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Fucking a chinese tiny cute young girl
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Cameron and I sat in class with our history teacher Mr Brooks.

Only the three of us were present as the rest of the class had gone on a field trip with the other history teacher. I had convinced Cameron not to go on the field trip because I thought it would be boring and I wanted company. Cameron is behind me sulking, apparently regretting his decision.

We sat in silence watching the seconds tick away on the clock. Mr Brooks sat at his desk in front of the class pecking at his keyboard writing emails or some such thing.

Suddenly his phone started to ring. He picked it up and went out into the hall to talk.


He came back in in a hurry after only a few seconds. He told us his kid was sick and that he had to go pick him up from school. He said he'd be back with his kid before class was over and that a sub would likely fill in for the remaining class periods. Finally he told us to be good then left, shutting the door behind him. I turned around in my seat and faced Cameron. He sat with his arms crossed staring back at me.

I raised my eyebrows at him.

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I got up from my seat and went to the door. I locked it.

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As I walked back to Cameron, he stared at me wide eyed. I arrive at the side of his desk and tell him to get up. He looks up at me so I repeat myself. Cameron stands up. Our bodies are only a foot from each other. I stare into his eyes for a few seconds before grabbing him by the collar, pulling him in for a kiss.

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He leans into me and I lean into him and soon our mouths open up and our tongue tangle and we become inseparable. I grab his butt in both hands and pull his body against my own so that our hard cocks rub against each other through our shorts.

Cameron trails a hand down my chest to my shorts. He undoes the button then slowly pulls the zipper down. Cameron breaks the kiss and stares at me, obviously about to go down, before I remind him that we might not have much time. Then I run one my index fingers between his shorts covered cheeks.

Cameron kisses me again while unbuttoning and unzipping his own shorts. He pulls them down, along with his underwear, to mid thigh. He turns and bends over his desk, supporting his weight on his elbows, showing me his anus. I put two fingers into my mouth and cover them in saliva then I bring my fingers down to Cameron's anus and stick one in. He gasps a little as I probe around, pulling the finger out then pushing it back in, hoping to find the prostate.

I pull the finger out completely for a second before returning it along with the second finger. In and out and in and out and then I hit the prostate. Cameron moans audibly and thrusts his cock against the desk. I pull both of my fingers out of him and rub the tip of my own throbbing cock, still covered by my briefs, against his anus.

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Cameron looks back at me. I rub the bottom side of my brief shielded cock between bare Cameron's cheeks again and again before Cameron tells me to hurry up and fuck him.

I pull my briefs down to my ankles along with my shorts and step out of them. I rub Cameron's lower back and thrust the tip of my cock at his anus just softly enough not to enter him. I try to tease him as long as I can, but Cameron pushes himself back towards me and my cock slides into him.

He and I sigh together. He stops and I push my self in slowly and steadily until my pubic bone is in contact with his tail bone. I pull my self out half way then push my self back in faster than before. Cameron groans. I wait a few seconds before pulling my self farther out and pushing my self faster in. Cameron moans louder than before.

I reach under him and stroke his cock while I pull my self almost entirely out before thrusting my self back in with enough force to make a sound.

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Cameron moans perhaps too loud so I bring my hand to his mouth a stick a finger in. He sucks it eagerly. I begin to thrust my cock in and out of him at a quickening tempo. Cameron moans into his my hand while still sucking my finger.

The only other noise is the clapping sound being made by our colliding waists. Cameron raises himself up onto his hands so hes nearly standing. I lean forward and kiss his neck.

I put both my hands on the desk next to Cameron's and put my weight onto them and thrust harder and harder. Cameron turns his head towards mine and once again we kiss, tangling our tongues.

Cameron thrust forward and came onto the desk. His cheeks clenched my cock and I came inside him.


I moaned into his mouth and he moaned into my own. I put my weight on one of my hands and brought the other to Cameron's hard, but deflating cock. I stroked it a few times covering it and my hands in cum then brought it to my mouth and licked some of the cum off. Cameron licked off the rest then we kissed.

I broke the kiss with difficulty. Cameron knelt in front of me and cleaned the cum from my cock with apparent hunger. Cameron stood up and pulled his pants and underwear up as did I. We kissed until we heard Mr Brooks' kid making noise down the hall.

I sat at my desk and Cameron sat behind me then we both stared at the clock.

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