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Redhead chick pounding small ass
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Happy Anniversary (Our special day) Of all the things we celebrate, There is one very special date, That special day when vows were said, Our special day when we were wed. Of you my love, I was so fond, To want to start a lasting bond, It was a sunny Saturday in May, That day we call our special day. I still recall your walk up the aisle, As you gave to me a secret smile, I could not help but feel so proud, The luckiest man in the crowd.

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As I stood and held your hand, I really began to understand, For when we two were joined as one, A whole new life had just begun. And when they said to kiss the bride, I felt so very proud deep inside, Knowing that we'd be sharing a life, You and me as man and wife. And looking back upon it all, It's the good times I recall, And if you asked me to do it again, You'd just have to tell me when.

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So now that it's our anniversary day, There's just some words I'd like to say, Everyday my love grows more and more, Even more today than the day before. And since I am so very blessed, To be with the girl who is the best, Once again I'd like to say, Happy Anniversary Day. 03-03-10.

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