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Super sexy thai beauty favors her dude with a sexy oral stimulation
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Kathleen Casey waved goodbye to the receding taillights of her parents' SUV.

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She stood with her sister, Violet in front of the garage, having just helped their mom and dad load up their baggage for their cruise vacation to Alaska.

Yes, Alaska, the worst idea for a cruise. "Why would anyone want to go in a cruise where it's as cold year-round as it gets in the winter here?" Violet pondered aloud. Kathleen turned and headed back towards the front door, "I think Jack London went there once or something.

You know how dad is about old authors." Violet rolled her eyes and followed her sister. Their father had a sizeable library at the back of the house, his 'inspiration' as he liked to call it, since he was a writer for the city newspaper, and was working on his own novel.

Their mother was a doctor of medicine, so the girls grew up surrounded by books and intelligence, which explained the straight-As in high school. But since it was the ides of July, with an empty house and no school to attend, the two sisters would have to find some way of entertaining themselves. Kathleen was currently in the last few pages of an exceptional mystery novel, so sometime soon she would have to find something else to read before she turned into bed, as was her nightly mantra.

Although her younger sister liked books, she was more into nerd stuff and videogames than Kathleen, who enjoyed history, politics, balanced out by westerns and mystery novels. Kathleen held the door for her sister, and watched her as she moved into the house; smelled her as she passed. As a lesbian, Kathleen could not help noticing Violet every so often.

With her straight reddish-brown hair worn down to her shoulder blades and her sage-green eyes combined with the smell of her shampoo, Kathleen had to occupy her mind with something else quickly, else things might get a little damp downstairs. Violet stopped at the kitchen threshold and looked back at her sister, "So what do you want to do for a week?" Kathleen's eyes snapped back up to her sister's face; they had been intent on watching Violet's ass work on her way across the den.

She quickly recovered her mental capabilities, but not before one of Violet's eyebrows arched in confusion. "I-I was thinking of getting into videogames, honestly." What a dumb thing to say. Violet's other eyebrow rose to join the first. "You? Videogames? I thought you said that they were for macho boys or little kids?" Kathleen's mind was racing. "Yeah, I was thinking that they're pretty much movies that you can kind of control, right? Some of them have got to have decent plots." Violet's sage eyes blinked.

She agreed, still confused, and proceeded into the kitchen. Kathleen breathed a silent sigh of relief. Violet had caught her staring at her usually skirt-clad ass before, about six months ago. Although there was no incident, Violet had looked very confused and unsure as to what was going on, and Kathleen didn't want to hurt her little sister in any way shape or form. Balancing her lust with her propriety was like walking a daily tightrope with no balancing pole. Besides, Violet was her sister.

These kinds of thoughts were just plain wrong. As she tried to work out the moisture that had dampened the front of her panties, Kathleen vowed to keep a stronger vigilance against her own wandering eyes and lustful heart. Surprisingly enough, the siblings found a film that they agreed on watching that evening.

Even with the house at a level of almost eerie silence, they managed to enjoy themselves through the movie.

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When it was finished, they closed the house against the chill and the darkness and bid each other goodnight. Kathleen sank into her moon seat against the windows of her upstairs bedroom and looked out at the moonlight-streaked pine tree forest that stretched back away from their home before tearing into the last chapter of her mystery novel. Violet sighed in frustration at the game she was failing at and hit the power button.

Setting her console's controller down on her nightstand, she decided instead to start up a book. Her little bookcase sat at the foot of her bed, half-filled with all sorts of fantasy, space-age, and dystopian future paperbacks and hardcovers, each of them calling out to her with a different voice. She had read them all before, and even though Violet enjoyed re-reading all of her books for possibly overlooked aspects, she decided to go and find something new to read.

Stepping out into the upstairs hallway, clad only in a t-shirt and sheer white panties, Violet tiptoed to her sister's door, intending to ask for something to read from her bookshelves.

When she saw no light streaming from underneath the door, she decided not to wake Kathleen, and instead headed to the back of the house, where the entirety of both stories of one wall was covered in shelving.

Their father had spent his whole life collecting books, and as a result, the vast majority of the shelving was filled with every kind of novel. Violet was thinking that she could definitely find something to get into here. Turning on a reading lamp in the corner of the cavernous room, the young woman began looking over the plaques set into the shelves, telling where each genre of book was located.

She found the fiction, narrowed that down to fantasy and science fiction (the smallest section of books that her father owned), and climbed the sliding ladder to the halfway point. These were mostly old dusty paperbacks written half a century ago. Her searching hand hovered over The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but moved on to find something more obscure.

Violet sighed as she reached the end of her father's collection of science fiction and fantasy, and was about to give up when she spied something interesting above her. The top four shelves were empty across the entire room, except for a group of four or five thick brown hardcover tomes on the top shelf.

Frowning with curiosity, she suppressed a yawn and climbed up to investigate. When she finally came level with the isolated books, she noticed that they were covered in dust, and the end book had cobwebs snaking from it to the ceiling. Brushing them away, Violet gently picked up the end tome and carefully descended to the carpet. Her heart pounded in her chest; either the late night or something else was making her excited for some reason.


Finding old books hidden away in her own home was enough reason to be enthralled in uncovering the books in the dead of night, she supposed as she put the book down under the light. When she had seen the book in the shadows Violet had thought that it's covers were blank, but in the direct light, she could see a jagged unknown symbol carved into the front cover. "Well I've gone this far." she steeled her will and opened the book to a random page. Suddenly, the pages grew warm in her hands, causing her to start and letting the book fall open.

Violet was spooked now. There was no visual indication that this was anything other than a big old book, yet a minute ago the pages were practically heating her hands.

She told herself to get out of there, deal with it in the morning when at least there would be light coming in the windows. But something made her creep back to the side of the table and look at the script on the page. There wasn't much of it, just a half dozen paragraphs all aligned in the center of the page.


She skimmed the words, but they were mostly garbled and unrecognizable, although here and there was an English word that leapt out at her. Near the end of the final paragraph on the page was one word that she definitely recognized. "Penis?" she said aloud to the sharp-shadowed library. The words on the page began to run, as if the faded ink reliquified and began spreading across the page. Violet looked on in vacant fear, backed away from the small table, and finally dashed back to her bedroom, the reanimated ink dropping into the carpet behind her.

Kathleen was able to finish her book by the light of the moon. She cast her eyes across the trees and grass, both tinted silver by the midnight moon. Tired, but not quite ready to go to sleep, Kath came out of her pillow nest and went to replace her book on the shelf. A sudden gust of wind came up and blew her windows open, causing her to drop the book and spin around in shock.

She scoffed and shook her head at how jumpy she was, strode over, and gently closed the windows. She could see the silver peaks of the pines seating back and forth with the breeze, which had appeared out of nowhere.

Turning away from the vista, Kath found her thoughts returning to her sister, and how the smell of her this afternoon had caused such a reaction.

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Despite Kath's understanding that incest was wrong, it wasn't like she was intending to breed with her sibling or settle down and have a family. They were just lustful thoughts, like any of the other stuff she thought about to get herself off. Her hands snaked inside her jeans and found what they were looking for as Kath sat back into her nest of pillows at the window. The jeans were soon gone as she plunged two fingers into her steadily dampening pussy.

Focusing on Violet, Kath found her spot and started massaging, eliciting a moan from her breast amidst her own heavy breathing. While her one hand was busy being wet, she brought the other hand under her shirt and grabbed her boob, rolling a nipple between her first two fingers. She imagined that Violet was doing all of this, enjoying it, needing it just as much as Kath did.

This thought increased the pleasure heading to Kath's brain, and she knew she was getting close to an orgasm. Pulling her fingers out of her pussy, she vigorously rubbed her clit with her slick left hand until the wave crashed over her, a yelp barely escaping before she could clap her hand over her mouth.

For a couple minutes, Kathleen caught her breath as She slowly came down from her orgasm. Now she was tired enough to go to sleep.

Her bare feet squeaked as Violet took the corner through the kitchen into the den at high speed. That was one of the weirdest things that she had ever seen with her own two eyes, and she wasn't going to investigate any further until the light of day was filling that library.

Til then, she would barricade herself in her bedroom, use her Legend of Zelda collectible sword to protect herself. She was nearing the stairs when she finally noticed that her lower abdomen was really agitated.

Violet wondered if it could be period cramps, but she just had her monthly last week. By the time she got to the foot of the stairs, something within her shifted. She could feel things shifting, but there was absolutely no pain involved. She gasped and put her hand to her tummy, feeling her guts moving around beneath her flesh. Almost shuddering in confused terror, Violet felt the movement slow and then finally stop.

Using her fingers, it felt as though nothing had happened. She was about to proceed upstairs when she grunted and sunk to her knees. Her insides were shifting again, this time lower than before, as if something had happened to her uterus, and now something was happening to her vagina.

Violet quickly sat down on the stairs and stuck a finger in her mouth. She pulled off her sheer panties and stuck her wet finger up her snatch to try and feel what was going on. Before she got too far in, she met resistance and was immediately pushed out of her own pussy. The young woman go back to her feet in horror, still feeling odd things happening to her crotch area.

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She stumbled into the den, turned on a light just in time to feel a weight hang from between her legs, as if it had just appeared there. She pulled her shirt hem up to her tits and looked down to see a very large semi-hard penis distend from where her pussy lips should be. A pair of testicles hung beneath the base, where the opening to her vagina should have been.

Nothing inside her moved after that. Violet just stared in shock at the slightly throbbing member that hung from her crotch, where there used to be a perfectly normal vagina. When she came back to herself, she fumbled for the light and turned it off. She walked out of the room, feeling the huge dick slap against her thighs, and went to her room. She rationalized to herself that she must be dreaming, because there was absolutely no way that this could happen.

Violet froze as she sat on her bed; one of the only english words in that crazy book she pulled off the shelf was penis! Was that a book of cult rites or something along those lines? Violet ran her hands down her stomach to wrap them both around the shaft of her penis. She had never experienced something so completely insane.

She loved cock in every other instance, but to see about 8 inches of flaccid meat protruding from between her legs was going to take some getting used to.

At her touch, her penis began to swell and grow.

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Violet's shock and terror had gradually worn off, replaced by curiosity and arousal. She watched with quickening breaths as her cock lengthened and widened until it was almost 12 inches long and roughly 2 inches in diameter. Violet was stunned at the size; She had never touched, let alone seen any cock this size.

Her ex boyfriend had one that was just over 6 inches, but that was half the size of hers. She ran her hands along the length, exploring, feeling every contour. Time to see if it works. Violet gripped her dick with one hand, and started rubbing it up and down, as though she were giving someone a hand job. After a few strokes, she began to feel exactly how she liked it, and adjusted her grip accordingly. She reached down with her other hand and fondled her balls, an odd sensation since they were so sensitive.

This was definitely different than manipulating her clit like she used to. Her mind cast around and somehow landed on her sister, Kathleen.

Violet had seen her sister's looks over the years, ever since Kath came out as lesbian. In the haze of arousal, Violet imagined her sister on top of her, slamming her hips down towards her, trying like hell to get every last inch of the outrageously long cock inside her. At that thought, pleasure built in her stomach, her balls draw up against her cock, the head of her dick swelled, and all of a sudden with the apex of the pleasure, a jet of thick white fluid shot skyward and spattered in between Violet's breasts.

The second shot pulsed almost as high, while the third and fourth pooled on her tummy. With a ragged sigh, Violet's ass dropped back to the bed and her dick slapped against her stomach, slowly shrinking back to 'normal' leaving her out of breath and covered in spunk.

Her spunk. Sighing again in appreciation of the high intensity of the orgasm, Violet got up shakily and went to her bathroom to clean up the mess she had made.

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