Desi aunty change dress in public boob show

Desi aunty change dress in public boob show
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She looked at me those dark, dark eyes, I wished that I could shift time forward- to this evening, this evening when all would be unravelled.

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I looked deep into those hazel eyes before plunging my view to her open top. She'd wanted me for so long, and wanted to hand over the reins. I wanted to take the reins, to grasp them and make her feel like there was no control, no struggle- to knock submission into every part of her being.

I had planned it perfectly, we would meet at sundown at her home, and everything would be there, as I had asked- an arrangement of devices; collars, clamps, bars, chains and the likes. She had said to me with wide eyes, "Do we really need all this?" I nodded slowly, relishing the plan.

And so she greeted me at the door, somewhat hastily, but courteously before showing me to the rich leather sofa. I explained to her, "There will be a safe word, so there's no need to worry," blood drained from her face as the whole scene became a reality.

"That word is sanctuary." I said little more as I asked her to fetch a glass of water for each of us. She hurried off, and I watched that fine ass disappear. She was wearing tighter-than-usual black trousers and a simple white top, at the neckline, a little of her exquisite lacy brassier was showing, it was black and very intricate. When she returned, she found me holding one of the collars that I had instructed her to buy.

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She bowed her head to the floor, placed the glasses on the coffee table and averted her gaze. With one swift command she began to take off her top, her hands trembling slightly. Her full and luscious breasts were exposed; I could see a nipple through the thin lace and felt a stirring in my loins. She took her trousers off slowly, wriggling out of the tight fabric to reveal a similarly styled pair of black lace panties.

I liked her like this, so pathetic, so ashamed- so when she began to unclip the bra I gave her signal not to. Panic fluttered in her eyes, believing she'd done something wrong. I pointed to the carpet and she lowered herself onto all-fours, and keeping her eyes transfixed on the ground, I proceeded to tighten the collar around her delicate neck. We both knew that whilst she was wearing this collar, she was mine, under my control, and I wanted her to trust me.

"You trust me, don't you?" I asked kindly. She nodded and smiled, "Yes master," she replied. I frowned, looking down upon this wreck of a girl.

By day, a flirtatious drama queen, by bed- a dirty slave, to be domineered.

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I looked closer at the collar Nadine had bought; it was soft black leather with chrome-silver spiked notches she smiled, noticing my appreciation- so I quickly snapped out of it. "Crawl upstairs to your bed," I commanded. She did as she was told; trailing a few paces behind me I could hear the soft padding of her hands on the wooden hallway floor as we crossed the house.

I brought the bag of 'goodies' and was fumbling through it, when I found what I was looking for I handed Nadine a blindfold. I indicated for her to put on the blindfold. She obliged, tying the silken ribbon around her head. "Lie on the bed, and spread eagle" I instructed.

She did so, and whilst she did this I took out the nipple clamps and the chain. On one end of the chain was a closable hook which I opened. I touched her lips with my finger, silencing her. She took the finger and sucked it gently; I then kissed her, my hand snaking down to her sodden panties.

I lightly touched the warm, moist area and she breathed in sharply, releasing from the kiss. I ignored this and continued to kiss and arouse her pussy, stroking and fondling oh-so delicately.

Very quietly I slipped the chain passed her and clipped one end to the bed- the other to her neck, it was the perfect length, taut already. I took her bra off, examining it fully, it was the finest silk but what lay beneath was much more fine. Her breasts were big and smooth, with large areolas.

The skin was creamy and her nipples were already standing to attention, begging to be sucked, pinched. anything. Nadine kept her hands to her sides, knowing me better than to dishonour my order. I kissed her more heavily now, driving my tongue to the back of her mouth. With one hand I grasped the nipple clamps and raised them over the target. I suddenly stopped the kissing, still fondling with the other hand. She looked surprised. then I release the clamp, letting it shut painfully over the exposed flesh.

She writhed in pain, mewing like a dying cat, I shushed her by placing a ball gag into her mouth- just in case she swallowed her tongue or woke the neighbours. "Shhh, shhh, that's it baby. let it all out," I called out softly. Tears began to leak down behind the blindfold, she bucked slightly.


hoping to sit up, but the chain yanked her back and she chocked slightly. "Just another one to go" I said, maliciously, savouring every erotic noise she made. My cock was solid, but I paid no heed.

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Carefully, this time I circled the area, she shook her head from side to side and I kissed the nipple. I waited a few moments longer, watching her crying for me before letting the second clamp mash down onto the sensitive skin.

Again she buckled against her will, thrashing- but the chain held her back, her hands clawed into the mattress. I stroked her tight stomach, "There there girl, good girl, you've been very good." She whimpered into the gag, smiling through the tears.

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I got up, reaching over to the bag for the spread-bar. Without warning, I clipped one to her left foot.

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"Since you've been such a good girl," I explained, "I'm going to let you cum." Nadine's smile widened momentarily. "But not yet," I continued. The happiness drained from her blinded expression and again fear set it in. The clamps were obviously being gotten used to, I thought to myself.

I adjusted them quickly, tightening them for fresh pain. She squealed through the gag. I then attached the remaining side of the bar to her right foot. I examined the panties, by this time they were absolutely sodden, I took a whiff. they smelt musky and wet.


"Looks like we need to take a look in here," I exclaimed, I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut through the expensive lace touching her thigh with the cold steel.

Once the panties had been removed, I proceeded to apply lubrication to a small dildo. I then prized the pussy lips apart, feeling the wetness and appreciating the shaved pubic hair, slowly massaging the top of her cunt.

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I then drove in the dildo, on a low vibration. It was curved around the side and had a slight lip so that it would stay in; I left it there, slowly vibrating. Nadine was moaning softly now, the pain and pleasure melting into one. I flipped her over onto her front.

Now her ass was on show to me, that perfect round ass. I tied each limb to a corner of the bed and watched her pussy continue to flow juices onto the covers. I took out a long, lithe leather sash and approached her backside. "I want you to count for me," I said. "You can have 20 lashings, and if you can manage that, I might let you cum." She murmured her understanding as I slapped the left cheek, hard.

I watched it turn from white to red in an instant. 'This is going to be fun' I thought to myself, taking off her blindfold and making her look at me. So I started to lash her, one-two-three-four, the cheeks of her ass were patterned with the strokes, I kept hitting her, she hardly moved.

I noticed her pussy, now constricting with every hit as she sunk into surrender. She screamed with pain, crying fully now and I kept going, passed twenty. Pure fear showed in her eyes as she begged me to stop. "How many was that?" I asked, she'd lost count and so had I, she shook her head slowly. I just looked at her, disappointed. Getting up and fetching a buckle to add to the end of the lash.

"Ok baby, just three of these then" I assured her, she nodded, warm tears streaming down her cheeks. I smiled. Whack, I hurled this one at her, immediately a welt arose. I hit her again and again, welts appearing every time and the screams going on even when I'd stopped. I undid the gag and she sobbed softly, a wreck, I cradled her head. wiping back her tears. "There, there, wasn't so bad, was it?" She shook her head. "No master." She replied. "Good girl." I turned her over softly so as not to aggravate her newly acquired wounds.

I sunk down to her pussy, the dildo still humming away. I took it out slowly, unsheathing it from the slick pussy lips. I took out a different dildo, this one was much larger- black and evil-looking.

Before applying her gag once more I raised the dildo to her mouth. "The more lube you can get on this, the better, darling. because it's going in your ass." Her eyes shot up to me, but wordlessly she took the dildo and deep throated it as best she could. She gagged slightly before I took it back from her and replaced it with the gag. I worked my way down to her lovely ass; I watched her lovely tight ring contract with excitement.

Slowly, I took my index finger, coated it in saliva then worked it into her tight hole.


I wriggled it around, finding her prostate gland and tickling it slightly. I then added a second finger, sliding them in and out slowly; Nadine writhed with the new sensation as I defiled her virgin ass. Slowly I removed the fingers. Once fully out, I took the dildo and pressed it hard into the hole, I turned it slightly, backing it back out and repeating the forward motion again and again until it was half way in.

Nadine was panting and it almost looked like she was going to split in two. Finally she made it over the widest part and it sunk into her anus. She bucked again and I gave her time for her tight ring to readjust.

"Well done baby," I said. "Phew, that was massive!" She smiled grimly, enjoying the feeling of being completely full. She was still strapped to the bed as I climbed over her, kissing her on the forehead.

I positioned myself before driving my cock into her wet pussy. I felt the foreign object beneath me and knew that the exquisite pain she was in right now would be insane.

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Being double penetrated by two massive cocks. I slammed my own into her, feeling her constrict around me. I gained pace, fucking her slowly at first, then building speed. She gasped and grabbed the sheets as we finally made it to oblivion. She bucked and bucked as I continued to slam into her and her juices were spilling everywhere, I just kept going, fucking her faster now. She screamed into the gag, cumming a second time, tremors surging through her body.

I kept going, knowing most of the work was being done by the giant anal dildo pressing against her. This time I felt my own climax rising so as I pounded, I grasped the end of the dildo and just before cumming I wrenched the dildo from her broken ass, driving her to the edge and we collapsed in a pile of sweat. Slowly I retrieved my slightly deflated cock, undid Nadine's gag and took off the condom.

She smiled, as I said: "Open wide."