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Boys gay sex locker first time Hot skater twinks Devin Lee Scott and
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Naruto's Adventures: Sakura's Jealousy Pt.2 ***************************************** I would like to thank all of you who gave me good descriptions on what my story needed, so, to thank all of you, I put down the crappy writing for a while, and wrote my ass off for you guys.

So, enjoy, and I look forward to your comments!

Thanks!! ***************************************** Sakura skipped down the street, soaking in the feeling. 'Hah! I've finished step one of two!' Sakura thought.'Now it's just one simple step, and the plan will be a success!' ******************************************* Naruto woke up, with a searing pain in his groin area."Uh, Hinata." he mumbled as he stood and sleepily walked to his bathroom.

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After brushing his teeth, he undid his pants button, and his pants slowly fell to his knees. He took his limp cock in his hand, and slightly squeezed. Burning hot pain shot through his body and Naruto instantly tore his hand from his cock.

So, in attempt to soothe the pain, he splashed water onto his limp cock, then got changed in his training gear.

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Naruto was cleaning up the remains of his breakfast when he heard a knock at his door. He quickly tossed the dishes into the sink, and then answered the door. There stood Hinata, wearing her net shirt, underneath her sweatshirt.

"Hi, Naruto!" She said cheerily. "Oh, Hey Hinata!" Naruto replied, surprised. "So, uh, are you up for it today?" Hinata asked anxiously. "Oh, sorry Hinata," Naruto said, bummed."I'm not feeling good down there." "Man! I was looking forward to it," Hinata said, sadly."But I guess it gives me time to train at the field." "Well, I should be down soon, so see you there!" Naruto said, pecked Hinata on the cheek, then closed the door.

******************************************** Sakura sat on one of the three stumps at the training field, waiting to start part two. Then, she saw Hinata walk to the fence gate surrounding the training field.'Now or never,' she thought, and walked over to Hinata.

"Hey, Hinata!" She yelled out."Let's talk." ******************************************** Naruto lazily walked to the training field, his weapons pack on his hip, and a tired look on his face. That all changed when he gazed upon the training field. There, right in the middle, was Sakura and Hinata, fighting all-out in the middle of the field. Just as Naruto was about to yell out, he saw Hinata get in the forsaken stance, and heard her shout out those fearful words;"64 PALMS!!!!" Naruto was speechless as he saw Hinata's hands moving at an incredible speed, shouting out the words,"4 palms!

8 palms!! 16 palms!!! 32 palms!!!!" As Hinata repeatedly slammed her hands into Sakura's she stopped seconds after staying "32 palms".

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Naruto saw her look into Sakura's eyes, then slammed her palm into Sakura's chest while screaming out,"64 PALMS!!!!!" Sakura went flying about 20 feet, then landed square on her back. She was still for a moment, then stirred.

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As she shakily stood up, she drew a kunai from her hip holster, then got ready to throw it. But before she could, she gasped, and then holding her chest, fell to her knees. She looked up at Hinata, and glaring, raised the kunai above her head, then threw it with the last amount of her strength. As it skimmed across the dirt, Sakura clenched her stomach, and coughed up a small amount of blood. Right as she hit the ground, Naruto jumped the fence, screaming "Sakura!!!" When he reached her limp body, he felt her pulse, and saw that she had a shallow heartbeat.

As Naruto picked Sakura up effortlessly, Hinata walked over and quietly said,"Naruto, I'm sorry." Without even looking at her, Naruto drooped his head and said,"Leave, Hinata." Leaving Hinata standing there, Naruto sprint back to his home, without even glancing back. ******************************************** Sakura woke up with a feeling of total exhaustion. As she looked around, the first thing she thought was,'what the hell? This isn't my house!' She looked over at the side of the bed, and saw Naruto, his chin on his chest, with a slight frown on his face, sleeping like a baby.

Sakura smiled, and spoke with a raspy voice,"Naruto." He stirred a little bit, then looked up with tired eyes. Naruto shook his head, then looked over at Sakura. He noticed she was awake asked with concern,"How are you?" Sakura looked at him and all she could manage was,"I'll live." Naruto smiled and said,"I made you some eggs.

I hope you like them scrambled." As he watched Sakura slowly eat the eggs, he asked,"I have just one question, then you can do whatever. You can stay, you can leave, I don't want to annoy you.

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So, back to the question," He said, breathing in heavy."Why were you and Hinata fighting?" Sakura looked down at the plate and said quietly,"It was all part of my master plan." Naruto pondered on that statement for a moment, then asked,"What was the goal of this master plan?" Sakura took a bite of the egg, then said,"I'll tell you when I'm better.

But come here. I'll tell you a secret." Naruto leaned in, and Sakura whispered into his ear,"I might like you." With that, Sakura yawned, closed her eyes, and drifted back to sleep. ******************************************* Naruto was in his back yard, throwing kunais at a life-size fake Sasuke dummy, when he heard a pleasant sound. "Hi, Naruto!" Sakura said, with all her bandages removed.

"Sakura! You're better!" Naruto exclaimed.


Then that statement brought a thought to his mind."So, now you'll tell me your goals from your master plan?" She sighed and said,"Sure, but let's take this inside." Once they were inside, they sat on Naruto's bed."So, um, I don't know how to explain this. I, well, accidentally walked in on you and Hinata, doing something." It took Naruto a minute, but then he exclaimed,"You saw us?!

Who did you tell?" "Oh, no one!! No one of course," she answered. "But what does this have to do with your 'master plan'?" Naruto inquired suspiciously. "Well, uh, I felt kinda, well, jealous." Sakura mumbled nervously. Naruto look at Sakura in shock and said,"What?

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What do you mean?" Sakura giggled slightly and put her hand on Naruto's bulge."Can I ask you a question, Naruto?" "W.what?" "Do you love me?" Naruto looked on at Sakura, then took her chin lifted her head up, and kissed her softly on the lips."Yes, Sakura." Sakura smiled and slowly unzipped Naruto's pants, then took his already fully hard cock in her hand.

She licked around the head of Naruto's cock, then up and down the shaft slowly. As Naruto moaned, Sakura engulfed half of his cock, and gently played with Naruto's balls. While Sakura continued to suck Naruto off, she felt a pair of hands on her hips. Sakura was then lifted, and her hips were soon above Naruto's face.

As he slowly lowered her shorts, he took in her scent, and then removed her panties.


Naruto slowly lifted his neck, then slowly licked up and down Sakura's slit. While Naruto ate Sakura out, she noticed that he was on the verge of coming.

So, she scooted away from Naruto's face, then got on her knees in front of him. Sakura then took her hand and speedily jerked Naruto off. Before he could say anything, Naruto let out a grunt, humped into Sakura's hand, and sprayed shot after shot of cum onto Sakura's tits.

He laid down, then relaxed as he felt Sakura lay down next to him. Sakura snuggled into Naruto, then whispered,"I love you," before both fell asleep. ******************************************** Sakura woke up first.

And when she did, the first thing she did was shove Naruto. Soon after, they were both awake, tiredly eating rice cakes and drinking milk. Sakura stared across the table at Naruto and said,"Naruto, let's do it." Confused, Naruto mumbled,"Do what?" Sakura stood, then walked over to Naruto, bent down, and whispered in his ear,"I want you, and me, on your bed, sweaty, surrounded by blankets, me covered in your juices." Naruto looked up in shock, but when Sakura's hand went from his chest to his crotch, he gave his goofy grin.

He then stood up and lifted Sakura in his arms, then carried her onto his bed. As Sakura began sucking off Naruto, he lowered her shorts, and began to eat out Sakura. She moaned onto his cock, which sent shivers through his body. Suddenly, Naruto stiffened, then moaned,"Sakura!! I'm coming!!!" Naruto's cum blasted out of his cock, into Sakura's mouth, where she swallowed every last drop.

As Naruto laid there, Sakura stayed in that 69 position, savoring the moment. When Naruto came around, he looked up and saw Sakura's wet pussy directly above him.'So,' he thought.'Maybe I should repay the debt,' and grinning, he flipped Sakura over while turning around, so that she was on her back, laying down, and Naruto was between her legs.

"So, since that was pretty damn good," Naruto said,"I'm about to repay the debt." Grinning, he leaned his head down, and began licking up and down her slit. As Sakura moaned, Naruto began tonguing her hole, then quickly found her clit.

While he flicked Sakura's clit with his tongue and sucked it, she began moaning,"Naruto, oh.," and suddenly stiffened, with Naruto's tongue buried in her love hole. She let out a scream, and yelled,"OH GOD NARUTO!!!! I'M COMING!!!" After her climax, Sakura felt Naruto lay next to her and say,"I love you." Sakura over a him, and said, looking at his hard cock,"I'm ready Naruto." Sakura mounted Naruto and then stared into his eyes.

Then, all of a sudden, she began kissing Naruto, as she took her free hand, and guided his cock to her slit. She then rubbed the head up and down, teasing herself, and slowly began to impale herself. As Naruto felt the heat and softness of Sakura's pussy, he moaned into her mouth, and pulled away, saying,"Oh my god, Sakura, you feel so good!" "Naruto, you're so big! Uh, this is almost too much," she said, in between moans.

When Naruto was all the way inside of Sakura, Sakura began a slow rhythm of rocking back and forth on Naruto's cock."Oh my god, your pussy is amazing, baby," Naruto moaned. Sakura shuddered, and whispered,"I can't take this anymore!" She twisted her and Naruto's body, so that Naruto was standing, and Sakura was on her back, with Naruto's cock buried inside her. "No more loving, I just want you to fuck the shit out of me," Sakura said."Fuck me Naruto" Naruto began slowly started sawing in and out of Sakura's soaked pussy.

He began speeding up his pace, and was soon slamming into Sakura's pussy, grunting each time he bottomed out.

Sakura began screaming,"HARDER!!! HARDER!!" As Naruto bottomed out one last time, Sakura's juices exploded over his cock, which set Naruto off, as he began shooting spurt upon spurt of cum into Sakura's pussy. When he was spent, his limp cock fell out of Sakura's pussy, and he fell over onto the bed. While he and Sakura snuggled, he whispered into her ear,"That was amazing." Sakura smiled, and said," I agree, Babe." Than as she sighed, she whispered,"Mission Accomplished," and drifted of to sleep in Naruto's arms.

******************************************** Well, that was the second and final part of the "Sakura's Jealousy' mini-series, so I look forward to your comments, and, because I'm sure people will ask, yes, I will be continuing this whole "Naruto's Adventures" series. But until then, have a great day!!! -UnknownRocker321