Schoolgirl in pigtails loves cock

Schoolgirl in pigtails loves cock
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This story is fictitious and is set in the west coast of the USA in the mid-1980's. This is my first attempt at writing erotic fiction and constructive feedback is appreciated. If responses are positive I'll post more chapters. My parents had finally left after saying their goodbyes, leaving me to unpack alone in my new dorm room. They would be ninety miles away now, just far enough that I didn't have to worry much about surprise visits and close enough I could go home pretty easily when necessary.

My new roommate seemed pretty cool, and had wisely stepped out to give my family and I space to move me in. I was on the sixth floor out of eight of this coed dorm. The floors alternated between womens rooms on the odd floors and mens rooms on the even, two students to a room, with one very large communal bathroom on each floor. I was in what was considered the freshman dorm although my roommate had already pointed out the one advantage to the freshman dorm, our windows faced the all-girls dorm right across the street.

Part of the reason I had selected this university was because my high school guidance counselor (bless his heart) had let me in on some little known data about this school, namely that 61% of the approximately 8,000 students were female the previous several years.

It also didn't hurt that my older brother Mitch was attending this same university and had raved about it. He had shown me around the campus when I had visited him the previous spring and the place was truly beautiful, spread over a wooded hilltop overlooking the bay to the west that led to the Pacific.

When I asked him about 61% of the student body being female Mitch laughed and said that sounded about right. He went on to joke that college had been "very educational" for him in that regard and that I had a lot to look forward to. Mitch and I had never been very close growing up and didn't usually discuss personal matters so it kind of surprised me when he had asked me if I had any of that kind of "education" yet.

I lied to him and told him about a drunken hookup at a party with a girl from a different high school that was a story I had concocted for just such an occasion. He seemed to believe me and I made sure to follow up with asking him for details about his "education" to get the conversation moving away from my non-existent sexual resume. I was so ashamed to still be a virgin and I was almost always really horny but girls scared the hell out of me.

I was kind of shy in general but to say I was shy around women was a big understatement. Ever since puberty, whenever I made eye contact with a girl I was attracted to my heart would start beating really fast, my stomach would tighten up, I wouldn't be able to think and sometimes I would blush.

Naturally I learned to cope with it somewhat. I could usually carry on a limited conversation with a pretty lady as long as it was brief small talk but beyond that I was useless. I had made myself ask a couple of different girls out in high school but, because of how I reacted when I was near them, it was very awkward and in both cases I was politely shot down. I knew that, objectively, I was a little above average looks-wise and my biggest problems were inexperience and lack of confidence.

I had forced myself to take weight training for my physical education requirement my senior year at high school. I'd always been a little chubby growing up but now my 5'9" frame was still pretty lean and muscular even though I hadn't worked out since graduation. My thick dark brown hair had lightened a bit over the summer as I had been working full time outside washing cars at the hometown Ford dealership to make a little money for school.

All that time outside had given me a pretty good tan too so when I arrived on campus I knew that I looked as good as I probably ever would.

I just needed to find a way to overcome my fears so I could fulfill my lust. The next morning I had just made it on time to my freshman orientation class and took one of the few remaining seats in the back of the lecture hall. I got settled in to my seat and everyone quieted down as a stern looking older lady approached the lectern and welcomed us and then began giving a brief history of the university, which I actually found interesting.

When she moved on from the history of the university to the various departments and majors offered I lost interest a little bit and, being a perpetually horny 18 year old guy, diverted some attention to truly important matters like the young ladies seated nearby. As I scanned the seats in front of me I noticed to my delight/dread that the ladies did seem to noticeably outnumber the guys and, as you can imagine, a good portion of the ladies were quite attractive in one way or another.

I noticed a few classmates from high school peppered into the crowd too which was oddly reassuring. The orientation lecturer was distributing some papers that were being passed back.

While this was going on an acquaintance from high school caught my eye and waved. I gave a little wave back and that must have caught the eye of the young lady that turned around to her right and looked at me.

Our eyes met and I immediately felt the intense panic reactions. She was literally one of the prettiest women I had ever seen. 'Don't look away', my inner voice surprised me, although it was like I was feeling my consciousness through a tunnel.

This was the strongest reaction to a woman I had experienced in years, maybe ever, I noticed clinically. I could feel my heart pounding and my stomach tighten up. She was so beautiful it almost hurt to look at her. I had to look away, this was too intense. 'Little smile', my inner voice prodded.

In the state I was in I had somehow achieved a kind of detachment, like I was an observer and not a participant, and one of things I observed is that this gorgeous brunette lady still had her big dark eyes locked with mine. How long has it been? 'Give her a little smile', the voice insisted. I somehow made the muscles work and I could feel the corners of my mouth twitch up a little bit.

Using my new found detachment I started noticing details without really realizing it until later. She had long eyelashes that seemed like part of a trap to imprison my gaze.

Her short dark brown hair was thick with a slight curl, styled in a New Wave fashion that had become popular in the last several years. She had cream colored skin and it looked so smooth as her slender neck met her jaw. Noticing the dark red lipstick contrasting with her pale skin I also noted that she had returned my small smile. How long have I been staring at her, I wondered, as it seemed like it had been going on for several minutes. As she finally looked down, breaking the spell, the strangest question popped into my head.

why would someone with such beautiful skin wear so much rouge? Now that she had looked away my awareness started returning to what passed for normal in my head. 'What is wrong with me?', I thought. She is going to think I'm a total weirdo for staring at her like that! She'll probably tell all her friends. My fear-filled reverie was abruptly interrupted by the guy seated to my right who nudged me with his elbow.

"Oh my God!", he whispered as I looked over to see who nudged me. His jostling combined with the handouts now arriving served to fully return my consciousness to normal and gave me a clue as to how much time had actually passed.

It had only been a three or four seconds, five at the most. I looked at my neighbor as he handed me one of the handouts and he repeated, "Oh my God!" I looked at him and was crushed because I immediately realized that the girl must have been looking at him. He was an obviously good looking guy and quite a bit bigger than myself. She was just far enough away that I could have made the mistake, as I have always been a little nearsighted.

Hopefully she was too engrossed with him to notice me staring so moony-eyed at her. Realizing I hadn't replied to my neighbor's whispered exclamations, I chimed in and tried to be a good sport. "She's. something", was all I could manage. He chuckled knowingly and said to me, "What did you do to make her blush so much?" "Huh?", I said stupidly as it now dawned on me that she wasn't wearing too much rouge. "She was looking at you, wasn't she?" "I wish! That was all you, buddy", he replied while giving me another nudge with his elbow.

He seemed like he was excited for me and I had a feeling I had made my first friend at college. "So how did you make her blush like that?", he asked again. "I just smiled at her", I said after thinking about it for a moment. I turned to him and recreated the little smile I had forced out a minute earlier. He looked at my smile and replied, "Guess it doesn't work on guys". We both laughed "Usually it doesn't work on girls either", I muttered. "Hmpf, I know that feeling. I'm Paul, by the way", he said, extending his right hand.

"Steve", I replied, shaking his proffered hand. "So, you going to talk to her after this?", Paul asked. It hadn't yet occurred to me that I should approach her after class until he mentioned it but I knew right away that I would. I had no choice even though the thought of it terrified me.

"A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do", I said ruefully. Fortunately Paul misunderstood my meaning and thought I was pretending to be put out by having to talk to a gorgeous young lady. "Awww, poor guy!", he said with a chuckle. As the orientation wound down I became more and more alarmed at the prospect of going to speak to someone who caused such an intense turmoil inside me. As terrified as I was about approaching the object of my desire I knew I had to see if I had a even a chance with her and I also didn't want to seem like a pussy to Paul who seemed to be rooting for me.

The lecturer dismissed us and everyone stood up almost as one. I looked over towards the girl I had been obsessing over and she was looking right at me again. Our eyes met once more and I could feel it all start to happen again until someone stood up between us. 'Be a man', my inner voice said sternly.

This somehow spurred me on through my terror and I grabbed my backpack, took a deep breath, and turned to go talk to her. She was now hugging some other guy and they both seemed pretty pleased to see each other. I felt relieved and crushed at the same time as I did an about face and turned to leave. Paul had seen what had happened and gave me a sympathetic look and chucked me on the shoulder, "Figures! Better luck next time, brother". A couple of days later I found myself alone in my room after classes.

I had already realized that privacy is at a premium living in the dorms with a roommate and that if I wanted to "rough up the suspect" now was probably the best time I would get until I learned more about my roommate's patterns. I hadn't jerked it for several days and being surrounded by coeds all the time had made me extremely horny. Figuring I'd make it especially festive, I grabbed the bag of weed my brother had given me and loaded a bowl.

I loved to smoke pot and especially before I masturbated as it seemed to make my cock even bigger and harder. I was getting pretty high sitting by the window, trying to make sure I didn't reek up the room too much.

My roommate knew I liked to smoke and he was cool with it but didn't partake and I didn't want rub his nose in it. Just as I was about to drop my pants three soft knocks sounded from the door. 'Fuck!', I shouted inwardly and my heart seemed to stop. I couldn't get busted and kicked out of school so I decided to pretend like no one was home.

Three more knocks, a little louder and faster this time. I stayed perfectly still except to cross my fingers and hope whoever it is just went away. "I know you're in there and I know that smell", a young man's voice said through the door. Just as I imagined the worst he continued, "I'm not here to bust you, I just want a hit or two, ok?" It has to be a trick I thought, until a moment later he said, "C'mon man.".

Somehow, the way he said it, established his credentials as "cool" and I opened the door without even really thinking about it. He quickly pushed in and closed and locked the door. "Dude, that smells awesome but you're stinking up the whole floor ya know?", he was a couple inches shorter than me with brownish-orange hair and a contagious grin. "I just about had a heart attack when you knocked!", I was so relieved I wasn't getting busted.

"Ha! Sorry about that! You should really cover this smoke alarm", he pointed to the alarm I had totally failed to notice. "You just might get that heart attack when that goes off", he continued as he snatched up a plastic grocery bag.

"Got a rubber band?", he asked as he pulled out a chair to get up to the alarm. He was still grinning. I was still trying to settle down from the adrenaline rush as I handed him the rubber band. "Push a towel along the bottom of the door will totally help too", he added helpfully. "You got it figured out!", I replied, thinking that he did seem to have put some thought into smoking weed in the dorms without getting caught. "Yeah, I got my room all set up.", he paused for a moment and added, "We should just head over there, it's just the next building over.

There's no RA on my floor either. Give this place some time to air out too." He did indeed seem to have it figured out so I grabbed the goodies and my keys and we headed over to the next building which was essentially a clone of the dorm I lived in. As we headed over to his building I learned his name was Ron and he was a freshman also, from one of the larger agricultural towns in the eastern part of the state. He told me his roommate was kind of a straight arrow and didn't seem to share our enthusiasm for partying but concluded "he shouldn't be too hard to corrupt".

We got to Ron's room (also on the sixth floor) and lo and behold his straight arrow roommate turned out to be Paul, my buddy from orientation. "You two know each other?", Ron said as Paul and I greeted each other. "Yeah, we met at orientation. Hey, this is the guy that made her blush!", Paul said. I knew who and what he was talking about but wondered how he would have had occasion to tell the tale to Ron.

I didn't wonder long. "The aerobics instructor?", Ron wanted to clarify, "She's so fucking hot!" "Aerobics instructor?", I looked at Paul wondering just how stoned I was. Paul grinned, "Yeah, your girlfriend teaches aerobics in the main lobby a couple days a week".

"She's your girlfriend?!?", Ron looked at me with a mixture of disbelief and disgust. "Only in his dreams, Ron.", Paul chuckled, "I'm just giving him a hard time because he didn't get a chance to talk to her after orientation". I could already tell I would likely be spending a lot of party time with these guys and the last thing I needed was for them to get their expectations too high as far as girls and I were concerned. "I haven't seen her since", I added, trying not to sound too sad.

I had been thinking about her quite a bit since the orientation and had been keeping an eye out for her but had to seem nonchalant in front of my new friends. "Well, she lives in this building if she's teaching aerobics here", Paul observed. "She's so fucking hot!", Ron repeated for emphasis and none of us could disagree. We all ended up pretty stoned as Ron's prediction that his roommate was easily corruptible turned out to be true.

After we trooped up to the dining hall for dinner and to sate our munchies we headed back to Ron and Paul's room. Their next door neighbor startled me when he walked right in without knocking but Ron and Paul hardly noticed until he spoke up.

"Beer run?", he said more than asked. "Beer run!", Ron agreed and I started digging for my wallet. It didn't take long for them to get back and not much longer before a small party had formed in Ron and Paul's room.

We were well into a heated round of quarters when I got up to use the restroom. On the way back, I recalled that Paul had pointed out one of the fliers for the aerobics class on the floor's bulletin board as we went to dinner.

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Maybe I could get her name or room number, although I knew the chances of me following through with anything that required that information was pretty remote. As I turned the corner to the bulletin board the nearby elevator dinged open and out of the parting doors walked the woman of my dreams herself. She seemed lost in thought and her eyes didn't meet mine until she was about five feet in front of me.

As her eyes met mine we both stopped. The effects on me were almost identical to what had happened at orientation only now we can add a touch of nausea to the list of symptoms. The one bright spot for me was that I had a pretty good buzz going and that dulled the intensity of my panic reaction just a bit. "Hey Steve! Did you fall in?", I heard from around the corner behind me. Just how long had we been standing here?

I couldn't take my eyes from hers and she kept looking me in the eye as Ron rolled up behind me. "Hey buddy, there you are!", he said slapping me on the shoulder, only slurring a little bit, "Aren't you going to introduce me to your girlfriend?".

He said the last word playfully like he was teasing me at recess in second grade. At this point I figured that if there were a merciful God he would just end my misery with a nice quick brain aneurism. I somehow knew that was the least likely outcome and seriously considered just running like hell and dropping out of school forever. She finally broke eye contact with me and looked over to the always grinning Ron. As noted previously, Ron's grin was contagious and I saw her full lips break into a grin too.

"Hi, I'm Kim", she announced as she stuck her right hand out to shake Ron's hand. Her voice was just as beautiful as the rest of her. As they shook, her eyes met mine again and she added, "and I'm not his girlfriend".


"Yet", she added again looking back to Ron, grinning even more. "I'm Ron" he said as their handshake finished. Ron now slapped his other hand on my other shoulder and started rubbing my shoulders like I was a prizefighter and he was my trainer loosening me up before the big fight, "And of course you already know our buddy Steve here", he continued.

Kim had an amused look on her face and was back to looking me in the eye again as she and I shook hands. She was just opening her mouth to object that she didn't know me at all but Ron quickly added before she could speak up, "He's the guy that's going to buy you a beer!" I had apparently misjudged Ron, he came across as kind of a simple fun-loving bumpkin but he had quite cleverly helped me along.

Why couldn't I be more like that? I had been trying to think of something to say for what seemed like forever but between the beer, the weed and Kim's presence I had no hope of doing much beyond returning her smile.

I did the only thing I could think of and rotated to her side and offered her the crook of my arm as if I were escorting her into the formal ball. The look in her eyes told me I had finally done something right as she latched on to my arm. It was only then that I really noticed that she was quite petite, about five feet tall, slender with a smallish but perky looking chest and the most perfectly rounded derriere. As we headed back to Ron's room Kim gave me a mischievous look. "Hey Ron, do we need to use sign language around Steve?" "Huh?", Ron replied and then, getting it quicker than I, started laughing loudly.

A moment later I started laughing too as I realized I still had yet to say a single word in Kim's presence. "Nah, he's just a little retarded", Ron managed to get out in between laughs, "He'll speak up if he needs something".

The look on Kim's face for the moment it took her to realize Ron was kidding was priceless and we were all laughing as we went back into Ron's room. The party was still going strong and I noticed a few other ladies had joined the party while I was gone. Paul was grinning at me, almost laughing. I could only imagine what he thought of me now.

Seating was getting scarce in the dorm room however and I somehow had the presence of mind to snag one of the remaining chairs and offer it to Kim with a gesture.

"I'll just sit on your lap", she said after looking at the other ladies that were similarly seated. Who was I to argue? I sat down and thanked my lucky stars that she didn't sit down square on my crotch as some of the other girls were doing but gently seated herself on my left leg, near where it joined my pelvis.

If she had sat down on my cock and I gotten hard underneath her I probably would have had that aneurism that I'd recently been praying for. Just as she sat down Ron came up behind me and got my attention and handed me an opened beer bottle in each hand, unseen by Kim. I brought the beer in my left hand over to her left hand and she accepted with a surprised smile. We clicked our bottles together and drank up in unison. I made two mental notes right then: 1) Ron had turned out to be a pretty damned good wingman 2) I still hadn't said a word to Kim.

I knew I was going to have to say something to her sooner or later but I knew it was best to say and drink as little as possible in hopes of not screwing things up and prolonging my exposure to Kim. Paul helped us out and got Kim talking about herself.

I learned that she grew up only 20 miles from where I did, was a freshman music major, played the alto saxophone, and lived on the 3rd floor. Kim protested she wasn't really the aerobics instructor, she just got it going and led the group but didn't really do much instruction. I could feel her relax as she spoke, leaning back into me gradually until I had no choice but to put my arm around her to support her. She smelled so nice, I couldn't place the scent though. She seemed very lady like, almost elegant, but would occasionally surprise you by using profanity for emphasis.

After she finished her beer Kim hopped up off of my lap and grabbed my shoulder to steady herself. She gave my shoulder a little squeeze and then, as if she were just then realizing I had some decent muscles on me, looked at my shoulder and gave it another little squeeze. I was watching her face the whole time and she smiled as she looked me in the eye and announced, "Potty time!". She giggled as she turned around and headed to the door, picking her way through the crowd a little unsteadily.

I didn't have to look around to know that I wasn't the only one watching her backside as she navigated the small obstacle course to the door.

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I wondered if she knew she was giving us a little show with way her perfectly rounded little butt strained against her tight acid-wash jeans as she made her way to the door.

As the door was closing behind her she looked back with a serious expression, right at me, and made the little head and eye gesture that means "get your ass over here" in any language.

I knew I was expected to get up and follow Kim and felt all the old anxieties boiling up again. I wasn't the only one to see her gesture and now the room had gotten a little quieter. I had to do something. 'Be a man', I thought but was horrified to find I had actually said this aloud but because I hadn't really spoken in a while it came out as a barely audible poly-syllabic croak.

I cleared my throat and smiled as I got up and said, very properly, "Pardon me folks". I picked my way through the crowd towards the door and it just popped into my head, and I said loudly, "Potty Time!". The room erupted in laughter and I was laughing too as I closed the door. Maybe I could do this after all. Kim was standing out in the hall nearby laughing also, she had heard my outburst and it's reaction.

Now that we were out of the noise of the party I noticed she had the cutest laugh. I was just starting to hope that I might not screw this up, that this gorgeous young lady actually liked me, but her face turned serious and she straightened up as I moved towards her. "I really need to talk to you Steve but I really, really need to run downstairs and use the bathroom first. Can you meet me in the third floor lounge in a few minutes?".

My mind immediately started racing wondering what she wanted to talk to me about and why it's so serious.

I still had a pretty good buzz going so my thinking machinery was going a little slow. "Ok?", she asked when I hadn't responded for a couple seconds. I nodded my head in the affirmative, still resolved to say as little as possible for fear of saying something stupid. I kept smiling at her but I saw a flash of anger pass over her face after I nodded.

"Third floor lounge", she repeated flatly as she hurried off, almost running for the stairs. I stood there a little stunned but not entirely surprised that things have started to go downhill.

In addition to being one of the prettiest ladies I had ever seen, she genuinely seemed like a sweet person and it felt like my heart had dropped in my chest when I realized I might have somehow upset her. If my heart had dropped in my chest it must have been pressing up against my bladder now as I realized that I really had to pee too.

As I took care of that and washed up in the nearby restroom I kept trying to think of ways to salvage the situation or, barring that, maintain some dignity as I crashed and burned. Based on my limited experience it seemed apparent that she liked me but there was some obstacle. That's when it hit me, she was probably going to tell me that she had a boyfriend. How could she not have a boyfriend already?

She could have just about any man she wanted. I rode the elevator down to the third floor feeling like I was headed to the firing squad. I took a deep breath as the doors opened and I exited. I headed towards the lounge only to find that it wasn't located in the same room on this floor as on the sixth floor.

As I turned a corner I saw Kim up ahead with her back turned to me, leaning in a little into an open doorway. She straightened up as two other ladies left the room she had been leaning into and looked back and saw me approaching.

Her big smile when she saw me was interrupted as one of the other girls said something to Kim and she took her eyes off of me and nodded to the other girl.

The two girls that had exited the room now were all giggles as they walked away from Kim and past me, one of them visibly checking me out, head to toe, as they went by. I felt my face get warm as they went past and then one of them said teasingly, "Have a good night, Kim!".

Their giggles turned to laughs as they walked away and now Kim was blushing too. Our eyes met and somehow I was standing right in front of her, both of us still blushing but the serious expression had returned to her face. She grabbed my hand and led me into the now empty lounge. Kim let go of my hand and closed the door after we had both entered. She turned to face me and demanded, "What's the deal?" I stood there dumbly with no idea on earth what she meant. All of my panic reactions that had been on a simmer most of the night suddenly intensified.

She must have seen the dumbstruck look on my face and that flash of anger I had seen before on her had returned. I knew I had to say something but with the confusion and anxiety it just wasn't going to happen. "Why wont you talk to me?", she said softly, her voice catching at the end of her question.

I saw tears starting to form in her big brown eyes and she raised her hands as if to place them on my chest and then thought better of it and brought them up to her own chest, as if to protect herself.

I was still speechless. My mind just couldn't compute a response to this situation. Her eyes broke from mine and she looked down as she lost the battle to keep from crying. I couldn't stand to see her like that, it was breaking my heart to see this perfect girl crying.

I felt my own eyes starting to tear up as I stepped forward and instinctively wrapped my arms around her gently pulling her close to me. Her forehead was on my chest and her arms were still in front of her as I embraced her. "I can't stop. thinking about you. ever since we. since orientation.", she managed to get out, just barely audible between her sobs.

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I thought I knew what dumbstruck was until she continued, "I never . really believed in. love at first sight. but when you. when we.". Her body shook as her crying intensified. "I know you feel it too", she looked up to my face for confirmation. I knew I had to say something to her but seeing her crying and processing her latest revelations only impaired my thinking even more. She can't stop thinking about me? Is she saying she's in love with me? I needed to say something. "I feel it too", I whispered, "It's just so.

overwhelming.". That was all I could seem to get out. Kim buried her face into my chest and wrapped her arms tightly around me as she started crying even harder than before. I hugged her tightly back, not sure what else to do.

"I'm pretty overwhelmed too", she whispered after she had stopped sobbing enough to speak. She pulled back and looked up into my eyes. This was just too unbelievable. Unbelievable that this gorgeous young lady not only was somehow in love with me but also that she seemed determined to keep me from screwing it up. My body seemed to operate on it's own as I slowly leaned in to kiss her. She kissed me back in what became a slow and passionate but still fairly chaste kiss.

As we both pulled back to catch our breath, we both simultaneously sniffed through our noses to clear the snot that had formed from the tears and crying. We both started laughing at our synchronized snorting, the tension between us somehow making it even funnier.


She let go of me, opened the door and grabbed my hand and led me to the nearby bathroom. I was a little leery of going into the ladies restroom but Kim tightened her grip on my hand as she sensed my reluctance and pulled me in behind her.

We stopped at a bank of sinks and seemed to be alone. She released my hand and turned to me and held up her index finger. I waited there while she turned around and went to the toilets stalls and grabbed enough tissues for us both to blow our noses. We were both all smiles as we cleaned up, both of us giggling a little, a lot of the tension between us was now gone.

After she and I had first kissed I had slowly begun to accept that I might just have won some kind of cosmic lottery and was able to loosen up a little. "I'm sorry Steve, I almost never cry but. it's just the way I feel about you. it's just so.", Kim faltered, searching for the right words.

"Intense?", I offered. "Yes! I knew you felt it too!", she exclaimed, so pleased I had selected the word she was looking for thereby confirming for her that I felt the same way as she did "I feel it too.", I assured her again. I must have been grinning like an idiot I was so happy.

"Good because I'm going to kiss you some more and it would be kind of awkward otherwise", she said with a twinkle in her eyes. I was leaning back with my rump against the bank of sinks as Kim slid in front of me and before I knew it we were lip to lip again. It wasn't long before our kisses became more intimate and Kim's body was firmly pressed up against mine. Her body felt so warm against mine and she smelled so nice. It felt so good to hold her in my arms and kiss her. These were my first real kisses and I had worried in the past if I would be a good kisser but it seemed so natural to be kissing Kim that I didn't even think about it when it was happening.

Her hands started to explore my back and sides and I could feel my cock swelling rapidly. My hands started their own exploration of Kim's back and sides. Her waist was so tiny! She pulled back for air and gasped quietly, "God, you're so.". Unable to find the right words she decided to go back to kissing me until a moment later she blurted, "Great kisser!!". We both cracked up laughing at her syntax error.

"Hmmm, what's this?", Kim said pretending like she hadn't felt my erection against her for the last minute. She looked down and started tracing the outline of my rock hard cock through my jeans with her fingers.

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I saw her eyes go wider as she realized the size implications of what she had just traced out on the denim. She looked back up into my eyes and said quietly, "There's something you need to know about me if I'm going to be your girlfriend". She said the last word like Ron had earlier making me match her smile but I was starting to dread what it was that I needed to know about her.

Devoutly religious popped into my head although at this point that seemed unlikely. She pulled me down closer and whispered in my ear, "I'm a pervert!". I could tell she was enjoying my surprised expression but I, somehow, recovered quickly, "Now I'm really speechless".

I knew it was only partly true now but she and I shared another laugh in each others arms as it had been a pretty clever thing to say this time. We started making out again and my hands started to explore Kim's incredible butt causing her to softly moan into our kiss.

"Get a room you two!", a cute girl with long blonde hair startled us as she passed by. I looked up to see her grin at us as she made her way back to the toilet stalls. "We should probably.", Kim started disengaging herself from our embrace. "Yeah.", I said, a little disappointed, thinking that she was going to say "call it a night" and then I recalled that she had just told me she's a pervert.

".find someplace else.", Kim finished. We both looked at our watches, both obviously trying to gauge if our roommates would be home or asleep by now (only RAs had singles in these dorms).

"I'm pretty sure my roommate's home by now", I had learned he was an early to bed, early to rise type already and it was a Thursday night, "but we can can go check".

"I know my roommate is home.", she paused for a moment. I was about to suggest going back to the lounge but then I saw her smile grow as an idea formed and she once again grabbed my hand, this time leading me out of the restroom. She dragged me only about 20 more feet, stopping at room #311 and fishing out her key from the front of her jeans. She held up her index finger again and disappeared into the room while I waited outside.

I could hear her talking to her roommate but I couldn't make out what was being said. A minute later she reappeared with two bath towels and a clear bag containing shower supplies. "Did Blondie leave yet?", Kim asked after she closed the door and handed me the towels.

"Uh. I don't think so", I hadn't seen or heard her but I was a little lost in thought and could have easily missed her leaving. My erection had subsided a bit while I waited for Kim but upon realizing what she had in mind my cock almost hurt because of how hard I had become. "Speak of the devil", Kim whispered as I looked over to see the blonde girl leaving the bathroom. The smirk on Blondie's face told me that she had seen the towels and put two and two together. "Have fun Kim!", Blondie called playfully as she walked away.

"'Night Amy", Kim's back to blushing. It seemed like everyone in this dorm knew everyone else on their floor. "'Night Blondie!", I decided to join in, I was giddy. Kim's eyes went a little wider and now she was smirking. "'Night Cute Guy!", Amy said with a chuckle just as she moved out of sight. Kim couldn't resist a little giggle at that and it was my turn to blush again. Once Amy was out of sight Kim hurried into the bathroom with me hot on her heels. She led us to the back of the bathroom to the shower stalls that I had been unable to see previously and selected the farthest stall.

As she closed the first privacy curtain behind us, I dropped the towels and came up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist.

As I pulled her gently back into my embrace, I made sure she could feel just how hard she had made me. She started caressing my arms and leaned back against me, tilting her head back.

My body just seemed to know what to do as I leaned in and started to softly kiss her neck. "Mmmmm", she hummed in delight as my lips slowly kissed up the side of her neck. My right hand had started to work it's way up to explore Kim's chest and she began to gently push my left hand down towards her pelvis. My kisses had climbed up the smooth pale skin of her neck to her ear, as my lips touched her earlobe my hand found her left breast.

"Steve, I.", she didn't seem to be able to continue. I could feel her hard nipple poking the fabric under my hand and she pushed my other hand past the top of her jeans. My lips worked on her earlobe and, without meaning to, I gently exhaled through my nose right into her ear. I felt her twitch a little against me as I blew into her ear. She pushed my left hand against her groin just as I squeezed her nipple through her shirt with my right. "Fuck!", she gasped as she bucked hard against me.

Her reaction startled me and I thought for a moment that I had done something wrong or that something was wrong with her as she was now completely still in my arms. Her echos quickly brought her back to earth and she stepped away from me and turned around. The lust was obvious in her eyes, "Get the shower going", she hissed quietly. I turned to obey and I could hear her disrobing behind me. I was familiar with the shower controls so it was only a moment or two before I turned back to Kim and found she was already down to just her pants and panties and those were gone before I could kick off my shoes.

I didn't get the chance to admire her body much as she stepped over to work on my belt. As she pulled my pants and underwear down my hard cock popped out right against her cheek. She flinched a little but it was only a moment before she was trying to wrap her hands around it. It was my turn to flinch as her hands gripped my manhood. She looked up grinning and whispered, "Jesus Christ, what the hell did they feed you growing up?".

She had one small hand on each side of it and was slowly stroking the full eight inches, seemingly mesmerized by how it felt in her hands, "I've never seen one this thick before!". I nearly came as she slowly licked up the underside of the shaft like a popsicle. I felt like the only gentlemanly thing to do was to warn her she was going to get a facefull of semen if she continued. "Kim.", I started. "Oh, right!", she misunderstood and backed away to let me step out of my pants. I took the hint and quickly finished disrobing, almost forgetting my socks.

It was pretty hard to keep my eyes on what I was doing with Kim standing a few feet away completely nude. Her body was very nicely toned. Her breasts were firm and tight like the rest of her body, two smallish mounds topped by nickel sized areolas and perky nipples.

Her flat belly led down to her dark pubic hair that looked neat and tidy as if she had trimmed it. She saw me hungrily eyeing her body and started to slowly run her hands across her smooth pale skin.

Once she was certain she had my full attention she slowly turned around and, legs together, bent over at the waist and began rummaging through her shower bag. When I saw Kim's perfectly rounded little butt and her toned legs displayed in such a provocative pose I couldn't help but to start to slowly stroke my engorged member. Her legs spread slightly and I saw her hand snake it's way between her thighs.

Her hand gently cupped her genitals and she began to slowly massage her pussy lips. I could see the wetness begin to spread around as she rubbed herself. I snuck a glance at her almost upside-down face and she seemed mesmerized by my hand going up and down my hardness. "Damn you!", she whispered as she straightened up and faced me. "I was going to tease you but you and your pal there have got me so worked up!", Kim added as she placed a hand on my chest and slowly pushed me backwards into the shower.

"You've got my pal and I pretty well worked up too", I said quietly as I felt the warmth of the shower hit my back.

The hand she used to push me had trailed down to my cock and started working on the head. She couldn't miss the look of ecstasy on my face as she played with it. "Mmmm, just how worked up are you? Are we talking hair trigger situation here?", she purred. "That's a. pretty accurate way. to describe it.", I was back to having trouble speaking again, this time for an entirely different reason.

"So if I were to keep doing this.?", she asked teasingly, increasing her pace a little. "You're about. ten seconds from finding out. if you don't stop", I panted quietly. I had never been so aroused. "9. 8. 7.", she grinned, the look in her dark eyes daring me to try to stop her as her other hand found my balls. The water from the shower had lubricated her hands and she picked up her pace. "6. 5. 4.", she got on her knees in front of me without missing a beat, "I want to see you cum, baby!" It felt like my penis exploded.

I came so hard it hurt. Kim had brought the hand from my balls up to help it's mate in milking rope after thick rope from my twitching cock. She seemed to relish the hot semen splashing on her face and chest, licking the corner of her mouth to get a taste when she couldn't seem to get a shot to go in her mouth.

After the fifth strong shot she looked up at me and her expression seemed to say 'Seriously dude?' but she kept working the head with short hard strokes. I was getting weak in the knees and the next blast hit Kim right on the chin and, as the next one hit her chest, she started laughing and put her hands up and said, "I surrender!

Hold your fire!" After Kim had released me I put my left hand out and slowly lowered myself to the floor coming to rest right in the shower spray and now, on top of everything, I was laughing my ass off.

I couldn't believe that on top of everything else Kim had such a great sense of humor too. "Holy shit Steve! Are you ok?, she reached over to me, not sure if I was laughing or crying. She quickly realized my body was shaking because I was laughing from her surrender and she couldn't help but to start laughing again.

After a moment she pushed me back, so I was laying down on my back, and straddled me. The warm water splashed over us and I could see the semen being rinsed off of her face and chest. Her warm groin pressed gently against mine as she leaned in so we were almost nose to nose. Our laughter slowly petered out as the warm water cascaded over us. "Oh my God Kim.", I was still trying to catch my breath but wasn't too out of it to start exploring Kim's bare skin for the first time. "That was the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen!", she whispered running her hands through the hair on my chest.

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"I can't believe how much you came! Do you always shoot that much semen?" "That was by far the biggest orgasm I've ever had", I said. My hands were caressing the curve of her hips as she gently began to rock on top of me "God, you must have been saving that up for a while" "Yeah, it's been 3 or 4 days.", I didn't get to finish my sentence.

We both cringed when we heard laughter. Kim stopped rocking on me and we communicated through facial expressions while we listened intently. It sounded like two girls at the sinks and they were laughing and talking excitedly while they washed up before bed. It was hard to hear everything they said over the shower and sinks but it was pretty clear they were talking about a guy they knew and what they wanted to do to him.

While we were listening Kim starting rubbing her groin on my still semi-hard cock. She sat up a little so I could finally get my hands on her firm breasts, slowly kneading them and running my thumbs over her perky nipples as the water splashed across her chest. I was a little shocked at some of the things the girls at the sinks said and Kim and I had a hard time stifling our own laughter. After they had departed Kim whispered, "I find it hard to believe all these horny young vixens left a strapping young man like you alone for 3 or 4 days." "Horny young vixens leaving me alone has never been a problem", I chuckled and then regretted it when I saw where it might lead.

I didn't want to tell Kim I was virgin at least until after our first time and certainly not right now when I was so close. Things were going so well and I really didn't want it to get weird. Kim chuckled too but, being face to face with me, she couldn't help but notice I had become a little uncomfortable.

"Seriously?", she asked, starting to put it together. I could feel my erection quickly deflating in between us as it had indeed gotten weird. Shit! There's no way she couldn't feel me deflate too, "Wait, you don't mean. never?", she probed.

Of course, I could only nod resignedly. I really didn't want to lie to her and certainly not when we were almost nose to nose. "Wow, I get to be first?", she asked excitedly. "If you want", I said quietly, still uncomfortable but liking the turn things were taking.

"Oh Steve! You are just too good to be true!", she kissed me tenderly and continued softly, "I know it's embarrassing for a guy to be a virgin but I can't tell you how.

special I feel knowing I get to be your first." I couldn't think of anything to say that didn't sound too corny so I did what I really wanted to and pulled her into a passionate kiss and started playing with her tight little butt.

She got the idea and shut up and kissed me back even more passionately, our bodies pressed tightly together. Just as I could feel my dick shrinking between us earlier, I now felt it growing and Kim felt it too. She slid a hand in between us and started stroking my cock. It was only a few moments before she had me as hard as possible and we were both moaning into our kisses and Kim had started to grind on her hand as it worked on my erection.

I loved the way her body slid across mine with the warm water from the shower lubricating our skin just enough. Kim had finally slid up far enough for me to get my mouth on her boobs and I happily latched on to one of her hard nipples as my hands automatically came up to fondle her tits.

I felt Kim's hips raise up and her nipple left my mouth. She looked down into my eyes as she slowly started rubbing the head of my cock against her pussy. I couldn't believe I was finally going to lose my virginity and it was beyond unbelievable that it was with someone like Kim. I savored the feeling of the tip of my cock sliding over her soft warm pussy lips but she finally decided it was time. Kim ever so slowly started lowering herself onto my shaft.

The feeling as I slowly entered her for the first time was almost enough to make me climax again right then and there. The moment was slightly spoiled by this nagging feeling I had. It was the same feeling as when I was forgetting something important. What the fuck was it and why the fuck was I thinking of it now of all times? "What's wrong Steve?", Kim whispered.

She had stopped lowering herself onto me, I could feel the heat of her pussy surround the head of my cock. "I don't know, it's like I'm forgetting someth.", I whispered back but just as I said it hit me what it was I was forgetting, "Oh! Birth control?" A huge smile came across her face and she grunted softly as she lowered herself down another inch or so onto my dick. Her cunt was like a hot, wet vise on the top of my cock. "That is so cool that you thought of that!", Kim said softly and grunted again as she started to slowly ride the top two inches.

She enjoyed my look of disbelief for a moment before taking pity on me, "Relax, I'm on the pill". I matched her smile and she sat up straight and sunk down another inch or so. Kim grabbed my hands from her hips and and placed them on her breasts.

I took the hint and started gently fondling her boobs and playing with her erect nipples. She maintained eye contact with me as she picked up the pace of her riding, occasionally wincing and cooing as she slowly took more and more of me. After a couple minutes she had me almost all the way inside her, she was now panting as she bobbed up and down.

Her pussy had a kung-fu grip on my dick and I was getting close to cumming again. With about a half an inch still to go, I felt my cock bottom out and Kim's cunt flexed hard. I gasped out in pain as her flex was so strong it really hurt. "Cumming.", she quietly groaned just before her pussy unclenched. Her mouth locked onto mine and she was trying to kiss me but she was having a hard time because she was twitching or spasming slightly. I locked an arm around the back of her waist to steady her and placed my other hand on the back of her neck and kissed her back hard.

She was moaning and breathing quickly through her nose and I could feel fluttery contractions around my penis. It was so erotic to hear her erratic breathing through her nose as she tried to kiss me.

If Kim hadn't clamped down on my cock a few moments ago I surely would have orgasmed again during her climax but the surprise and the pain had set my orgasm back.

I wasn't really sure what I should be doing while she was riding out her twitchy climax so I just held on to her tightly and returned her kisses as best I could. Kim eventually relaxed and put her hands out to support some of her weight which I hadn't realized I had been supporting. She pulled her face back from mine and we just stared at one another under the spray of the shower for a half minute or so while she caught her breath. I was getting uncomfortable laying on the floor of the shower so I sat up and once again locked my arm around the back of Kim's waist to steady her.

My lips found hers again as I sat upright with her still impaled on me. She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and we kissed tenderly for a few moments. She broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, "You're doing pretty damned good for your first time".

I grinned and whispered in her ear, "I've got a pretty damned good partner!". "I love it when you clamp me hard against your body like that! It's so.", she trailed off unable to think of the proper words. The way she had phrased it made me recall a position I had fantasized about many times. I held onto her tightly with the arm around her waist and used my other arm to help me stand up with her still impaled on my hardness.

She let out a soft whoop as we ascended and held on tightly to my neck. Once I was standing I got my arms underneath her thighs was supporting her weight by cradling her buttocks in my hands. "Oh fuck yeah.", she groaned into my ear as I began to slowly raise and lower her petite body onto my shaft.

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This was even better than I had ever imagined, it was pure carnal bliss. The primal urge to fuck her hard and deep was almost overwhelming and Kim must have felt similarly as she was squirming around trying to get me deeper inside of her.

I somehow had the presence of mind to try to tease her a little, resisting her movements and keeping it slow and shallow. She was shooting me this sexy glare like she was getting pissed but that only made me want to savor it even more. Kim eventually took the hint and relaxed as I slowly built up the speed and depth of my strokes. Soon we were both panting but the faster and harder I went the more my arms were tiring out.

It was only a few feet to the wall opposite the shower head and I moved us there and pinned her to the wall, her buttocks still cradled in my hands. Once I had her pinned I looked her in the eye and thrust up hard. "Aaaahhhh", she cried and I stopped, thinking I had hurt her. "Don't stop!", Kim whispered breathily and then kissed me hard. I took her advice and continued to fuck her into the wall. "Harder!", she commanded and I happily obeyed. It took only a dozen or so more hard thrusts deep into her before I felt my orgasm rushing past the point of no return.

I didn't know if I should pull out before I came or if I was expected to cum in her. "Kim, I'm.", I started but she interrupted me. "Cum in me. please.cum.", she panted. Once she said that I instinctively thrust deep as cum erupted from my cock.

I grunted hard as the most unbelievable primal pleasure I had ever felt was compounded by Kim's reaction to being filled with semen. She had used the extra leverage of being against the wall to push her hips out, forcing my twitching erection even deeper and pushing against her cervix.

Just as before when I bottomed out in her, I felt her pussy contract hard around my prick but she released almost immediately when I thrust a little deeper. I was panting into her ear as my balls seemed to empty themselves and she bit my shoulder to keep from crying out as her own orgasm crashed over her. She hugged me tightly to her and emitted a high pitched moan into my shoulder as I felt her cunt twitching around my manhood.

The last time she climaxed I just held onto her and let her ride it out, this time I decided to see what would happen if I kept fucking her. My hands and arms were getting really tired and I felt a little weak in the knees from just cumming but I was determined to gut it out during Kim's climax.

I slowly withdrew an inch or so and she shivered against me. As I pushed back in, her head came off of my shoulder her mouth tried to find mine. I kissed her gently and she moaned in my mouth as I fucked her with slow, short, deep thrusts.

She trembled against me occasionally as her orgasm wound down and I slowly released her. She slid down the wall but instead of standing when her feet hit the ground she used her feet to brace herself as she sat down on the floor with her back to the wall and her mouth hanging open. I thought that was an excellent idea and I sat to her right, taking her hand in mine as we both sat there and caught our breath. It was so pleasant just sitting there holding hands with her while the warm water splashed over our feet and legs.

We both seemed to be savoring the moment and neither one of us spoke for a couple of minutes. She squeezed my hand and whispered, "I'm so glad we found each other." "Me too", was my easy reply. "Were gonna be a couple of prunes if we stay here much longer", she said softly. "I know, but it's so pleasant sitting here with you.", I sighed. She squeezed my hand and we sat for another minute in silence. "Ok, now my butt is getting sore", I said quietly as I wearily started to stand.

She giggled and I took her hand to help her up. We both moved into kiss the other and we shared another passionate kiss under the shower's spray. Her hand found my limp member and I started to harden again. I thought she was playing with it but I quickly realized she was making sure it was getting rinsed off.

She grinned up at me as I continued to harden and whispered, "Seriously?" I grinned back at her, "I can't help it, you're just too sexy" "Ok baby but my pussy is a little sore.", she said softly and I could feel that she hated to disappoint me.

"It's ok Kim", I interrupted, "I'm a little sore too". I smiled to reassure her. My cock was sore, I had never heard anybody talk about guys getting sore from sex. "I'd be more than happy to suck you off if you're not too sore", Kim said with a twinkle in her eyes. The thought of Kim's full lips wrapped around my cock made me even harder and sorer.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but maybe later, ok?", I asked, still not believing I was turning down my first blowjob. I was pretty sure there would be plenty of that from her in the future but still. She gave me a quick smooch and whispered in my ear, "It's ok baby, just let me know when and I'll take good care of your pal" "How about we walk to the diner down the street and grab a bite to eat while he rests?", I asked.

I could think of nothing better than spending more time with Kim. "Oooh yeah, good idea! They have the best milkshakes!", she whispered excitedly. We finally turned off the shower and dried off our pruny bodies.

As we got dressed she asked quietly, "I thought I smelled weed at the party, does someone there have some?" I smiled and pointed at myself. "I'd love to get stoned and drink one of those milkshakes", she said excitedly and then added giggling,"or maybe two!" "That sounds perfect!", I agreed. We finished dressing and making ourselves presentable. Kim left the shower first and whistled when the coast was clear for me to leave.

She dropped off her towels and grabbed her purse. We left the dorm hand in hand, both of us so happy we were almost skipping. We found a little wooded area on the way to the diner and used that for privacy while we toked up. We were both pretty stoned and giggling as we entered the diner.

The place was moderately busy and we were seated at a booth. We sat next to each other and ordered our shakes and a plate of fries and told each other funny stories while we waited. Once our order arrived I found Kim was right, they did have the best milkshakes. "God, I can't stop thinking about how you hoisted me up and fucked me so good with that fat cock of yours", Kim said out of the blue after a sip.

We both laughed as it was a funny thing to blurt out. "I loved that sexy glare you gave me as I was trying to hold you still, that was so hot!", I replied with a grin. She grinned back at me and tried to replicate the sexy glare but she couldn't keep a straight face. We both laughed some more and our conversation drifted back to more getting-to-know-you small talk as we sipped and ate.

We both decided that we didn't need a second milkshake after all and it seemed like all too soon we were walking back to campus. On the way back Kim stepped in front of me and stopped. "So, think you're rested up enough now?", she inquired with a smirk. Her hand reached out and gently rubbed the front of my pants. "Sure, but.", I started and then noticed she had stopped us right in front of the wooded area we had used for privacy earlier.

She saw that I understood what she had in mind and started walking to our spot and I was right behind her. Kim stopped us after she felt we were sufficiently concealed and grabbed my belt. She had my pants and underwear down in no time and was down on her knees with my hardening cock in both her hands.

There was just enough light filtering in through the trees that I could make out her face, grinning at me as she stuck out her tongue and started licking my cock. "Mmmmm. I love how hard you get", she purred as she stroked and licked me slowly. I just kept my mouth shut and grinned at her. I wasn't very sore anymore and she had me at maximum hardness when her lips finally engulfed the head of my cock. Kim worked my cock about three or four inches into her mouth but that was about all she could take.

She worked me over with her lips sucking and tongue swirling while her hands stroked the saliva coated shaft. My moans of pleasure seemed to spur her on to go faster. She pulled her mouth off of my dick and started stroking the head. "Cum in my mouth", she whispered and went back to sucking me.

I put my hands on her head and just held on while she picked up her pace and had me jizzing in her mouth a minute later. This felt almost as good as when I came in her tight little pussy.

I had wondered if she were going to spit or swallow but she just swallowed it all and kept sucking and licking my twitching rod until I was too sensitive and I had to push her head away. She took the hint and gave the head a last gentle kiss before pulling my pants up and tucking my spent penis away. "That was your first blowjob?", she asked as she buckled my pants.

"Yup!", was about all I could get out. "I take it you enjoyed it?", she could see the answer on my face but judging from her smirk I think she wanted to see if I could form a coherent sentence. "That was amazing Kim, thank you!", "I'm glad you liked it because I really enjoy sucking your big dick. Don't ever be bashful about asking me to suck you off, ok?", she replied with a lusty grin and I fell even more in love with her.

"I think I can agree to that", I said happily and then it occurred to me that I wanted to make her as happy as she just made me, or at least try.

"May I.

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um, return the favor?", I asked hopefully. "Let's save that for tomorrow, when we have better light and I can be nice and clean for you", she countered and it made sense but I was still a little disappointed She seemed to sense my disappointment and added with a little smile, "Tonight I'll settle you walking me home and then some of your great smooches before I send you on your way." "I might be able to live with that", I answered as I took her hand and led her back towards campus.