No rabo da namorada novinha

No rabo da namorada novinha
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Mom Blackmailed and very happy Chapter 1&2 Barbara was a short woman 5' at 36 years old she had put on 10 extra pounds which her husband joked was on her chest and ass.

She had a 38d tits and wide tight ass, and long red hair. She was always horny. Her husband was a long-haul trucker, so he was gone three weeks out of each month minimum. They fought about sex because when he came home he was usually way too tired for her. Her son Billy was turning into a pervert, but young boys get like that, he did good in school. What Barb didn't know is he did other kids homework for money.He had pictures of her in a bikini which he sold so other guys could jerk off on them.

Two of the Basketball players whose homework he did all the time had bought several pictures from him. They caught him at the end of the day, Jamal a 6'6'' center called to him. He stopped "what's up guys"? "Her Bill who are those pictures of because Wilson and I want to fuck her brains out". Bill looked at them "really how much do you think I'll charge you"? Jamal thought about it for a minute "I'd go 100 and I'm sure Stan (Wilsons name) would go for the same".

Bill smiled ok come by my house later we'll shoot some hoops and we'll work on it". Both guys got there at 4, Bill was out front, so he waved them to come in they started shoot baskets. Barbara came out a few minutes later, she was surprised to see her son with two very large black guys but if their friends it works. She had on short shorts and a halter, so her tits were very pronounced, the shorts gave a great camel toe.

Hey guys this is my mom, "mom this is Jamal and Wilson". Both guys stopped shooting, they shook hands with her, they told her how nice it was to meet her. "Can I get you guys a cold drink or something"? Jamal looked at her crotch he thought I'll have some of that but said "cold water would be fine Mrs.

K". After she went in they stopped shooting, "Bill that is your mom". "Yup what did you think of her"? Wilson spoke up "I'd fuck her ass first then that cunt would be mine". "You think she's worth 125 each"? The guys looked at each other, "does she suck and swallow"? "Sure, they all do". "Ok how do we do this"? "Give me about a week to work this out I'll text you later". Just then Barb came back out with the water, both guys were leering at her with a hungry look in the eyes.

She got flustered as she noticed they were both sported large bulges in their crotch's. My god they must be very big cocks went through her mind. She turned and headed back in the house knowing they were watching her ass, so she put a little extra wiggle on it just to keep their attention. They left about 15 minutes later but first stuck their heads in the kitchen to say good by to her and get on last look a one hot MILF.

At dinner Bill told her they wanted him to do the stats for the team, so she would be seeing a lot of them. She was on her third glass of wine, so he figured he'd push the issue. "The guys really liked you", she laughed "they were certainly looking me over". "You can't blame them mom you're a hot MILF".

He acted like that slipped out, "what's a MILF"? Please mom its not important", "Bill what is a MILF"? Bill told her it was a "Mother I'd Like to Fuck". She giggled, did they say they wanted to fuck me"? "Yes, they did but Jamal said he hopped you could accommodate his size". Her eye's opened wide she pushed away from the table got another glass and sat back down.

Bill figured now was a good time to go for it, "mon I know you and dad aren't exactly doing it regularly", she raised her hand "he hasn't fucked me in 10 months". "Wow you must be as horny as hell", he put his hand to his mouth "sorry I didn't" she stopped him again I'd fuck a pile of rocks these days honey". Her glass was empty so was the wine bottle, "Bill please make me a Vodka and Cranbury".

He did he sat back down, "wow at least I can jerk off", she stopped him again "so can I". Bill thought ok now go for it "mom can we jerk off together"? She chewed her lip for several seconds "well if we did it would have to be our secret". Now Bill had a plan "mom I'm going upstairs to do homework and watch porn. If you want to jerk off together come in my room about 9 if you're not there by 9:15 I'll assume you weren't interested". Bill stood and headed for the stairs, "Bill women like watching a cock spurt cum out it's a turn on".

"Well if you come up tonight I spurt cum for you". She giggled. She went to her room looking at herself in the mirror she thought it will not harm anything, sure I'd rather suck him off or get fucked but its something.

She changes into red boy short panties a red bar which allowed he nipples to stick out a red garter belt and red stocking. She fixed her makeup, putting on her robe at 9 pm she knocked and walked in his room. Bill was sitting in his boxers she smiled and opened the robe, from the look on his face she knew he was turned on "you like"? "YES"! "I'm watching a MILF being fucked by two guys want to watch"?

"Yes, I do". She sat on the edge of the bed the women on the screen was being doubled penetrated she seemed to be loving it Barb spoke softly "lucky girl". Her robe was off legs spread, she had a wet spot forming she was getting very hot watching. Bill stood up pulled his boxers down his cock sprang out an inch from her mouth, without thinking she started kissing the head.

"Mom lets lay on the bed you can suck me while I eat you pussy"? He was on the bed in a flash, she chewed her bottom lip for a good twenty seconds. "Ok but remember this is our secret". She put her thumbs in the waistband of her panties down they came. "Oh, wow mom you've got a red bush, I love bush".

She giggled "well I'm happy you like it". The next moment she felt her clit being sucked on she grabbed the cock on started sucking like a wild woman. From deep down she felt the electricity working it way up, suddenly an orgasm overtook her she grabbed Bills head pushing it deeper into her cunt.

She shook violently for several seconds. At that moment Bills cock exploded in her mouth, she had to swallow twice before it slowed down. As there breathing returned to normal she smiled at him "honey that was wonderful I have a favor to ask"?

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"Sure, mom what is it"? She gave him a sexy smile "babe my cunt is still twitching, do you know what it needs"? He smiled at her, "tell me". "My cunt needs cock would you like to help me"? Without another word Bill mounted her his cock slipped half way in, that was what it took to send her into sexual extasy. She was moaning like an animal, she pushed her mound up to meet his downward strokes.

Pulling him close to her she said, "baby fuck my cunt go slow as I want to enjoy this". Bill fucked her for a solid six minutes before with sweat on his brow he stiffened cum started flowing into her pussy, the feeling of warm cum flowing into her caused her to orgasm again, "ugggggggggggg fuck me baby".

It took several minutes for them to calm down. "Thank you, baby that was great from, now on I can have cum whenever I want, right"? "Yes, you can". "Mom you know Jamal and Wilson are constantly talking about fucking you".


She looked a little puzzled Bill continued they just worry that you can handle their cocks". She looked puzzled "why would they worry about that, how can they be fanaticizing about me they have only seen me once". Now was the right time Bill smiled at her, "the computer has been videoing us fucking and sucking. I sent it directly to Jamal he wants to fuck you this weekend. I told him Saturday night at 7 would be doable". She sat straight up, "you little prick I'm not fucking two big cock black guys for you".

Bill looked at her "ok I'll send this video to dad and everyone of our family". He stood up and headed for the shower you've got till noon Saturday to decide".

For the next two day they didn't say much to each other, she told her sister Carol who's only comment was can I join? Since it was Friday she didn't have a lot of time, she again spoke to her sister who agreed to come over and get fucked if she did it. Friday night at dinner as they finished she looked at Bill. "Bill I've decided to agree to your demands, I like your cock and don't want to stop using it, so we can have a sex party Saturday night".

"Its called a cum fest". "Ok a cum fest but I have a few things, "first of all no more videoing, secondly aunt Carol need a good fucking can she join"? Bill was excited at the news "I'll call Jamal", "honey put him on speaker, so I can hear".

"Ok first I need to piss". He entered the bathroom, texting as quick as he could he explained to Jamal he would be calling she would be hearing the conversation. They sat in the kitchen while he dialed the number. Jamal answered on the second ring "hey Bill what's up"? "Nothing at the moment my mom says we can have a cum fest Saturday night, she said no videos, she wants to know if her sister Carol could get a fucking as well"? A long pause followed "Bill I'll bring Joe and Kong with us, ok"?

Before Barbara could respond Bill told Jamal "that would be great". Bill told Jamal the women would be wearing cheek huggers or boy short a size to small and bra's that let their nipples stick out. "Do you have a special color"? Instantly Jamal responded, "I'd like light green your aunt should have yellow those colors show the wet stain the best". Barbara just nodded ok, "does you aunt swallow like your mom"?

Barbara's cheeks got red, she was embarrassed but whispered "she swallows every drop just like me". Bill repeated the comment, the guys laughed, Bill hung up. Chapter 2 Barbara had Carol talked on the phone for a two hours Friday night, they decided to go to the mall for the sexy stuff about 11 Saturday, that would leave them plenty of time to get home bathe put on their outfits and be ready for the evening. Carol showed up at 10:30 Bill was in his room she walked in pulled her short and panties down she proudly displayed a brown neatly trimmed bush.

"Do you like"? Bill got a big smile "oh yes I love bush". "Well keep in mind from now on if I need protein you will be supplying it, got it"! Again, he smiled and nodded yes. As they pulled out of the driveway he called Jamal "there on their way to get their outfits I'm guessing they will be home by 2 or 3 the latest. Now as for business I'm ok with you guys but Kong, really"? "Look bro none of the girls we know can handle him, his cock is veined, its enormous and very thick and long"!

Bill thought for a minute "ok but assuming she gets every inch in I want and extra 25 from him". Jamal thought about it for a few minutes "ok I'll let him know I'm sure he's good with the extra, see you tonight".

The girls got home at 2 they went to Barbara's bedroom to review the outfit they had bought.


They had opened a bottle of wine and were drinking and laughing about the outfits and how they looked in them. Bill came in, they both turned "hey nephew I'd like some protein now, please"! Barbara looked at her sister who had removed her tits from her bra and was swallowing Bills cock.

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"Carol you're such a slut", Carol tried to respond. Bill looked at his mom, "I guess its hard to talk with a mouthful of cock". Barbara and Bill chuckled as Carol kept sucking. A few minutes later she was rewarded with a mouthful of warm salty cum, she pulled back to showed it to Bill then swallowed every drop.

"Ummm that was delicious, thank you", "anytime aunt Carol". By 6"30 they were dressed, they had come down into the den, they had finished the second bottle of wine and had Bill make the vodka's and tonic.

Bill spoke to them "mom can I get a few photos of you and aunt Carol you are both so fucken hot in those outfits"? "Ok Billy but only a few and no jerking off using them, whenever you need one of us will be more then happy to drain your nut sack".

Both women proceeded to strike very sexy poses, this continued for at least 15 minutes. Bill stopped shooting he looked out the front window he went to the garage door turned the light on and opened the door, so they could pull the van in.

As the four guys came into the den both women turned to look at them they smiled and struck sexy poses. Bill started making introductions, as each guy was introduced they kissed each woman and groped a little.

Jamal spoke "let all get comfortable, anyone for a blunt"?

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He proceeded to hand everyone a joint. Ten minutes later they had all finished smoking, Carol was dancing with Kong and Joe while Barbara was on the couch between Jamal and Wilson. The pot plus the wine and vodka had made the girls completely relaxed. Jamal kissed her and started rubbing her tit as he moved from her mouth Wilson did the same.

Jamal spread her legs, so she was wide open "that is a great look Barbara the shorts highlight your pussy lips".

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His hand started gently rubbing her now swollen clit. She shuddered as the sensation caused her to get the feeling deep in her, her nipples were like stones, Wilson removed her bra. "I guess you are enjoying yourself Barb look at your cunt and nipples". She looked down, she giggled "hey guys it is a good look and I have a sizeable wet spot so how about we go to my room"?

Once in her room she got on the bed Jamal pulled her panties down he loved eating pussy and was very good at it.

He swirled his tongue around her clit the sensation was causing her hips to buck she knew she was close to an orgasm. Wham!

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it hit her, she shuddered, that was all Jamal need he climbed between her legs. he started rubbing the head of his cock on her pussy lips. She felt the cock slowly going deep in her, this was the biggest and best cock she had ever had.

She moved Wilsons cock out of her mouth "baby please go slow so my pussy can adjust to your size". "I have a lot more to go Barb tell me when"?

It took several seconds for her pussy to stretch to accommodate his cock "ok baby it feels wonderful I'm ready". Slowly he started pushing she felt the head at her cervix, another shove he was now deep in her womb. He pushed another inch or so, he was now balls ass deep in her.

The sensation was like an electric shock, her pussy was now milking the large cock "oh god fuck me baby don't stop pound the bitch my pussy loves it". He was now grinning as he started working her and him into a sexual frenzy. He continued to pump for another three minutes, electric sparks seemed to be shooting from deep in her pussy "baby your cock feels oh my fucken god uggggggggggggggggg.

Her body convulsed in an enormous orgasm at that moment she felt him stiffened, she felt the first blast of hot sperm filling her womb, that caused her to continue to convulse into several more orgasms.

Carol was in the guest room she just had the best fuck of her life from Joe as Joe got off the bed she looked at Kong he pulled his shorts off she gasped. Before her was the biggest cock she had even seen. It was veined, she couldn't believe the size it wasn't all that long, not nearly as long as Joe's, but it was wide.

She cocked her head to the side smiled at him "Honey come over here let's see how to handle this". He smiled and came to the bed, she kissed and licked the head she was leaking cum from being freshly fucked so that would help with this new cock.

She pulled him on top "ok honey now very slow even having been just fucked and full of cum we need to go slow". She felt the head slip in she realized if she did this it would be the most incredible feeling, slowly he work her pussy at about the half way point she looked into his eyes "honey I hope it feels as good to you as it does me".

He spoke "you are tight and wonderful I'd like to go deeper, ok"? She nodded yes, he pushed. It took almost two more minutes, but she finally had the entire gigantic cock in her. As her pussy started to milk the monster she now could feel the veins pulsating against her pussy walls, the sensation was like nothing she had ever experienced. Kong started pumping slowly she was making animal noises as she pushed her mound up with each of his downstrokes.

"Ugggggggggggggggggg fuck"! came out of her mouth as she climaxed she started creaming on his cock. He started pumping fasted "oh fuck baby uggggggggggggggg she orgasmed again he stiffened, he started to cum it felt like a fire hose had been turn on in her cunt.

As the Hugh cock blasted cum in her she had her fifth and sixth orgasm. "Carol you have the best pussy tightest pussy in the whole world I want to use it on a regular basis, do you think it something we can work on"? The look on her face pretty much said it all she smiled at him, "baby from now on I'll have to work out a schedule, so I keep your nut sack empty and fuck you every chance we get.

I do have a favor". "Just what is it my fine pussy girl". "Could we work it out that my sister gets to fuck him"? Kong thought about it for several minutes, "Carol later we'll get up have get a drink and smoke, if your sister is out there with her guys I'm good with it.

If not, we'll arrange to meet early next week just the three of us and I'll fuck her, ok? Kong smiled widely "Carol baby I think Joe is going to fuck you ass".

Carol giggled like a school girl "I'm a virgin or let me say I was an anal virgin until tonight, right"? Both guys in unison YES. Wilson had fucked Barbara's pussy, now Jamal had his cock deep in her ass she kept pushing it up on his every down stroke, she knew if she wanted to continue getting fucked she better learn to like anal sex.

Jamal grunted hot cum flowed into her bowels, at that moment she could not believe what her body was doing she felt an eruption coming up her body she orgasmed with his cock deep in her ass.

The fuck session lasted all night everyone fell asleep, at around six in the morning Barbara had to pee. She had the cum soaked panties from last night on as the guys wanted her to wear them all night and all-day Sunday. She peed then grabbed a robe, Jamal looked at her "where you going babe"? "I thought I'd make coffee sound good"? "Yes, but when you're done get back here we want a good morning fuck and blow job".

"Ok sweet heart 10 minutes at most". In the kitchen she started to get coffee ready when Carol walked in. "Hi barb how's you pussy"? "It feels wonderful but after this evening I definitely have a different pussy size". Carol giggled, "my pussy has already stretched to accommodate Kong I love it, nothing better than a well-used cum filled cunt. I asked him if we could get together early next week so he can fuck you, his cock is amazing you will love it".

"That sounds good you should try Jamal's cock its long enough to get into my womb that is the greatest feeling in the world especially when he dumps a load of cum in it". "Sounds good I've never had a cock that deep in me, we'll get together at my house next week". Both girls heard their names being called "well time to get these pussies working, see you later Carol".

By 1 the guys were all gone Barb and Carol sat in the kitchen drinking wine in the cum soaked panties as Bill walked in.

"Hi everyone, how it going"? They looked at each other and laughed, Carol spoke "Bill thank you for setting this up from now on I think your mother and I can be categorized as black cock cum loving whores". He smiled "ok by me aunt Carol". Bill turned and walked out of the kitchen he counted the money the guys had given him, as he headed for his room he thought black cock cum loving whores, if you two only knew what I have instore for you.