Desde que la probo mi perrita siempre me pide mas verga

Desde que la probo  mi perrita siempre me pide mas verga
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Chapter Five "The Establishment" A slim young girl greeted us. She and Rita greeted each other with a kiss. I was introduced and the girl's name was Tia. She looked me up and down openly. "Wow! Your friend here is a real looker on top of what looks like a great body." Thanking her, I was given a quick synopsis then paid a very modest sum. "Okay baby, you just follow Tia here and do as she says." Giving me a heart thumping kiss, Rita left.

The girl named Tia stepped up close and as she caressed my arms, she asked if I was ready. Nodding, she guided me to a small room. Telling me to not worry, she helped me undress. Again she openly ogled me before helping me into a short robe. Then I was lead from there to a very modern medical examination room. Within scant moments, a distinguished looking man who introduced himself as a doctor and a nurse came in. The nurse helped me on a table and adjusted my body.


The doctor said that to be able to participate in the activities, an examination was necessary. His statement put me at ease. For as bad as I wanted a fuck, I didn't want any disease along with it.

So, I was happy, as Rita had already explained that this was done to everyone. The doctor was gentle and professional in his actions.

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When it was over, the nurse escorted me back to the room where I had undressed. In about twenty minutes, the doctor came in with a handful of lab slips. "Your lab results are back.

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" He went over each one and proclaimed me free of any diseases or problems. "Okay, madam, you are now cleared to participate. When I get back to the office, I will telephone and tell them that you are ready." Thanking him, he then stood up to leave. His eyes lifted somewhat and when I followed them, I got a rush. For the robe had parted, and my lower body was in full view. When we looked at each other, I slowly attempted to cover myself.

His hand stopped me. "I can give you an injection that will allow you to enjoy yourself even more if you are interested?" He asked. His hand was now on the inside of my thigh. Scant inches from my crotch. "Oh! I don't know, I…I'm scared." "These drugs are non-habit forming and completely safe. I can't tell you what they are used for, because you would never believe it. But they definitely do work." Agreeing, he then led me back into the examination room. The nurse was gone and we were alone.

Stepping up close, he said in a low voice, "Take off your robe and lie down on your back." Lying back on the table, he rolled me on my side. Filling a small needle, he wiped my hip with antiseptic and a quick sting was felt as the needle easily entered me. Continuing to rub the area, he had me lie still for a few moments. Looking at the spot, he then rolled me over on my back. "Please lay still. The "medicine" takes a few minutes to work" Looking me up and down, he continued, "You have a very nice body.

It is full and the skin is very firm." "Thank you." I answered. Noticing that my breath had become shorter, he then looked into my eyes with a light. My pulse was taken next, and then he listened to my heartbeat. The coolness of the scope made me flinch when he put it on my boob.

Looking down my blemish free body, his eyes danced when they saw my inner thighs rubbing against each other. "Good! Now just relax. Sometimes you get a rush, but then you will settle down" He said with a smile on his face. "Oh God! I…my…please, I…need!" My blood suddenly felt like it was boiling. "Okay, take it easy. This is the rush that some experience. Now, I am going to touch you. It…will help." "Yes!

Whatever! Do …something! I need…" With that, his hand went to my heaving chest and cupped my left tit. Gently pulling the nipple caused me to gasp as he then rolled the berry in his fingers.

"YES! Oh…! Please, more!" I gasped as my thighs opened on their own violation. He gave me a smile as his other hand then fluttered down to my thighs. Rubbing the top of my burning slit, I whimpered slightly as he cupped my slit. "Okay, is this better?" He asked as his hand was now rubbing my slit. My hips went off the table when he worked his middle finger past my puffy labia lips. Nodding my head, I held his hand tight with my thighs as he softly but firmly rubbed my inner vagina walls.


Finally the rush finally subsided to a level that left me in an excitable state, but I could control it. My thighs, which were still open to his fingering made me open even more as I was enjoying his touch. My cunt felt like it was on a steady boil.

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The doctor smiled down at me as his finger continued to work inside of my warm moist meat. "Does this help?" He asked. "Yes…but would you…another…ohh, please another finger!" Smiling, he complied but made me gasp when he added a third finger and increased his pressure on my bursting tit. He pulled on my nipple to almost its limits before stopping. The pain felt good and I mumbled out for more.

Jabbing his fingers up me deeper, I cried out as I pushed back against his hand. "Ahh! Yes! Please…oh please! More!" Suddenly he stopped.

Going to the end of the table, he lifted my legs and put them over his shoulders. Pulling out an impressive cock, he pushed it up me. I gasped as his hardness went up. Leaning forward, my legs came back to all most my heaving tits. Jabbing me, I cried as he bottomed out. Working his hips, he began to work me over. Our rhythm got in sync and within minutes, my slit was gushing. I cupped his buttocks as he kept feeding me his meat.

Suddenly, the door opened. It was his nurse. She smiled at the scene and walked over to my head.

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Wiping my sweat streaked hair away from my face, we both smiled. Leaning down, our lips met and I begged for another when she stopped. This time our tongues parried with each other. She reached and cupped my left bursting tit. With the pulling on my flesh and absorbing the thrusts up my vagina was making the fire grow hotter inside me.

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When I felt the doctor's cock beginning to throb, I pushed back in order so that the short jabs that I knew would follow, the sensation would be fantastic. When he finally stopped, he fisted his semi hard cock and came to my head.

The nurse smiled as she kept pulling on my tits. Presenting his semen smeared cock to my mouth; I expressed no delay in letting it enter.


"Do you feel better now?" He asked as I continued to suck him. Nodding, he then smiled and said, "Yolanda, clean her." I was still licking him and wondered if he wanted me to stop. When I did cease, he looked at me and said to continue.

I did not mind at all for he was slowly gathering his strength and his largeness tasted good. Yolanda cleaned my sticky cunt with softness and I hummed with happiness as she bestowed kisses upon it after finishing.

The doctor pulled out of my mouth and smiled. "Do you feel okay now?" "Oh yes!" I answered. "Much better!" His cock was now almost at full staff and only a short few inches from my mouth. I was certain that it would return soon. "You were having quite a rush and I had to control it." Smiling, I replied, "I liked your therapy!" I reached and fisted him.

Pulling him closer, I guided his meat into my warm mouth. Cupping my left tit, he laughed as he pulled on it and alternated on the right one. Turning to Yolunda, he spoke, "Are they ready for her?" "It will be another hour, maybe less." She responded as her hand came forward and cupped my cunt.

Pulling his cock out from my mouth, I said,"Great! Then I think that we have time for some more therapy." He smiled as I led his cock back into my mouth. My hands cupped and hefted his scrotum. He looked at Yolunda and bent forward. Their lips came together and he eased her closer to himself.

I smiled inwardly when his hand sought out her crotch. "Pull up your dress!" Quickly complying, Yolunda closed her eyes as the doctor's finger up her was whipping back and forth with force. "Yolanda, is her cunt ready?" She answered with a smile as her three fingers inside rubbed me.

`"Yes, it feels… very hot." "Good. Keep fingering her. " Moments later, my throat opened up as a sweet load of semen coated my throat. The doctor suddenly reached down and took me by the back of head. Holding me onto his slowly deflating cock, he turned to Yolunda. "When she gets ready to come, I want your mouth on her! Understand?" The pretty nurse smiled and nodded.

Giving me some increased pressure with her hand, my thighs tightened in just moments and I let out a small moan. The soft lips brought a smile to my sweaty face as the tongue of Yolunda jabbed me. My hips jerked back and forth as the flood that was building up inside me rushed past my labia and into the nurse's mouth. I thanked him and her after we pulled apart. I was told to enjoy my- self. I hoped so. I felt great now and was ready for more sex!