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Ashley stared wistfully at her Art teacher. Today's lesson was Portraits Of People You Love. As usual, they had to think of creative ways to turn the simple theme into a abstract and complicated art piece.


Sucking on a pencil, she made her way over to Paul's, her sexy Art teacher, desk. She leaned down and put her elbows on the varnished wooden table. "Why must you always come up with such ah-nnoying themes?!" she whined and pouted. Okay, so she was milking it a bit, but whatever. She knew she's hot and she wanted him to know too. Besides, all guys love it when you try to be a little cuter. Paul gave her one of his usual sexy smiles that always sent her stomach and heart beating and flipping over to the moon.

"Well, I'm a teacher and it's my job to twist that puny brain in that pretty little head of yours!" he joked, then went back to his piece, which he planned to use as an example for his students. Ashley sighed inwardly, then returned to her place. He never really noticed her. - Paul tried to calm his inner flustered self down. He silently took a deep breath and pretended to nonchalantly look up. There she was. She was beautiful, even with the harsh sunlight shining directly on to her from the windows.

Ashley Laurentis, his Art student, and also the student he's been, well, in love with, ever since he noticed her on the first day of Art class. She was insanely gorgeous: blue-black silky hair that ran straight down to the middle of her waist, milky white skin; apparently genetic, exotic deep-set black eyes that were framed with long and thick lashes.

Her nose was sharp but small, just the perfect size for playfully pinching. Her mouth, needless to say, was damningly kissable; pinkish-red and pouty. Her legs were long and slender, her feet often encased in cute sneakers or skintight leather boots, which were just oh-so-hot. Her waist was small and accentuated by the fitting tops she always wore. Her breasts were, no matter how clich?this sounded, the perfect size: large but not grotesquely so, and enticingly perky.

Looking at how her breasts strained against another one of her tight tops as she leaned forward to get an eraser now, he felt some stirring in his cock. He quickly checked and to his horror, his pants was bulging! He ran out of the room and into the male toilet, slammed his cubicle door shut, and begun working on his poor cock.

- Ashley looked at the Art room door, bewildered. Everyone was confused too, at their Art teacher's sudden dash out the room. Sighing again, she put her head down on the table and started daydreaming. Paul Denni was 26 this year, which was a bit of a problem, as she was only 16. But then again, she mused, she'd heard of other couples' age gap being like 20 years, so what says they can't work out?

He had jet black hair that was often gelled, quite horribly, against his scalp. But he redeemed himself sometimes by leaving it in a bed head state, which was madly cute.

He had medium-sized eyes which were intensely black. He had slightly thin-yet-thick lips which he often curled up in a sexy smile and created cute dimples that made him all the more boyishly cute. Yes, he was a contradiction: both cute and sexy.

He was slim but still muscularly-toned, and she loved it when he wears his tight-fitting tees and V-necks. Too bad she was his student. He, being so hot, probably even had a girlfriend. - Paul's arm was sore from pumping his cock and he slumped in relief as he finally came. He proceeded to wipe himself off with a piece of toilet paper. Clasping his belt on, he opened the cubicle door and washed his hands.

Sighing, he exited the toilet and went back to the sexually-charged Art room. Well, to him anyway. - Ashley hiked her tote higher on her shoulder as walked along the corridor alongside the Art room. She always used this corridor, even if her destination was further away, as she could make Paul notice her. Most of the time he just kept his gaze on his students in the room.

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She discreetly looked into the room, and noticed with delight that he had no class today and was using his computer. Quickly, she formulated a plan in her head. Should she pop in? Or should she just say a quick hi and then walk off? Or should she. should she. "Ahh!" Ashley gasped. Too immersed in her man-grabbing thoughts, she'd tripped over her own feet and landed in a heap right in front of the open door.

Hurriedly she gathered her skirt and winced. Her palms and knees were badly scraped and bleeding profusely. Before she could get a grip on herself, tears dotted her eyes and she started to cry. Shit. This is my one chance and I'm gonna look like crap blubbering like a baby.

Get a hold of yourself, Ashley! She silently scolded herself. - Paul rushed away from his computer and leapt to her.

Crouching down, he cradled her head and stroked her silky-haired head. "It's alright. look, I'll bandage it up for you. And it's only a small scrape!" He said soothingly. "Don't treat me like a baby! I'm fine. It's just, you know, those uncontrollable tears that come out, on their own." Ashley said defensively and hiccupped. Paul hesitated. This is your chance.

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Carry her, man. Do it. Continuing his encouraging thoughts, he gingerly lifted her into her arms and carried her into the room. - Ashley was practically reeling from her shock. He was carrying her!

His large, soft but manly hand was actually close to her butt! Looking up at him, she tried to look weak and groaned a little bit.

Paul looked down at her and chuckled. "Stop trying to act like some victim! You and I both know it's just a scrape, not a fracture or anything." Ashley grinned back at him. "Look, I can walk. Just put me down on your chair. I've got some plasters in my tote." Paul slowly put her down in his chair, then went into his tiny office in the Art room and brought out a cup of water, along with a bottle of antiseptic.

Ashley tried her best not to wince when she saw that. She'd always hated that stinging sensation of the antiseptic on the open wound. Paul got some cotton swabs, then proceeded to hold her wrist and clean her scrape. Ashley winced every time he dabbed, and suddenly Paul had an idea. He leaned his head down and kissed her wound. "Does that make it better?" - Ashley looked at her Art teacher, stunned.

Had he really just done what she thought he did? "W-w-what? Wait. What did you just do?

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And say? Do it again.


Say it again." - Paul looked back at Ashley, even more stunned. He'd actually expected her to be disgusted or flinch or run away. He was just taking a chance. And she wasn't running away. "I said, does that make it better?

Does this make it better?" He kissed her, lingeringly this time, on the lips. - Ashley was absolutely shocked. She put her hands, ignoring the pain, on his toned chest covered by a mere tight tee, pushed him away and spluttered, "Wait a minute! Are you actually saying you.



you like me?! Is that what you're conveying?" - Paul looked at her beautiful face, those deep black eyes full of shock. He decided to make a confession, once and for all. "Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Ashley Laurentis, I've loved you the day you I first saw you, clad in your tight little tee-shirt and butt-hugging short skirt that highlighted every part of your hot body.

I love your eyes; so full of mischief, yet filled with deep thoughts and emotions. I've dreamt of kissing those full lips of yours every night, and many other areas I can't bear to tell you about. The bottom line is: I. Love. You." Paul finished his speech with a drawn-out breath and looked at Ashley.

She just stared back at him with muted shock. "Look, if you're disgusted, I understand. You can go." Paul mumbled. - Ashley processed the information she'd just received. Slowly, her brain finally got it and endorphins began shooting out of every cell, or nerve or whatever. She began to grin and laugh in ecstasy, then after seeing Paul's crushed look, hurried to explain herself.

"I love you too, Paul Denni. And also the day I first day I saw you as my Art teacher. I'm not going to give you such a lovely speech-which I enjoyed very, very much- as you did for me, but I think you're really hot, and I've dreamt of you doing many, many things to me." Ashley said and grinned back at him.

Her heart was practically swooning in delight. He loved her!

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Ever since she loved him! Could things get anymore romantic?! - Paul was practically swooning in delight. She loved him, the day he loved her! And he was going to make things a lot more romantic. He hurried over to the Art room door and locked it shut, then closed the windows, which, for some good reason the school thought was needed, were thankfully tinted.

Then he went back to Ashley and started kissing her. Her lips molded perfectly against his, so soft and supple. She opened her mouth and he ran his tongue over her teeth, and then she did the same. - Ashley ran her hands up and down his toned, warm and inviting chest. She pulled away from his lips, which were red and slightly swollen, and grinned at him. She then gently lifted up the end of his shirt and took it off of him. - Paul looked at Ashley. Her eyes were blazingly staring at his chest.

Then she made contact. Her wet, soft tongue made his nipples stand up in attention at delight as she swirled each around in her mouth. The pleasure was so intense his cock was straining at his jeans. - Leaving his nipples erect and moist with saliva, Ashley trailed her tongue lower, then lower, and finally popped his jeans button open. She pulled his jeans and boxers down-great, as she detested guys who wore tight briefs-then took his magnificent cock, at least one and a half hands' length and one and a half thumbs' across, in her slender hands: her scraped palms and knees suddenly no longer stung, or even hurt.

The wonder of endorphins, she mused. She was pretty excited at this, as she'd had had a few flings with some guys in her school, and they'd told her she was an up-and-up damn great cocksucker. She wanted Paul to be impressed, so impressed until he can't help but continuously coat her tongue, cheek walls and throat with his cum. She licked the head of his cock and felt him moan very softly. Eager to increase the decibel of that moan, she swirled her tongue at the head and then quickly popped his cock in her mouth.

She pulled the cock slowly in and out of mouth, letting her wet mouth slide lingeringly over the entire length of his cock, and then grabbed his balls and massaged them gently. She kissed his cock and sucked on each of his balls, then went back on working on his cock. She felt him restraining himself from putting his hands on her head and pushing her hard down on his cock, so she grabbed his hands and did just so.

- Paul understood and wasted no time in pushing her head towards his balls. His cock went further into her mouth until she was deep-throating him. The sensation of his cock being tightly enveloped by her throat made him moan loudly and finally he snapped with pleasure. "I'm cumming, Ashley! I'm cumming!" Paul yelled as streams of cum were released from his tightened balls.

- Squirt after squirt of cum came down Ashley's throat. She pulled back a little as she wanted to taste cum on her tongue. She licked his cock clean, then used her fingers to wipe some that'd dribbled down on her chin. Ashley's nipples were aching and straining against her thin cotton bra, so she slipped off her top and took off her bra. - Paul took Ashley's breasts in his hands and looked at them hungrily and lovingly.

Bending down, he put his lips round one of her perfect, brown nipples and massaged the other in his adept fingers. He licked the slightly ridged nipple with his tongue, and tweaked and drew circles around the other. - Ashley's hand began moving towards her skirt. Her hand went into her skirt and thong, and finally cupped her shaved pussy. Her pussy felt extremely hot and was throbbing slightly against her cool hand. She slipped a finger in between her pussy lips.

Her pussy was incredibly wet from the pleasure of Paul's mouth and tongue working their magic on her now very erect nipples. - Paul stopped manipulating her breasts and noticed what Ashley was doing with her hand. He took her hand away and said, smiling, "If you have to do that, it means I'm not satisfying you.

Allow me." He carried her over to a table and laid her down. He wanted easier access to both her holes, so he left her perky ass hanging over the edge of the table.

Pulling her skirt and thong off, he then spread her legs eagle and lowered his head down over her glistening pussy. - Ashley jerked in pleasure as Paul's cool, wet and flicking tongue finally made contact with her aching pussy. His tongue flicked and rolled her clitoris, which was feeling very achy and swollen. He then ran his tongue up and down her slit, and finally probed her pussy hole deep.

She arched and cried out at the pleasure, but she wasn't cumming yet. She needed something way more. - Paul pushed his tongue in even deeper and then pinched her clitoris hard with his fingers.

Ashley raised and pushed her hips against him and moaned loudly in pleasure, and tried to reach forward and plunge a finger or two into her very, very wet and hot pussy to climax herself, but he slapped her hand away, feeling a teeny bit insulted.

He then, along with his tongue-fucking and clit-pinching, proceeded to jab two fingers into her butthole. - Ashley's eyes widened in surprise at the intrusion. It wasn't new to her as she'd been fucked anally once or twice. The welcome intrusion, along with the waves of pleasure Paul was bringing her with his tongue going in and out of her pussy and his fingers rolling and pinching his clit, brought her over the edge.

"I'm cumming, Paul! I'M CUMMING!!" Ashley yelled and moaned loudly. Thank God it was a late Friday afternoon and, hopefully, no one was around.

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- Paul's face was then covered in Ashley's pussy juices, and he could feel her pussy contracting and releasing around his tongue. Her clit throbbed furiously and was bulbous and red.

- Ashley breathed a sigh of pleasure out and she sat up on her sensitive pussy, which made her moan. "Oh my God, Paul, I've dreamt of this so many times, and it just happened!" She grinned. Paul looked at her and smiled sexily. She leaned over and kissed and licked his lips. "Mmmm. I taste so good.

I'd like your cock to taste this way when I suck it again later. Fuck me, Paul. I want your big hunk of meat in my ever so wet pussy." Ashley purred. - Always a sucker for dirty talk, Paul's cock practically flipped over itself as it became even harder and more swollen.

He grabbed Ashley by her shoulders and lifted her off the table on to her feet. He then sat on the very edge of the table, the crevice of his ass just touching it, and positioned Ashley over his cock. - Ashley's pussy was spread open as her legs had to open up over Paul's own spread thighs. She held on to Paul's muscular shoulders and swung her hips back and forth, rubbing the tip of Paul's cock over her very wet slit. "Get on with it, woman! You're making me crazy here!" Paul mock-growled.

Ashley giggled then stopped. She lowered herself down. - Paul's cock was then cushioned around by Ashley's tight and wet pussy walls. She sat all the way down on to his lap, and was now impaled on to his cock. He could feel how deep in his cock was, poking right at her cervix. - Ashley began moaning at the deepness of the penetration as Paul's cock hit her cervix. She began going up and down furiously, banging his cock in and out against her cervix. Paul then took her by the waist and adjusted her at angle so his cock hit her G-spot, and also began thrusting his hips upwards.

Ashley's moans began to get louder and louder as she could feel Paul's cock rubbing against her clit and G-spot, the pleasure in her started to mount even more. and then. - Paul was moaning loudly as well as his cock penetrated and withdraw the hot and wet cushion. He slid one hand down to her butthole and began anally finger-fucking her, his two fingers moving furiously in and out of her anus. Ashley screamed in delight and yelled, "Oh my God, don't stop!

Fuck my ass with those long fingers of yours, Paul! And in my hot snatch with that long friggin' dick of yours! Ohhhhh I'm cumming!! I'm cummiiiing!" - Ashley's body twitched and rocked with the tremendous amounts of pleasure that crashed through her from her orgasm. She brought her tightening pussy down, hard, on Paul's cock.

She felt him jerked back unconsciously and yell out loudly, "Oh fuck, Ashley, yeah, bring that pussy down! I'm cumming baby! I'm cumming!!" She could feel stream after stream of warm and thick cum filling her pussy and making her feel even hotter.

- Paul was drained from the huge amount of cum he'd just released into Ashley's pussy, but apparently she was filled with teen energy. She slipped away from his cock and nimbly kneeled down and brought her mouth over his cock. The surprisingly cool sensation of her mouth made his balls tighten again and before he knew it, he was cumming again! "Fuck yeah! Ashley, you are one hot little thing. I've never cum immediately after cumming so much before!" Paul exclaimed.

- Ashley swallowed Paul's hot cum and enjoyed the gooey liquid coating every part of her mouth. She licked up every drop and then lay on the floor, spent.

She looked at Paul and smiled. - Paul loved that girl. Here she was, after swallowing his cum and having his cock in her very, very hot pussy, smiling sweetly up at him.

He pulled her up by her wrists and enveloped her mouth with a passionate kiss, his tongue poking at her lips. "Round 2 will be something way hotter." Ashley murmured against his lips with a wicked smile.