Natural big booty blonde rubs her pussy in public

Natural big booty blonde rubs her pussy in public
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Don The Degenerate Doorman: 8C Carrie The Comely Co-ed By rutger5 (An Original Story - Copyright 2013) (Dedicated to marriecarrie if you're still out there.) _______________________________________________________________________ It was my favorite part of the workday, well really that's quitting time so I suppose it was my second favorite time. I had already taken lunch and my co-worker Jose was taking his and once he returned there would only be an hour remaining until quitting time.

For the most part it was quiet with the normal deliveries to the building already having taken place and since it was a weekday afternoon many of the building residents were at work. Some stay at home wives or retirees might still occasionally pass through the lobby necessitating my opening the door for them and in a little while the nannies would be heading out en masse to pick up their young charges when school let out but these were the exceptions, not the rule. There was enough free time to check the newspaper to see if any of my horses had won their race the previous day and while doing so I noticed in an ad that one of my favorite strip club haunts had introduced body sushi.

Not sure about that idea - I mean if there was a bad odor how would you be sure where it was coming from - the girl it rested on or the fish itself. After finishing the sports section I folded the paper and put it on the desk and looked up.

As soon as I did I noticed two people approaching the entrance. Getting to my feet I walked over toward the front door.

They'd stopped out front and were kissing as I watched from the vestibule, leaving me unsure of whether to open the door for them or not. The young woman was an attractive college co-ed who lived with her parents on the 8th floor and she was with the latest in a long line of losers, ne'er do wells and riff raff that she chose to associate with, much to her poor parents chagrin.

He was practically mauling her as they made out, with both his hands all over her shapely butt and one of his legs was in between hers pressing into her covered mound. I saw him whisper something in her ear and she giggled in response after which they broke their embrace.

He still kept one of his hands on her ass as they turned toward the building again, prompting me to open the front door for them. "Good afternoon Miss Hart," I said as they passed inside. "Hi," was all she said in reply but she gave me a little smile to go along with it, which lit up the vestibule brighter than a Christmas tree. They passed into the lobby and even though her low hanging, baggy pants wearing companion protested she first went toward the mailboxes.

Showing his class he ground his narrow hips into her ass while she unlocked her mailbox and removed the envelopes inside. I'd returned to my position at the front desk while considering how best to proceed when I decided to throw caution to the wind and act. So I waited until she'd closed the mailbox and they were heading to the elevators to speak up. "Excuse me Miss Hart, but may I have a word with you?" They turned and I could see him roll his eyes that were half hidden under his shaggy hair but she gave him a quick kiss before coming my way.

"What is it Don?" she asked, absently flicking her long, brown, curly hair with her delicate hand. "I shouldn't even be telling you this Miss, but I'd hate for you get into any trouble. The deal is that your parents have asked me to keep my eyes open and see if you bring any guests upstairs while they're not home. And if you do, they want me to make note of it and inform them." I had to force myself to not laugh in her face from her reaction, for her jaw literally dropped and she looked like a deer caught in the headlights right before it became road kill.

Her eyes widened and she swallowed nervously as she digested what I had revealed to her before she regained a modicum of control.

"Are you serious, my parents, like, have you spying on me?" "Afraid so Miss. Their instructions were quite specific in regards to this. If you bring anyone upstairs they want me to write down what time, how long your guest stays and most importantly the sex of the visitor." "Fuck!" she said in a loud voice, but fortunately besides her friend and me no one else was in the lobby to hear her outburst.

She stood there for a minute thinking when an idea came to her. "Well, you don't have to say anything, do you? I mean, it's not like part of your job to spy on people, is it?" "Not really but I have to tell you that your family has always been very generous to me and I wouldn't want to do anything that would cause that to change," I answered truthfully. "Damn! Fuck!" she said as my words thwarted her plans. "Well thanks, I guess, for at least, like, letting me know.

Otherwise I'd be, like hearing about it from my bitch mother.

I know she must be the one behind this. Fuck!" With that final curse she turned on her heel and walked back to meet her companion. The two of them whispered together for a minute then without glancing my way they turned and left the building. After first waiting a minute to give them time to put some distance between themselves and the building I ambled outside and looked up the block. They were approaching 78th Street and when they reached it the couple turned onto it to head in the direction of the park.

Ah, young lust. Throw up a roadblock and they'll find a way to circumvent it. No doubt they would soon be scaring the squirrels while following the eternal example of the birds and bees.

Well that wasn't my problem. I had no desire to police anyone and only agreed to keep my eyes open due to past (and hopefully future) generosity by her parents. If she wanted to bang every loser in NYC that was her business I figured. I'd accomplished what I wanted though, finding a way to not be a snitch while at the same time not deceiving the Harts. All in all a satisfactory outcome.

A little later once my shift ended I'd left the building and was headed toward 77th Street in order to catch the subway. I could hear someone behind me rapidly approaching but thought nothing of it until I felt a hand touch my arm. Whirling around I found myself staring at Miss Hart, who seemed slightly winded.

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"You really walk fast Don, I wasn't sure I'd like catch up to you. What's the rush, you like have a hot date or something?" "Nothing like that Miss Hart. I usually wait until the evening for my dates, hot or otherwise." "Hmm, I'm not so sure about that, at least if the gossip I've heard is true. The word is some of your hottest dates happen like when you're working." If she was hoping to get a reaction from me then she must have been disappointed by my lack of one.

With my Ray Bans on, my eyes were hidden from view but it wouldn't have mattered in any case. I was pretty adept at hiding my thoughts and feelings and the fact she'd heard about some of my extra curricular activities didn't faze me. Now if certain married male tenants had confronted me thus I might have worried a bit, but otherwise I considered it good advertising of my prowess.

"No answer, huh?" she asked and my only reply was to shrug my shoulders and give her a half smile. "Fine, that doesn't matter anyway but I do want to talk to you." "I'm not stopping you Miss Hart," I answered but she made a face when I did.

"Don, would you mind calling me Carrie instead of Miss Hart. You're not at work so you don't have to be like so formal, you know, and it makes me sound old." "Fine by me Carrie. Now what do you want to talk about?" "Do we have to, like do this on the street?" "Okay, you want an iced coffee or something?" I asked indicating a famous overpriced coffee chain across the street. A few minutes later she was sitting across from me enjoying a venti mocha latte iced coffee while I sipped a grande regular hot coffee.

We sat in silence for a few minutes for I felt no need to rush anything. When she wanted to talk she could, until then I was content to drink my coffee and stare at her. For Carrie was very easy on my eyes with her long, curly, brown hair and pretty face and since she was wearing an electric blue spaghetti strap style tank top I also was able to appreciate her perky breasts.

With the store's air conditioning blasting, her nipples were like hard pebbles leading me to believe she wasn't wearing a bra. She didn't really need to, for her young breasts appeared quite firm with no sagging but at her young age that was to be expected.

"Um, excuse me," I heard her say, causing me to shift my eyes upward to her face. "Enjoying the view Don?" "Very much so Carrie, though it's just as nice where I'm looking now," I replied with my trademark leer plastered on my face.

"Well I can't blame you for looking at the girls, they are spectacular." "Yes, they most certainly are, as is the rest of you in my opinion." That response made her smile and a second later she flipped her curly hair as she studied my face.

"The reason I wanted to talk was, like, I was wondering if we could work out some kind of deal, you know?" "No, not really. What kind of deal are we talking about Carrie?" "A deal so that I can do what I want and not have to worry about my parents like finding out about it." "That is a problem because as I told you earlier your parents have been very generous with me.

If I look the other way and they find out I've been playing them for suckers then my tips will dry up at the least. And though I can't get into official trouble, it would be very bad for my reputation to lie to tenants." "Well how much do they give you? Maybe I can top it." "Since from what they've told me you're a full time student who doesn't work and that they support you, that might prove difficult." "Well Don," she said while batting her eyelashes at me, "not everything has to be about money." No sooner had she said this then I felt her hand touch my leg a little above my knee and when my eyes met hers she winked at me.

"Why you little slut Carrie." "Yeah, so what? Nothing wrong with that, is there?" "Not from where I'm sitting there isn't. So do you want to do this now Carrie, or what?" "Like yeah. We can go now but we should hurry 'cause my parents usually get home by six." "Carrie, weren't you listening?

There is no way I'm going to your family's apartment and hooking up with you. It defeats the whole purpose of what I'm hoping to accomplish." "Then where? Not outdoors, thank you very much. Jayson tried to do me in Central Park and I told him no way. He's lucky he got a blowjob." "We can go to my place, this way you aren't bringing anyone to the apartment and even more importantly I'm not going there. C'mon lets go catch the train." "So where do you live Don?" "In Bay Ridge, we just have to take the 4 or 5 then transfer to the R.

Think of it as an adventure Carrie. You know, an upper east side princess going to Brooklyn and all." "I've been to Brooklyn before," she sniffed as we got up to go. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Ah, life is good I thought to myself. It was a little over an hour later and I was sitting in my recliner with an open ice cold PBR on the table next to me as I took a hit from a big, fat spliff.

I inhaled the pungent smoke deeply and held it in a minute before exhaling. "Carrie, do you want any?" I inquired as I looked down while offering her the herb. In order to answer, she first had to release my hard cock from her mouth which had been expertly sucking it. "Thanks Don," she replied as she reached up. I handed her the joint and watched as her pretty lips wrapped around it and she took a few tokes before giving it back to me.

Once she returned it Carrie resumed sucking my joint and man she was talented. Not tooting my own horn but my cock is above average in size yet she was handling it like it was nothing. Carrie's warm mouth would engulf a good portion of it while her nimble tongue licked it like a lollipop.

Her hands kept themselves busy as well, stroking the bottom half of my shaft and massaging my full balls as she sucked me.

She stopped sucking when I again offered her some smoke but one of her hands continued to stimulate me even as she inhaled. This time when she resumed she went all out with her oral effort and started to take me deeper each time, my cock head now entering her throat.

She pulled off me one more time and after stroking me a few times she angled my cock like she preferred and opened her lips wide. Carrie now slid her head down my shaft all the way, deep throating me as her hand continued to play with my swollen balls. My free hand grabbed her hair and held her in place for a minute before releasing the young woman. Again she released me but only long enough to take a few breaths then once again she did her sword swallowing act.

I was getting close so this time my hand sought out her shapely breast and squeezed it through her top. Carrie moaned and the vibrations went right to my cock and stimulated it even more. When I thought about what I planned to do with her later this was enough to push me off the precipice. "Yes, fuck!" I cried out, "I'm going to cum!" She pulled her head up some so I was no longer in her throat though she kept my helmet head in her welcoming mouth as I came.

Shot after glorious shot I discharged as her hand squeezed my balls and her tongue lashed my cockhead. When no more cum was left Carrie pulled her mouth off me but she continued to lick me to make sure she'd left none behind. Only when she satisfied that was the case did she move her head. Looking my way she dazzled me with her smile before licking her sexy lips. My hand had kept kneading her firm, young breast and now Carrie placed her hand over mine as I did.

"Well that was great Carrie, thanks. Now what do you say about taking off your clothes so we can continue." "Hmm, I don't remember agreeing to that Don," she replied though I could clearly see the lust reflected in her eyes. "We didn't actually work out the details but it's the next logical step. You sucked my cock and now its time for me to return the favor.

After I first make you cum a few times licking your pussy then we can fuck." "You have it all worked out I see," she replied but she must have agreed with me in principle because as soon as she finished speaking she took hold of her blue top and pulled it up and over her head.

"Sweet," I exclaimed as her beautiful bosom was revealed to me in all its naked glory. Unwilling to wait a second longer I stood up while offering Carrie my hand to assist her to her feet. Once she too was standing I only had to bend slightly for she was fairly tall, around five foot seven if I had to hazard a guess, to attach my eager mouth to her succulent breast. The comely college co-ed let out a gasp as my teeth closed on her nipple gently and I sucked as much of her breast into my mouth that I could fit.

My hand took hold of her other one and I pinched that nipple at the same time so that they both were receiving the attention they deserved. Her hand ran through my hair as she encouraged my efforts and I wondered how long she could take this attention before stopping me. Carrie seemed content to let my mouth feast on her bosom as I switched between her breasts while continuing to fondle the one that wasn't in my mouth at any given time.

Wanting to step things up I used my free hand to start to rub the nexus between her thighs and even through the material I could feel the outline of her vulva. When I did this her breathing became more rapid and irregular while her moans increased in both volume and intensity. Desiring to touch her and not her clothing my hand crept up to the button of her stretch jeans and undid it before pulling down her zipper. Once that was accomplished it was quite easy to slide my fingers beneath her panties.

They encountered soft, downy hair on their travels to her juicy peach which they reached next. Carrie let out a loud moan as I touched her wet pussy for the first time and by this point I desired to taste her so badly that it was all I could think of. My hands stopped what they were doing and both went to the waistband of her jeans where they tugged and pulled until her pants were at mid thigh. Only then did I release her shapely breast from my mouth and after spinning her body around I pushed her back onto my recliner.

She laughed as she landed in my chair and even before she was settled I was kneeling in front of her. Her flats were the first things off and they were followed shortly by her stretch jeans, leaving her clad only in her panties. My hands pushed her thighs wide apart and I pressed my face against the thin material that separated me from what I truly desired. Her scent was already strong and I felt it intoxicating me with its sublime power. My lips kissed it through her panties as my hands took hold of the fabric and tore it with all my strength.

They ripped easily and I tossed the scraps to the floor as I beheld her womanhood in all its feminine glory.

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There was a small, well groomed landing strip of brown pubic hair just above it and her slightly parted lips glistened with her womanly secretions urging me to taste her. When my tongue first ran her full length, starting at the bottom and continuing upwards until flicking her partially hooded clit Carrie let out a throaty moan. When I then forced my tongue inside her wet hole, probing as deep as I could reach, it became louder and her hand grabbed hold of my hair tightly.

Sliding my tongue out of her tight channel I began to lick her lips with a fervor that appeared to catch her by surprise in its intensity and she let loose with a number of grunts and groans.

After a few minutes of licking her outsides I again slid my tongue in her as my fingers spread her labia wide open. It burrowed deep up her pussy and I moved it from side to side lashing her inner walls with each motion.

Once I forced it to its limit, my nose was then pressing on her erect clit at the same time. Carrie started to roll her hips in response which no doubt stimulated her even more for I didn't slacken my pace any so she was getting it good. The only other thing I could do to add to her pleasure was to reach up and grab her breasts and tweak her erect nipples.


"Oh yes Don, that feels like so great! Oh! Yes!" she practically screamed and a moment later I felt her thighs clamp onto my head in the throes of her passion. Knowing that she was cumming only made me redouble my efforts and I managed to increase the speed of my tongue while pinching her nipples harder. Her hips bucked a bit but I held on doggedly, not allowing her to escape as I continued to savor her taste and smell.

It was only after she relaxed a bit that I let her go and raised my head to look at her face. It was still flushed from her climax and she had a satisfied expression on it but that only spurred me on.

My tongue then started to trace a circle around her clit as my index finger slipped into her channel and I could feel her internal muscles squeeze it when it did.

"Damn Carrie, you have one sweet, tight little pussy," I told her before resuming licking her nub. "Do you like it Don? I'm glad," she said and a second later she moaned as I worked a second finger into her.

I drove them in and out of her and as I did she became wetter and wetter until they made a squishing sound each time they slid in. When I sucked her clit into my mouth so I could lick and suck it at the same time Carrie let me know that she liked that. "Yes Don yes! That's it, right there. Oh yes, don't stop!" By now my cock had recovered from my earlier orgasm and it was fully erect and just waiting to be put someplace wet and tight.

But before I did there was the small matter of making Carrie cum again from my mouth and fingers. She had opened up enough that I was able to slide my full fingers inside her pussy with no problem and her clit was engorged from my sucking on it.

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When I curled my fingers to stimulate her g-spot Carrie let loose with a deluge of pussy juice as this final tactic drove her to orgasm again. This time my fingers were held helpless as her vagina contracted mightily on them and she yanked on my hair so hard it brought tears to my eyes.

After a minute of this she started to relax a bit giving me the opportunity I'd been waiting for. My fingers slid from her as my mouth released her clit and I next brought the aforementioned digits to her full lips and presented them to her. Being the little slut she was Carrie sucked on them until no fluid remained on them except her saliva.


While she did this I started to run my cock across the furrow of her pussy lips like a plow. This had the effect not only of making us feel good and stimulating our sensitive nerve endings but also coating the underside of my thick cock with her slick pussy juice.

When she was finished sucking my fingers Carrie reached down and grabbed my shaft but in the position I was in she was unable to guide it where she wanted to. "Don, stop teasing me and put it in me," she pleaded to me with a petulant expression.

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"Your wish is my command Carrie," I replied as I pulled my hips back just enough that she was able to guide my swollen head to the entrance of her little hole. For a couple of seconds I left it there with the helmet head right at the entrance before I forced it deep.

That caused a moan to escape her red lips and I gave an answering groan as I felt her pussy's power on me. Her vaginal muscles squeezed my full length as I paused after sinking my cock into her. Taking a few breaths I then started to slide in and out of her in long smooth thrusts. It felt great and Carrie seemed to be enjoying herself but I knew that if I adjusted her body's position it could be even more pleasurable for her and hopefully for myself as well.

My hands slid under her legs and raised them into the air and while keeping them spread wide I pushed them towards her head. The final touch was to bend her knees at an angle so her pretty feet were resting on my chest. Damn she had adorable little toes with painted blue nails and each digit perfectly shaped.

I lowered my head which allowed me to suck on her little piggies as I resumed pumping her wet puss. Now with her pelvis at this adjusted angle each time I thrust in an upward direction my cock hit her g-spot as it traveled deeper in her channel.

I was also able to take my hands off her legs and slide them under her ass to tilt her pelvis even further.

"Ooh Don that feels so good. But you're tickling my feet," she said with a giggle. Reluctantly I stopped sucking her toe so I could answer her. "What's the matter Carrie, you don't like me playing with your feet?" "It's not that, it just tickles is all," and to show she was sincere she raised her foot back to my mouth.

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This time by opening my mouth wide I managed to fit all five toes in at once but I made sure to not let up any when it came to fucking her. If anything I increased the speed of my thrusts to make sure I was treating her bad kitty good. My balls slapped her ass each time I filled her channel and her juices were trickling down there as well as they escaped her sopping pussy. After a particularly deep thrust she let out a wail and when I slid out of her a cascade of her juices flowed free as well.

Pulling my hands free I again adjusted her legs, this time leaning forward as I guided her limbs into wrapping around my waist. Giving her a kiss first, I then grabbed her by the waist as I prepared for my next move. "Carrie, put your arms around my neck," I instructed her and once she did I moved. It was a two step process for the first thing I had to do was straighten up my body which lifted Carrie off the chair.


Then I had to shift from each knee to my foot and from there stand up while holding her body to mine. As I rose she slid down some, literally burying my cock as deep as it could go in her pussy. Once standing I shifted my hands to her ass so that I could raise and lower her body. This was a tough workout for someone more used to twelve ounce curls but the reward was well worth it.

Bouncing her lithe, young body up and down on my rigid rod sure beat hitting the gym, that's for sure. Carrie really got into this new position and along with her assisting me in her moving her hips she started to kiss me passionately at the same time. Even when she had to break the kiss due to the difficulty of maintaining it while her body was moving frantically she placed her head on my shoulder and let me know. "Oh fuck yes! It feels sooo good Don. That's it, yesss!" she moaned by my ear, as my cock would plunge deep into her body each time.

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When my hands started to slide a little due to sweat I figured all good things come to an end so I turned my body around and managed to sit on the edge of the recliner. It was large enough that we both fit easily and allowed Carrie the leeway to position her body how she chose to.

Initially she stayed in the same basic position only now she ground her pelvis faster with no fear of slipping off me. This also let me wrap my arms around her waist again while at the same time kissing and nuzzling her slender throat. After a bit she shifted her body so that she was crouching on her feet and able to ride me that way as her hands rested on my shoulders. Now each time Carrie rose up so that only my head remained in her, before sliding down the full length to my thick base.

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I started to move my own hips as well and though it didn't make my cock go any deeper the lateral movement did its part to give us both more in the way of carnal delight. When my mouth closed on her succulent breast she let out a moan as I felt even more of her juices flow over my shaft while it remained deep in her.

"Carrie, why don't you get off," I told her as I lightly smacked her firm tush with my hand. "I did just get off, couldn't you tell?" she replied with a smirk. Despite her being a smart alex Carrie was able to rise off my cock after one final bounce which permitted me to get off the chair after moving her leg. "Kneel with your ass up Carrie. Time for a little doggy style." She wiggled her sexy ass in invitation as soon as she got into position to tempt me and she succeeded.

Carrie looked incredible on her knees with her upper body bent forward and her legs parted revealing her pinkness, all puffy and dripping her sweet nectar. The sight was too much for me so with no delay I grabbed her by her round hips and sank my shaft into her until my hairy balls touched her flesh. "Play with your clit Carrie!" I demanded as I started to thrust hard and deep into her sticky honey pot.

She moved her hand there and rubbed her button with her fingers as our bodies collided again and again. My need was great now and I didn't bother with technique or variety. All that mattered was filling her cunt with my cock and emptying my load inside her. My hand grabbed her by her long hair and pulled on it causing her head to rise and go backward and I could see her neck muscles were taut from the pressure.

"That's it Carrie, take my cock! I can't take it, I'm going to cum in you! Fill your little pussy with my load, oh fuck yes!" I roared. As my ball sac drew up I managed a few more powerful thrusts then I started to discharge my semen inside her. Her hand had been frantically rubbing her clit while the other pinched her nipple and she continued even as I painter her insides white. Just as the last bit was seeping from my slit into her, Carrie's body stiffened as she achieved another orgasm.

Letting her hair go my body then bent at the waist until I rested on her back as my lips kissed the back of her neck and my hands ran along the smooth skin of her thighs. Only one more thing I wanted to do before I had to rest so with a groan I slid my slimy cock from her well used pussy. Moving to the side of the chair I presented my weapon to her for cleaning. I didn't need to say a word for as soon as Carrie saw it, her hand grabbed it and pulled it to her waiting mouth.

She sucked our combined fluids off it then once she let it go Carrie curled up in the recliner with a satisfied expression. "You know Carrie, you are even more attractive right after you've been fucked. Maybe something to do with your true nature being let loose," I told her as I slid into the chair next to her.

"I don't know, but damn that was hot!" she replied as she snuggled next to me and rested her head on my chest. A short time later after we recovered somewhat we were finishing off the joint from before as I watched her getting dressed.

The only thing she couldn't put back on were her panties which I'd destroyed when ripping them off her body earlier. "Are you going?" I asked her between tokes. "Umm, yeah. But I'll see you at work tomorrow, right?" "I'll be there Miss Hart," I said smirking.

She gave me a face for that but then smiled. "And we have a deal now as well. You won't spy on me anymore. Right?" "Not exactly. The way we can do this is that if you feel the need to bring some guy to your apartment, then give me a warning text in advance with when you'll be coming. That way I can be busy elsewhere or on a bathroom break or something. Or you could just text me that you'll be meeting me here after I get off if you need to get laid." "Oh I never thought of that Don.

To tell you the truth you are a better fuck than Jayson anyhow so we'll see." "I'm looking forward to it Carrie," I truthfully answered her. The End