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Montada da esposa do corno
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Author's Note: The purpose of this series is to establish a vehicle through which to explore some far darker themes than I normally do through a series of short individual chapters. Some suspension of disbelief is required, and the narration may shift depending on the perspective of each piece. If you're reading a chapter in this series for the first time, please read the short Introduction for the background and set up. There was one girl in particular who'd been in the store several times that I couldn't wait to get my hands on.

She was a big-breasted girl, and quite pretty, but obviously thought way too highly of herself, and always had way too much attitude with her high school friends and us as well. She was rude, condescending, and just an all around bitch.

But the good part was we'd seen her take stuff a number of times, and I knew she'd be an easy catch next time she came in. We both wanted to get our hands on her and teach her a good lesson, but I knew it would be so much more fun if she received it from a woman, so I called dibs. When it eventually happened one afternoon it went down just as I though it would. She'd dumped a bunch of stuff in her bag with no idea that today was the day she'd actually get busted for it, and when I buzzed her at the exit I could tell she was more pissed off at having been caught for something she'd gotten away with several times before than concerned about the consequences.

She handled it like a truly spoiled brat, loudly protesting her innocence and threatening to sue even as I pulled the items from her bag. There were only a few other people the store, and they were obviously just as annoyed with her as we were. When I escorted her to the employee door I saw more than one of them smile.

Once upstairs I confronted her with the fact that we had several recorded incidents of her on tape and that she was looking at multiple counts of shoplifting. Since she knew it was true she couldn't call my bluff, but continued to act like a complete bitch anyway, and it wasn't until I picked up the phone to call the police that she finally shut up.

Seeing her reaction to the reality of her situation, I offered her the option of avoiding the police without specifying what that option was. What she was thinking it might be I couldn't say but she took it, and was in for her second big surprise of the day. I grabbed her by the wrist and walked her into the playroom.

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I led her past the bed to the chest of goodies against the far wall, and when I opened it up she was shocked. In it was a myriad of sex toys, straps, bindings, and a few other nasty looking items. I reached in and grabbed two wrist cuffs and immediately put them on her, clipping them together before she had the chance to resist, then raised her hands above her head and clipped the cuffs to a hook on the wall, leaving her their safely secured while I turned my attention back to the chest.

"No fucking way!" she said in her shrill, bitchy voice as she pieced together what she was in for. I froze and looked at her. "It's this or the police, you made your choice. And trust me, you made the right one. With the amount of stuff we have on you, you'd be pretty much fucked." Then it occurred to me, "Actually, I guess you're fucked either way." I smiled at her as she went pale.

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She began to pull at the bindings over her head in a momentary panic. Watching her struggle made my nipples hard. "Who the fuck do you think you are, you fucking freak pervert?! You can't do this! It's against the law." I reached in and found a ball gag for her and walked over. "Look, you little bitch, you got yourself into this, now you're going to have to deal with it." I put the ball directly into her mouth and quickly reached back and did the clasp.

And while she was figuring out what to do about that, I grabbed the waist of her shorts and pulled them open, sending popped buttons skittering across the room as I yanked them, along with her panties, down to her ankles.

Ignoring her muffled protest and leaving her oddly exposed like this, hanging on the wall in just her t-shirt, bra, and sneakers, I returned to the chest and slowly sorted through it for what I would need. I first grabbed another set of cuffs and put them on the table, then a long black spreader bar, a thin butt plug, a pair of nipple clips, and a wand vibrator, also placing each on the table for her to see.

Then lastly, and with great effect, I brought out a long, shiny pair of wallpaper scissors, snipping them a few times in the air while staring into her wide eyes before putting them down with the rest of the items.

I grabbed the cuffs and walked back to her, bringing myself right up against her body. I stood a good five inches taller than her in my heels, which helped a great deal with intimidation. "If you resist," I said flatly, "it gets worse." I bent down and pulled her shorts off over her sneakers, then put the cuffs on each of her ankles, clipping them together as I'd done with her wrists. I then picked up the scissors and grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling it away from her body and giving it a quick cut.

Holding both sides of the nick I pulled it open, tearing it up to her collar and revealing a rather nice lacy bra over her more than ample breasts.

Having no intention of hurting her, but again for maximum effect, I placed the bottom half of the scissor on her collar bone between her suspended arm and her neck, and carefully cut the sleeves and collar of her shirt, liberating her from it. Then I cut first one strap, then the other of her bra before laying the length of the scissor upwards against her abdomen, and sliding them slowly against the skin between her breasts under her bra.

One last snip, and it fell away to the floor. Trading the scissors for the long bar, I got down next to her feet and hooked the two cuffs to the each end of the spreader, then hooked the bar to the wall, and stood back up to get a good look at my captive brat. The sight was enough to make me completely wet. In front of me was a sandy brown brunette of about 5'5". Her big, beautiful breasts were proportionate to the rest of her healthy body.

She didn't quite look like an athlete, but she certainly wasn't fat, or even overweight, just a nicely shaped big girl. Intriguingly, she had not a single trace of pubic hair, and I wondered how a high school girl could afford laser removal. Must be a rich bitch on top of everything else. If only daddy could see her now, I thought. After all my work I wanted some reward. I got down on my knees in front of her to get a good look at her pretty kitten, entirely smooth with her inner lips not quite tucked away.

Placing my hands flat on the front of her hips and using my thumbs to pull her open and expose her clit, I leaned in and gave it a quick couple of flicks to tease her.

She let out a soft whimper, whether from fear or pleasure I couldn't tell.

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I placed my tongue along her lips and drew slowly up, repeating this a few times to get her wet, turning her whimpers gradually into moans. Then, to remind her she was still in for it, I pinched her clit hard with my thumb and middle finger, giving her a jolt.

"Some of this is going to be nice, and some of it will not be as nice," I said, not looking up at her but instead talking to her pussy. "But I can almost guarantee you'll be satisfied with your punishment in the end." I stood up and reached for the clamps, and put one on each of her large, marble-sized nipples.

Again a moan of protest came from her, and I lightly swatted her breasts. "Ah-ah, no complaining." Upon seeing her scowl I smacked her boobs more roughly. "And no frowning either." When it didn't go away I hit the sides of her tits hard enough to make a good loud slapping noise, shocking her expression into one of confusion.

"The rules are going to change quick and often, so you'd better keep up and do as I say." From the drawer in the table I brought out a bottle of lubricant and poured a liberal puddle of it into my hand, which I then spread between her legs, massaging her entire crotch thoroughly.

The slippery liquid quickly spread through my fingers and I began to insert them singly and doubly into both her holes. With my free hand I flicked the ends of the nipple clips, bouncing them up and down. All of this made her moan quite a lot, almost continuously as I raped her with my hand and abused her tits, and the expression on her face was both one of terror and arousal. "See what I mean?

Some times nice, sometimes not so nice.


But you have to admit, you really do deserve this." I was ready to fuck with her mind now along with the rest of her. "Do you like it when I finger fuck your pussy like this?

Is this how you do it when you're all alone and there's no one around to be a bitch to?" I slipped my two middle fingers up into her and pulled forward against her g-spot, fucking her roughly.

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Her knees buckled a bit as the weight of her body fell against my palm. "And how about the nice big ass of yours?" I removed my hand from her pussy and pushed my middle finger back and up into her well-lubed anus, evoking a muffled scream.

Whether she liked it or not, it eased right in and she immediately began to clench around my sliding digit. "Oh!" I said with patronizing sympathy, cooing softly to her. "Have we never had anything shoved up our ass before? I bet there's a lot of people who'd like to do this to you, don't you think?" I pulled my finger out and reached over for the butt plug, applying a stream of lube to the tip until it ran down the length and onto my hand.

Placing it between her legs I continued, "How many people do you think have ever thought 'I wish that bitch would shove it up her ass?'" I pushed the plug into her gradually, working her open with it until it passed the widest point, only an inch across, and nestled up into her.

I held it with my fingers, pressing the base up against her. "Well now you can tell them you have. And you can tell them you liked it, too. Don't you like it?" I flicked her nipples again, waiting for her answer. When she only stared at me and moaned I flicked them much harder. "Answer me, bitch! Don't you like it?" She nodded compliantly. "Good! See, I thought you might. Bad girls like you always liked to be ass-fucked." I reached over and grabbed the wand vibrator and ran my lubed hand over the bulb.

Then I turned in on to the lowest setting and held it up to her pussy. "Now I'm going to give you an extra special treat!" Working it across her lips, I ultimately held it right over her clit, again making her knees buckle, bring her suspended weight down on to the humming knob. I pressed it up against her, forcing her to stand back up, also making her unable to pull away. "I'm going to make you cum for me, whether you want to or not.

You were so good about letting me shove it up your ass, I'm going to reward your clit with a nice buzz job. I turned up the intensity and returned it you her pussy again, pressing up hard. Just to make it worse I reached behind her and started pulling the plug back and forth, tugging at her sphincter.

Her moans were growing more and more violent as I continued to abuse her. The bulb on her clit was making her buck and shout, and I'm sure my pulling at her asshole only made it worse.

My panties were soaked watching her struggle against her sensitive clit, and when she started cumming I thought I was going to cum right along with her. But I kept the bulb up against her, mercilessly sending a continuous shock through her pussy. She was screaming now beneath her gag, and straining uncontrollably against the hook over her head. Once the first big wave of torturous orgasm had gone through her I backed off the wand to give her a short break.

I put my face up to hers and kissed her as she struggled to catch her breath. "Good girl," I whispered.

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"Almost done." I put the wand back on her and her moans once again filled the room, but I held my face up to her ear and kept talking to her. "You're very pretty, you know. I don't see why such a pretty girl has to be such a bitch all the time. Do you think because you're pretty you can get way with things, is that it?" I pressed the wand more firmly against her for emphasis. Another orgasm was already beginning and she started to sway this time with the convulsions.

I wanted to get her to the point of physical exhaustion, and it seemed like we were getting close. I flicked her nipples again just for fun.

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I let her scream and cum for a bit then gave her another rest. She was almost crying now, barely able to tolerate the treatment I was giving her. I whispered, "Are you ready to say you're sorry?" She lifted her head slightly, trying to nod as emphatically as she could. "I don't believe you," I said, returning the wand to her clit. Her scream this time was one of complete anguish. Her pussy was sending jolt upon jolt of electric pleasure through her to the point of pain, and it wouldn't stop. With this last final orgasmic assault on her I knew I had her where I could do just what I wanted next.

I kept her going for a few final moments, selfishly enjoying the control of jamming the wand on to her cunt, then I at last stepped back and turned it off, setting it aside. Reaching up between her legs, I slowly pulled the plug from her ass and put it with the wand.

I got down and unhooked her ankles from the bar, and when she tried to stand upright her legs nearly gave out. I pulled her feet together and refastened them, then stood up and unhooked her hands. Her arms fell heavily to her side and she fell forward onto me.

I caught her in my arms but quickly hooked her wrist cuffs together behind her back, then I eased her down to the floor onto her knees. As she sat back I hooked her wrists to her ankles before she slumped aback against the wall. I held my face up to hers. "I'm going to take this gag off you, and you'd better behave when I do, yes?" She nodded wearily. I unhooked the strap and removed it, tossing it to the floor, then immediately held her face in my hands and kissed her on the mouth.

Her jaw was so tired she could only acquiesce, and I let my tongue roll freely with hers. I pulled back and looked her in the eye, still holding her face.

"You're going to pay me back now for what you've done, ok?" Almost sobbing, she said what she had probably been trying to say for quite a while. 'I'm sorry," she pleaded. "Stop hurting me, please" "I believe you this time, but we're not finished yet." I said, standing up and pulling off my shirt.

"For now I want what you've been having, and I want you to give it to me." I undid my bra and quickly wriggled out of my pants and panties, then stepped back to her.

Standing right in front of her I took her head in both hands again and turned her face upwards, looking her in the eyes. "You're going to suck me off, now, like a good little bitch. And don't worry, it won't take long.

I'm so fucking horny I could cum just looking at you. Is your mouth ok yet?" She nodded. "Show me your pretty tongue, please." She opened her mouth like a baby bird, laying her tongue out on her lower lip, and I pulled her forward, placing it on my dripping wet pussy.

She was tentative, and her tongue withdrew, but I held her in place and gave her some instruction. "Tongue out, please, and lick my lips like an ice cream cone. Ahhh, yes, just like that. Good girl." The warmth from my pussy poured through me as she gradually got the hang of it. It felt so good and I'd waited so long that I just leaned forward and rested my head on the wall, holding onto her head and using her for support. "Now lick my clit a little, mmmm, yessss." I really was going to cum pretty quickly, not so much from her tongue on me, but from the amazingly erotic nature of the whole situation.

My very own submissive plaything under my total control; young, naked, and ready for abuse. "That's it my little bitch, suck my sweet pussy and make me cum." And she did. In just a few short moments I was leaning heavily against the wall, one hand supporting me, the other hold her head tightly between my legs as I came hard against her face.

Somewhere underneath my moans I could hear her struggling to breathe as she lapped at my tingling lips, her nose bumping my clit, sending ripples of pleasure through me. Finally I let myself slip down onto her lap, straddling her, as I lifted her face up to me and kissed her sloppy, wet face.

"See, you can be a good girl if you put your mind to it," I said, kissing her again. "Now all there is left to do is fuck the bitch right out of you." I reached behind her and once more undid her clips, freeing her arms and legs, then stood up and slowly helped her rise. Walking her over to the bed I instructed her to lie down with her hands towards the top bedposts. Each of the four posts on the bed had a length of tether attached to it, and after tying both wrist cuffs in place I went back to the chest for two extra lengths of rope.

Instructing her to come up onto her knees, I ran the rope on both sides from the top posts, around her knees, and through her ankle cuffs, ultimately securing her to the bottom posts. She was fully tied off and prone on the bed. Going back to the chest I got two good-sized dildos, my harness, and the bottle of lube, bringing it all back to the bed with me.

On my knees behind her I held the lube up over her and gave it a squeeze, sending a trickle of slippery down over her ass and down her crack, making her wriggle and squeal. After first smoothing it over her shapely flesh, I gave her two simultaneous spanks with both hands, hard and loud. "Stop your squirming, little girl. You've been doing so well, don't disappoint me now." Picking up one of the dildos I ran my slippery hand up and down its length before putting it up against the opening of her pussy, pressing the head up and down slightly before easing it in.

Working it in slowly and gradually, in a short time I was pressing it fully up into her. She was moaning appreciatively, no longer scared or tortured, but genuinely enjoying what I was giving her.

A gave her a few minutes of this, bringing her gently up to a small orgasm and allowing her to hold still as it subsided. When I slipped my finger in her ass again, her appreciative mood began to pale again as she realized where it was heading. "No, please don't do that to me. Please." She sounded tired, but there was real concern in her voice, and some of the fear was coming back.

"Please, I've done everything you asked, and I promise not to do it again. Please don't stick it in there. I can't take it." "You can take it, and you will," was all I said to her. Whether she sensed the finality of my tone or not, she didn't protest any more after that.

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I had eased two fingers into her now, relaxing her sphincter as I moved them back and forth. After working in a third I'd gotten her to gape enough that I knew I could fit the dildo in comfortably now.

Comfortably for me, anyhow. Taking the dildo from her pussy I placed the tip against her ass and pressed, firmly enough to enter whether she wanted it or not.

"Relax and accept it. It'll only hurt if you resist it, and I won't let you resist it, because it's going in there no matter what." She eased the tension in her body and sure enough it slipped right in.

Once the head breached her ring the slippery shaft just followed through. The gasp she let out was not one entirely of discomfort or pain, but of surprise and uncertainty.

"There, now, my pretty little bitch. As soon as you cum with this cock up your ass, I'll let you go." I was going easy on her still, gently rocking her back and forth, letting the dildo slip in and out against the momentum of her body. I wanted her to get used to it and even enjoy it before picking up the intensity again. It seemed to be working, because her hesitant grunts were cautiously becoming accepting sighs, and it wasn't long at all before her hips were moving back to meet each thrust, and the toy was moving a good five or six inches in and out each time.

"Starting to enjoy it now?" I asked as sweetly as I could. "Oh, wow," she said with genuine pleasure in her voice. "That actually feels really good. I can't believe it." She kept her head down on the mattress as her body swayed rhythmically along the cock. "Mmmmmm, god. Please keep doing that so I'll cum.

Please." I let her work herself up for another few minutes, giving her a chance to really build up to it. It took a little longer than I thought, but eventually she began to cum, her moans growing louder as she willingly impaled her ass. "Very good!" I said encouragingly. "Promise not to be such a bitch to everyone anymore?" "Oh, fuck!" She was cumming fully now. "Yes! I promise!

I promi--," Her voice trailed of in a sort of sobbing moan as the height of her orgasm passed through her. As it did I slowed her down and pressed the dildo as far into her as she allowed, then brought her to a stop. "Good. But just to make sure, there's just a little bit more." I reached over and put the other dildo into the harness and put it on, working it between my legs and around my hips as fast as I could in order to get inside her while she was still feeling her orgasm.

Once on I put some lube on the tip and pressed it up against her pussy, immediately sliding it in. "OH FUCK!!" She was more shocked by this than I thought she would be, but I knew she both deserved it and would enjoy it, so I pressed it in further, taking hold of the dildo in her ass for more complete control.

I sensed her holding her breath at the intensity of it, knowing full well what it felt like to be completely filled with cock. "Breathe, little girl. Relax and breathe, you'll like it more." "AAAHHHH, GOD!!!" she screamed when the air finally came, followed by several seconds of panting, and several more seconds of silence before finally beginning to relax and accept it.


I was rocking my hips into her steadily, forcing her to deal with how intense it was, thoroughly turned on by fucking her like this. The view of her cute young ass with both holes stuffed made my pussy melt. As I fucked her I pressed my clit up against the base of my dildo, and I knew when she started to cum again I would be joining her.

"Ohhhhhh, SHIT!! Omigod, omigod!!" She was having a very good time of it, and I began fucking her faster, pulling the dildo in her ass back with me when I withdrew, double fucking her, harder and harder. I knew she'd have no choice but to cum soon, and my clit was really starting to hum. I selfishly started to press harder still, humping the back of the dildo as it move fast and rough into her, and both of us started to orgasm, both of us shouting now.

Letting go of the dildo, I grabbed on to her hips to steady myself a my body shook. She was nearly still, more or less paralyzed by the severity of it all, alternately screaming out and panting as I pumped her holes. After what seemed like minutes but surely was much less, I slowed myself as my orgasm receded, and liberated first her pussy then her ass of the torturous toys.

When I did, she simply fell over on her side, and I quickly unclipped her hands and ankles so she could finally stretch out. "There," I said, removing the strap on, "Is the little bitch in you all fucked out now?" She was a little too incoherent to respond, not that I was expecting her to, and crawled up over her, straddling her hips and placing my still tingling pussy against her thigh at the base of her butt.

As I started grinding myself against her I leaned forward and placed a kiss on her cheek. "Good girl, yes? Let me cum one more time on you, then you're all set to go. I promise this time." I rubbed myself hard against her while she just lay there, her eyes occasionally closing as I rocked towards another orgasm. Somehow I doubted she'd ever come back into the store, and I wanted to savor the experience of dominating her as long as possible burning as many of the images of her into my memory as I could.

The warmth between my legs swelled as the pleasure released itself through me, and I leaned over and kissed her again while I fucked her sweet cheek.


I couldn't tell if she was smiling, but her face held and expression of complete relaxation. She was exhausted, but she'd been given a good bit of enjoyment to get her there, and I knew that she'd been tamed.