiss, rolling her head back ordering him to " Fucck Lyndi Loo, fuuuck thiiiiis marriieeed moooootheeeers cuuunt, fuuuck yooooour giiiirlfriiiiiieends mooootheeerrrrrrs diiirtyyyy cheaaaaaaatiiiiiing cuuuuuuut, aaaaaaaaahhhhh fuuuuuuuuck, cuuuuuuuumiiiiiiiiiiiig, soooooo, sooooo, gooooood cuuuuuuuumiiiiiinng soooooo muuuuuuuuch" Steve held his cock still, Lynn ground her cunt on his pubic bone for all she was worth, extracting every last ounce of pleasure out of her orgasm.

Steve decided it was time they got more comfortable. He slide his cock out Lynn's satisfied soaking cunt. It was like he had released a dam, a river of her frothy white cum paste flowed out of her gaping cunt in the same way lava flows after a volcano eruption.

Steve watched as it waterfalled over her wrinkled brown eye, down the crack of her arse, before adding to the puddle on the sofa and back of Lynn's skirt.

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As Lynn gradually came back to earth she felt Steve pulling her hand. He was standing beside the sofa, he helped her to her feet. Lynn stood on very wobbly legs as Steve began to strip her.

Steve eased Lynn's silk blouse off her shoulders and down her arms, dropping it to the floor. He gave her large bra the same treatment.

Steve undid the buttons and zip of her skirt, releasing his grip, it slide to her bare feet, Steve having removed her sensible slip on shoes earlier. Lynn stepped out of her skirt unasked. This was the first time Steve had seen her totally naked, she really did have a fantastic body, magnificent tit's that hadn't started to sag yet, a smallish arse with only a hint of flabbiness that suited her.

Steve grabbed her soft arse cheeks and pulled her into an embrace, Lynn's big tit's squashed against his chest, her big granite like nipples trying to pierce his skin, his still rock hard cock trapped against her still flat stomach.

Lynn no longer hesitant immediately welcomed his lips and a passionate kiss ensued. Steve lifted Lynn up and easily impaild her on the full length of his slime covered meat and proceeded to head for the stairs. It had been less than twenty minutes since Steve had first entered Lynn's unfulfilled vagina, now full once more of his beautiful, thick pleasuring penis Lynn revelled in the glow of total bliss. She could never have imagined sex could be so good, so mind blowing.

The few previous climaxes she'd had with her husband mounted to no more than the equivalent of the tiny aftershocks she had just received. Steve climbed the stairs and stooped at her bedroom door. Taking his hand off her arse to open it. Lynn realising where he was about to take her, protested "Please, not in my marital bedroom, it would be a betrayal to my husband". Steve enjoying her concern said "You've already betrayed him, the second you allowed me to stick my prick in you the other night without one word of refusal ".

"Please, use one of the other bedrooms, not in here i beg you " pleaded Lynn "I'm betting non of the other beds are as big as this one, i know Jane's isn't, i fucked her on it last night.". Steve mocked. "Please don't, not in here" Lynn begged. "Look Lyndi Loo, i ain't through with fucking your sexy, cheating wife body yet and it's gonna take a nice big comfortable bed to do the job properly, so the next time you beg, it had better be for my cock, ok" said Steve as he carried Lynn over to her husbands side of their queen sized bed.

Steve bent over carefully lowering her back onto the quilt, her legs wrapped round his waist and his big cock still buried in her. The bed was the perfect height as Steve moved her legs onto his shoulders and started to fuck her sweet cunt again.

Soon Steve was hammering into her at a good rate of knots. His big cum filled balls slapping into her shitter as it slightly overhung the bed. Lynn had automatically stretched her arms above her head, her fingers clutching the quilt as Steve's beautiful penis had started taking her on a journey of bliss. Steve admired her unbelievable tit's as they flopped about beautifully.

He was seeing them in action for the first time unhindered by clothing or a bra, He made a mental note, he would have to film them at some other time having left his phone down stairs. Lynn was in heaven again as Steve pounded in and out of her vagina.

She could feel herself building towards another crescendo. "Ooo yeees heeeree iiiit coooomeees aaaaagaaaaaiin, soooo goooood, oooohhhh yeeeeeeaaaah maaaaakeee Lyndi Looooo cuum, fuuuuck heeeer haaaaard, beeeaaaauuutiiifuuuul cooocck" Steve loved the fact he had seduced Lynn, turning her into a dirty talking, cock loving slut. A once happily married mother, now cheating on her husband and daughter. "Play with your big tit's Lyndi Loo, put on a nice show for your daughters boyfriend while he fucks that tight, wet cunt of yours ".

Lynn did as asked, cupping her tit's and slapping them together, squeezing them, pinching her nipples, then one of her hands ventured south and began rubbing the top of her pussy. Lynn was masturbatting for only the second time in her life, but unlike the shame and guilt of last night, her sole purpose was to put on a show and please her daughters boyfriend.

Lynn rubbed her clit at a furious pace and pinched her nipple as hard as she could as she reached the point of no return. "Oooooooohh fuuuuuuuk, biiiiigg cooooccck, sooooo beaaaaaaaauuutiiiifuuuuul, sooo haaaard, oooh god, soooo cllloooseee,oooo fuuuuuuk, Lyndiiiiii Loooooooooooos cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumiiiiiiiiiiiiing, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk".

Lynn let go of her nipple and using her arm to push herself up a bit, she was just in time to watch herself oragasm, her cum juice splashing over her fingers and Steve's thick shaft. She fell back to the bed shaking in another massive orgasm.


Steve decided it was time for some shitter action, he had no idea how this once prim and proper suburban, church going married mother would react.

Her daughter had taken to it like a duck to water, but then she hadn't lived with over twenty years of sexual guilt and repression. While Lynn was still wallowing in the aftermath her third great climax, Steve pulled his white paste covered cock out of her cunt resulting in the usual flood of secreted juices running down her arse crack. Steve wasted no time in aligning his bellend with her shitter, holding her thighs tightly with his arms, Steve pushed hard allowing his helmet to gain entry before her sphincter snapped shut again gripping tightly just behind his helmet.

Lynn's eyes popped wide open accompanied by a loud "Fuck, no, get it out it hurts, it's wrong, please not my anus, not there " Steve ignored her pleas, arms locked around her thighs, holding her in place as she tried to scuttle away, "Don't struggle Lyndi Loo, your thank me for it soon". "No not in there, it's disgusting, it's wrong. Fuck my pussy again, please. fuck my pussy" Lynn pleaded, using the words he liked to use on her, hoping it would appease him.

"I told you yesterday how i felt about your cute, sexy arse. Well now Lyndi Loo it's time to smash your back doors in". Steve told her, relishing the chance of sodomising Jane's mum.

"No please it'll hurt to bad, your penis is to big, it won't fit, it's very wrong " Lynn begged, shaking her head from side to side. "You saw how much Jane begged me to fuck her in the arse once the initial pain was gone. Your arse is slightly bigger than hers, so what's the problem?" Steve goaded her, his helmet still wedged inside her trapdoor.

"How can i ever sit my bottom on a church pew again, knowing a penis had been in it ?" Lynn asked. Steve laughed "Most vicars and priests have had a cock up their arse at some point and it doesn't bother them, besides my cock is already in your arse".

Lynn couldn't think of any more reasons other than "Please don't ". "Come on Lyndi Loo, you want to be a better fuck than your daughter don't you? now relax that tight shithole and accept your ass fucking like the good little slut you are ", with that Steve pressed hard gaining three more inches.

He pulled all the way out, fucked her pussy for a couple of strokes then repeat the process. All the time time Lynn screamed loudly as her arse felt like it was being stuffed with a red hot poker "Aaaaaarrrrgghhhhh, you bastard, aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh, yooooooou aaaaaaaarrrrrssssseee raaaaaaapppppiiiiiiiisssssstttt, fuuuuuuuuck iiiitssss buuuurniiiinng " With one final plunge Steve was finally sunk to the nuts in Lynn's cute dirt box.

Steve began a steady pumping rhythm as he set about loosening Lynn's bowels. Every now and then he pull out completely and spit a mouthful of saliva into her gaping ring piece, before slamming back in. Each time Lynn would abuse him "You disgusting bastard, arse rapist ". After about ten minutes Steve's cock was gliding in and out of Lynn's loosened shitter with a bit more ease.

He vacated her bum hole and rolled her into the middle of the bed, "Get on all fours Lyndi Loo, you've had the warm up, now your gonna get that arse proper fucked, just like the way you saw your daughter arse fucked when you spied on us the other night ". "Please don't hurt me, go gentle", Lynn pleaded as she got into position, resigned to the fact he hadn't finished sodomising her anus. Steve knelt behind Lynn spat a big mouthful of sylvia into her sticky gaping arse hole and watched it disappear.

He feed his cock in slowly and although it was still tight it felt a lot more forgiving. Steve took hold of Lynn's hips and started to quicken the pace. The sight of her arse rippling like tiny waves every time his pelvis smacked into her arse flesh was a thing of beauty. Steve could also see her hanging tit's rhythmically swinging in the reflection of a large full length mirror on the bedroom wall. Steve noticed a change in Lynn's attitude, her verbal abuse had changed into a more pleasurable grunt each time his cock bottomed out and his bollocks slapped her pussy.

Steve released his grip on her hips and told her "that's a good girl, Lyndi Loo's turn to start doing the work. Fuck my cock with that peach of an arse of yours ". Steve stopped thrusting and gave her arse a playful slap. Lynn yelped and then began thrusting her arse onto his hard cock. "Nooot huuurtiiing nooow, noooo mooooreee paaaaiiiin, feeeels huuugeeee, feeeeels goooood, niiiiiceee aaaannnd fuuuuullll, soooo biiiiig, sooooo haaaaard", Lynn's commentary was interrupted by the house phone ringing on the bed side table.

Steve and Lynn both looked at the display. It read ' Mark mobile '. Lynn had no intention of answering it. She was horrified as she watched Steve lean over, take it out of the docking station, then press the green button. Lynn rose to a kneeling position as Steve handed her the phone, his big hard cock deep in her arse. "Hi honey, did you arrive okay " Answered Lynn with a croaky voice. "A bit of a delay, nothing to bad.

Are you okay, sounds like you have a dodgy throat." Steve reached around Lynn and grabbed her big tit's, pinching her big juicy nipples as he started to slowly fuck her arse again.


"I'MMM fine darLING" Lynn's squeaky voice answered back. "You sound very strangewhat are you doing?" enquired Mark. Steve released her right tit and nlpple and slid his hand down through her forest before entering her cunt with two fingers.

He began rubbing her g spot while he used the pad of his thumb to grind against her clitoris. "nothTHING special dear, JUST having a SPRing clean". Lynn said, trying to sound normal and failing miserably. Steve was loving putting Lynn through the wringer. He could feel her pussy flooding as the danger of the situation heightened her senses. Steve started to fuck her arse a bit harder, causing her body to jolt forward accompanied by an audible slapping of flesh on flesh.

"Are you sure your okay, you sound very odd, perhaps you better have a lay down on the bed for a couple of hours. It will make you feel a lot better". Mark told her. Lynn was petrified, the feeling of building towards another climax she'd had before the phone had rung would not subside, Steve and her adrenaline were making sure of that.

"Maybe i WILL, i don't FEEL myseLF today". "How are the kids"? Mark asked. " OOOH god their FINE, better go, SPEAK to you LATer, goodBYE, love YOU".

Lynn hit the red button before Mark could reply and threw the phone down. Like a woman possessed she started springing up and down on that gorgeous fat cock that was giving her so much pleasure. "Yooooou arseeeee fuuuuuuukiiing baaaastaaaaaard, fiiiiiiingeeeer mmmmmmy cuuuuuuunt yooooooou diiiiiiirtyyyyy shiiiiiiiit cuuunt, ooooooo fuuuuuuuuckiiiiiiiiimmmmm cuuuuuuuuuuumiiiiiiiiiiiiiing, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww" Lynn shook uncontrollably for two minutes as her orgasm ripped through her.

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As Steve released her tit and removed his soaked fingers from her drenched cunt, Lynn now unsupported just flopped face down on the bed totally spent, forcing Steve's cock to exit her shitter with a loud plop, accompanied by a concerto of arse farts. Steve had been close to emptying his ballsack in her dirt box, Lynn cumming a minute too soon. He looked at Lynn laying flat out on her stomach and considered his options.

Arse, cunt, mouth, between her gorgeous tit's the same as he had Jane that first time. Steve decided he would let her ride him cowgirl fashion. Steve crawled to the top of the bed and arranged the four pillows so he could lay back nice and comfortable in a semi upright position.

Once comfortable he looked at his cock. It was still rock hard, throbbing almost pain like, needing release and rest. Steve saw it was covered in a wet sticky mixture of cunt juice, her white pasty cum juice and brown tinged arse juice. Steve lent forward and pulled at Lynn's resting hand "Come on Lyndi Loo, nearly done. crawl up here and sit on my cock".

Lynn looked up see Steve laying back, his beautiful big cock swaying as it stood proudly erect. Summoning all that was left of her strength she started to crawl between his legs.

As her head passed above his spectacular meat Steve reached out his arms and gripping her hair in his big strong hands guided her mouth towards it.

"I want to feel your lips and tongue pleasuring my cock Lyndi Loo". Lynn was too weak to refuse, even though she thought it was an obscene and repulsive act. Her whole body felt contented.

Now that she had finally experienced the fulfilment she had never known existed all these years until Steve had released them from a dark prison cell deep within her. Lynn stuck out her tongue licking from the base all the way up to the glistening crown of his helmet. The taste reminded her of this morning, the pungent smell quite pleasant.

Remembering watching her daughters performance the other night and the obscene video Steve had sent her Lynn slid her lips over the swollen crown. Even though Lynn knew his beautiful big cock had been in her vagina and only just come out of her anus Lynn took as much of it as she could. Steve was surprised at Lyndi Loo's lack of opposition, he expected her to react the same way as when he arse fucked her.

He took his hands of her head, put them behind his and watched as she gave her first blowjob. It wasn't a bad attempt for a beginner, she managed to swallow about six inches before she gagged. Lynn kept going until she had cleaned all the messy juice off, she even kissed and sucked his shaven balls unasked. Steve needed his grand finale, he would teach her to deep throat like her daughter another time.

"You did a great job Lyndi Loo, now climb on top and let me feel that juicy miltf cunt on my fit to burst cock". Said Steve as he pulled her towards him. Lynn felt proud she had done a great job, she didn't have a clue what miltf meant though.

Lynn knelt astride Steve's powerful thighs and having gripped his big fat cock guided it into her nicely stretched vagina. She slide easily down the full 8 inches. leaning forward she held on brass headboard either side of his head and started to ride his shaft.

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Steve lent forward and passionately kissed Lynn, breaking the kiss he lent back and watched in awe as Lynn increased her speed. He watched her beautiful tit's flopping wildly all over the place.

He watched big fat cock disappear and reappear time and time again, momentarily hidden by her thick black hairy bush. Steve could feel his balls start to tighten, he grabbed her arse cheeks and began forcing her cunt down on his cock as he thrust up into her fast and powerful. "Oh fuck, do it hard Lindi Loo, use that cheating cunt to make me fill you with my beautiful hot spunk, come on you dirty fucking slut, that's it ride me hard bitch, here it comes Lyndi Loo, fuuck fuuck aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh".

Steve had his best orgasm in months, spurt after spurt cannoned out of his helmet coating the inside of her uterus as held her balls deep on his gushing cock. Lynn had never felt so full as his vice like grip forced every last millimetre of his rock hard meat into her. As she felt him pump his red hot sperm into her at least eight times she was consumed by her own climax. "Oh fuuuuukfuuuuuckiiiiiing heeeeelll, aaaaarrrrrhhhh shiiiiiiiiiit, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckiiiiiiiiiiiing cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing, thaaaaaatssss iiiiiiiiit fiiiiiiiiiiilllll yoooooourrrrrr diiiiiiirrrrrrrrtttty slllllluuuuuuuuuuut wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith spuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk, oooooooooo soooooooooo hooooot, fuuuuuuck".

Lynn collapsed onto Steve, squashing her big tit's against his chest. After five minutes Steve rolled Lynn off him, his limp cock easily sliding out of her well fucked cunt. He pulled back the quilt from under them and covered them up. Steve cuddled up spooning her, wrapping his right arm round her cupping one of her big tits.

"I think we could both do with an hours kip beautiful " he whispered in Lynn's ear. Lynn woke about thirty minutes later. She could feel Steve breathing into her ear as he slept cuddling her, his hand on her breast. She felt wonderful, her whole body glowing, amazed sex could be that special. Having watched her daughter having sex with Steve she had been unable to equate how being roughly abused had given Jane so much pleasure.

It was clear now to Lynn that sex would never be the same again, the emotional turmoil of the past few days had left her more confused than ever, here she was laying in her marital bed with her now lover, a young man that was nearly half her age and her daughters boyfriend.

Lynn tried to pierce together today's events that had resulted in Steve sleeping in her bed in the very spot her husband and father of her children slept. The man she had been faithfully married to for nineteen years. Mark loved her, he was faithful and worked hard, he loved Jane and Tom. He had provided them protection and a lovely house that they had all been very happy in. Now she had committed the ultimate betrayal. Lynn could not believe she had allowed all those years of love and happiness to be betrayed so easily, culminating in allowing herself to be sodomised as she spoke to her loving husband on the phone, even getting a sexual kick out of it and ending the call abruptly so she could seek the sexual gratification she craved.

Lynn had started the day with the intention of regaining her life and self respect. With the subsequent phone call from Steve she had the perfect opportunity to do just that. Going over the events that ensued Lynn realised that the sincerity and kindness that Steve had shown her was just a ploy, another piece in the jigsaw of the sick game he was playing. He had played her like a fiddle and she had certainly provided a tune. Lynn knew that Steve didn't love or even care for her, She was probably just a challenge, the mother of his girlfriend he'd gotten to have sex with him.

He would probably be bragging to his friends, telling them how easy it was to get her to do all the obscene things they did together. Lynn could feel her tears starting to flow, not because he had made a fool of her, or that he had turned her marriage into a sham. It was the fact she knew she would let him use her again, the bastard was like a drug, the way he had given her such powerful climaxes and emotional highs. Lynn remembered licking and sucking his large penis, the distinct flaver being the same as the taste on her lips when she woke up this morning.

That could only mean he'd come into her bedroom and used her mouth or lips with the same penis he'd just used to have sex with her daughter.

The sick bastard had made me taste my own daughters juices. That was how he'd known this was my bedroom. Yet still Lynn knew, if he wanted her, she would relent to his desires in the hope she would be rewarded with the bliss he had bestowed on her so many times this morning.

Lynn tried to justify her predicament. Her family, marriage, the wedding vows she had made to her husband and god. Verses her new found sexuality and desire to be fulfilled.

Lynn realised she would have to be two different people. One, the devoted wife and mother, the church going pagan of virtue. The other a cheating, unfaithful slut. Lynn would be the first option. Lyndi Loo the second. Yes, that was it, Lyndi Loo was to blame for all the problems and bad things, it was all her fault.

Just as Lynn's tears stopped flowing the phone discarded on the bed earlier began to ring, waking Steve and snapping Lynn out of her thoughts, Lynn picked it up and they both looked at the name 'Sandra'. Lynn put the phone back down and let it ring, she could not face speaking to her before she arrived at four to pick up Tom. It went into answer phone and when it was done Lynn replayed the message on loud speaker.

"Hi sis, i know i said i would be round at four, but i could do with a chat to cheer me up a bit. I'll see you at one, bye sis". Lynn looked at the time on the clock it was 12.35. Lynn panicked ." Quick get up, you've got to go. Oh god all our clothes are downstairs, quick, hurry ".

Steve had heard all about Sandra from Jane. This latest development opened his mind up to new possibilities. 'This family is the gift that keeps on giving ' Steve laughed to himself, He felt his cock start to harden as he gripped Lindi Loo's breast firmer, preventing her from getting up.

Lynn struggled as she felt Steve's penis swelling between the cheeks of her bottom "No, you don't understand, she'll catch us, there isn't time, she's got her own door key, please, quick, don't " Lynn begged.

Steve's hardening cock easily found it's way into Lyndi Loo's sloppy, recently fucked cunt. A few strokes and it was as hard as ever. He was soon ploughing her good and hard. Lynn was torn between blind panic and heaven. "Don't let her catch us, please, i would never live it down, it will ruin me, please go, we can do this later" Lynn pleaded.

Steve rolled onto his back pulling Lyndi Loo with him, he held onto the back of her thighs, bringing her knees up towards her chest as he started thrusting his prick into her squelching cunt. " We've got plenty of time Lyndi Loo.

i'll let you go as soon as you cum, but only if you promise to fuck me when i ask you later, deal?" Steve told her. "Oh god, yes i promise, ooo fuuuk, you make me sooo hot". Lynn replied, she would have sold her children into slavery at this point, if it meant she wouldn't be caught by her sister. "Hold onto your beautiful, big bouncing tit's and pinch your fucking big nipples while i give that cheating, disloyal cunt of yours a good rodgering " Steve instructed her.

Steve held her thighs with one arm and hand as he started rubbing Lynns swollen clit with his fingers. " Aaaagggg fuuuuck, yooou diiirty baaaastaaard, fuuuuck Liindii Looooos cuuunt haaaard, fuuuuck yooooour cheeeaaaaatiiing sluuuut haaard, soooo fuuuuuckiiing gooood" Lyndi Loo begged him. Steve knew she was close as Lyndi Loo abused her own tit's and nipples while verbally abusing him. "Do you like being fucked by your daughters boyfriends big hard cock, do you prefer staining your marital bedsheets with your cum and my spunk, does Lindi Loo's cheating, unfaithful cunt want to cum all over my throbbing cock?" Steve goaded her.

"Oooooooh god yes, ooooooh god fuuuuuck Lyndi Looooo, fuuuuck heeeer cheeeeeaaaating cuuuuuunt, fuuuuuuuck Lyndiiiii Looooo, fuuuuuuuckk Lyndiii Looooooo, aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuk Lyyyyndiiiiiiii Looooooooooooooooos cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummiiiiiiiiiiing, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" Lynn exploded, trembling violently as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Steve decided to save his spunk for later, if things turned out his way he'd need it. Lyndi Loo slowly came down from her climax and looking over at her bedside clock realised there were just ten minutes before her sister was due.

She quickly turned back into panicked Lynn and climbed off Steve. "Oh shit, please hurry, we've got to get dressed quick, pleeeeaaaaasssseeeee" lynn begged. "What, no thank you kiss for making you cum so good?" Steve asked her, still holding onto her wrist.

Lynn quickly lent in with her panic stricken eyes and devoured his mouth passionately before pulling away saying "Thank you for making me cum". Steve let go of her hand and as fast as her wobbly legs would carry her, she made her way downstairs to gather up all their clothes and Steve's phone.

Seeing the big puddle of her sticky vagina and cum juice on the sofa, Lynn wiped it up as best she could with her large cotton undies before dashing back upstairs to her bedroom. Steve was in no hurry as he got dressed at a leisurely pace.

Lynn went to put her skirt on and saw it was ruined, covered in her own juices and cum. As lynn glanced out the window she saw her sisters car, moments away from turning into her drive way. " Oh fuck she's here, what can i do?" Lynn asking in a high state of panic.

Steve picked up a dress that was hanging over the back of a chair and threw it to Lynn. She saw it was the dress she had worn for the meal last night. With no time left she put it on quickly, Steve zipped it up for her. Lynn looked at herself in the mirror. She looked exactly like what she was, a woman that had been fucked hard all morning, hair a disheveled mess, what little makeup she had on all smeared, her big bra less tit's tightly filling her dress, her still hard nipples showing through as if the dress wasn't there and to top it all her knickerless hairy vagina was still leaking her cum juice.

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Lynn was reaching for the hair brush just as Sandra knocked. "Oh shit, i'll have to tell her your here, your car is in the drive. Can you stay in Jane's room until her and Tom have gone " Lynn pleaded. "Sure Lyndi Loo, don't worry about me, you go and have a nice chit chat with sis" Steve replied as he kissed her lightly on the lips and patted her arse. Lynn's final words as she headed for the front door were "Oh shit, how am i gonna explain my appearance to her ".