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The Power: Chapter 2 Warning: The following contains graphic adult content. It also contains rampant exaggeration; so if you have a problem with insanely large body parts, leave now. We don't want to hear you complaining about it. Oh, and if you're not over 18, then don't read the rest. I sat at the breakfast table eating a bagel and doing research on my latest acquisition. Her name was Carol, she had no surviving relatives, and her job was not in the least high profile.

Making her disappear from the digital systems was relatively painless, as was securing her disappearance from everyone who had known her. While I went about this business I checked the stock portfolios that I managed carefully while not busy with my toys.

I was somewhat of a natural in the stock market; who better to predict what would sell best than someone who had intimate knowledge of what people were thinking. By spending no more than an hour a day exchanging and buying stock I was able to make a small fortune that could aptly support my more-than-mischievous endeavors.

I didn't live to work, as many in the current generation choose to do, but worked to live. I finished the bagel and my morning coffee, dumped the dishes in the dishwasher, and went to the shower to wash up. I wanted to make sure I was nice and clean for my plaything.

*** I tapped the hidden panel in my study, opened the door behind it, and walked down the steps leading to my Dungeon.

I peaked through the slat in the door and saw that Carol had been busy in the past 10 hours. She had cleaned up the mess I'd made on the floor and made sure the space was not only organized, but meticulously maintained. I may have unleashed the slut within her, but I had done nothing to change her apparently anal-retentive personality.

I decided that such a beneficial characteristic in her would be best retained, particularly because cleaning up was such a chore by definition. After surveying the room I found her in the corner on the bed, smiling softly as she dreamed. She had taken advantage of the bathroom adjoined to the dungeon and had gotten herself cleaned up. One less step before I could begin having my fun. I stepped back from the door and took off the robe I had been wearing, gliding in front of the mirror in the small passageway.

I had gone to sleep in my 6'3" frame the night before, and my tussled brown hair swept wildly around on my scalp. I was fit, that was sure, but I was nowhere near the muscular mass that would get Carol sopping wet in mere moments. The first step in my transformation was the bone structure; I grew to 7' 2" in seconds, and my muscles simply stretched along with me.

I was thin and wiry, bordering on skeletal but that was my next step. I started packing on pound after pound of muscle, my skin shifting and stretching as muscle and sinew bulged up from my limbs. I grew thick and dense, my body rippling with musculature that had been previously nonexistent. My hair withdrew into my head leaving it short and cropped while my skin tone deepened to an rich olive.

I looked into the mirror and saw the massive man looking back at me before my eyes trailed down to the most underscaled piece of my anatomy.

On my frame crotch was belittled by nothing more than a twig and berries, but that would change. The 5-inch flaccid cock grew longer and longer to near 20 inches, larger than the previous day. I left it there, hanging close to my knees, and observed the comically thin flesh rod. It ballooned outward to be close to 3 inches thick soft. She would be able to handle it, I had seen to that, but today she would get the experience of a lifetime as she rode my pole for the first time.

I looked to my balls and realized that they were hidden behind my cock. I let the sack drop so that it hung 2 feet from my groin and then I filled them with cum. The quivered as they slowly filled with my thick gravy nearly reaching the size of basketballs before I let them rest hanging 1 foot from my crotch.

All hair from the base shriveled up and fell away from me and I looked back into the mirror to see the massively muscled behemoth staring back at me. Now I was nude and ready for some sweet, sweet loving. I entered the room and crept up to Carol's bed. She was asleep and I forced her to float over to me completely naked and splayed out, leaving her body open for all to see.

I took the time to truly look at her for the first time since I had met her at the hotel. She was certainly attractive in a way that made you realize that she didn't know just how attractive she was. Her skin was lightly tanned and creamy, a seemingly flawless canvas to work with. She was probably somewhere around 5'3", but her legs were long and thin.

She had medium length hair the color of amber that caught the light and made her look even more warm. Her lips were soft and generous, flushed red and incredibly inviting. Her breasts were smaller than they had at first appeared- maybe a B-cup- but they were firm and perky capped by delicious little pink nipples. All of that was going to change though. I had some very specific ideas of what to do with her: but first to wake her up. "Carol. Wake up sweetheart," I whispered into her ear.

She rolled her head loosely and my whore fell back asleep. I clapped my hand loudly next to her pretty face and she was startled awake, blinking rapidly as she tried to get her bearings. The act that she was suspended in midair obviously left her disoriented, but once she looked me in the eyes she relaxed and allowed a blinding smile to cross her face.

It was almost a shame that such a nice little girl was now left to live a live as a pleasure toy. Only almost. Her smile faded as I began to speak to her, explaining what was going on.

"Hello my little whore. I trust you slept well." "Oh, yes master," she replied, nodding her head up and down vigorously which sent a ripple through her soft titflesh.

"Very good dear, very good. We have a lot of work to do today." I said, motioning toward my cock with my hand. She giggled and the look of excitement on her face was simply priceless. "For now you will be unable to talk. You will be allowed to move but struggling might make me more vindictive than I would be otherwise.

Understand sweetheart?" I finished with a sinister smile. She looked t me and opened her mouth to talk but her vocal chords wouldn't respond. Her eyes softened with understanding and she nodded emphatically sending even more ripples through her supple skin.

I drew up a chair and once again looked at my canvas, deciding what needed changing and what would remain the same. I liked her short frame: the Amazon look never really caught my interest. Her skin tone was nice, and changing that was always simple anyway. I decided to stat from the top and work my way down, so her hair came first.

Its color was very nice, and it was soft with a healthy shine but she lacked the length I loved. Her hair started to grow and her hands shot to her scalp to feel the added inches flow through her fingers.

I could tell she wasn't sure if she liked it, but eventually she would come to love her new "do." Her hair grew halfway down her back before I was forced to make it stop. Any longer and it could get in the way of her ass and I would not have that. I loved the good girl theme I had going with this girl and so I bound it up into pigtails with two red scrunchies.

Even up her hair reached below her shoulders and she turned her head experimentally, tossing her pigtails back and forth. They fanned out and brushed her face and I could tell that if she were permitted to speak she would be giggling like a schoolgirl.

"Do you like it?" I asked, waiting for a response. Again she tried to speak, forgetting that she couldn't. She then nodded, sending not only her breasts jostling, but her hair as well. "Good," I smiled, "Now you've got a pretty little face sweetheart." She blushed, demurely crossing her leg over the other. "However, as lovely as it is, do you know what it doesn't say to me?" She looked at me, perplexed, and of course she couldn't answer. "Well, your face just doesn't say 'fuck me.' Now we'll fix that, won't we?" She smiled and I saw that her teeth wouldn't need any work.

They were the wet dream of every dentist in history, white as porcelain and straight. Her lips, on the other hand, looked drawn, not overly thin but not the plumped up 'cum down my throat' look that I wanted. And they were lacking on the color side as well.

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I plumped up her lips and she touched them with two fingers, savoring the light tickling sensation that accompanied the swelling. Though there was no way I could make internal changes comfortable I had mastered the ability to make every aesthetic change feel sensual. She pulled her lower lip down, coyly pouting at me with her sweet pillowy mouth. I added some color and presto, there it was: a mouth that was soft, begging to be fucked, and cherry red.

Her eyes were rather dull so I made sure they popped from her face. They were now a bright green that seemingly blazed from the pure white of her eyes. Her eyelashes grew dramatically and darkened, giving her lashes that screamed sexuality while not being garish. Her face was done. She had good structure to begin with, of course, which made the whole process so much easier.

Now I was going to be able to have some fun. My eyes lingered on her face for a moment longer before they trailed down to her breasts. She followed my gaze and quickly understood what I wanted to do. She looked back to me bringing her hands up to frame her tits before pressing them together to make a tight seal that I was dying to stick my cock between. I felt a light twitch as my cock thudded against my thigh but I willed my arousal away.

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I had work to finish. I looked away from her tits for a moment and noticed a small stream of her juices creeping down her leg and catching the light in her downy tuft of hair. Her cunt would come soon, but my favorite part was at hand.

I looked back into her eyes and set to work on creating the most amazing pair of breasts the world had ever seen. "Those tits of yours," I said, motioning toward her meager rack, " are not eall that impressive.


I bet you can't really feel what you should be able to, can you? Can you cum just like this?" I reached forward and twisted her little nipples and she writhed in both agony and anticipation.

"No, not even a climax. Well, we can fix that, don't worry you little slut, we can fix that quite quickly." I pressed into her with my will and began working on her body, just beneath the skin.

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Nerve endings branched off and crisscrossed until her entire breast was covered in a network that would have her panting from a light caress.

I then created a bundle of nerves that would equal her clit in her nipples. She would have no trouble cumming from nothing more than a gentle breeze and I could tell that she had noticed her changes.

Every stray current of warm air brought a shiver to her, which caused more air to stroke her over-sensitive tits until she was bucking wildly in the throes of a powerful orgasm. She came down quickly and looked into my eyes, panting heavily.

Her gratitude showed on her sex-doll face and I enjoyed her renewed thankfulness. She certainly appreciated the work I had been putting in, and we weren't yet halfway over.

She was very sensitive but her size was still lacking. I held my hands an inch from her titflesh and began forcing her tissues to replicate, slowly at first but gradually speeding up.

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It had been hard to get the technique perfect the first time around. I would have to overgrow the skin, and then fill the tissue inside, then more skin, on and on until they were the right size.

Now, however, I could do it all simultaneously (what can I say, practice makes perfect) and the steady progression her tits made toward my frame was smooth and very arousing. She was at least a C-cup by now, but that was in no way large enough. The extra weight on her chest was an appealing addition to her and she soon brought her hands to her chest fondling her lovely tits, which had since reached D.

She pushed them together and observed her new cleavage and then pulled them apart to see just how far apart her still tiny nipples could get. She rounded the corner on DD and hit E with no signs of stopping (Or I should say that I showed no signs of stopping, this may have been her dream come true but it was my fantasy), and soon she was ballooning up to a FF.

I reached the middle of the alphabet, I assume, and stopped her growth when her breasts looked like county fair pumpkins glued to her chest. If she wasn't suspended in mid-air she would have toppled to the ground, but I had a solution to her top-heaviness; it's a little thing called balance.

Her tits sat high and proud on her chest, defying gravity but maintaining the sensual feel of a natural breast, just the way I like them. Her tiny pink nipples looked comically small on her new bountiful chest, little dimes set on the great expanse of her tits.

They grew to the size of thumbs and her areola grew to look like teacup saucers, doming out from her chest ever so slightly. They were now perfect.

I might add milk later if the mood struck me, but for now they were big, soft, and most importantly they were mine. Her hips and ass now looked peculiarly thin and that was the way in which I would balance her out. A woman with such big tits had to have a nice round ass, am I right? To let that go undone would be a shame. First I spread her hips and tightened her waist until she started to look like a very lopsided dumbbell. Her flat ass bubbled out, skin stretching as her ass began to look like to large Christmas hams.

I stopped it when she had two basketball-sized ass cheeks that were so soft that they would sway whenever she turned. I stepped back and looked at my creation: She was the perfect woman. I removed the hindrance to her vocal chords and when she realized she could make sound she dropped to her knees in gratitude.

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"Thank you! Thank you, master, I owe you my life for this! You've made me the perfect little fuck toy!" She started to reach for my still soft cock hanging heavily against my thigh, but I froze her in that position, leaving her on all fours with a look of lustful hunger spread across her face.

"Oh, no no no, don't get ahead of yourself yet you little fucking cunt." I spat the words, feigning anger when it was taking every fiber of my being to keep my cock from jumping up and knocking her out. "You shall be punished for your insolence." "I'm sorry, please, forgive me!" She cried, straining in an attempt to get closer to my thick cock. "Fill me, please, fuck my mouth, my throat, please just fill me with your cum!" "Well denying you that would deny me pleasure as well!" I said, laughing at her desperation for my huge cock.

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Look how far the pastor's daughter had fallen. "But I will make it slightly more difficult for you to please me. You will suck me to full hardness, but you may not use your hands. You cannot touch me, or support yourself, or do anything else.

Do you understand?" She nodded eagerly, her pigtails bouncing up and down. Her fat tits bounced heavily, slapping each other as they jostled around on her chest. "All right then," I said, spreading my legs wide, "Get to work you little slut." She lunged forward on only her knees and bent down to try to take the head of my cock in her mouth.

Her tits got in the way as she bent and their shifting kept knocking her off balance. Finally she lined her head up with my cock. The angry red head bobbed across her face, folding obscenely as she attempted to direct my cock into her mouth. Her small tongue lashed out, glancing my shaft as it swung from side to side.

I chuckled to myself: the image brought to mind a partygoer attempting to eat a donut from a string, or perhaps bobbing for apples considering the size of her target. At long last her lashing tongue found the head, now dripping precum, and she smiled, smearing it across her lips until it looked like a sloppy lip-gloss.

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Her pouting lips opened, glistening despite the soft lighting, and she stretched her jaw to its limit trying to fit my bulbous head in her mouth. Shaking her head back and forth and sending her pig-tails as well as my shaft shaking, she slowly tried to pop the head into her mouth. Her lips gained ground on the fat bulb and she began to make a mess of herself, her own saliva and my leaking precum splattering onto her abundant tits.

I felt blood slowly filling my cock, making it balloon outward and stiffen. She was forced to adjust her position, but the extra stiffness in my meat allowed her to begin forcing herself down its length, the head working into her mouth with a soft pop as she continued wiggling her head down my shaft.

I reached the back of her mouth and, without hesitation, she took me into her throat, working more and more of my still-growing cock into her mouth. She was halfway and I could see her struggling with the size of it, despite my prior modifications.

She gagged as she got to 18 inches, the veins on her neck bulging out as she tried to stuff more cock down her insatiable throat. Her eyes watered and saliva dripped from her chin as she slowly leaned forward, to take me inch by inch. She moaned with her eyes closed, savoring the sensation. A network of nerve ending had just happened to show up in her throat, imagine that. She was dripping wet, I could see it from my vantage point. Her thighs were slick with her juices without any contact, even from herself.


I had told her not to use her hands, and without enforcing my will she was incredibly compliant. "Enough of this," I said, drawing my cock slowly from her throat. "I think we're ready for the main, curse, hmm?" I eased my cock out of her mouth and she followed it dutifully. She wanted it so badly I had to push her off of my cock myself. Even then, she wasn't happy. She sat back on her heels and brought her hand to her tight slit, burying her fingers in her sopping cunt and pouting up at me with her full lips.

Her chin still ran with saliva, which she slowly rubbed into her skin, making her glisten all over. She fondled her tits, hefting one fat nipple to her mouth and running her tongue around the nub.

Her eyes rolled back and she fell forward onto all fours, her tits grazing the floor as she offered her fat ass to me in expectation. "My my, aren't we a little desperate?" I moved behind her, hefting my massive cock in my hand. It pulsed visibly, thick veins standing out from its surface.

It was hot to the touch, and I knew she was dying to get filled by it. "Please," she whimpered, a slave to the power of my rod, "put it in." I settle behind her and aimed by head at her tight flower, slightly open from her obvious excitement. I took the head of my cock, and angry purple knob that throbbed with my heartbeat, and began sliding along her slippery hole, coating it in more of her juices.

"What do you want me to do?" "Fuck me," she moaned into the floor, clawing at the ground in anticipation, "fuck my cunt with your big cock master!" "Your wish is my command cunt!" I murmured, giving a quick thrust from my hips and burying my head within her slippery fold. Her hot wet hole enveloped my member and the sensation. Her skin, which I had made elastic, clung to every contour of my veiny cock, and she felt every bump and ridge as I began plunging into her.

I went agonizingly slow, and she tried to squirm backwards, desperate to be filled. I slapped her ass hard, leaving an angry red handprint and eliciting a soft yelp from her. "Are you that horny slut? Are you that hungry for my cock?" "Mmmm, god… yes, give it to me, all of it.

I'm hungry for it, fill me!" she was shaking her head wildly, her pig-tails helicoptering on her head as she came. For her, sex was simply one continuous orgasm. Her juices poured out from her, wetting my thighs in a wet sheen as I got half of my length inside of her. I placed my hands on her taut stomach, finding the bulge of my cock clearly outlined in her flesh. "Fuck, oh god!" She found my hand with hers, "you're in my tits, aren't you?" "Not yet, but that's not where I'm going to stop." I said with a grin.

I eased forward again, slowly entering her as I buried another few inches of my cock inside of her. Finally, my groin met her soaked cunt, and a wet splat filled the room as I locked into her.

I reached under her and found her fat udders, watching her skin bulge out from between my long fingers. I mercilessly mauled her tits, squeezing them and teasing her nipples while I slowly drew out from her hole and began a steady rhythm. My heavy balls made a loud, wet clap with each thrust, and as I brutally fucked her I focused my will on my cock.

"Oh god, you're so fucking big," cried the once-innocent church girl. She arched her back and rolled her shoulders, her body undulating as she took my cock deep within her. She had been right, I had entered into her chest. However, she didn't realize that I had no intention of stopping there. "Oh god, fuck me, fuck me harder. Grab my titties, rub them, oh, god, mmmmm… FUCK." Her voice was gradually becoming throatier for a reason she couldn't identify.

"What's going on?" Her curiosity didn't distract from her arousal, and when I didn't answer her she simply went back to moaning into the ground. I grabbed hold of her thighs, slick with her juices and mine, and lifted her up, rising to my feet. I stood in the center of the room, holding her against me as I was forced completely inside her. She bucked wildly in my hands and her slick body made it so that, in order to hold her, I had to wrap my arms around her chest.

She was desperate for the sensation of my long cock sliding in and out of her tight hole, but I had something in mind first. I turned her around to face me, so I could look into her lust-filled eyes and lavish my tongue upon her heaving breasts. She bucked into me, grinding her hips down into mine. I began lifting her up and down along my shaft, slowly at first, watching her breasts lurch up and slap down wetly.

I pulled her close to me, her tits mushrooming against my chest, her nipples little pink bullets digging into my chest. I could her shaky breathing in my ear, as she the tickle at the back of her throat shift into an increasing pressure.

I let her fall back, her breasts coming away from my chest, and I leaned down, taking one of her thumb-sized nipples in my mouth. I kept thrusting into her but no longer moved her body, holding her in place as I teased her pink nubs with my tongue. I nibbled her nipple and looked up to her. "Open up sweetheart, you've got a surprise." She looked down at me, eyes heavy-lidded with lust, and obeyed my command, and so I focused on my cock.

It surged forward, gaining inch after inch, and her eyes widened as she realized what the tickle had been all along. Just as she prepared to speak, my bulbous cockhead corked her throat shut, and kept moving. As I thrust into her cunt she could feel it slowly making progress up her, growing up through her.

At long last her lips stretched wide and my throbbing, fist-sized head burst free from her mouth. She was entirely speared on my monstrous cock; her kicking and thrashing informed me that she loved every minute of it.

I returned my attention to her breasts, thrusting my hips so that my cock disappeared and then reappeared between her pillowy lips. I buried my face in her generous cleavage, her breasts dewy from her exertion, and I felt their comforting weight against my head. I pulled back, gazing at the sight of her being entirely impaled on my cock, and then refocused on her breasts. With all of the work I had put into making her, and then pleasuring her, I was very thirsty. I thought that refreshment were in order.

Her breasts began to swell, filling with milk, and drooped farther down her chest. Her nipples darkened to a light brown, growing only slightly larger, as her breasts swelled from their previous size to heavy globes. Their undulations became more liquid, and the sound of her milk sloshing inside of them filled the room as I pummeled her dripping cunt. My balls were growing heavier, preparing to deal an even more impressive load as I decided on the next phase of her enslavement. Her breasts filled to bursting, stretched tight as a drum, and she grunted through my cock as she attempted to beg for relief.

I fell onto her heavy nipples, sucking in long draws several times before being rewarded with her sweet cream.

She moaned, sending vibrations through my shaft, as I suckled on her tits. Milk escaped from my lips and flowed in tiny rivulets across her body, making lacy patterns across her dewy skin. I got to my knees and laid her on her back, preparing for the final step of the session.

I suckled on her until the pressure was relieved and she was no longer in pain, pummeling her the entire time. I pulled myself off of her breasts and leaned back, watching her breasts roll back over her head, wobbling back and forth across her body with the force of my thrusts.

I looked at her face, still dominated by the image of my cock working its way out of her lips, and smiled. She would be forever mine. I eased my cock back from its position, willing it down to a measly 18 inches long. She pouted up at me, but a considerable increase in girth more than made up for it. I began working on restoring her prior internal anatomy, at least in the reproductive capability.

I left out the cervix for now, because that wouldn't be needed for a few minutes yet. I waited until I could feel myself probing the back of her womb before I allowed myself release. My balls, now the size of watermelons, jerked as I began pumping her full of my cum.

The additional girth, while fun for her, was also useful for ensuring that she held on to every last ounce of my seed. That was crucial. She gasped and attempted to look down over her massive tits, to see what was going on. She obviously felt the pressure building as I pumped her stomach out to ludicrous proportions. The small potbelly of the previous day was dwarfed by a belly that soon made her look to be 9 months pregnant with twins.

I Eased out of her, reestablishing her cervix and keeping any of my cum from being released by essentially sealing her shut. She reached down to her stomach, cradling the dome. As she did there was a loud pop, signifying her entrance into the elite club of outie belly buttons.

I pulled out of her completely, still spurting cum, and covered her with it. Her tits rocked from the force of each shot, as did her stomach, which wobbled precariously. Her face was drenched and her hair plastered to the floor as I completely coated her in cum. Before finishing I released my last few loads within her sealed snatch, just for the look of cum gushing out of her little cunt. "Look at you," I said sweetly, brushing her slicked hair out of her face and wiping my cum from her eyes.

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She beamed up at me and grabbed at my cock, desperate for the last few drops that still leaked from its tip. I allowed her to clean me, then settled back, entirely sated. "Thank you master, thank you!" she exclaimed, slowly and sensually rubbing my cum into the skin of her overly-stretched stomach.

"I love being your little whore. Will you be back tomorrow?" She looked at me with a hopeful look in her eyes. "I don't know," I said, smiling to myself. "I might have to do some 'shopping'." Thank you for reading my second story. Again, please contact me at [email protected] with comments or suggestions.

Several of the features of this chapter were readers' suggestions. Hope you've enjoyed reading.