Una del kamasutra con otra amiga

Una del kamasutra con otra amiga
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I received a text from Hitomi a few days later. HITOMI: How's it going? ME: I'm good. How are you? HITOMI: Bored. How were your classes? ME: They were fine. I'm trying to figure out this biology stuff. It's the first class and I already suck. HITOMI: Want help studying? I can be your tutor! ME: I think I could go for that.

Want to come over? HITOMI: For sure. We can talk about your payment when I get there. Cya soon! ME: Payment? She never responded to that last question. It was still pretty early in the day. It was a Saturday, and Rachel was working. I was free to do whatever I wanted, and I was imprisoned in my room, trying to cram biology into my less than willing brain. I was suddenly very excited to see Hitomi.

Being with her for our limited time yesterday was a breath of fresh air. I have never been close to breasts of that magnitude before. Quite frankly, I didn't even know I was that into them until she bounced over to me. Now I couldn't stop thinking about them. Guilt crossed my mind thinking about Rachel, so I vowed I would not cheat, and nothing would come of us hanging out today.

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In only a few minutes, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it to see Hitomi standing in the doorway, wearing a tank top very similar to the last one she wore, if not the same exact one.

I swallowed hard. She was wearing some really short shorts as well. Her thighs rubbed against each other as soon as they started, and looked perfectly tanned. She had some extreme bedhead, with her long hair draped over her sizable chest. Her cleavage jutted out in front of her. Immediately, I knew my vow would be put to the test.

"How's it goin', study buddy!" she said, reaching in for a hug. "Pretty much the most awesome weekend ever," I said. I wrapped my arms around her back, over her arms. Her breasts pressed against my chest again. I could definitely get used to hugging this chick. I couldn't resist the urge and looked down to see two massive orbs mashed together.

It was motorboat city down there. I looked up to see her looking into my eyes, smiling. It would appear I had been caught in the act.

"Eyes up here perv," she said with a smirk. "I, uh, well, no I-" "I'm just kidding. You're my fake boyfriend, which means you get to look at them all you want. It's a business perk." She laughed. My god, her boobs were way bigger than Rachel's. There was no competition.

Hitomi oozed sexuality, while Rachel was flat as a board. I wanted to dive head first in there and kiss them. I couldn't believe this girl was letting me do all of this. I had to resist; I was not single, and I was a good guy.

I had to be responsible. Hitomi rubbed her finger along my back as we held each other. "Do you want to get started, Jack?" I broke off from her eyes, which now that I noticed, were quite beautiful.

"Uh, yeah, let's learn some biology. Is my bed okay?" "Of course," she replied. She walked over to my bed and sat down. I followed her over and sat next to her. "Would you look at that? Our second date and you're already in bed with me!" We both laughed, me probably more nervously than she did. As we studied, I was so impressed by how well she knew her subject matter. She edged closer and closer the longer we sat together. She crossed her leg closer to me, and the size of her thigh was immense.

Her ass must have been the juiciest piece of meat I had ever seen. At another point, she leaned back, puffing out her chest. When we finished studying, she surprised me. "Now, for your payment." "Wait, I thought this was a friend thing! I have to pay you for it?" I asked, semi jokingly. "Well, I don't need money. I need you to escort me to Target, and go clothes shopping.


And you know my public rule, right?" "I have to pretend to be your boyfriend?" "You got it! Are you good with that?" "It's only fair. Let's head out." The two of us left my place. I drove her to the nearby Target. It was so hot that she was all about me like this.

We talked all the way over about our new classes and just school in general. I loved talking to her, she had such a fantastic personality.

Every time I made her laugh, her chest bobbed up and down, which was distracting to the point I thought I may have hit a pedestrian or two. When we reached Target, we walked around the women's section for clothes.

I normally couldn't stand clothes shopping with a chick, but with her I had a really good time. She saw a picture of one of the models. "Look how tiny she is.

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Her body is like your girlfriend's body. That's what you like, huh? You're not into curves are you?" "I'm into girls of all flavors," I said, feeling pretty suave. She cackled. "Oh yeah? Who's prettier, me or that model right there?" "I can't lie. You, of course. You've got it goin' on!" I said, trying to play it off cool.

That question put me into a really weird spot. "You're such a sweetie. Okay, I think I have enough stuff here. I'm going to try on these shirts. Want to be a bad boy and sneak into one of the stalls with me?" "Are we allowed to do that? I don't know." "Come on!" She pulled me along. She got herself a stall, and while she was talking to the chick at the counter, I sneaked into her stall.

She then walked in after me. When she closed the door, she leaned her back against the door and stared at me, biting her lip. "OK. So here's my problem. As you may have noticed, I'm a bit. endowed. If I wear shirts that go too low, I look skanky, and girls give me mean looks. But if I completely cover up, attractive boys like you have less to look at.

So I need to find a comfortable median. Are you up to the task?


It may involve a lot of staring at my rack, which you seem to have some skills in." I laughed. "Okay okay, calm down, I'll help you out." She turned around and took off her top. Her back was mostly revealed, minus the bra. While she wasn't thin by any means, her body didn't appear to have a whole lot of fat around the mid section.

She looked pretty good from the back. She slipped on a blue shirt and turned around. The shirt was not very revealing, except for right on her chest, where it wedged downwards towards the center.

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I could see a decent amount of cleavage. "Pretend you don't have a girlfriend for like, one minute. I'm going to saunter over to you seductively. Tell me if it works." She slowly moved towards me. She placed her hand on my shoulder and motioned me to sit down. I obliged of course. As she got closer, her breasts were right in my face.


"Hey sailor. Looking for a good time?

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Eh? Anything?" "Look, you're gorgeous, but I feel like this covers up too much. Try going way the other direction, and we can go up from there." She winked at me. "You know I like you more and more each time you open your mouth." She turned and took that off.

She got herself into a very revealing tank top. This one was even lower than the one she came in with. "Trying this again. Ahem. Hey sailor. Looking for a good time?" She slowly made her way up to me. Her boobs were right there in my face. She reached her hand around the back of my head and massaged it. I could feel her slowly pulling me in. I was in no position to fight it. "You know, I'm only in town for one night," I acted.

"We have to leave come daylight tomorrow morning." "Well, you sexy sailor you, maybe I could make your stay here a bit more memorable. She put her knees on either side of me. Her breasts were now directly in front of me. She was now whispering. "I need to test how easy access the shirt is." She then put more pressure on the back of my head. With her other hand, she guided my hand to the side of her boobs, still straining against the fabric of her tank top.

My other hand instinctively moved to the other one. They were so squishy and bulky. I could feel my hands gently sinking into her chest meat. Her mouth was right up against my ear now. "How do they feel?" "They feel amazing," I said. I was completely under her control. Guilt wasn't even on my mind, though it obviously should have been.

"Let's go further." She pulled me in, and my face mashed against them. My face was deep in her cleavage. It felt absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe how vast they were.

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They were massive fleshy pillows. "Mmm." she said, cooing. Her fingers were running through my hair. Both of her hands were working against the back of my head. I squished her tits together and let them go, letting them bounce against my cheeks.

I turned my head back and forth, trying to get all over her prominent chest. I felt so incredibly comfortable here, it just felt right. And then, she pulled me out, and our eyes met, hers looking down at mine.

We both just stared at each other for a few hour long seconds, and then she pulled me in and kissed me. We made out for a solid 2 minutes. Her tongue met mine and they swam together. It was wet and sticky, and I thought I was going to cum just from that. Our lips smacked off of each other. "Baby boy, my tits are all yours," she whispered to me. Still at chest level, she pulled me back in to the biggest pair of breasts I had ever been up close and personal with.

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"God you are so cute," she said to me. "Can I be your little secret?" "Yes," I mumbled. "Can you come over to my place? I want to spend more time with you." "Anything," I heard myself say.

"Go ahead of me. I'll follow you out." I slipped out, to a bewildered attendant. She followed after a bit, and we headed out to my car. I was a zombie for her, and I had never felt more excited in my life.