Padre scopa la figlia mentre la madre spia e si masturba

Padre scopa la figlia mentre la madre spia e si masturba
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I'm Kai Jorgensen, I am a thirteen years Old Norwegian boy.

I live in a small town, and I am in the 8th grade, at Konglandsmarken Ungdomsskole, I'm not the boy most girls would call hot, being 5ft 5, and on Gabriel Iglesias's scale I'm Husky, and using glasses, I also have brown high hair, so you can say that I'm not the "Beauty Icon"… Every Story Has a Girl, and it's the same with this one, her name is Emma, and she is quite the opposite of me, she is 5ft 7, skinny, she's got blonde, long hair, large blue eyes, she is fair skinned, and she's got an ass, and a couple tits to die for!

Now the rest of the story is gonna be in past, just for your information. It was a Saturday, and I was at the local shop, buying my Saturdaily Popcorn, and a Monster Rehab.

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When standing in line at the cash register, I quickly noticed that she was the girl in front of me, she was wearing a long, grey coat, and a brownish-red beret, and I could see that under the coat she was wearing a pair of tight, blue jeans, she was looking stunning from behind, and her ass was just standing there, waiting to be tapped, so I thought "Why Not?" and tapped it, and her response was a real surprise! She turned around quickly, and gave me a sexy smirk, she then grabbed my cock from outside my pants, and started rubbing it!

I could feel my 7,4 inch cock getting hard, and she definitely noticed. She smiled and turned around again, seeing that she was next after an old man buying a lot of beer.

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When he was paying, she turned around and whispered in my ear: "I'll wait for you outside" and gave me a smile, then it was her turn, so she paid and went outside, then it was my turn, standing at the cash register I could definitely feel an erection going on in my pants, so I quickly paid my 41 NOK, and went outside, luckily, she was standing there, waiting. When she saw me she instantly ran over and hugged me, giving me the perfect opportunity to feel her ass, and she didn't really care.

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She then said "Follow Me!" and started running, of course I followed her, and after five minutes of running I couldn't stand the waiting, so I asked "Where are we going?" she turned around, saying "A friend of mine couldn't get anyone to watch his loft until Monday, so I am his housekeeper." Then she turned around again and continued running. After a couple of minutes we were outside the door to Emma's Friends loft, and I couldn't believe I was gonna spend the night with Emma Jespersen!

We went inside, the loft was quite small, it had a kitchen, a nice double bed (which she had recently made), and a TV.


She instantly started undressing my pants, revealing my huge boner in my boxers, she instantly removed them to, and when she saw my boner her eyes started sparkling, and she smiled a huge smile, revealing all of her white teeth: "OMG! It's Huuge!

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How am I gonna suck that boner without choking?" she smiled and started sucking. First she wrapped her cute red lips around it, and she started bobbing and gagging, I groaned, this being my first blowjob… I could get used to it. Watching her cute blonde head going up and down my cock, made me feel fantastic, and I couldn't wait for the following.

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After a while, I could feel that I was about to cum, so I quickly stepped back, and said "I was about to cum, could you undress?" So she did, and she did it slowly, and made it look sexy, giving me sexy eyes for everything she took off, and when she took her panties of, she turned around and bent down to pick it up giving me a perfect view of her nice ass, she then went over to the bed, saying "Are you coming or what?" I ran over to the bed, and quickly laid down over her, saying "You Ready?" she smiled: "I was born ready" both laughed, and I started rubbing my cock against her pussy, trying to find an entrance, and I quickly did.

When I found the entrance, I slowly started pushing in waiting to find a barrier, Emma moaned… After roughly three inches was inside of her, I could feel the barrier, wanting to take it down fast, I quickly pushed harder and broke through, making Emma scream, now I started pumping in and out, making Emma moan louder for every pump I took: "Oh, Kai, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me, fuuuck meeee, fuuuuuuuck me!" this was something I could enjoy!


After fucking her for a couple minutes I was about to cum again, now my dreams would become true, I was gonna fuck her in the ass… I took my cock out of her, making her moan again, and then said "Bend over" so she did, and I instantly put my cock in her ass, it was soaking wet after I fucked her pussy.

I started pumping, faster and faster, and faster, she moaned, I moaned, and I could feel my jizz making its way up her ass, what night would this be?


It was only 4pm, and I had already cummed once! To Be Continued.