Latin Twinks Neils and Isaac Barebacking

Latin Twinks Neils and Isaac Barebacking
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This is NOT a free standing story. In each succeeding part you will find new characters introduced, but only embellishments on existing characters. Just click on author name to find earlier parts/chapters.) "Carolyn, what are you doing?" "Oh, just getting ready for my 'Welcoming Spanking', Ma'am," answered Carolyn. "Carolyn . whatever are you talking about?" asked the very surprised Margaret.

"Well, it was standard procedure to get a 'Welcoming Spanking' when we first entered the dorm. I just assumed that you'd want to introduce me to the typical punishment I should expect whenever I displease you, Ma'am. Naturally, I don't expect a real severe spanking, but perhaps you'd be kind enough to tell me about the various types of punishments dispensed in this household." "Carolyn, this is a good idea! I can see that we are going to get alone just fine.

Well, to begin your lesson we are in the right room. That is, in this room both Robert and I dispense spankings when deserved. Now, I usually dispense during the daytime and Robert at night. If at any time I believe that my spankings are NOT having the desired effect, I'll report my displeasure to Robert." "Robert will then add you to his list of reminder or 'augmentation' spankings.

These formal punishments he always schedules just before bedtime, as afterwards recipients are rarely in condition to do any work. Normal procedure requires that everyone on the formal list must hang their panties on the same hook in the main hall where Robert keeps the household strap. Panties on that hook is a signal to all that formal spankings will be dispensed that evening." "Robert believes that announcing formal punishments this way insures extra good behavior by those NOT on the list .

at least, for the balance of the night. Naturally, when you report to the study, your backside must be bare and ready for punishment.

Most report in their night gowns or pajamas tops and robes." Margaret continued, "Similar to his method at work, Robert leaves the study door open as he believes that others can learn from hearing the punishment of their peers. And when he uses that house strap . no one takes it quietly! My strong recommendation is to let Robert know by your actions and screams that his punishment hurts and is being felt.


Don't try to play the hero!" "Yes, Ma'am! You are correct! That's pretty much the same situation at work. It seems our Robert is pretty consistent. Do we always get the strap in these formal punishments?" asked Carolyn. "Naturally the decision upon implement and number of swats rests solely with Robert, but yes .


most often he uses that strap. On occasion and if recommended by me, Robert will use the household paddle. Now, let me be clear. That paddle HURTS and don't I know it . but it's no whereas near as bad as that strap." "On the spankings that I dispense, I limit implements to the clothes brush or the house paddle. That strap is just way too heavy for me to control. Now, since you are only getting a demonstration, I'll get the brush.

Would you please move that stool into the center of the study. One final thing . I expect all of my charges to take their punishments with a degree of decorum." Carolyn did as requested and recognized the stool as identical to the stool in Robert's office at work.

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She then asked, "Yes, Ma'am. Of course, Ma'am.


Ma'am, do you require that I count the spanks?" "No, Carolyn, that won't be necessary. I usually don't give a fix number of swats anyhow. I have an old kitchen timer here and I usually set it between 2 and 5 minutes.

Now, if my delinquent has been spanked a number of times before for exactly the same offense, I have, on occasion, sentenced the delinquent to a week of 5 minute spankings. This usually puts an ends to any and all bad behavior. Another option I've employed for particularly dumb behavior is a full 5 minute spanking followed by 20 minutes in the corner and then another 5 minute spanking.

This seems to get the attention of even the dumbest airhead." Margaret then sat on the stool and ordered Carolyn over her knees. Carolyn, of course complied quickly and once in position she grabbed for the lowest rung and held on tightly. No way she wanted to chance bringing her hands back to protect her doomed behind. That would only antagonize Margaret and insure a longer and harder spanking.

At the same time, Margaret was pleasantly surprised by the full white cheeks presented to her for punishment. There were a few minor blemishes which Margaret correctly assumed came from previous discipline sessions. Again, these were minor and the vast majority of Carolyn's backside was white and quivering slightly. While she had Carolyn in this very vulnerable position, Margaret decided this would be a good time to discuss some issues very important to her.

She began, "Carolyn, since tonight will be your first night with Robert, I want to make clear how this will all play out." "Of course, Ma'am," answered Carolyn deeply concerned for what Margaret would demand. "Tonight after dinner, you and Robert will retire to your room.

Once there, you will undress yourself and Robert. I think you know how to proceed from there, but I want to make one thing perfectly clear. While Robert enjoys oral very much, you are NOT to let him finish in your mouth. He must always finish where nature intended. Do you understand what I am saying here?" "Yes, of course Ma'am. I'm here to help the country's re-population efforts." "Exactly, Carolyn!

And if I hear that Robert is finishing ANYWHERE inconsistent with that effort, you'll be spending 5 minutes over my knees every night . for an entire week!

Are we clear here?" "Yes, Ma'am. Very clear!" "Another thing, after Robert has finished you are to lie on your back with your knees hugged to your chest for 10 minutes. This will help Robert's little swimmers find their destination. During this time I recommend that you turn on your TV and let Robert watch the hour long evening news, which he religiously watches every night anyhow.

Towards the end of the news, I suggest you begin caressing Robert, using oral or anything else you can think of to stimulate him so that you get him to finish a second time. I further want this same schedule followed every night during your honeymoon; that is, for the next two weeks.

Naturally, after Robert finishes the second time, you are to once again get into the knees up position for another 10 minutes. While doing this, you should remind Robert that his presence is required in his study as there is discipline to be dispensed." Margaret's plan was well thought out as indeed, most nights there would be disciplinary spankings to dispense, but that was never her real concern. Her real concern was that for the balance of the night, Robert will be sleeping with her and NOT with Carolyn.

Margaret well understood that Robert was a creature of habit and once a pattern was established, Robert would be strongly inclined to follow it.

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Carolyn was most relieved as this plan sounded good to her. Further, Margaret's threat of a week of spankings was more than sufficient to insure she followed Margaret's instructions about oral. She answered with a somewhat muted, "Yes, Ma'am, I understand and of course, you can count on me to obey." "Very well then, we should get this demonstration over with and since this is only demonstration and NOT punishment, I'm thinking 10 swats should be about right.

Another reason for only 10 little swats is I don't want you so sore that you can't enjoy your first night with Robert." With that Margaret brought the brush high over her head and rained down the first swat hard on Carolyn's right cheek square on the crown .

SMMMACCKKK! "Ouuch!" moaned Carolyn as while the swat hurt plenty, it was not unbearable like the spankings she would get from her dorm mom. Then, she remembered she was due ten swats in total . ten swats! That was NOTHING! She was congratulating herself on her brilliance in volunteering for this demo from Margaret as opposed to a "Farewell Spanking" from Maude Grubber. At that moment, Margaret delivered the next spank hard on Carolyn's left cheek .

CCRRACKKKK! "Youuucchh!" cried Carolyn determined to let Margaret know she felt the spank. And so the spanking continued with Carolyn's responses growing both longer and louder. After Margaret delivered the tenth and final spank, she ordered Carolyn to get up and get ready for dinner. As Carolyn was slipping on her coarse underpants, Margaret stopped her with, "Hold it! How many pairs of those underpants do you have?" Carolyn stopped immediately and answered, "I have 5 more in addition to this pair, Ma'am." "Well, take them off and gather up the rest.

Take all of them to our maid Molly, and tell her to burn them. Since you and Molly are the same size, tell Molly to give you 2 pairs of her nylon panties.

Tomorrow I'll order a dozen nylon panties for you of various colors. No way do we want Robert to see those 'passion killers' you are wearing. Oh, and tomorrow you will NOT be going to work with Robert. I want you to see me at 8:00am and I'll show you around. Naturally, you'll be expected to contribute to running this household so you need to see the entire estate." "Yes, Ma'am," replied Carolyn as she removed the coarse underpants and put on her slip, skirt and shoes.

Margaret opened the study door and gave Carolyn her parting command, "Find Molly and ask her to show you to your room. It's at the end of the long corridor - I ummm . thought you might like some privacy. Next, tell Molly she is to help you un-pack." Carolyn eagerly began wandering around looking for the maid. Shortly she found her and told her of Margaret's requests. Molly explained, "Well, your room is upstairs and down the hall, but follow me and we'll stop at my room first to get you some panties." With that, the two set off.

While they were walking, Carolyn mentioned she'd just gotten a 'Welcoming Spanking' from Margaret that really wasn't all that bad. She then asked Molly if all of the Margaret's spankings were of the mild sort. Molly excitedly whispered, "Heck NO! If Margaret is angry with you . look out! She can roast your hind end something awful. And if she's really mad, she turns you over to Robert for the strap. You know our house strap is exactly the same strap they use in women's prisons to maintain order.

My friend told me that those poor girls can be sentenced to 30 strokes! Can you imagine? I can barely take six and I am NOT alone. Everyone here screams their heads off when Robert lays it on. Trust me; you don't ever want to get it. Sooo, do your very best to keep Margaret happy!" "Well, fortunately, I've never gotten the strap, but I've often heard Robert use it at work and you are right .

it must be murder. He uses it on the salegirls whenever they miss their sales quotas. I can hear their screams clearly way out by my desk.

It really works though, because no salesgirl EVER . misses her quota twice in a row." Shortly, they arrived at Molly's room where Molly open her underwear drawer and told Carolyn to choose whatever colors she wanted. Panties in hand, Carolyn followed Molly on the long trek to her new room. While walking Carolyn asked what behaviors upset Margaret and what behaviors please her. "Well, any kind of disrespect or out right disobedience and Margaret will make certain you get a punishment to remember.

Simple mistakes will earn a spanking, but Margaret is really quite fair. Often times on a first offense, she'll just give you a warning or possibly a hand spanking.

Repeat offenses, naturally, will get more severe punishment. Oh and 'self reporting' is a big deal with Margaret!" "Self reporting?!" queried Carolyn. "Yes, when you report that you made a mistake to Margaret before she finds out, you will get a much, much easier spanking. Margaret takes it as a personal insult when you fail to "own up" and then she really wallops your backside with a passion.

Don't make that mistake! You know when you screw up you are going to get your hind end warmed, so approach Margaret and confess! Failing to do so means you'll only be going to bed with one really well whipped rump.

And . it will be sore for days on end." "Thanks, Molly. I appreciate your candor and advice. I think we are going to be good friends and I could really use friends in a big house like this.

Are there others besides Robert and Margaret that I need to watch out for?" "Mrs. Weston the cook or just Cook as everyone calls her, is to be obeyed and respected.

Margaret respects the good work that Cook does and therefore backs her up with a fervent zeal. When Cook tells you to see Margaret you know you are in for one very hard walloping. Many of the kitchen helpers and me included, will beg Cook to punish us instead of sending us to Margaret.

Sometimes Cook will dispense spankings, but often she'll just say she is too busy that you need to report to Margaret. When Cook decides to punish you herself, you will get a well warmed bottom. Cook always uses handy kitchen utensils, spoons, bread boards, knife sharpening straps, etc. Even if you are NOT assigned to the kitchen, always make sure you respect and obey Cook." "Once again, thanks, Molly. It seems the chain of command then is Robert, Margaret, Cook and then Molly." "Ha ha ha, noooooo!

I'm at the same level as everyone else. The chain stops at Cook. Now some of the older maids, will put on airs, but . you can ignore them." Shortly they arrived at Carolyn's new room and she was particularly impressed by the size of the room, the TV and the bed. "Wow, I've never seen a bed this big before. Are all of the beds this size?" asked Carolyn. "Heck no! You got this great bed and TV because of Robert. You are supposed to entertain him, you know?" "Yes, of course I know and Margaret made clear in no uncertain terms just HOW I'm supposed to entertain Robert.

My big fear is that, as the new person in the household, I'll be spending a lot of time over Margaret's knees . entertaining her." "Well, I have some good news for you on that front. Earlier this week we added two new kitchen helpers, Sally and Jenny. I believe they are both sixteen and real chatterboxes.

Cook has spanked them both twice already for gabbing instead of working. Earlier today, I heard Cook scolding them and she told them they were to report to Robert. So, with those two around the spotlight will be on them.

All you have to do is behave, and you just might enjoy a smooth transition." "Wow, two spankings already and going to get another. These young people today just weren't exposed to enough discipline in school like we were.

I can't tell you the number of times I got the school paddle on my bare fanny in front of the whole class!" "Yup! Same with me," smiled Molly. "I even got the strap a couple of times in the principal's office.

Man did that hurt! You watch your behavior very carefully after a session like that." "Ouch! Better you than me. Oh, almost forgot, Margaret told me to give you these underpants which she wants burned." "Yuck, these are awful!

No wonder Margaret wants them burned. That's one of the nice benefits of this household.

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Margaret insures we are all well clothed and feed. No one has any complaints on that end. When I see that condition of the maids and helpers of some of Margaret's friends, I just feel so sorry for them." At that Carolyn mentioned, "Robert is very fair with his employees as well.

All would gladly take a strapping rather than be fired. I can't tell you the number of girls who have begged Robert to strap them HARD rather than fire them. This is, because they all know that wherever they end up, it will NEVER be as good as working for Robert. So I guess I'm doubly . lucky!" ~00O00~ After dinner that evening Robert and Carolyn retired to Carolyn's room and everything went according to Margaret's plan. According to Margaret's plan until, that is, Carolyn was preparing Robert for his second serving.

She was orally stimulating Robert to get him ready when he exploded . and filled her mouth. "Oh Nooooooo!" exclaimed Carolyn. "I'm sorry, Carolyn. I didn't realize you had an aversion to receiving in your mouth my ." "No! That's NOT the problem. Believe me, that's NOT an issue. That's OK. I mean, it's NOT OK. OH, Margaret is going to be so mad! Oh damn!" Robert now totally confused asked, "Margaret?

What does Margaret have to do with ." "Robert, please promise me you'll tell Margaret what happened and tell her it was an ACCIDENT. Please, please, please??" "OK, OK, I still don't understand, but I will tell Margaret we had .

what? . an 'accident'???" Carolyn continued, "Just tell her what happened, please! And you better get going as you have some discipline to dispense in your study right now." "Oh NO, not tonight! Are you certain of that?" "Yes, I'm sure.

Margaret told me to tell you that she needs you in the study. Now, if Margaret wants me in the study, she should just send for me. Otherwise, I'll see her first thing in the morning. Please Robert, do this for me?" Unhappy and confused Robert got dressed and promised Carolyn he'd do as she asked. ~00O00~ Shortly after he entered the study and where he found Margaret, and the two new helpers Jenny and Sally both barefoot.

"Hi, dear," he greeted his wife and continued, "who the heck are these two?" Margaret answered, "These two little idiots are Sally and Jenny. They joined our kitchen staff earlier this week and Cook had to spank them twice already. Cook thinks they aren't getting the message and has asked for our help." "Well, that's just PERFECT! Do you two realize what you have done?" shouted an angry Robert. "Sir, we thought the pots were clean. We scrubbed them really hard, didn't we Jenny?" cried Sally.

"Ah Hemm, according to Cook you were doing more gabbing than scrubbing!" inserted Margaret. "ENOUGH!" shouted Robert. "Do you two know what happens in here?" "Yes, Sir! Cook said you are going to use a prison strap on us. Oh please, Sir, don't use that strap on us. They use it on the bad girls in prison. We aren't bad girls, Sir. Please?." begged a crying Sally. "My dear young ladies, poor behavior in this household earns punishment!

Since you are new, you are now going to get a lesson in how you are to position yourselves for the strap." Robert then turned to Margaret and commanded, "Margaret, would you please show these two the proper position in which to accept a good strapping." "Of course, Sir," answered a very nervous Margaret wondering whether she would get a few demonstration licks as well. She quickly lifted both skirt and slip high on her back showing her light yellow, nylon panties.

She then put her thumbs in the waist band and looking at Robert asked, "Off completely or just pulled down, Sir?" "Neither," answered Robert, "just get in position as you are." A very relieved Margaret approached the coffee table, then knelt at the end of the table and finally lowered herself over the bolster so that her hind end was upper most.

Her yellow panties were now tightly stretch across her full cheeked bottom and in perfect position for the strap to do its painful work.

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"Do you two think you can remember the correct position?" "Yes, Sir!" answered both girls crying and sniffling. "But please don't use that prison strap on us. We are good girls," pleaded Sally once MORE. Robert looked at the two and saw two crying teens and had to agree they weren't really BAD girls . just DUMB girls. Dumb or they would still be in school.

They clearly lacked the aptitude to do more and consequently, were released into the workforce . and thus ended up in Robert's kitchen. Robert looked at Margaret shaking his head, "Dear, perhaps for this one time only, we could spank them with your brush?" Margaret quickly got up off the coffee table, went to the desk drawer and removed the brush. "Of course, Robert. But any more problems with these two and it's a HARD session with the household strap." "Thank you, Sir!" said a sniveling Jenny.

"Ladies, we have rules to follow when you enter this room. For example, what are you wearing under your work skirts?" asked Robert.

"Nothing," answered Sally and she continued, "Cook told us that whenever we were sent to your study we must remove our shoes and underpants first. This way our bottoms are bare and ready for your strap." "Good, at least you learned something today!" said Robert as he retrieved the tall stool from the corner. "Now, Sally, if you would kindly place yourself over my lap, we'll begin." Sally quickly walked over to the seated Robert, lifted her work skirt as high as she could and then placed herself over Robert's knees with her hands tightly gripping the lowest rung on the stool.

Her feet were a long ways from the floor, but she did find a lower rung that would temporarily support them. As Robert looked over the pale, white bottom that had totally recovered from her earlier 'exercises' with Cook, he queried, "We have some other rules here such as we expect you to take your punishments willingly and obediently. Do you know what that means, Sally?" "I.I.I'm not certain, Sir.

I know at school if we moved out of position or covered up, we would get the spanking all over again the following day. Is that what you mean, Sir?" "Close enough!" said Robert as he took the brush from Margaret. He then ordered Margaret, "Dear, please get your timer and set it to the minimum 2 minutes." Margaret, still elated that she didn't have to remove her panties or receive a few demonstration spanks, moved very quickly complying with Robert's request.

Once the timer was set, she pushed the start button and indicated to Robert that he could begin. And begin he did with a sound SMMMACK of the brush on Sally's right hind cheek which set the cheek bouncing and elicited a loud "YYEEOOUUCHHH" from Sally. For the next two minutes the brush, and Sally's feet were in constant motion.

In short, everything was in motion except her hands which gripped the lower rung tightly. Her head bobbed up and down while her legs were flutter kicking. Her scorched bottom checks were bouncing, clenching, unclenching, and weaving desperately trying to avoid that brush, but . to no avail. Every single loud SMMACCKK was answer with a loud "OOWWIEEE!" that could be heard throughout the house. Indeed, the hind cheeks of all household staff members in hearing range winced in both sympathy and fear .

fear that they might be next to visit Robert's study. It was typical for Robert to conclude a sound spanking with a barrage of spanks on the tender thighs.

The combination of Sally's squirming and howling, however, convinced Robert that Sally had receive sufficient punishment and that he'd leave the thigh swats for her next spanking. Soon the timer dinged and Robert stopped the barrage and ordered Sally to get up. Upon being let up, Sally hopped and jumped up and down while rubbing her inflamed rump.

"STOP THAT!" ordered Robert. "Hop all you want, but don't let me see hands on your naughty backside. It's supposed to burn and sting for a while .

or the punishment will be soon forgotten." Sally immediately removed her hands from her inflamed backside, but continued to hop from foot to foot. "OK, Jenny, it's your turn," directed Robert. Jenny quickly raised her skirt and bent over Robert's knees. There was an aura of resignation about the way she positioned herself; it was clear this was a position she knew from experience.

Indeed, the typical spankings Jenny got at school were way more severe than the spanking she'd just witnessed given to Sally. Her hope in cooperating fully was to get a similar spanking and NOT something worse. Robert observed that Jenny's well rounded hind cheeks were quite white and covered in freckles.

This usually indicated to Robert a bottom that was very sensitive and one that would show marks for an extended period.

He once again had Margaret set the timer to two minutes and gave Jenny a good hard spanking with the brush. Now, Jenny took her spanking with a great deal more dignity than Sally took hers. Yes she cried and tears flowed, but there was NO loud wailing. Given the sensitivity of her very pale backside, this caught Robert by surprised. When the timer dinged after those two long minutes, the condition of Jenny's bottom was no surprise, however.

Her hind cheeks were purple on the summits and crimson everywhere else. In short, Jenny's very while skin did in fact, showed to all who looked that she had been spanked . and soundly so! Upon getting up Jenny hopped around as did Sally, but she learned from Sally to keep her hands off her bottom as she jumped up and down. Robert then told both girls to pins their gray work skirts up and then to go out to the main hall and to kneel under the hook holding the house strap for 30 minutes.

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Robert's goal here, of course, was to let other household members know that disobedience would NOT be tolerated. At the same time, he was letting Cook know that he would strongly support her in her efforts to run an efficient kitchen. Sniveling the girls did as told and helped each other pin the skirts high on their backs so that their well reddened hind cheeks were clearly visible.

They then left . still sniveling. Margaret commented, "Well, let's hope those two learn something from that. I know I would! I know I wouldn't want another spanking soon after getting that." "Yes, indeed, while no where near as bad as it could have been, I think the spanking they got should be sufficient for an introduction to our discipline techniques.

Oh, before I forget Carolyn asked me to tell you we had an accident. For the life of me, I don't understand what she's talking about, because I think that for our first time together everything went exceptionally well. She said if you want to see her now, just send Molly.

Otherwise, she'll see you as planned in the morning." "An ACCIDENT on her first night in my house! Yes, I certainly will attend to her first thing in the morning," exclaimed a somewhat angry Margaret.

Then in a far calmer manner she whispered to Robert, "Dear, let's get to bed as you have to get up early tomorrow and I'm sure you must be exhausted after walloping those two."