Slave Wife get hard fuck

Slave Wife get hard fuck
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[This story is based on actual events that took place between me and one of my friends, so 50% is true and 50% isn't. The names of the characters involved have been altered for privacy.

If you do not enjoy reading stories about sexual relations between two boys then DO NOT read on otherwise enjoy!] My friend, Fred, was coming to sleep over at my place on his parents' request they were doing goodness-knows-what, so he arrived at about 13:00. We were just two normal dudes in grade 5 at the time; we played handball (we were legends in our own right at that game BOOYA!), a bit of (really bad) tennis in the driveway and played some two-player PC games that are by now extremely old and outdated, but anyway… I remember it was a pretty warm night and Fred and I were going to sleep in the "spare bedroom".

It was really just a small square room with a desk and a futon that was disconnected from the rest of the house right on the other side of the property in fact, not that the property is huge.

We were pretty close friends. We had known each other for about three or so years so we had no problem with sleeping together in the same bed. We grabbed some pillows for ourselves and a double duvet for us to share and made our way into the outside room. The two of us were pretty beat so we immediately began to strip down into our sleeping attire and make our way under the covers. Fred has brown eyes with stringy hair to match and, at the time, was just below your average height for a grade 5 learner.

He was a scrawny tanned kid with an overactive metabolism that kept him really thin no matter how much he ate, and trust me, he could eat! I was fairly tall for my age so I towered a head over most other people in my age group. Like Fred, I too have brown but thicker hair and have green mysterious eyes. My build was the opposite of what Fred had. I was broader and more muscular-looking. To say that I was fat would be incorrect, but I did have a little bit of a tummy on me.

Fred got changed into some random furry pants and a matching top and flopped down into bed. I wore a pair of boxer shorts that I was wearing as my underwear for the day and a larger T-shirt and did the same. We switched the off the light and just lay on our backs under the duvet and talked about things I don't know, whatever 10/11 year old boys talk about. Now I mentioned that it was a pretty warm night and with me being unfortunate enough to not have a swimming pool to cool off in the dead of night, we did the next best thing.

We stripped off all of our clothing. We weren't at all embarrassed about being nude around each other so it was all good. We carried on talking about whatever for the next while under the duvet. Our hands began to wonder under the covers while be were talking, not in any direction to be honest but just generally wondering wherever.

I was therefore rather surprised to find Fred's hand land on my penis. "Hmmm…what's that?" he asked. Now I thought that it was pretty obvious that it was my penis he was touching. I thought his move was deliberate. However, the weird thing was that I didn't smack his hand away or call him a fag like I was sure all other guys would do. In fact, I kind of liked his hand being there. I never once though that the feelings I was having now were at all gay or anything of the sort. I just like the feeling.

"Well, guess," I teased back. Fred's whole hand was now around my now erect member, feeling it all over and trying to guess what that 'mysterious' part of my body was. The only thing that he could think it could have been was one of my fingers.

When I told him he was wrong he was stumped. He seriously didn't know what his hand was stroking. I finally stopped the guessing game and decided to tell him. "It's my dick, dude." "Really? Oh," was his reply. He didn't seem too phased that he was touching my dick which struck me as a little bit odd, not that I complained. His hand remained where it was. "I want to feel yours too," I said. I reached my hand over to his groin and started to feel up his cock. After a while of getting a really good idea of what each other's dicks felt like, Fred pulled his hand away from my penis and I too removed my hand from his.

We then began to talk about masturbation. So what if we were young. We knew what it was and how to do it, but we didn't know anything of what an orgasm was since we never went that far. We didn't even know the word 'orgasm' existed. We just liked the feeling of exercising our young little cocks from time to time. Obviously at that age our conversation was rather short-lived and we became silent.

I then broke the silence and asked if we could masturbate together. He agreed that it would be cool. We wrapped our hands around our own little members and began to pump them. It was a really good feeling to do what I had ever only done in private before with one of my good friends.

We were simply enjoying the moment and emitting little intermittent moans of pleasure. We then began to exchange masturbation techniques.


The one that I shared became our new personal favorite; rubbing the tips of our cocks on the top of the sheets. We both found this extremely pleasurable and decided to do it together. Continuous waves of intense pleasure exploded through our adolescent bodies and we were both breathing really heavily as we did this. We eventually got to a point where the pleasure got so intense around our little dicks that we just had to stop, relax and then go again because it seriously felt like my cock was about to explode if I continued.

My guess was that if we had gone on once we reached that 'friction overload', as we called it, we would have both achieved our very first orgasms, but we didn't.

We continued to pleasure ourselves and each other with our hands for quite a while, but then the time came when we were tired and wanted to sleep. We remained naked while we slept which was good for me because I could then explore his naked body while he slept. *** A year later, Fred was back at my place.

His parents were doing goodness-knows-what again and had left him in my family's care. (We did sleep over dates very seldom). We did the same old things that we enjoyed so much (handball, tennis, PC) until night fell upon us once again. As usual, with any friend of mine that came to stay the night, we grabbed a double duvet, some pillows and head for the outside bedroom.

It was a cool night not too warm, not too cold but just right. Age had made us taller, more muscular and more intelligent especially sexually. Sex was a favorite topic of ours at school during breaks; mostly coming up with jokes by saying things that would be accepted in the conversation, but we would say it in such a way that it would have a sexual connotation to it.

Not only that, but be now were coming to understand that sex was much more than just putting a penis in a vagina and whoop-dee-doo a baby pops out, as we would soon realize after setting foot inside that outside room.

We threw the bedding onto the futon and dressed into our pajamas.

I once again wore boxers and a large shirt while Fred just stripped off his pants leaving his briefs on and keeping the top he was wearing that day. I began to get hard seeing the outline of his floppy penis with his scrotum and testes bunched closely beneath it and his perfectly rounded butt through his tight underwear remembering what we did last time he slept over. Fred slipped under the covers leaving me to turn out the light.

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Immediately after I had got under the duvet with him, Fred leaped on top of me and began to rub his groin against me. Instinctively, I did the same back to him, wrapping my hands around his back as I did so. I struggled onto my back with Fred still on top of me and we rubbed our now semi-hard cocks together through our underwear with me grabbing onto his butt cheeks; one with each hand.

This moment ended almost as quickly as it started and Fred rolled off from on top of me and lay on his side of the bed. "Dude, what was that?" was my question to Fred. "Ha, I dunno," was his response. We both burst out laughing. I then suggested that we play Truth or Dare. Fred agreed to play it, stating that he was bored.

I asked first: "Truth or dare, Fred?" "Err…truth," came his reply. "Did you enjoy humping me just now?" I teased. "Haha, ya I did," was Fred's reply. Fred's reply made me wonder.

Could Fred really like me more than just a friend in the way that I was starting to like him, I thought, or did he just like to have some fun like we had the last time he came over? Fred interrupted my thought pattern: "Okay. My go! Truth or dare?" "Truth" "Did you enjoy being humped?" asked Fred. I could just make out his mouth grinning.

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My heart began to beat faster at this question. Even through the darkness I could see Fred's gorgeous brown eyes penetrating me, wanting. I crawled a tiny bit closer towards him and whispered, "Yes I did. I liked it a lot." Fred smiled at me then rolled over onto his back and rested his hands behind his head, brushing my now fully erect penis as he did so. "Okay cool!" Fred announced.

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"I choose dare!" "Hmmm…okay…I…dare you put on a strip show for me," I proposed. "Fine," was Fred's response. He slid out of bed and put the light on which wrecked havoc onto our eyes at first.

Our eyes took about a minute to adjust to the new light. Fred stood before me in the room, the bottom of his T-shirt resting on his erect penis which curved upwards through his tight underwear crowning his bunched-up testes.

Fred asked if I was ready to which I replied that I was indeed. Fred then began the show. Fred began by slowly pulling off his T-shirt and swung it around a bit before letting it go in my direction and landed over my face. I threw it off eager to see more. Fred was now slowly sliding both his hands down his tanned torso from his erect nipples down to his flat, muscular belly and cupped his hands over his bulging groin and gave himself a few jerks through his underwear.

Fred then spun right around in a 180 degree motion on his heels and moved his perfectly rounded butt cheeks in a circular motion for me to see while he tenderly caressed his thighs. Boy was I turned on! "Do you like my ass through my underwear?" Fred asked in an erotic voice, looking at me from over his shoulder, grinning I nodded.

"Do you want to see it bare?" he teased, his grin now bigger and his eyes pulling me in for attention. I nodded more furiously. "Good," he said and dropped his underwear down to his ankles, took them off and threw them to me over his head like a newlywed bride throws her bouquet of flowers into the crowd of guests.

I caught his underwear that was coming my way and tossed them aside without even looking to where I was throwing them. His nudeness had me completely hypnotized. His buttocks looked great with his underwear on, I thought, but now they look awesome naked. Fred rubbed his paler butt cheeks with his hands in an erotic fashion and asked me: "Are you ready for the rest of me?" "Hell ya!" I responded, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically.

Fred spun around and faced me. Immediately my eyes dropped down to his penis.


It was circumcised like mine, a fair smaller than mine but about as thick, I knew that, but didn't know how big his was in inches heck, I didn't even know my own measurements, but I knew that we were pretty well off for our age compared to most of the other boys at school when I sneaked glances of their groins in the changing room.

His rock hard veiny shaft curved upwards and was capped with a swollen bright red head and a slightly crooked glans below it. I remember thinking it looked like a juicy lollipop. My eyes then darted to Fred's paler red scrotum accommodating his testes which convulsed slightly as he stood before me which intrigued me.

He also had a few strands of light brown hair situated above his penis, but the main attraction for me to feast my eyes on was his beautiful cock. "Okay, your turn!" Fred's voice snapped me out of my daze. "Hey, I still need to choose whether I want to do truth or dare!" I protested.

"If I'm stripping naked in front of you, you are so doing the same for me you horny thing!" commenting on my erect penis which could be clearly seen through the duvet. "Okay, but only if you agree to stay naked with me afterwards." was my condition. "Fine by me. Okay, go for it!" encouraged Fred as he gave my ass a friendly kick as I took center stage.

Fred assumed my old position under the duvet and eagerly awaited me to begin the show. Pumped with nervousness, excitement and adrenaline I faced Fred and took off my T-shirt slowly like Fred had done. I then used my hands to erotically rub my thighs, ass and chest which Fred seemed to enjoy seeing.

As I did this my hard member kept on bouncing around in my boxers and I noticed that that was what Fred's eyes were following most of the time. My hands moved from rubbing my thighs to my tummy and then down under my boxers and I rubbed my penis and balls making 'sex sounds' as I did so. I removed my hands from down my boxers and spun around so Fred he could get a good look at my ass.

I moved my ass in a clockwise motion while rubbing it which, when I looked over my shoulder at Fred, seemed to be immensely enjoying judging by the grin on his face.

Deliberately slowly, I removed my boxers from my body thread by thread until they were down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and threw them over my head to Fred like he had done with his underwear. I repeated the same buttock motions until I was satisfied that Fred has seen plenty of my ass cheeks and asked: "Are you ready to see my dick?" "Ya," was Fred's reply.

I really didn't need anymore encouragement than that. I spun around and showed him the naked front part of my body. Fred's jaw dropped. "Holy crap! Your dick is HUGE!" he exclaimed.

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Fred whipped out his own penis to compare. "Wow! And you've got so much pubic hair AND underarm hair, dude! You're a monster!" Fred was clearly impressed with my naked body, especially my penis. Puberty had hit me way earlier than all the other boys at school. I had got my first pubic hair at the beginning of that year and the hair down there and everywhere else had grown at a rapid rate soon afterwards.

I had also recently been developing sperm and my body was making it like it was going out of fashion. My strip show was now over and I flopped down onto the bed next to Fred. We agreed to leave the light on so we could see what we were doing as we carried on with the game.

It was now my turn to give Fred another dare. I dared him to kiss me - on the lips. Fred seemed to be a bit reluctant to do this, maybe because he didn't want to or maybe because he was nervous to do it, I couldn't tell which.

I got up on the bed on my knees as tall as I could go and Fred did the same. We inched closer and closer together until we wrapped our arms around each other and our lips met.

Our lips fought in fierce erotic battle while we cradled each other. My hands moved lower to grab onto his buttocks while we kissed and he did the same. Wow, it was great to feel his juicy naked ass in my hands, the cool breath from his nostrils in my face and our stiff cocks pressed together sending electrical-like shockwaves through our sinful pubescent bodies. We then, in silent communication, slipped our tongues into each others mouths and explored the other's mouth, deeper and deeper.

After a while of exploration and saliva exchanging we took back our tongues, met for one final passionate kiss and broke our kissing session. It was now Fred's turn to give me a dare; by now the truth part of Truth and Dare had fallen away. He wanted to be humped by me. Fred sprawled out on his back on the futon, his hard member snapped against his tummy, and waited for my body to descend on top of him.

I lowered my body on top of Fred's using my hands on either side of him for support. My balls were now hanging quite low so I slowly rubbed them first on Fred's dick, then his tummy and moved slowly up to his chest and then on each of his erect nipples. Fred's breathing was heavy and his eyes were full of lust; he was enjoying this, but the best was yet to come.

I lowered my penis against his which was still snapped against his tummy and, making sure our cock bases were touching together, we moved our pelvises back and forth sending brilliant waves of pleasure flowing through our young bodies originating at our penises. After about five minutes of cock rubbing I moved my dick northwards passing through his chest and making a stop at each of his nipples to circle around them with my cock head a few times and suspended my penis above his face.

"I want to put my cock in your mouth, okay?" I said. "O…okay," replied Fred. He was almost squinting at my penis above him. Fred opened his mouth wide and I aimed my dick down his throat; I put about half of my manhood into his mouth. Fred's tongue got to work on my penis exploring this not-so-foreign object in a new place. Extreme pleasure shuddered through my whole body whenever his tongue hit my frenulum or my dick head which made me cry out in ecstasy each time he did so.

I then began to move my dick in and out of his mouth between his wet lips, fucking his mouth. I removed my dick from Fred's mouth on the verge of orgasm intending to explore just one more area of his beautiful body, although the thought of having an orgasm in his mouth was tempting.

Fred was gasping for air, not used to having such an object ramming in and out of his throat despite enjoying it immensely. "Hey, why did you stop?" asked Fred.

"I've rubbed my cock against your front now I want to do your back," I replied. I grabbed Fred by the shoulders and flipped him over onto his stomach so I could gain access to his ass. I began by rubbing my manhood against his one thigh, moving up to his butt check and crossed over his crack so I could do the same to his butt cheek and thigh on the other side. I repeated this a few times alternating between my penis and balls.

I then placed my cock in his crack and wanked myself in-between his ass cheeks, holding onto Fred's shoulders for support while I created erotic friction between his buns. Now I proposed to Fred what I was really curious about. "I want to give you anal," I whispered into his ear. "Okay. Fuck me," Fred whispered back eagerly. Fred got onto his knees in a doggy-style position while I spread his butt cheeks apart so I could see where his asshole was so I knew were I was aiming my cock.

I placed the head of my dick by his hole and tried to push myself into his ass only to get nowhere. Fred then squeezed the sphincter of his ass as if he was crapping to help get my penis in which worked. I now had the head of my cock in his ass which Fred took with a gasp of pain. "You alright, dude?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm good. Keep going," replied Fred. Now that I got my head into his ass I pushed my cock further into his ass supporting myself by placing my hands on his waist, but the more I pushed into Fred the more he cried out in pain.

"Ah! Ow! Oooow! Fuck!

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FUCK! STOP! SHIT! STOP!" cried Fred, tears streaming down his face. "Oh crap! Dude, I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you!" I apologized to Fred.

"Get your cock out of me," Fred sobbed. "No, come on, man.

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We have got so far. I'm sorry I hurt you, but can we just try this once more?" I pleaded with Fred. Eventually Fred agreed to carry on, reluctantly though. My whole penis was now in Fred. His tight flesh felt heavenly enveloped around my flesh. I knew now what I had left to do: fuck his ass. I held Fred's waist as I, at first slowly, moved my penis in and out of his ass. Fred was still moaning and sobbing a little in pain, but very soon his moans of pain turned into moans of sheer enjoyment and pleasure.

As it became more apparent that Fred's pain was subsiding I became more confident in my fucking and began to go faster and faster, harder and harder against his prostate gland. "Faster!

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Harder!" was the request continually coming from Fred and I was more than happy to do so. As I jerked my cock inside Fred's ass my ball slapped against his ass with a soft thud-thud and Fred's balls and penis also jiggled with a soft slapping sound.

The two of us were moaning so at the pleasure of this act that I was sure that my parents could hear it from the other side of the property. After about fifteen minutes of non-stop anal fucking I could feel my body tense up, my balls draw closer my body and the friction around my cock become more intense.

I knew what was going to happen. "I'm gonna orgasm!" I practically screamed to Fred. "Hell ya!" was his immediate response. Surges of extreme pleasure rippled through my body channeling through my penis and into Fred's ass in the form of semen. As I fucked Fred while ejaculating the semen in his ass along with the movement of my penis made a sound similar to that a plunger makes when being pulled off a surface it was stuck to. When I was spent and flaccid I pulled myself out of Fred's ass which made a sick sort of "SPLAT!" sound.

My penis was slippery with my own semen which was slowly dripping onto my scrotum and Fred's ass was also oozing with my cum. I wiped a drop of semen from my scrotum onto my finger and tasted it. It tasted great, unusual but great. In light of my new-found favorite treat, I suddenly had the weird urge to lick my semen from Fred's ass.

Fred was just about to get up from his doggy-style position saying: "My ass is a little sore but that was GREAT, dude.

I regret wanting to stop earlier.

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Now can…" Fred never ended his sentence. Instead he gave a loud moan of pleasure as I unexpectedly, for him, penetrated my tongue into his ass and began to hunt for my white gold buried deep in his bowels. Fred dropped back down into position, his body shivering in pleasure. "What the hell are you doing to my ass now?" asked Fred.

"It feels so good!" I removed my tongue from his asshole and said, "I'm licking it," and continued in my cum-hunting escapade. "Ah, yes! Lick my ass you hungry monster!" encouraged Fred. Fred's ass had a strange unexplainable taste to it, obviously fecal, but I loved it.

He thankfully never had any feces in him. Any semen that I came upon I greedily swallowed while I masturbated my slippery penis at a rapid rate. Once I couldn't find any more semen in his ass within tongues reach I put my ass-semen flavored cock in Fred's mouth again, which he more than happily took, and ejaculated again this time down his throat. Fred never left a drop of semen not swallowed of what came out or that was already on my cock but greedily lapped it all up.

By now the two of us were exhausted so we both collapsed onto the bed. Fred curled up next to me, put his arm lovingly around my chest and whispered into my ear: "Time for me to do you now." Part 2 coming soon…