Sexy Lucy licks whipped cream from horny guy

Sexy Lucy licks whipped cream from horny guy
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Thirty-Nine: Reunions Visit my blog at On September 30th, 2013, amidst blood and fire, the Tyrants' reign began. In the name of Peace and Security, they put mankind beneath their Oppression. To fight the Darkness, the False Gods, Mark and Mary Glassner, shrouded the World in Night. excerpt from 'The History of the Tyrants' Theocracy', by Tina Allard September 30th, 2013 Mark Glassner Tacoma, WA Brandon Fitzsimmons was dead, executed at my orders; and as we faced the square before the Pierce County Courthouse in Tacoma, full of soldiers staring at us in worshipful awe, I couldn't help but marvel at the the change in Mary.

Something happened in France, something that transformed her feelings on how we should use our powers. "Mark," she had whispered in my ear as we finally held each other, reunited at last. I had been basking in our triumph—I was free, Molech was dead, Brandon was captured.

All that was left was for Mary to exorcise him, and this terrible ordeal would be behind us. "We've started something terrible. A darkness approaches. We have to take some responsibility and fight back, Mark." Her words chilled my blood, a blast of arctic wind howling across my soul. I had opened my mouth to question her, but she pressed a finger to my lips and shook her head, emerald eyes flashing a warning.

I trusted her, I loved her; she must have her reasons for not speaking more about it. Her next words transformed the arctic gale into a raging maelstrom when she said, "We need to prepare. We need to lead mankind, guide them and protect them. The Nuns are done. There is only you and me. "We can make a better world, Mark.

A utopia!" My eyes grew wider and wider as she laid out her idea for the Theocracy. Mary had always been the cautious one, afraid of harming people, and now she wanted to enslave the entire world. We'd make them happy, we'd eliminate all the petty hatreds that had pointlessly divided mankind: sex, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation.

We would be their Gods, loving and protecting them—ruling them gently. Whatever scared my wife, whatever dark secret she learned from the Mother Superior, had driven her to this decision.

I knew it was merely an extension of the direction we were already heading, but it was still as shocking as grabbing a downed power line. Right now we were going slow, not forcing people to worship us—guiding instead of commanding.

After Brandon's dramatic attack on us using an army, I didn't have a problem with her plan. We needed power; we had been too laid back, too lax, and the consequences had been almost catastrophic. We needed an army; Brandon had taught me what true power was. "A Utopia," I agreed. Mary exorcised Brandon, giving him a handjob and stealing his powers when he came. Then we marched outside, wreathed in the flames of Molech, and declared ourselves rulers of the US and Gods of mankind.

It was for their own good; something bad, something terrible was approaching, and we needed to protect them. Now we stood before the very soldiers that had attacked me, who now knelt in worship before us. I could see the guilt in their eyes Brandon had forced them to commit many atrocities while they were his Thralls melt away; they were grateful for our absolution as they stared up in awe at their new Gods. It was intoxicating; I could feel their love, their devotion, and I drank it in like water through the roots of a majestic oak tree.

"We need soldiers!" I proclaimed, still wreathed in flames, the news cameras of the world filming us, broadcasting our declaration live to the world. It was the beginning of our rule, our Theocracy. Brandon's corpse lay at my feet. "Loyal men and women who pledge their lives to protect mankind from the coming darkness." "A Great Evil stirs in the world!" Mary declared passionately. "Lilith the Demoness walks the world, corrupting mankind, and other forces stir in the shadows!

You have a choice: serve us and fight the darkness, or be cowards and slink off to your loved ones and watch the world die, knowing deep in your hearts you could have done something to stop it!" "Soldiers, you were falsely used by Brandon; find redemption in serving us!

Find glory in serving us!" I roared. "I ask that you swear fidelity and obedience to us, to fight the Darkness and save the World!" Azrael said I could bind willing people with this prayer, gift them with protections from demonic powers, allow their weapons to harm spiritual flesh.

Azrael wasn't sure how many I could bind; a normal monk could have at most a hundred, but I was different. I had access to far more power. I felt it when I fought Molech, drawing on all the people bound to me, pooling our energies to fuel the dead I had summoned. When I killed Molech, his powers had flowed into me and then into Mary. I don't know why the power passed into my wife; maybe because we were bound so tightly with magics, or maybe because Molech's essence was too much for my soul alone to contain.

Whatever the reason, we had a new source of energy flowing through us. All of the soldiers in the square knelt and swore: "I pledge my rifle to the service of Mark and Mary Glassner. With obedience and fidelity, shall I follow his leadership. Until my Gods release me or death takes me," and were bound to me with the Ragily prayer.

As the assembled group of soldiers easily more than two hundred of them finished their oaths, I felt power flow out of me and into them. Their auras remained silver, a mortal's aura, but a halo of gold surrounded the silver.

According to Azrael, they would be loyal and incorruptible; and there were far more soldiers occupying Tacoma and stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord that could swear to me and create an army—my army. Brandon had shown just how dangerous an army in the hands of a Warlock could be. "My Lord," an older man with stars on his fatigues said as he stood before me, snapping a crisp salute.

"Lieutenant-General Arthur Brooks, commander I Corps." "Good, assemble all of your soldiers," I told him, awkwardly saluting him back. I would have to practice that; a God should appear proficient in all things. "The occupation of Tacoma is over." "Very well, sir." He paused. "And what would you have us do with the President, sir." I frowned. "What?" "The President and most of the cabinet are imprisoned here in the jail.

At the False God's orders." His eyes glanced over at the corpse of Brandon Fitzsimmons. "Free him," Mary ordered. "Bring him to us." The President was brought before us, bedraggled from his time spent in the jail. He was defiant at first, until Mary gave him a peremptory command: "Kneel and swear allegiance to the Theocracy." He knelt, he swore, he worshiped.

After him knelt the cabinet secretaries. I ordered the President to have all the heads of every Federal Agency travel to Washington State so they could be put under our control—especially the FBI and the Intelligence Agencies.

With that done, Mary and I wanted to go home, to rest and wait for our loved ones to return from Kansas. Then we learned that Brandon had destroyed our neighborhood, burned down every house, the foundations to our mansion, and the pavilion that the Living Church met in. Luckily, no-one was at the tent; God only knows what Brandon would have done to the people who worship us.

We occupied the Hotel Murano in downtown Tacoma, a swanky place on Broadway; it would be our home until the mansion was constructed. For security reasons we had all the guests check-out, and had the staffs dismissed. No-one would be close to us that wasn't bound by the Zimmah or Ragily spells. Willow had been recruiting women to serve us from her clinic, getting things ready for when our mansion was finished being constructed; we would need to start binding them now, and they would serve us by running the hotel.

Violet turned up a little while after we arrived at the Murano. Our soldiers had formed a perimeter around the hotel to keep people back; crowds had begun to grow, filling the streets around the hotel with a sea of worshipful faces—pilgrims drawn to their new Gods. I was too exhausted to face any more people.

I needed to rest and to process what had happened to me. "Master!" Violet cried out when the soldiers led her into the hotel lobby. The last of the guests had been ushered out, and we were watching the staff leave as we waited for an elevator to descend; we wanted to head up to our rooms.

51 and 27 the only two of the nine bodyguards with me that survived Brandon's attack stood protective watch over us, M16s clutched in their hands. Violet ran to us, crying in relief, in happiness. "Mistress!" Mary and I caught her in a hug and took turns kissing her on the lips.


She buried her face into our chests and began to sob. "It's okay," Mary murmured, stroking her hair. "I thought you were going to die!" she cried. "Not this time," I told her, wiping at her tears. Violet nodded her head, sniffing, and saw Desiree sitting listlessly on a chair, covered in a blanket. Our Latina slut had been very subdued since we won. She had been forced to be Brandon's whore, and that seemed to have broken something inside her. Violet went to her and hugged her enthusiastically and kissed her on the lips.

Desiree barely acknowledged her. Mary gave Desiree a worried look, then pulled Violet back to her and asked the slut, "Are you hurt?

Did anything happen to you?" Violet shook her head. "A deaf woman named Loreena hid me. It was scary. Soldiers broke into the house and we hid beneath her stairs." "They were rounding up women for Molech," Desiree said with a hollow voice, then she gave a shudder.

"You're safe now," Mary told Desiree gently, reaching out to rest a comforting hand on her shoulder. "And Alison's on the way.

So let's go upstairs and you can lie down and rest, okay?" Desiree didn't answer, but when the elevator dinged, she got up and followed the three of us in; 51 and 27 stepped into the elevator, scanning the lobby as the doors slowly slid closed.

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I glanced at Violet. "Elevator slut," I whispered to her and she smiled, remembering how we met. It was in Seattle and we were checking out, riding down an elevator, when we met Violet and I was so enchanted by her innocent beauty that I had to defile her right there in the elevator.

Violet wore a pair of ill-fitting sweat-pants and a baggy sweatshirt, and she quickly peeled those off. "I'm your elevator slut," she cooed. "Not today," Mary butted in, pressing up against me. "The first pussy Mark gets is mine." "Oh, of course, Mistress," Violet apologized. I pulled Mary to me, kissing her on the lips, her naked body pressing up against mine. Her lips tasted sweet. My hand slid up her supple body, cupping her left, perky breast.

I gave it a gentle squeeze, my fingers finding her hard nipple. After what had happened to me, the endless beatings, the cruelties I witnessed, I almost regretted ever making my Pact. Almost. It was all worth it for her—for my Mary.

I would do anything to keep her, to protect her. Anything. The elevator dinged; we had reached the top floor and I picked up my wife. We had the largest suite for ourselves, and I carried her to the door. It was spacious, well furnished. A central living room with three bedrooms leading from it. We gave Desiree one of the bedrooms, and she walked in and closed the door wordlessly.

I carried Mary to the bathroom, beautifully appointed with gray and mauve, very modern, equipped with a jacuzzi-bath and a large shower. And a bidet; I could have water splashing on my ass. The shower had always been our private space; there was something intimate and close about showering with your love—the world reduced to just Mary and I, wrapped in the warm spray. I sat Mary down and turned the faucet.

When the water was warm she slipped in and I eagerly followed. I savored the relaxing heat as the spray cascaded upon us, washing the filth of the last days off our bodies. Mary's hands were gentle as she washed my body. She rubbed me everywhere, particularly my ass. She had a naughty smile on her lips as she squeezed my cheeks, then she 'washed' my cock for a good five minutes, getting me hard as a steel rod. Her hand felt wonderful as it slid up and down on my shaft.

She rinsed the soap off it, then she knelt down.

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"Naughty filly," I groaned as her lips engulfed the head of my cock. I stroked her wet, auburn hair and leaned against the shower wall and enjoyed her blowjob.

She sucked hard, swirling her tongue about my cock's head, then slowly buried my cock all the way into her mouth, deep-throating me to the root. "I love you so much, Mare!" She would let me enjoy being buried down her throat for a minute, then slide slowly back up, sucking hard on my cock, until only the tip remained in her lips.

She would drive me wild by flicking her tongue rapidly around my cock while stroking the shaft, then she would slide her lips all the way down and deep-throat me once more. "Fuck that feels great!" I moaned, her throat constricting about the sensitive head of my cock. "Umm, I'm gonna cum!" Since I made my Pact, I was used to cumming multiple times a day.

It was Monday evening, and I hadn't had an orgasm since Saturday morning; my balls exploded, filling Mary's hungry mouth with a huge load of my spunk.

Six large blasts. Mary swallowed it all. She stood up, threw her arms around my neck and rubbed her nose against mine, smiling, "You were a little backed up, Mark." "Just a little," I smiled, and kissed her salty lips.

I had a lot of fun washing my wife. I soaped her back, her arms and her sides, before I started on her front. I soaped her flat stomach, washing slowly upwards until I reached the undersides of her breasts.

I rubbed around her tits, washing her chest and collarbone. She grabbed my hands impatiently, and brought them down to cup her breasts.

I smiled, and washed her perky breasts, stroking her areola, then played with her hard nipples. "Umm, that feels nice, hun," Mary sighed. Then squealed in delight as I bent my head down and sucked a soapy nipple into my lips, while my hands roamed down to her plump ass, kneading the cheeks.

I released her nipple, soaped up my hands and knelt down and began washing her legs. I started with her right calf and worked my up to her thigh. Her pussy was waxed, her slit tight, and she shuddered as I rubbed my hand across her flushed vulva, just once. "Don't stop!" she protested as I started washing down her left leg.

"God, I'm so horny!" "What do you want me to do about that?" "Eat me!" "Hmm," I said, pretending to consider her request. "Please!" She sounded so frustrated, her emerald eyes staring down at me full of need. "All right," I answered.

"It does look absolutely delicious." "You won't be disappointed," she promised. I buried my face in her spicy-sweetness. My tongue explored her folds, kissing every part of her pussy. She tasted heavenly and I wasn't disappointed. I wrapped my arms around her hips and grabbed her ass and pulled her tight against me.

I devoured her. My filly, my wife, my one true love. I couldn't get enough of her. I almost lost her. Mary was shuddering on my face, cumming and cumming, but I just kept eating her out. I couldn't stop. I didn't want to ever stop pleasuring her. Mary had other ideas. "Please stop," she begged after I lost count of her climaxes, pulling on my hair. "It's too much! My pussy needs a break!" A mix of pride and regret filled me as I stood up and kissed her, crushing her tightly to my chest.

Inside me the dam holding my emotions back burst, and I felt tears running down my face. "I thought I lost you, Mare!" A shudder ran through her body that turned into a ragged sob, her face pressed into my neck, clinging just as tight. "I'm terrified, Mark." "Why?" I asked. What did she learn in France? Lucifer will rise free of the Abyss and you will burn in his radiance, Mortal!

Molech's words echoed in my mind as he lay defiantly at my feet. Was he lying to save his life, or was Lucifer really trying to escape?

"What scared you, Mare?" She just shook her head, that warning look flashing across her face. "We'll face it together," I told her; I had to trust her, there must be an important reason for her not to speak.

"Together," she whispered. "Forever, right?" "Forever." Violet took a shower when we left, while I carried my damp, naked wife to our bedroom. The bed was king-sized, mahogany finish, adorned with a maroon comforter. I gently sat Mary down and stretched out beside her.

She kissed me, rolling on top of me. Her wet, auburn hair fell about us, cool on my cheeks as we kissed. Her hands stroked my side, then slid down and found my cock, hard and ready for her. She grasped my shaft, shifted her hips, and guided it to her sopping pussy. I groaned into her lips as she pushed my cock into her velvety tightness. She took all of it, then slowly rocked on top of me. I gripped her plump ass, giving her cheeks a squeeze, and helped slide her body up and down on me.

Her hard nipples dragged across my chest. Mary's emerald eyes stared down into mine and we were lost peering into each other's souls as we made love. "I love you, my horny stallion," she whispered. "My naughty filly," I whispered back. "My love." She rocked her hips faster, her pussy gripping my cock with wet silk and heat. Faster and faster she rocked, and I started thrusting my hips up, driving my dick into her. The heat of her cunt grew as we made love faster.

I rolled her over onto her back and began pounding her hard. Her red lips opened in pleasure, her hips rising to meet my thrusts. "Ride me, stud!" Mary gasped. "Oh, I missed this! I missed you so damn much!" I grabbed her legs, hooked them over my shoulders. Her cunt tightened on my cock and I thrust deeper into her pussy. Her perky breasts jiggled as I hammered into her, sweat rolling down her perfect mounds.

"Your cunt feels amazing on me, Mare," I groaned. "The best pussy in the world!" She beamed at me. "You haven't had every pussy in the world, how would you know for sure?" "I've had enough to know!" "Yes you have, my horny stallion!" Mary added a twist to her hips.

It felt amazing on my cock. My balls were getting closer to bursting as they slapped into her taint. She threw her head back, her eyes squeezed shut as she gasped loudly. I felt her cunt spasming on my cock as her orgasm rippled through her body, massaging my dick as it pumped in her sheath. "Gonna cum!" I gasped. "Your cunt's milking me!" "Yes, yes! Give me your cum! I need it in me!" "My pleasure," I moaned and flooded her hungry pussy, every muscle in my body tensing, before I collapsed on top of my wife.

"Mmhh, that was nice," she sighed, kissing me. I rolled off of her and she snuggled against me. I slid my hand down and rubbed at her pregnant belly. I almost lost more than just my wife. I almost lost my unborn baby girl. Well, I didn't know what the sex of our child was, but in my heart I knew it was a girl. Chasity Glassner. If I could kill Brandon again, I would. The door to our bedroom opened, and Violet peered in, naked and freshly showered.

"Come in, slut," Mary smiled. Violet beamed at us and positively skipped over and snuggled up on the other side of me, pressing her budding breasts against my side and kissing my lips eagerly. "You taste like Mistress," she giggled. "That's because Mark gave me some great head," Mary smiled. "He's a generous man," Violet said seriously.

Mary's hand slid down and found my cock half-hard. "Very generous. I bet he wants to share his generosity with you." "Do you, Master?" Violet asked eagerly, her hand joining Mary's on my dick, which expanded rapidly beneath the two women's burning touch. I slid a hand down and squeezed her tight, teen ass.

"I do, slut." I pressed my fingers into her buttcrack and found her puckered anus, circling it with my fingers. "How do you think I should share my generosity with you?" "My ass," Violet answered. "My slutty, tight asshole!" "Good girl," I told her, kissing her lips. "And I bet Mary has something she wants to share with you between her legs." "Oohh, is there a creampie for me, Mistress?" Mary spread her thighs.

"Just for you, slut." Violet clambered over me and buried her face in Mary's snatch, licking noisily at my wife's messy cunt. Mary rolled her eyes in pleasure, gripped Violet's brown hair and started grinding her pussy into the teen's lips.


I moved behind Violet, stroking her tight ass, then spread her cheeks and found her brown hole. My cock was drenched with Mary's lubrication, and I gathered some of Violet's and worked it into her ass with two fingers, sinking into her tight flesh. When I had her nice and lubed, I placed the head of my cock at her tight opening, and pushed it in slowly, savoring the warm satin of her bowels.

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"Uhh, that feels amazing, Master!" "Keep licking, slut!" Mary admonished. I smacked Violet's ass. "You heard her slut!" "Sorry, Mistress," Violet squeaked and buried her face back into Mary's cunt. Mary grinned and began playing with her perky breasts, her green eyes fluttering with lust.

I started fucking Violet's ass with deep, hard thrusts, driving the little slut into Mary's cunt with every thrust, while my balls slapped wetly into Violet's pussy. Her hips moved, fucking me back as she moaned her pleasure into Mary's cunt.

Mary gasped, "God, I love your tongue, Violet! Suck my clit, you little whore! Make me scream in pleasure!" Mary's eyes widened, and her body shook in pleasure. "Umm, that's right. Keep that tongue flicking on my clit! You are such a naughty, cunt-munching slut! I'm going to drown you in my juices!" I smacked Violet's butt a second time, leaving a red, stinging handprint, and fucked her tight ass faster. Her anal sheath was bringing my balls to a quick boil.

I was getting desperately close to cumming, and I pumped hard and frantic. "Fucking slut!" I moaned. "Your dirty ass feels so good on my cock. I'm going to shoot so much cum up your ass!" Mary's back arched her perky breasts heaving like a rearing horse, majestic, beautiful as she orgasmed. She screamed wordlessly, and I could smell the strong scent of her arousal as she flooded Violet's lips with girl-cum.

I felt Violet's ass squeezing my cock, the little slut cumming about me. I pounded her ass a few more times, closing my eyes as I reached the pinnacle of my pleasure, then groaned as I exploded inside her ass.

"Thank you Master, Mistress," Violet panted as I pulled out of her ass. I lay down next to my panting wife, pulled her to me, and kissed her. Violet started licking at my dirty cock, like a good little slut, and I closed my eyes and the exhaustion of the last weekend fell upon me like a ton of bricks. "Master," a voice said, shaking my leg, waking me up.

I had been out like a log, and now I was disoriented. The sun had set while I was passed out; the hotel room dark as sin. A glanced at the clock; it was close to midnight. Mary was sleeping on one side of me and Violet was curled up on the other side. 51 was standing at the foot of my bed, naked and an M16 slung over her shoulder. "What?" I asked sleepily. "Your family has arrived," 51 reported. "They've almost passed the crowds. There are thousands crowding the streets.

It's like St. Peters Square out there." "Thank you, 51," I yawned, shook Mary awake, and gave her a kiss. I led my wife to the suite's balcony, wanting to see the crowds. It was a cold, clear September night and our flesh pimpled. Mary shivered then concentrated and flames danced around her; she smiled.

The flames didn't burn me, but they would burn someone else, as poor 51 learned earlier today after we exorcised Brandon. I hugged my wife to me, enjoying the warmth licking my body, and we gazed down at the streets.

They were filled with people for blocks, many with candles, lighting up the streets like the starry sky. These were the people we needed to protect. Molech warned me that Lucifer was up to something dangerous, something I would oppose. Is this the secret Mary learned? Well, if I started something when I made my Pact, I had the responsibility to fix it, to make the world a better place. A world where people didn't hurt each other, fear each other.

I would give the world love and peace. Utopia. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alison de la Fuentes I trembled with excitement when the SUV finally made it through all the crowds of people that clogged the streets of Tacoma.

April sat next to me, the nerdy teen squeezing my hand, just as excited as I was, eager to see her girlfriend Violet. The two, shy teenagers, bonding with their shared pregnancies, had become quite the item lately. I'm sure Master hasn't noticed a thing.

After spending the weekend worried sick not only about Master and Mistress, but about my wife, Desiree, I was so excited to be reunited with her. Watching her on TV yesterday, hanging on Brandon's arm, filled me with fear. Desiree was smiling and seemed happy, but I could see the fear in her eyes, the tightness in her lips. The bastard did something to her to make her cooperate. We passed a cordon of soldiers and then we were in front of the hotel.

I threw open the door, racing into the lobby. Master and Mistress were waiting and I ran to them, hugged them, and felt so happy when they kissed me on the lips. You should always stay near them, my subconscious whispered. "It's good to see you, Alison," Master said to me, stroking my face.

I was about to ask where Desiree was, when April pushed me to the side to hug our Masters. And then everyone else burst in, and I drifted out to the side as Jessica, Xiu, Korina, and Lillian were eager to embrace them too.

Then their families arrived; Master embraced his mom and sister, and Mistress shared a group-hug with her family. I strained my neck, looking around the lobby. Leah - Master's chauffeur; she had been captured by Brandon as well had a joyful reunion with Rachel and Jacob, her spouses.

But where was my Desiree? I looked around, a pit forming in my stomach. My breath quickened. Where was my Latin beauty? I wormed my way to Mistress, trying to stay calm. "Upstairs," Mistress told me, sensing my question. "In our suite. Top floor." "Thank you, Mistress." I raced to the elevator and smashed my fingers onto the up button furiously. I stared at the display that showed which floor it was at, watching the numbers slowly grow lower as the elevator descended.

I wanted to scream at the stupid thing, I was so wound up inside. I needed it to come down. I burned inside to see my Desiree. Finally, the elevator dinged, the doors opened, and I shot inside. I pounded the 17th floor and then just repeatedly mashed the door close button. I screamed in frustration as the doors just seemed to refuse to close.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the doors finally slid closed, the elevator lifting me up. It seemed to take an eternity. I was practically yelling at the stupid thing to go faster. I felt red-faced when I reached the top floor. A bodyguard, 27, stood naked an M16 clutched in her hand before a door at the end of the hallway.

27 smiled tiredly at me as she opened the door with the keycard. There were three bedrooms in the suite; Desiree was in the second one I tried. My wife sat on the edge of the bed, staring at the ground. Empty alcohol mini-bottles littered the floor.

Her neck was bare, her choker missing. "Desiree!" I shouted and sat down next to her and wrapped my arms around her. Desiree pushed me off.

"Go away," she said, slurring her voice. Her words stung. I had expected a tearful, happy reunion. "No," I told her, cupping her face. "Talk to me." She tore her face away. "Don't touch me!" "Why?" I asked.

Desiree ignored me, instead standing up and wobbling to the minibar. I stood up and grabbed her hand. "You've had enough to drink, Desiree." "Leave me alone, Alison," she pleaded, slumping to the floor. "Just talk to me," I told her, kneeling down next to her.

"Tell me what's wrong." "Nothing's wrong. I just don't want you anymore." Her words hurt. Fuck her my subconscious whispered inside me. You can do better than her, let the stupid cunt wallow drunkenly.


Go find Master and fuck him! That was just the pain of Desiree's words talking, and I pushed them down. My subconscious had a nasty streak to it I learned growing up, but that wasn't important; something was wrong with my wife. She was in pain, lashing out blindly. I needed to get through to her somehow. I couldn't let that monster steal my wife from me. Not without me putting up a hell of a fight for her. Is she really worth it?

whispered my subconscious. I ignored the voice; of course Desiree was worth it. So I laughed dismissively at Desiree. "Don't lie to me," I told her, pulling off my tight T-shirt, baring my lovely breasts and my hard nipples pierced with silver barbells. I grabbed her face and turned her to look at them. I could see her eyes flick down to my nipples, a momentary flash of lust. "Don't lie to me and tell me you don't want me. I know you do. Just like I want you, Desiree." That was the wrong thing to say.

Desiree grabbed me and pushed me onto my back. "That's all you want. My body!" She yanked the baggy shirt off, exposing those magnificent breasts of hers and shook them at me. "Here it is, Alison. Use me! Take your pleasure!" Tears started running down her face. "That's all I'm good for!" "No, I don't want your body," I told her.

"I want you. I love you." "How can you love such a filthy, disgusting creature like me," Desiree sobbed. "I let him touch me. He.used every part of my body.

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I let him! I let that monster make me his whore! I betrayed you, Alison!" "Shh, you didn't betray me, Desiree. You did what you had to, right? He was going to hurt you." I hugged my wife, and she sobbed and sobbed into my neck.

I don't know how long I held her, stroking her hair, letting her pour out all her pain, anguish, fear. I held her and rocked her and cried with her until she had poured every teardrop left in her. I wished Brandon was still alive so I could kill him myself. Fucking Warlock! You should hate all the Warlocks, my subconscious whispered. Every last fucking one of them! "I love you, Desiree," I told her. "You're my slut-wife. Forever." "How can you still love me?" she demanded of me, her bloodshot eyes peering hopelessly at me.

I smiled at her. "Because you are strong and beautiful and loving. Because you own my heart." I grabbed her hand and placed it on my chest.

"Feel it beat. That's yours. It beats for you. Master and Mistress own my body. You own my heart." "Mi Sirenita," Desiree sighed. "How did I get so lucky to meet you." Destiny, my subconscious whispered.

They were such beautiful words, so I echoed them to my wife as I slid her hand over to cup my left breast. "Destiny. Our Masters are changing the world and we were chosen to help them." I shuddered as Desiree ran her thumb around my areola, hardening my nipple.

My wife ducked her head down; I sighed in pleasure as she sucked it and my piercing into her lips. Her hand slid down my stomach, circling my bellybutton, then slid down to my side, gripping me as she sucked harder at my nub. "My love," I sighed. "Umm, I missed you so much." Desiree pushed me down to my back, and pushed up the short skirt I wore, exposing my stubbly cunt.

I hadn't shaved all weekend, and I flushed in embarrassment. She could see my brown pubes, my real hair color. Desiree smiled, rubbing her fingers through them, then bent down and I shuddered as she licked up my slit, her tongue teasing my clit. Her fingers spread me open and her tongue tasted everywhere inside my pussy, driving me wild with her gentle licks. Her plump lips sucked my labia in, sending shuddering waves of pleasure through me.

I writhed on the carpet as my wife made love to me, and my first orgasm shuddered deliciously through me. "Oh, yes!" I moaned as my Desiree began licking me to another orgasm. "Hmm, I love it! I love you!" My second orgasm was more powerful than the first. I halfway sat up as my stomach tightened in ecstasy. Then Desiree slipped three fingers inside me, pumping them in and out of me as her lips focused their attention on my hard clit. "Yes, yes, yes! Finger me! Nibble on my clit!" Her teeth sent me spasming with my third orgasm.

I screamed loudly and everything went black. When I returned to myself, Desiree was snuggled up against me, her lips sticky with my sweet honey. "You passed out, mi Sirenita." "You were that amazing," I told her and kissed her. "Umm, it's my turn." "You don't have to," Desiree said, tensing up. "Nonsense," I told her. "You are too beautiful for me to resist." "But I'm all dirty." I licked her neck, tasting her sweat.

"I don't care, Desiree. You could never be too dirty for me." I stood up and pulled my wife to her feet, then led her to the bed. "You are going to scream in pleasure," I told her as I pushed her down. "Promise?" Desiree asked, her voice thick with her sultry accent. "Cross my heart," I said, tracing an X on my boob; Desiree smiled and kissed me there, and pulled me down atop her as she laid on her back.

I kissed her lips, enjoying the feel of her voluptuous body beneath me. I licked her face clean of my tasty honey, then licked down her jaw to her supple neck. I planned on kissing every square inch of her beautiful, brown skin.

I smooched her all over her neck, where her choker should be, like the one around my neck; they proclaimed whom we belonged to. Then I started working on her shoulders. I kissed down her left arm, down to her hand, sucking all her fingers into my lips.

I switched to her right hand, her fingers sticky with my passion and I sucked them clean, before I began smooching back up to her shoulder. I smooched along her collarbone, traced her breastbone down between the mountains of her tits. I licked underneath her right boob, salty with sweat, and around the tit, my cheek rubbing against her silky skin as I made it to the top.

Then I kissed down, covering ever square inch of her right breast, before I licked her large, dark-pink areola. It was bumpy on my skin, and I spiraled into her turgid nipple and sucked it into my mouth. "You're driving me wild, mi Sirenita!" I grinned at her, and went to work kissing her left breast. I began with the nipple this time, and Desiree shuddered in delight as I sucked it into my hungry lips.

Then I spiraled out, kissing every spot on her perfect breast. I continued smooching down her stomach, my hair tickling Desiree as my lips brushed her sensitive stomach, then tongued her cute bellybutton, bringing shudders of laughter. I kept tonguing her navel. I was so happy to hear her laugh. I kissed down to her groin, tracing her hip as I got closer and closer to her shaved pussy.

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I could smell her tangy, spicy arousal. I had missed that scent so badly this weekend, so I inhaled deeply, delighting in her natural perfume. Instead of smooching her pussy, I started down her right leg. Desiree moaned in frustration, and I giggled. I kissed her knee, her shin, sucked her toes into my lips and licked at the soles of her feet.

I repeated it with her left leg, then told her to flip over. I kissed her sleek back, moving down her spine to her plump, Latina ass. I rubbed my cheeks against her cheeks, then smooched every inch of her butt. I spread her buttcheeks apart, exposing her brown asshole. I kissed that too, tasting the sour flavor. I swirled my tongue around her ass, then pushed against the tight sphincter, forcing my tongue inside her warm bowels.

Nothing about my wife was dirty to me. I sucked and licked, enjoying her heavy breathing. "Umm, that feels nice," she moaned. "And tastes delicious," I purred, then bent down to rim her ass some more. "I bet my pussy tastes even better." "You sure you're not too dirty?" I asked her, stroking the edges of her vulva.

"No," she hissed. "No, I'm not too dirty." "Good!" I spread her thighs and buried my face in her pussy. I reveled in the taste of her, that spicy and tangy flavor, juices thick on my lips. I swallowed it, drank them down. I ran my tongue from her clit up through her slit, then shoved it into her pussy, pressing into her hot hole. My hands grabbed her plump ass, squeezing hard as I dug into her cunt. My fingers slid down her ass crack and I started stroking her asshole, then sank my middle finger into her bowels.

"Umm, you naughty slut," Desiree moaned. "Always," I giggled, then buried my tongue back into her tasty cunt. "Your tongue stud is driving me crazy!" Her asscheeks clenched and a flood of delicious juices issued from her pussy as I made my wife cum. "Fuck! Fuck!" she howled. I kept licking, fingering her ass, then I switched to her clit. She moaned wordlessly, orgasm after intense orgasm spasming through her body. Finally she had enough, and I pulled my lips away from her delicious cunt.

Desiree rolled over onto her back and she smiled down at me. I crawled up her body and kissed her gently on the lips. Her right hand caressed my cheek and I saw gold glinting on her finger. I grabbed her hand and saw her wedding band. "This is on the wrong hand." "I didn't want them to take it," Desiree answered. "So I switched hands. They took my choker and I couldn't lose this." I felt tears running down my face, and I gently pulled the ring off her finger.

I grabbed her left hand and slipped it on and kissed her fingers. "There, back where it belongs." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mark Glassner My mom and sister could not stop hugging me, touching me. "I was so worried," Mom almost sobbed, "watching you getting beaten." "I'm fine, Mom," I told her and kissed her on the lips.

"I thought you were toast, big bro," Antsy said, trying to be her usual, playful self. "How could I die when I have so many beautiful women in my life," I told her and kissed my little sister on the lips. Betty and Via giggled, and joined the hug. They were the girlfriends of my mom and sisters, and I wrapped my arms around all four happy, smiling women. Mary was surrounded by her family. Missy and Shannon sandwiched her, while Sean and Tiffany hugged all three of their daughters fiercely.

Mary's eyes met mine, and and she sent me, *I think we owe our families some quality time. Particularly you, Mark.

You gave them quite the scare.* I could feel her amused tone. I laughed. *No fair, your family is bigger.* In addition to her family, Damien and George were hovering on the edges. They were Missy's boyfriend and Shannon's fiancee respectively. *I'm just luckier than you, Mark!* Mary suddenly wormed out of her family and walked over to Sam.

She sat on the couch with Candy, her plaything, curled up beside her. Curious, I begged off my family, and told them I would be right back. Antsy grabbed my hard cock. "I know you will, big bro!" Mary sat down next to Sam and glanced at me as I walked up. "We need you to do something that is very important." "What, ma'am?" Sam asked. "Go to the Motherhouse in Rennes-le-Château," Mary explained. "In the basement you will find a room.

Study it carefully. I need you to reconstruct it perfectly." "What is it?" Sam asked. I was curious too. "No questions," Mary told her. "This is very important. Mark and I can't go; we need to attend to things here in the States. Take the 747 to the East Coast, then book a regular flight from there to Toulouse, France. Be discreet and protect yourself." Sam glanced at Candy.

"Can I take her with me?" Mary nodded, "Just remember that this is very important, okay?" "Of course," Sam answered. "You can count on us." "Good," Mary sighed in relief.

"The Chief of Police in Toulouse is under my power. He has the standard cop orders. Contact him for help or if anything goes wrong." Sam nodded. "Come on, Candy. Let's go." "I'm tired," Candy pouted, but let Sam drag her off. "What is that room?" I asked Mary. She chewed her lip; she did that when she was thinking. "Lilith tried to kill you today," Mary finally said. "She can spy on us from the Shadows. She could be watching us right now." That sent a chill through my veins and I glanced around.

"And what is the room then?" "A Hidden Place. A Matmown. Lilith cannot spy on us in there." Mary swallowed. "We cannot plot against her until we have this secure place." So this is what she was holding back. Unless there was more. If it blocked Lilith, did that mean it blocked other beings? Like the Devil.

Lucifer will rise free of the Abyss and you will burn in his radiance, Mortal! Molech's warning echoed in my mind. Mary nodded her head, and gave me a cautionary look. Did she sense what I just figured out? *Not even this is secure from Lilith* she sent telepathically with the Siyach spell. Then a smile appeared on Mary's face. "Go be with your family, Mark." "Join us," I told her. "They're your family, too.

I don't want us to be apart tonight." Mary glanced at her family, then at me, indecision painting her face. "We can be with your family tomorrow night," I promised. An excited glint appeared in my wife's eyes.

"Let me go say good night." We piled into the elevators and I grabbed my mom and pressed her against the wall, kissing her passionately. Antsy pounced on Mary and was eagerly kissing my wife, and I saw mocha-skinned Betty kissing ivory-skinned Via with ardor.

I had my mom's blouse open by the time we reached the penthouse, and I fondled her breasts. They were still beautiful. Mom was never busty, so there wasn't too much sag after forty-three years; she was a MILF. 27 looked exhausted when she opened the suite's door with a keycard. Desiree's bedroom door was closed and I guessed Alison must be in there with her.

I hoped Alison could help Desiree deal with all the crap that happened to her. The girls were all pushing me to the bedroom and I didn't resist. Clothes were flying off and quickly there were five very naked women squirming on the bed with me in the middle.

"Umm, you're feeling quite hard," Mom moaned as she mounted me, guiding my cock to her waxed cunt. I groaned as she sank down, engulfing me with her wet pussy. "You're feeling quite wet!" "My son is back where he belongs!" Next to me, Mary was pulling Via onto her face while Antsy spread her legs.

I smiled, watching my sister bury her face in my wife's cunt, eagerly licking away. Betty draped her body behind mom, kissing her on the neck. "Fuck your son, Sandy," Betty cooed into my mom's ears. "I want to lick your snatch clean." My mom gave a throaty laugh. "That sounds wonderful, love!" Betty's dark hands wrapped around my mom, hefting a breast and reaching down to find her clit. My mom's cunt tightened on me as she gasped in pleasure.

Her hips rose and fell and I groaned as her pussy pleasured. I reached up and fondled Mom's other breast as Betty started kissing her neck. "That's it, honey," Betty cooed. "Ride his cock!" "I am, love!" Mom gasped, turning her head and kissing her Black girlfriend. "Oh, your tongue is amazing," moaned Via next to me. My sister's girlfriend tossed her black hair with its scarlet highlights; her large breasts heaved as she writhed on my wife's face. My eyes trailed down her body and I found Mary's freckled, perky breasts jiggling invitingly.

I leaned over and sucked my wife's breast into my lips. I could hear Mary's muffled gasps. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Antsy's face as she devoured my wife's pussy. My little sister looked like she was in heaven.

I knew just what she tasted; eating Mary's pussy was one of my favorite things in the world. "Ohh, Mark, your cock is stirring me up!" moaned Mom. "And your fingers, Betty!" Betty giggled, then licked my mom's ear.

"Why don't you cum then, Sandy! Cum all over your son's cock!" My mom's hips were pumping faster and faster, her breasts rising and falling beautifully. "That sounds like a great idea! Ummm, just pinch my clit a little harder, love! Ohhh, that's it! Yes, yes! Oh, yes!" Her cunt was a vice on my cock as she came, milking me. I released my wife's breast and laid back on the bed, pleasure coursing through me.

"Just a little more, Mom," I groaned through clenched teeth. My entire body tensed as my orgasm approached. Up and down Mom pumped her tight sheath on my cock. My back arched and I was shooting inside my mom, inside the very womb I came from.

That just made it more exciting. "Umm, he left you a lot, love," my mom purred to Betty as she rolled off me. Betty spread my mom's legs and smiled, licking her lips. "He sure did, Sandy." My cock hardened as I watched the dark girl bury herself between my mom's pale thighs, licking furiously at her messy cunt. Mom threw back her head and sighed in pleasure.

"I love it when you eat me out!" Betty lifted her head up, her lips sticky with cum and cream. "I love to eat you out." "If you're free, big bro, come fuck my pussy." "Sure, Antsy." I knelt behind her, and there was barely enough room left on the bed. My little sister had a shaved cunt and it was dripping juices. I rubbed my cock along her slit, delighting in the silky-soft feel of her skin. "Don't tease me," Antsy moaned. "Fuck me!" She wiggled her hips.

"I need it so bad!" "You're such a slut," Via gasped, kneading her huge breasts as she writhed on my wife's face. "You would know," Antsy fondly replied, then buried her face back into Mary's tasty snatch as I buried my cock deep into my sister's cunt.

She was a lot tighter than mom. Mom had a great cunt, but she also had two children. Antsy pumped her hips as I fucked her hard.

She moaned her delight into Mary's pussy. I had a great view of my wife's lips and tongue as she ate out Via's shaved pussy. She had her arms wrapped around Via's thighs, gripping her ass. Via ground her pussy onto Mary's face, and hefted her heavy, left breast and began sucking on her own nipple. "That's hot," I groaned as Via swirled her tongue around her hard nipple.

"Not as hot as your wife's tongue in my twat!" Via purred. "She's driving me wild! I'm gonna flood her lips!" "Cum on her face," I urged. Via shuddered, her huge tits heaving, a soft moan escaping her lips. "Yes!" she hissed and rolled off of Mary, stretching out on her face.

Mary licked her lips and gripped Antsy's black hair. "Make me cum!" she hissed. "I need it so bad!" Via rolled onto her stomach and slid her head over and started licking at Mary's clit as Antsy went lower and began tongue-fucking Mary.

Mary's back arched in pleasure and her eyelids fluttered. "Holy shit!" she gasped. "You fucking sluts are driving me nuts! Oh yes! Lick that clit! Umm, yes, yes! Fucking yes!" Her body went wild with spasms as a massive orgasm rolled through her body. While I watched Mary's firm breasts sway as she came, I felt my sister's cunt clamping down on my cock; her velvety snatch massaged my dick as she came. I pounded harder at my sister, my balls tightening. I slapped her ass.

"What a slutty little sister," I groaned. "Cumming on your brother's cock." "Hell yeah!" she cooed. "Your cock is amazing, big bro." She started pumping her hips hard. "Why don't you hurry up and cum inside my pussy!" My mom groaned throatily, and I glanced over to see her squeezing her nipples hard as Betty feasted on her pussy.

"Oh yes, love! Oh yes! Here it comes!" Mom's entire body tensed, and Betty glued her lips to my mom's cunt to catch every tasty drop of her juices. Mary smiled at my mom. "Good one?" "Always with Betty," Mom answered. "She's the best." A loving sigh escaped Betty's lips as she gazed adoringly up at my mom.

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"I love you, Sandy." Mom caressed her sticky cheeks. "I'm so happy we found each other." Betty climbed up my mom's body, dark breasts dragging across pale tits, and ivory and ebony became one as they passionately kissed. Mary stroked Via's stomach. "Via, do you still drink piss like I taught you?" "Umm, I love it," Via purred. A smile broke on Mary's lips. "I remember peeing in your mouth in that bathroom." "And on the dance floor," Via laughed wickedly. Mary stood up and crooked her finger at her.

"Why don't you come here and have some more?" Via didn't need to be told twice. I watched her open her lips wide. A golden stream arched from Mary's pussy and splashed into Via's lips. She was a pee slut, and eagerly drank the dirty, golden fluid down. I felt my sister's cunt spasming on my cock again as a second orgasm rolled through her.

"Love watching you drink pee!" Antsy gasped. Via smiled, licking her lips clean. "Anyone else need to pee?" "I do," Betty giggled. My mom's mocha lover stood up and Via knelt before her. Betty was facing away from us, her mocha ass round and firm. Betty sighed as she pissed into Via's hungry lips. Urine splashed on Via's chin and ran yellow down her throat and between her huge mounds. The sight was so erotic, my balls exploded suddenly and I filled Antsy's cunt to the brim with my cum.

Via began licking Betty clean, eagerly pleasuring the Black girl. Antsy pulled out of me, rubbed a finger through her messy snatch, then got off the bed and walked over to her girlfriend. "You made a mess, Via. Let me clean you up." I watched my sister lick the pee up the valley of Via's breasts, up her neck, she kept licking up, reaching Betty's taint.

Then Antsy buried her face between two pillowy, dark cheeks, and tongued Betty's ass. The mocha-skinned girl threw her head back as she was pleasured from both sides.

I laid down on the bed and my mom snuggled up to me and kissed me gently on the lips. Mary slid into bed on the other side and I wrapped my arms around both of them.

They kissed each other over my chest and they both rested their faces on my broad shoulders. "Love you Mare," I said, kissing her forehead. "And I love you, Mom." I kissed her forehead as well. "Love you," Mary murmured sleepily. She was asleep, breathing softly, and I held her tightly. We both had a long day, a long weekend. The nap we had earlier wasn't enough as fatigue suddenly washed through me and my eyes felt so heavy.

I closed them and drifted off to sleep with Betty's moans of pleasure filling my ears. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 Noel Heinrich Philadelphia, PA "It's almost dawn, Noel," Wyatt Kirby said.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes as he shook my leg. I could not believe I fell asleep. I sat up, stretched, and made sure my sandy-blonde hair was still tied up in a bun. I had to adjust my shoulder-holster, the butt of my gun digging into my side. "How many arrived?" I asked him. "Thirty-four," Wyatt answered. "They're in the backyard." I followed him through his spacious home. He had been my mentor when I went through the FBI Academy at Quantico, and shortly after I graduated he left the FBI and went into the private security business.

He had done quite well for himself. When Mark Glassner freed me from his control, I sought him out and told him everything that happened to me. For the last few months we had quietly talked to those in the law enforcement and intelligence fields who viewed Mark Glassner with growing trepidation. And this weekend all our fears were finally realized.

First this Brandon Fitzsimmons dramatically took control of Tacoma and declared himself God, and our President was more than happy to surrender the Country to him.

And yesterday, Mark defeated Brandon and was doing the exact same thing. He had to be stopped. Standing in clumps around Wyatt's backyard were tense men and women. In the center a fire roared and a hunk of beef waited to be sacrificed.

My stomach fluttered as they all stared at me; flint in their eyes. "For those who do not know me, I am Special Agent Noel Heinrich, FBI!" I was surprised that my voice didn't quake with fear.

"For two weeks I was Mark Glassner's slave! The stories about him are true; he can control you with the simplest of commands!" "How!" someone in the crowd shouted. "He sold his soul to the Devil," I answered. I could hear the disbelief in their laughter. "You saw the events of this weekend in Tacoma. Mark Glassner's feud with Brandon Fitzsimmons has left hundreds of US Citizens dead, while an entire Army Corp has deserted and sworn allegiance to him. Even the President has kowtowed to him without a fight.

How else do you think he did this?" No-one had an answer. I could feel their unease, almost taste it on the predawn air. It tasted bitter. "Mark Glassner is the greatest threat to Liberty the world has ever known!" I continued.

"Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence in this very city, said, 'The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.' Our patriotic blood and his tyrannic blood!" A cheer went up from the crowd.

"How can we fight him?" a woman asked, silencing the cheers. "If he can just make us do what he wants?" Grins faded, hope died. I fixed my gaze on each of them, firm and resolute. "The same way our Founding Fathers defeated the might of the British—by using every single thing at our disposal.

I know how Mark got his powers! His secret is out on the internet! We just have to have the strength to do what is necessary to defeat him! We have to fight fire with fire! "We have to make our own Pact with the Devil!" To be continued.