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Classic Porn With Gina Valentino And Tom Byron In Hot Fucking
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Me and my 69. Part 1[p] Please vote comments appreciated. I want to know if I should continue.[p] "Hey Molly, do you have a couple spares?" Molly walked around her car and all the tires where flatten. She looked in the direction she heard the laughs from.

She look at the guys standing there laughing. She was ready to tear them apart. "The only way you guys can win is by cheating!! Are you afraid of me or what?" She yelled at them. She tightened her fist and started towards them. She felt a hand grab her and pull her back. She was so angry she didn't see who it was but the voice stopped her in her tracks. "They are not worth it. You are better than them. This just proves it." Molly closed her eyes and took a couple deep breaths, to calm down.

She turned to look to see the face that matched the voice. As she stared at him she realized she never seen him before.

"My name is Kent."[p] "Oh I see now, I got superman watching out for me, Clark Kent it bet." She pulled her arm away. Kent laughed, "know just Kent and far from being superman." "So what do you want… Kent?" "I heard the yelling and laughing.

I noticed your car earlier. I wanted to meet the owner.

Guess I came along just in time." "Well I am the owner and for the car, it's not going anywhere. Do you realize how much this is going to cost me? Do you know how much those tires cost…"[p] Kent just stood there admiring her as she was rattling on about the car. He noticed her when she first pulled in, but by the time he got to where she parked she was gone.

He waited for a while, but she never showed. He had his own car to be taken care of so he decided he would come back later. He is glad he did.[p] "What you think this is funny…Kent! I don't find any humor in it. I can't race and now I have to get someone to fill those tires up. Hopefully they didn't slice them or put holes in them." Kent looked at her and realized he had a smile on his face and she was outraged.


He cleared his throat. "Know it's not funny, I was just admiring you. You look…sexy when you're angry.' He winked at her.

Molly couldn't believe this guy! "You're just like all of them!" she stomped her foot and turned to walk away. Kent turned her back around. "No, I am not like all of them. I didn't mean to insult you. Now let me contact my team and see if we get those tires fixed.

You still have time to race, if they only let the air out." Molly stood there dumbfounded she didn't know what to think. Then she felt embarrassed. "I am… Sorry for snapping at you." "Not a problem."[p] There was a few seconds of uncomfortable silence when Molly spoke. "So you have a team?" "Yes I do. This is the first time I been to this track. I travel around from track to track." "Well I came here all the time.

That explains why I haven't seen you before." "Tell me what motor does she have?" Mollies face lit up "429 boss, hsoc&hellip." "Wait a minute, you're saying you have a boss under that hood?" "Oh ya, the big boy." She said with such pride.


Kent stopped and turned to take a better look at her car. At that moment he realized he had some real competition. He wondered what else she had under that hood, and he didn't mean just the cars. [p] As they approached where Kent was parked Molly stopped in her tracks.

"Your car I take it?" she laughed. "Yep my car." He grinned. They had basically the same car, different color, and different year.

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Hers was a 69 his was a 70. "Don't tell me, boss 429?" "You know it." They both laughed. "I am a mustang freak you could say. I own several of them. But my collection isn't quite complete." "And what would that car be?" she said as she started looking over his car. "A 69 mustang." Molly stopped and spun around. Her jaw dropped. "She not and never will be for sale." "I didn't think it would be, after meeting you.

Can't blame a guy for trying now can you?" "Is that why you travel to all the race tracks? Trying to add to your collections?" "Yes that is part of it, but the rush, adrenalin you get from racing is the best part." Molly agreed in silence as she tried to figure him out. He did say he noticed her when she pulled in with the car.

She had a funny feeling he might be up to no good. Or was it she just didn't trust anyone anymore?[p] A voice calling Kent got Molly to turn around she looked at the stranger walking up. He had a slight smile on his face.

"So I take it she owns the car?" "Yes, this is Molly. Molly, one of my mechanic's Rick." "Nice to meet you Rick." … I think and she shook his hand. "Molly here needs some tire repair. Seems some of the competition let all the air out, we hope they only let the air out of her tires. Take Tim with you see if all they need is air. We have an hr before time trials start." "Alright on our way. Where is the car?" Molly turned and pointed.

Rick just smiled and shook his head, then glanced back at Kent. "Wait, I will go with you." Molly said quickly. She was thinking more sabotage. "They are capable." Kent replied. "I will just feel better if I go." "Okay then. I need to start getting ready myself. Let me know what the outcome is. And Molly." "Yes?" "Hope to see you on the track." Kent turned and left. Maybe he wasn't going to sabotage her after all. Molly was a little confused at the moment.

She turned and headed for her car. Her mind was whirling. And so were feelings she buried long ago.[p] "So Kent tells me he is a collector?" Rick chuckled "You could say that." "I have a funny feeling this is some kind of came he plays, to prey on women to get their cars." Rick and Tim stopped suddenly.

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Molly almost bumped into them, the look they had on their face sort of scared Molly. "Let's get this straight right now… Molly.

There is no better person than Kent. I am actually surprised he even took interest in you…" "You mean my car!" Molly spat out at him. "Listen lady, if Kent wanted your car he would have it by now." "What's that supposed to mean?" Rick and Time looked at each other and shook their heads.

"Times wasting, let's go." Tim said and they both turned and walked towards Mollies car. Again Molly stood there dumbfounded and confused. "He has to have an agenda." She said under her breath.[p] When she finally reached her car Tim, was almost done putting air in her tire. "Looks like this one is holding." "They might just have let the air out." The two men talked between them as Molly watched.

Just then she was shoved a little from behind. "Hey she shrieked" Tim and Rick stood up and was standing at her side in seconds. "Got a problem?" Rick said. They now were facing three men, the ones who let the air out of her tires. The one guy Jack, said "What did you have to do Molly spread them and bed them to get your tires fixed?" Molly clenched her fist and started after him. Tim stopped her. "Your assholes, all three of you. I will kick your asses out on that track like I always do.

And you can go crying home to mommy like normal. You're all jerks!" Soon there was a crowd around them. "Listen little girl…" Jack started. "No you listen…What was your name again?" Rick looked at Molly. "His name is Jack and those are his brothers, Todd and Joe." Rick nodded at Tim. "Listen…Jack. We don't want trouble here. But if you insist on beating up on this helpless female we will have to intervene." Jack laughed "Helpless, intervene.

Where did you find the bozo's Molly?"[p] Molly just stood there. Jack always wanted to get Molly, he would dream of her, lusted after her. But Jack always gave Molly the creeps.

She was scared of him and what he might do. It seemed he done something to her car every time they ran into each other. And in Molly's eyes that was to often lately. "Just leave me alone Jack. Why do you insist?" "One of these days Molly, one of these days." He turned and left so did his brothers. Molly didn't realize she was holding her breath and when she let it out she almost past out. Rick caught her. "What do you think he meant by that?" she looked at him. "I don't know Molly, but if I were you.

I would be real careful around that bunch." "But I only have me. I don't know how to protect myself." She sighed and leaned up against her car, now she was really scared of "The Brothers". [p] Time went fast then Molly heard the cars start up and the announcer saying get your cars ready. She looked at her car and looked at Tim and Rick. "I think the air was just let out.

They seem to be holding." Rick smiled. Tim and Rick turned to walk away. "Wait." Molly caught up to them. "Thanks for everything. Tell Kent thanks as well." "He will see you in the winner's circle. " Rick replied and they continued on their way. Molly watched them leave.

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She still was confused about everything. Where did this Kent person come from? And why is he being nice to her? Her head was whirling. She closed her eyes took a deep breath and got into her car. When she started it, it seemed as if nothing ever happened. The sound the smell the rumbling of the motor made her forget. She pushed in the clutch put it in gear and headed for the track.

She had a few cars ahead of hers, but she saw Kent's. She was hoping he would win. She watched the tree when it hit green, he was off. No sleeping at the light for him! He won this round and she was happy for him. Not a bad time either, she thought.[p] Finally it was her turn, and of course she had to run against Jack.

That ruined her mood again. But she wasn't going to let the jerk win, at any cost. He pulled up beside her and revved his motor. They did the burnouts when they were lined up again Molly looked over and saw Kent, watching.

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He smiled she nodded. For the first time Molly's hand was shaking, she never shook before. She put her hand on the shifter and watched the lights. The rush was over whelming. She was feeling excited in more ways than one. The light hit green and Molly left jack in her smoke, he didn't have a chance.

She even beat Kent's time by a second.

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She drove her car back to the pits. She spotted Kent's car and parked beside him. As she was getting out she heard him. "Excellent job Molly. I guess I do have my work cut out for me." Molly was all excited, "Did you see that?

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I smoked his ass. I even beat your time by a second." She was all grins and smiles jumping up and down.

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She ran up and gave Kent a hug before she could stop herself. "Sorry" she quickly said and pulled away. "No need to be sorry." He smiled. "Don't you have a team or fans? Family?" he looked around. He figured someone would be there for her. "No just me." Was all she said.

But the way she said it and looked broke Kent's heart. He had to find out more about her. "Is that daddy's car?" "Daddy died when I was 10, so no, it isn't.

And if you're still thinking about getting it forget it. It's all I have." She had Kent confused. He saw this beautiful woman, with a gorgeous car all alone. Things didn't make sense.

He wanted to make sense. He wanted not just her car but her. His new goal was to get Molly as his trophy.

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