Straight gay man eats male cum Austin was a fellow that would blow

Straight gay man eats male cum Austin was a fellow that would blow
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I never told anyone this story and I never will be able to tell anyone I know but here it goes. Angel and I have been friends for 10 years. I knew everything about her, she met her boyfriend about 6 years ago. He's the only guy she's ever slept with and the love of her life.

They're going to get married… as long as no one finds out. I went to Angel's boyfriend's apartment as I often do to hang out with her. We opened up some Tequila to have some Margaritas and were talking as we always do. Of course when one is drinking the topic goes to sex. I said, "Well you're gonna be married soon, hopefully this guy still makes things fun in bed cuz you're about to spend the rest of your life with him." She always tells me everything so I know what she likes in bed because of the stories she tells.

"Hell yea he's still fun! I mean, we don't have sex as often as I'd like to but I think that's because of his age (he's 13 years older) but it's still fun when we do." I knew I could push the envelope, years ago we did a little fooling around before she met him and over the past couple years things have gotten back to those thoughts.

Occasionally we'd have phone sex or something if he wasn't doing his job. I said, "Crazy fun huh? Well, I'd like to see that." She took me to his room sat in front of his computer which was already on and opened a file.

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It was a collection of pictures of her naked he had taken. I had to hunch over, not only to look at the computer but also so that I wouldn't show the erection in my pants.

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I couldn't help but focus on a picture of her spread open, legs on either side of the frame. It was extremely hot. I had seen her naked before, but hey I'm a guy, it doesn't get old unless the people get old. I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you about Angel. She's five foot, tiny asian girl. About a 34B wears a size 1 when she can find one that fits around her ass.

It's funny because most of her jeans she has to pull tight to get up but always wears loose because they have to get over her ass but her waist is tiny.


She's always at about 110lbs. Long straight black hair to her ass. A jeans and Tshirt kinda girl. Pretty pale skin and dark brown nipples, like I said we had some fun in the past. I was looking at the pictures and I could tell she wanted me to say something. I could have shown my excitement but instead decided to push her even further. I said, "Well that's hot and everything but, not really crazy fun now is it?" I tried to sound as unimpressed as possible while all the blood was leaving my big head and heading south.

She was upset but still tipsy, and of course she had to prove me wrong, "OH YEA!? Well how about this?" She stood up pissed off, my plan clearly working, and went to the closet, she pulled out a stack of DVD's I'd known he had as his porn stash. She pulled the bottom one out and put it in the DVD player. She jumped backwards onto the bed and yelled at me again, "Get over here, watch this!

How's this for craziness?" I laid on her boyfriend's bed on the other side as the movie started.

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It was them just talking with the camera being set up. It wasn't like porn dialogue, it was less inticing than that. I faked a yawn and she quickly hit my ribs. Then they started kissing. I was wondering how long she'd let this go on and honestly kinda worried she'd stop before I got to see something fun so I took another drink knowing she always subconsciously tries to keep up.

The scenes got heavier and hotter and I noticed some movements, not only my own cock growing but also her legs fidgeting. I looked over at her and she said, "Watching us having sex always makes me hot.

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Sometimes we put this on and fuck right here with it on, or we plug in the camera change the TV to input and watch ourselves as we record it." Her hands were moving now, trying not to finger herself, t he alcohol had a good affect on her. I knew this was my chance, I knew this is where I could push it. I almost disappointingly said, "So this is it? This is good enough for you to experience this one guy?" It felt almost surreal saying that while she was having an orgasm on TV from him licking her pussy.

She was barely paying attention to me now, "Yea, it's hot." She turned over so her head was at the foot of the bed and watched intently.

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Her ass was next to me and I couldn't resist rubbing it, sometimes I rest my hand on it and she doesn't say anything but if I do anything sexual she usually hits me, this time she kinda wiggled her butt with me. I decided to go further and rub along the crack of her ass and over her pussy, she just started moaning as she was watching herself suck her boyfriend's dick on TV. This was obviously the first time I had seen it. He was an older guy and she usually made me feel bad about me not having my life together while he did.

This was the first time I felt superior. He had about a 4 inch dick, pretty slim where as I have a 7 inch dick that's a good handful around. I slipped my hand into her jeans, which was a pretty tight fit, so I could grab her ass.


She made it easier and I don't know if she realized what she was doing but she lifted her hips and undid her pants. I pulled her jeans and thong back exposing that glorious white ass, and pulled it off her completely. I thought it was all so that I could get better access, that was until I realized my hand was being blocked, by hers. She was fingering her own pussy and was really going at it. I wasn't about to stop her but I wanted to join in on the action so I licked my fingers and slowly started playing with her asshole.

I knew from the years of talking to her that she loved getting fucked in the ass. So what could be better than double penetration by both of our fingers. She was moaning loud, she was cumming watching herself have sex with her boyfriend while I fingered her ass and she fingered her pussy.

I took this opportunity to get better dressed, or undressed as it were, I unzipped my pants and started stroking my hard cock. She was drunk but horny as hell and focused on the movie in front of her so I went behind her and lifted her shirt off, undid her bra, and lifted her hips up.

I reached under her and pulled her hand away from her pussy and buried my cock inside instead. This was the first time she really noticed me. She finally turned away from the TV and looked back at me with her jaw dropped and the air out of her lungs.

She wanted to scream but didn't have anything left in her lungs. I fucked her hard, I knew we were both enjoying eachother and the movie now and she was ridding a wave of orgasms that seemed to receed and crash like the tides. She held herself up with one hand and her fingers to her other hand flew straight up to her pussy. She was madly rubbing it while I plowed her. She started to cum again and I felt her pussy grip my cock the tightest I had ever felt before.

Her pussy was literally sucking me in. She finally spoke, but only to say, "FUCK MY ASS!" Now this is where we both knew we were headed and I knew she wanted to be. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and it was dripping wet. Her juice was all over it, I almost felt like I was wasting it by using it to lube her ass, but that's exactly what I did. She already liked Anal so she was ready, and my fingering earlier opened her up just enough to where I could get my head inside with minimal force.

I grabbed her handful of ass and went to town. I wasn't planning on lasting long especially after fucking her pussy but I knew I would enjoy it. Being her friend for so long I knew exactly what she liked; dirty talk and spanking.

I gave her ass a good size thwap while I said, "You like looking at yourself fucking bitch? God you let anyone cum inside you don't you whore? You let your boyfriend fuck you and film it now you're watching it with me and fucking me you fithly cheating slut." Every sentence was met by my hand spanking her ass and making my mark redder and redder.

She was cumming extremely hard this time around. She was falling over but trying to watch herself cum on the TV. The problem was that she was cumming much harder now. She lowered her head and let out an orgasm like I'd never heard.

She came and this time I was in her extremely tight ass which got even tighter when she came. I thought my dick was gonna get cut off, instead I came hard in her ass making her orgasm crash over that plateau that separates an amazing orgasm from a squirting orgasm. It was surreal to hear her orgasm on TV and in real life at the same time but it added to the excitement and made it more intense.

She turned over onto her back as her boyfriend walked up to the camera and turned it off on the movie, in real life she was on her back and looked at me for a while. "What did we do?" She finally spoke.

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I didn't really have an answer for her just yet. No, right now I wanted to continue while she was still out of breath and coming down hard from her crescendo. I kissed her lips and we both closed our eyes.

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This time we weren't just fucking, this time we were passionate lovers. Her legs spread around me and her hands went down to my cock, still dripping with cum she guided it to her pussy. She pulled me in until I was deep inside her and I held it there. This was my friend now, we had a different type of love.

Right now we just wanted to have sex with someone we cared about and that's it. I started off with slow long strokes, she winced as my dick hit her cervix. She never asked me to stop and I'm a guy that knows what I'm doing. My kisses became more savage and I started biting her ear and neck.

My cock was stroking in stronger. Finally I held back as long as I could but she was just too sexy. I squeezed her tits and started sucking them. I bit and chewed on her nipples while my cock was slamming into her pussy. She was going crazy, She was screaming under me and her legs wrapped tightly around me pushing me deeper and harder into her. I gave her everything I had and fucked her like I knew I never would again, probably because I knew I shouldn't have in the first place. I slammed my cock into her as she held on to me with every ounce of strength she could muster.

She started screaming again and I knew this time I wanted to cum with her, I buried my cock inside her pussy as deep as I could and squirted inside.


Filling her pussy up with my cum now that her ass was still dripping some out. We laied there afterward and talked like we usually do, only this time naked.

I asked her, "How did the whole filming yourselves get started?" She said, "He actually filmed us and didn't tell me, when he showed me later it was so hot I wanted to do it again and again." I looked away for a second, I had to ask her what was on my mind this whole time, "Was this a one time thing?

Or would you want to do this again?" She was silent for a while, now that things have passed I wish she would have responded faster, cuz just then her boyfriend came home.