Twinks gay porn movies Restrained And Used By A Twink

Twinks gay porn movies Restrained And Used By A Twink
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Alexander was in the research sector of the military and he had volunteered to be a test subject for the newest invisibility serum the lab had concocted.

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The serum worked at first but faded and after many tests it was discovered Alexander's DNA was tainted and he was no longer able to be a test subject.

Alexander was dispelled from the research department. What they didn't realize was that serum had worked. Alexander found whenever he became angry he would start to disappear. After several months he learned how to control his moods to the likeness of Hannibal Lector. Alexander kept his secret from all except his older sister.

It wasn't long before Alexander used his talent to sleep with women. It was easy finding out what they liked by following them and listening in to conversations. He eventually found a girl he considered perfect.

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She was 5'7, blonde, with emerald eyes, and natural C38 breasts. She was dressed tastefully in a blue satin dress when he first laid eyes on her. It took him weeks of following her to devise a plan to make her his.

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He started attending the gym she frequented. She always wore skin tight black yoga pants that clung to her round, tight ass. Alexander fantasized about running his hands and squeezing her ass. After several weeks and numerous attempts she finally accepted Alexander's offer to take her out to coffee. She hadn't bothered to change out of her gym clothes but the loose tank top she wore allowed Alexander to look down her cleavage. After sitting down she pulled out her hair band her long blonde hair tumbled down covering her chest.

Alexander went through his ritual of talking about subjects he knew she liked from stalking her. At one point she had a bit of cream on her pouty lips and Alexander imagined that to be his cum.

He must have been daydreaming because before he realized it she was bidding him good bye. Alexander rushed to his car and drove to a neighborhood near hers. She must have driven elsewhere first because it was an hour before she even got back. That was more than enough time for him to hide his car, get undressed, become invisible, and wait by her garage. He tried to follow her in but there wasnt enough room.

Even though she couldnt see him she would still be able to feel him. After 10 minutes and a plenty of spit on the door hinges Alexander had managed to sneak in undetected.

Then he overheard her on the phone laughing. "Haha I dont care Ashley," she said into the phone, "It was just coffee. It doesnt mean anything. I felt bad for the guy." "Felt bad for me?" Alexander thought to himself, "After all this work to figure out how to make her smile and she can disregard me as just another admirer?" Her voice faded.

She was walking upstairs to her room where he heard the shower flip on. Alexander was still enraged and so he promptly followed her to her bathroom just in time to see her set down her phone and raise her loose tank top over her head.

He finally was able to feast his eyes on her breasts. Round and flawless.


when she unhooked her bra they bounced out a little before settling. Her nipples were semi erect from the moisture in the air from the running shower. Alexander licked his lips. She pulled down her yoga pants which seemed resistant to leave her sculpted ass. Underneath she was wearing a black satin thong that rode low on her hips. Alexander couldnt wait. He reached out and stroked her ass.

A look of shock came across her face and she quickly turned around and scanned the room. Seeing nothing she proceeded to remove her thong.

Her pussy lips were plump but the inner lips looked tight. She stepped into her walkin shower and hot water covered her body. Alexander could wait no longer. He creeped in behind her and rubbed his erect cock under her slit. She immediately brought her hand to her pussy to see what was there, but Alexander had moved away. She kept feeling around with her eyes wide with confusion but she couldnt find anything.

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This made Alexander chuckle. Hearing a random laugh in the shower with her she shouted "Who's there?!" She grabbed a conditioner bottle to defend herself with, but his made Alexander laugh even more. He grabbed the bottle out of her hand and threw it on the floor. She tried to run out of the shower but Alexander grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back in.

She was flailing and confused. Alexander pulled her close to him. His cock was between her two ass cheeks. She screamed and Alexander pulled her by her hair towards the shower head. Water poured down her mouth and throat and she sputtered and stopped screaming. Alexander used this time to utilize his free hand and grabbed her right breast. It was soft. He flattened his hand and pushed the breast into her chest.

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It squished and was nice and slippery. He pinched her nipple and she let out a little squeak. "What is going on?" she whimpered. Everywhere she looked everything seemed normal but she felt flesh grabbing at her and rubbing.

And then pinching. Then she felt something hard near her vagina. "No! please dont whatever you are!" she screamed. She lifted her foot and kicked backwards. Whatever she had kicked had worked and the pressure on her left breast was released. She ddint waste the opportunity to escape and she sprinted out of her shower.

"Fucking bitch" Alexander thought to himself and chased her into her bedroom. He dove and grabbed her leg and she fell over. He pulled her by her leg, which looking downwards at her gave a great view of her pussy, and flung her onto the bed.

This time Alexander wasted no time and put his lips to her nipple and started sucking. All she could see and feel was her nipple somehow being twisted and moved around and a heavy weight on top of her.

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All that she could do was scream, so she did. Alexander didnt like that. He moved one hand to cover her mouth as he bit her nipple. Not enough to draw blood but enough to make her jump.

He positioned his knees to spread her legs. They were both still wet from the shower so whether she was ready for his cock or not it was already wet. He rammed his cock into her and her hands flew up as if she were reaching up to God for help.


Needless to say he didnt come save her. Eventually she balled her hands up and pounded on Alexander's back. It didnt do much.

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Alexander felt his cock throbbing and rested a little to make sure he didnt cum. He looked at her face. Tears had streamed down her face and her eyes were getting pink. Alexander sat up and sat on her waist. His balls and cock resting on her belly. With one hand still over his mouth he started pinching her nipple. He watched her eyes as she watched in amazement and devastation as it seemingly was rose and fell by itself. "Mmmgrh." she exclaimed. Alexander then remembered her lushes ass and flipped her over.

It was round and smoother than he imagined. He grabbed a handful of it and squeezed. Then gave it a few good smacks. She whimpered. He pushed her face into the pillows and her ass up in the air. He rubbed his cock in between her ass cheeks while pushing the cheeks together. It was warm and slippery wet. She tried to squirm away. Alexander her upper thigh so hard it immediately started to bruise.

She cried out but didnt try to escape again. With his dick still between her cheeks he pulled her cheeks apart, since he was invisible he could see her tight little asshole and feel it with his dick at the same time. Alexander positioned himself and tried fitting his head in. "Noooooo!" she screamed, "anywhere but there!" she clawed at the sheets, but Alexander was too strong and he pushed his cock into her asshole. She shrieked in pain, but that only added to the pleasure of such tightness around his cock.

He thrust it in some more and she started moaning but it seemed more like a consistent yell. Alexander kept thrusting back and fourth and he looked down at to see she had managed to grab a pillow and was clinging to it for feigned protection. After 20 minutes he could see how red and stretched her asshole had become. Alexander felt proud that his cock had done such damage and it was a few moments after that that he came, except he pulled out just in time to catch it in his hand.

He got up and washed it down the sink.

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He was surprised that she was still clinging to the pillow and saw she was staring at the carpet. Her eyes followed his feet as he walked out her bedroom and he realized that his feet left impressions in the carpet. He thought one last time about the wild look in her eyes as she watched the floor and left.