Pleasing darling receives sexual doggystyle drilling after blowjob

Pleasing darling receives sexual doggystyle drilling after blowjob
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Just to introduce myself, my name is Chase and I am a 19 year old college student. I am six foot tall with an athletic frame but not overly muscular. I have light brown hair and green eyes.

I consider myself straight but lately I have been finding myself staring at a few good looking guys so I guess I am bi.

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Onto the story. My university had just gotten out on spring break, so my friends an I decided to make a road trip to Florida.

After the 14 hour drive to Panama City Beach, we were long past tired and ready to pass out at the hotel.


We checked in and made our way to the room. We stood in the lobby as we waited for an elevator that was going up. A boy that looked to be about eleven or twelve years old walked over and waited with us. It looked like he had just gotten done with a day at the beach as he was only wearing a pair of board shorts. When the elevator got there, we all got on and pushed the button for our floor. When our elevator stopped we went to our room, only to be followed by this boy.

It turns out he was staying in the room next to ours. At the time I thought nothing of it as I was dead tired and ready for sleep. The next morning I awoke in time to take advantage of the continental breakfast. I made my way to the lobby on the first floor to get some cereal and a bagel. While standing in line for the toaster I noticed that the person in front of me was the boy from the elevator. He was barefoot and shirtless, wearing only a pair of athletic shorts that he most likely used to sleep in.

Standing behind him I couldn't see much of him except his backside. He looked to be about five foot two, tan and quite fit looking for being so young. His head of buzzed dirty blonde hair topped off at about my chest height. I couldn't help but notice that even though this kid was young, he had a nice round bubble butt that was accentuated by his pair of thin loose fitting shorts and his muscular frame.

My daydreaming came to a halt when he took his bagel out of the toaster and sat down. Once I had fully prepared my meal, I too sat down. I chose to sit at the table by the window so I could get a view of the beach.

As I was eating I scanned the lobby for any beach party advertisements only to make eye-contact with the boy who was sitting to my left and behind me. I made a half smile to be friendly and turned my head back to the window to watch the waves come in.

When I finished my breakfast I decided I was going to go back up to the room to get my swimsuit on and hit up the beach. I headed back to the elevator lobby and hit the up button.

As I waited for the elevator to come, the boy from earlier approached the lobby to wait next to me. When the elevator arrived, we both got on and I hit the button for our floor. Since I was on the tenth floor, the elevator seemed to take forever to climb. I watched the numbers go up, 1,2,3,4,5 and then it happened. The elevator rumbled and screeched to a stop. The elevator light went out briefly but then the emergency light came on.

I turned to face the boy who looked like he had just seen a ghost. "Damn, looks like the power went out" "You mean we're stuck in here?!?" he said, "Looks like it, but don't worry, these things happen all the time. As soon as the power comes back on we'll be good to go" "So, uh." (In a quivering voice) "We're not going to just drop to the bottom and crash like the movies right?" he asked, "Haha, no, everything will be fine, I promise.

Anyways, the backup power will be enough to keep us from falling" "Okay." (His voice was still shaky, nearly on the verge of tears) "Hey, my name is Chase by the way. What's your name?" ".Jake" he replied "Nice to meet you Jake, are you on vacation with your parents?" "No, I'm here with my older sister and my grandma" "Cool, how old is your sister?" "She's twenty" he said, "Okay, how about you Jake, what grade are you in?" "I'm in sixth grade.

I'm eleven but I'll be twelve next month" "That's cool, well I'm in college on spring break. How are you liking this place?" "I like it a lot. I've been playing on the beach the past couple days" "That sounds fun. Your sister and grandmother go down there with you?" "No, my sister has been hanging out with her friends at the club and my grandma just sleeps all day." "Wait, you mean you've been alone all this time?" "Yeah" (his face looked sad at this point) After an awkward pause, I decided to sit down against the wall of the elevator.

He just stood there watching the now blank elevator display.

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"You know you're too young to be lifting weights" I said, hoping to distract his thoughts "I don't lift weights" "Really, you must play sports then?" "Yeah, I play club soccer" "Wow, I can't believe your muscles are that defined at such a young age from playing soccer. A friend of mine is working on becoming a professional bodybuilder.


He would be extremely impressed by you." "Really?," he asked "For sure. I bet he'd tell me you were just a midget on steroids if he saw a picture of you" "No way, you're just messing with me to distract me from the fact our elevator is going to fall" "I already told you, we'll be 100% A OK, and I'm not lying to you" I stand up and walk over to him.

I flex my right bicep. "Flex for me, I bet your muscles are bigger than mine" He makes the typical macho man pose, with his arms bent aiming towards his crotch while he flexes. I can only think of how cute this kid is as he poses for me.

"Wow, that's pretty impressive, should I send my friend a few pictures of you?" "Sure! But tell him I'm not a midget on steroids" He is now smiling at me and I notice his blue-green eyes. I get out my phone from my pocket and pull up the camera app. "Okay do what you just did" He flexes in the previous macho man pose and I snap a photo with my flash "Okay lets see some other poses" "I don't know any other poses" he replied, "Okay no problem, I can help you with that" I walk towards him and put my hands on his wrists.

I show him the egyptian pose "How's that?" "Take a picture!" I take a picture and walk back towards him.

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"Turn around and show me your back muscles" He turns around and attempts to flex his back as much as he can. I slowly approach him and put my hands on his shoulders. I give them a quick squeeze. "Wow these are pretty good too" With my hands still on his shoulders, I slowly drift my fingers down his small body.

Lifting all fingers but my pointers, I make a circular motion around the dimples above his butt. I hear a whisper of a sigh of pleasure and his breathing becomes irregular. After a few seconds of this motion, I drift my fingers once again towards his front and grab ahold of his hips. "Mmm. you even have a nice muscular V going" I give a quick grab of his hips pulling his body towards mine, pushing his butt into my crotch. I bend my neck down to take a whiff of his hair.

I release my grip so that only my fingers remain around his hips. I slowly gravitate my touch towards his front and slip my fingertips into the waistband of his shorts. He lets out a small gasp and a now lightly louder sigh of pleasure.

Pushing my fingers into his shorts I make my way to his hairless package. I grab his penis between the thumb and fingers of my right hand and cup his balls with my left.

I slowly rub his penis for a 30 second tease only to pull my hands out of his pants.

He turns around and looks up at me in the eye. Now facing me, I put my hands on his little pecs. I caress his chest and then rub his little nipples between my fingers.

Putting my fingers back on the center of his chest, I slowly move them down to his slightly visible abs and belly button. After rubbing his stomach, I continue to move my hands down towards his hips once again, this time pushing them to his backside.

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As my fingers slide around his hips and down to the top of his shorts, I slip them under once again. This time as I glided my hands down his ass, I pulled his shorts down with them. His shorts dropped around his ankles and he was completely naked. He had a boner from my little tease from earlier. While caressing his butt cheeks, I began to lick just above his belly button. I circled his belly button with my tongue and licked up his abs towards his nipples.

Once I made it to his nipples, I began to suck lightly on the tip of one. After circling his nipple with my tongue, I continued my journey up his chest and to his neck. Working my way up his neck, I gave a little hickey near his developing Adam's apple.

Now on his lips, I kissed him for a brief moment only to break away for a breath. I looked him in his beautiful eyes and marveled at how hard he was panting. This turned me on even more and I dove my tongue into his mouth. His little tongue danced with mine as exhaled through his nose hitting my face with his sweet young boy breath. I broke the kiss and got down on my knees.

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Standing at full mast, his penis was throbbing making it bounce up and down slightly in sync with his heartbeat. I extended my tongue and wrapped it around the tip of his cut member. As if it were a lollipop I licked up and down the shaft and then put the entire thing in my mouth. I sucked him as if I was poisoned and the only cure was inside him. After a while I heard his breathing pick up and I knew he was about to cum. I took my mouth off his penis and began stroking him with saliva as lube.

Not ten seconds later three ropes of cum shot out him and onto my chest. This surprised me since I couldn't ejaculate until I was closer to 13.

I picked him up by his waist and pinned him against the wall. I once again began making out with him as we shared the taste from the bj I just gave him. With a free hand I managed to take my shirt off and drop my swimsuit to the ground. He wrapped his tan legs around my waist and I was able to let go.

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I scooped up what was left of his cum on my chest and moved my hands towards his ass. Using his own spunk as lube, I stuck my little finger into his little hole. His eyes lit up and he let out a light moan/scream. He got used to the feeling though as I then stuck my pointer finger and then my middle finger in.

I could tell he was in pain but my mouth covering his muffled his screams. Once I felt he was stretched enough, I lined up my penis with his hole. With the tip of my head being wider than my fingers, he winced in pain at first.

As I pushed more and more into him he let out more screams of pain that turned into moans of pleasure. Once I managed to get all 7 inches into him, I began to pick up the pace. Will continue if there is enough interest.