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Young emo boys teen sex Robert Vanderhoff
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. It started out that way, then I saw her taking a secret video of my sister undressing thru her not fully closed door. I was of course shocked at what she was doing, &hellip.but then again…I would love to see my sister Jodi undressed myself. She had a killer body, nice tits and her and I &hellip.well&hellip.we kinda liked to cop feels on each other once and a while. I had only seen her once semi-naked in a very shear nightgown, and I could see enough to start a hardon going each time I looked at her now.

We both were afraid to go any further as it could lead to trouble with mom. We had one close call when I was helping her move her bed. That morning she had on a tiny nightie, and her tits were really showing good. We rubbed by each other and grinned. She whispered: ("…if you weren't my brother,…") and grabbed my ½ hardon. I whispered back: ("…oh?, well 'if' you weren't my sister I would…") and I grabbed her beautiful tits.

We giggled quietly, but we didn't move away from each other this time. She put her head on my chest and continued feeling my growing hardon. I continued feeling here soft wonderful tits, not just a playful grab. This was the furthest we had ever gone and we didn't stop.

I felt her warm breath on my chest as I went for her nipples. They were rock hard. She rubbed my hardon up and down as it grew down the inside of my leg of my shorts. I took one hand and went to feel her sweet ass.

She parted her legs some and pushed her pussy into me. She was just starting to put her hand down my shorts, and I was just going inside her panties when we heard mom. We panicked. We started pulling on her bed, I squatted down to hide my hardon as I pretended to be having a hard time moving her bed.

Mom came in and just smiled and watched us pretend to struggle with the bed. She immediately started taking a video of us. I couldn't stand up with my hardon. Jodi knew this and started showing off sexy poses to distract her.

Mom now pointed the camera on Jodi and not me, as I quick slipped out to the bathroom&hellip.whew. Later on Jodi and I talked private and giggled at the close call…but…everything was changing now, and 'things' got a little crazy.

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Jodi and I wanted more of the hot feels of each other. Jodi now knew she could give me a hardon and it seemed to delight her. Using that little coy sexy smile of hers must have been an ego trip, to watch me get hard over her. Our playful grabs were now slow sexy feels, and very horny feelings grew in us for each other. We were in the kitchen and thought mom was up stairs. I moved close to her. She back up out of site of the doorway and leaned against the kitchen wall.

She spread her legs apart as I moved in to rub my hardon against her pussy. I felt her sweet tits as he rubbed her hand over my semi-hardon. This was the hottest one yet. I put my hand down the back of her little shorts and felt that smooth ass of hers. She put her hand down the top of my shorts and started feeling my bare hardon. We both trembled a little as it was a real turn on for both of us.

We heard mom and broke it off quickly. I had a big shirt on and the shirt tail hid my hardon. Mom came in the kitchen smiling and holding that camera of hers. She seemed to always have it with her. Jodi's thoughts…… I was becoming drawn to my brother more and more. I had boyfriends, but my brother was exciting to sneak hot feels with, and I was liking it a lot.

To know he was getting a hardon over me&hellip.was awesome, I now craved doing it and then feeling it, so warm and big. He made my nipples tingle and get hard better than any boy I had met. If he just wasn't my brother&hellip.but those rules…I just don't seem to care anymore. I'm hot for him and he's hot for me, that all I know. Mom&hellip. My mind was full of ideas. This camera opened up a new door for me. I had seen porn vids, and had some ideas of my own.

I wanted to make my own porn vid, but I had a lot of talking to do, to get my kids to help me. They didn't know it, but I got really turn on hot over 'brother / sister' porn films. My own brother and I never did anything, but we talked about it one time as young teens, and I got really turned on sexually that wonderful day. He secretly told me how he wished I wasn't his sister. He said how he would kiss me all over my naked body and feel my tits.

How we would be boyfriend and girlfriend and make beautiful sexy love together.

He said he would take me down in the woods where he had a secret place for us to be alone. He held my hand a he continued to talk real close to me. I was breathing so hard by now I felt like I had to pee. I'll never forget his eyes as he talked.

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He looked down my blouse at my tits and said how he wished he could kiss them. My nipples instantly began to tingle and get hard.

Our hands began to sweat as we rubbed them together slightly. I looked and saw him with a big hardon in his jeans for the first time. I thought I had peed some as I felt the wetness in my pussy. Someone was coming. He quick kissed my cleavage and left&hellip.then I really did…wet my panties.

I dreamed about this only being the beginning of 'us', but it never happened again. It must have been to risky, as our parents would have sent us to reform school if we had ever been caught even touching each other in the 'wrong' way. All we could do was sneak a look a few times and a few whispers like: ("…I want to feel you so bad"&hellip.and…"I dreamed about you again last night.") He was a year older than me, and moved out right after graduation.

He had room mates so I couldn't come over to be alone with him, then he got a job in a different town and moved away. I kept my deep dark secret feelings of having beautiful sex with my brother to my self, and never told a single soul my secret thoughts. Now, you can see brothers and sisters having sex on the porn sites. Oh how I envied them doing what I could never even talk about. I've been watching Chad and Jodi and I see them getting sexually drawn to each other.

I've been gathering some 'scenes' for a private video for myself. I've got them hidden in my computer. They are already making me aroused.

---- So far…I've got Jodi undressing, showing her sexy body. I've got them fixing her bed, and Jodi doing sexy poses. I saw Chad quickly stand and run out of the room with a big bulge in his pants out of the corner of my eye. My last hidden camera shot was in the kitchen when they snuck in some hot feels. I had gotten on my knees and poked my camera around the corner.

Watching them made me so hot as they rubbed themselves together. I got dizzy and almost fell over. I was so envious of them. Oh how I wished my brother and I had done that. I went in my bedroom and downloaded my shots.

I re-watched all of my shots over and over. I realized I hadn't been this aroused since I had that one hot sexy talk with my brother years ago. My little obsession was very exciting, but my goal was to take a video of Chad and Jodi…Oh my god… It took my breath away just to think about what I was thinking.

I wanted a video of my own two kids&hellip.(gulp) having…sex. I must be a bad mom to even think of such a thing, but that was the bottom line of my obsession. Since I could never make it with my own brother, second best would be to make a video of them.

Chad looked a lot like my brother and Jodi looked a lot like me. I wanted that more than anything. They were both about the ages of my brother and I when we had that sexy talk that time&hellip.only this time no one was going to stop them from making it with each other.

I was very wet again as thinking about it always did that to me&hellip.I paused my thoughts as I drifted into one of my day dreams. I pictured my brother holding my hand and looking in his beautiful eyes that special day. I felt him kiss my cleavage and I looked at him as I gasp for breath. I froze in place& wasn't my brothers face. It was Chad's. I stood up in shock and tried to clear my head. That didn't help at all. Chad had just kissed my cleavage in my day dream, and now his face was in place of my brothers.

I walked out back to get some fresh air and have a smoke. I tried to think about anything but Chad. My heart was beating fast, I felt so warm inside and my fingers felt weak. My pussy was so wet, I quick had to go change my panties. I closed my bedroom door and sat on my bed. I pulled my panties down and saw the big wet spot on them&hellip.I had an idea…the site of my panties make me think back of when I got so wet from that sexy time with my brother.

I got my video camera and took a shot of my wet panties. I took a shot of my wet pussy also. I opened up my legs wide and let the camera see my very wet pussy. I got really excited. I grabbed a picture of my brother and held it so it looked like he was looking at my pussy. I propped up the picture and started fingering my pussy like it was for him to see.

I had never done this and it had me turned on very high. I began to moan quietly. I stuck more fingers in me and began to finger fuck my self. All the while holding the camera to tape it. Oh my I was going to orgasm big as I felt it coming. I started to peak when I looked right at my brothers face.


I orgasmed like bolt of lightning hit me and kept hitting me& hips and fingers were making me a little crazy with pleasure. I thrust my pussy up and felt my G spot as & brother in the picture watched. I gasp for air as my eyes finally closed and kept rubbing my pussy&hellip.

I drifted away with my fingers still in my pussy…I started seeing my brothers face and Chad's too?&hellip.oh my.this was way to much as I fell asleep. "Mom&hellip.Mom, are you ok?" &hellip.someone was saying. I tried to come out of it and smile. "I knocked and you didn't answer, and I though you were hurt or something because I heard moaning earlier and…" It was Chad.

He helped me up and pulled my panties up and my dress down. I was weak and fell into his arms. Chad saw the picture of my brother, my camera and figured I was up to something. He ask no questions at all. He held me real nice and laid me down on the bed.

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I held onto him as best I could. I pulled him on top of me and held him there. I opened my eyes and there was his smiling face and those eyes. I closed my eyes again and let the feel of him on top of me just run thru me. He ask me if I fainted. I said…'kinda'…but I was ok now. He said to take a nap for a while.

We both smiled&hellip.and then&hellip.I felt the most beautiful feeling of all… I felt his hardon against my wet pussy.

I had an instant orgasm from my own son. He let me sleep for a long time. I woke up all happy and then realized&hellip.the camera, where's my camera? Chad&hellip. Well&hellip. I'm sure seeing another side of our mom. She was fingering herself to her brothers picture, and video taping it?…oh my…this is interesting. Now it was effecting me. When she pulled me on top of her, the taboo effect caused my adrenalin to rush in me and straight to my cock.

I had no choice. Mom was hot looking and she was like an adult Jodi. I felt my hardon grow right between her legs. She held me so tight and I had never laid on top of my mom before like this. Getting sexual feelings for my mom was shaking me up. The way she was feeling me with her hands, her breathing in my ear, her nice tits under my chest had me not wanting to get off of her.

She didn't help any by squirming her pussy slightly on my hardon. My own mom was aroused and I was on top of her&hellip.and I didn't want to get off of her This was all new to me&hellip. There was something about the taboo of it all that was a real turn on for me. I had new urges I had never felt before. I wanted to go further with her and get us both real hot. It would have been so easy with her already so turned on.


My cock was throbbing with the desire to have sex with her. We came so close as she was not stopping this and neither was I.

I wanted to reach down and feel her pussy so bad. I stuck my hand in her panties and did a quick feel of her wet pussy. She took my fingers and pushed them in her warm pussy. Damn this was a mind blowing turn on. I had to snap out of it and clear my head. I had to force myself off of her and let her sleep it off. ----- I checked and she was still asleep.

I picked up her camera and quick downloaded her pictures. I put every thing back and went in her bedroom and put the camera back on her bed, like it had never been moved. I waited until night and she went to bed. I had told Jodi earlier to come to my room later, I had something to show her. She took it as a sexual invite and said: ("…oh? Really? Mom might hear us and we'd be in trouble.") I explained I've got something out of mom's camera you will want to see.

She look puzzled at first and then began to smile. ("…is it naughty?") I just smiled at her as we did a short feel on each other. It was an hour after mom had gone to bed when my bedroom door slowly opened. In came Jodi with her pajamas on. I sat in my computer chair with her on my lap. She liked that and quietly squirmed on my dick. I clicked on the video. We watched everything mom and shot.

Jodi was leaned back against me and I could feel her breathing increase. I whispered: ("…that's our mom.") Jodi said: ("…she'll kill you if she finds out you have this!") I told her things have changed with mom now that she has the camera.

She was coming on to me when I woke her up. Now…watch this. Mom had never erased the chip in the camera. I downloaded all of it. Mom didn't realize the camera had sound and mom had whispered some of her thoughts as she made the videos. I began to feel Jodi's tits as we watched.

Jodi gasp! It started out with mom secretly shooting her undressing in her room. I said: ("…I like this one, you have such a hot body.") She pinched me on the leg and said that mom was naughty doing that secretly to her. I paused the video. I felt her tits so nice and firm.

She moaned and then said she was glad I liked the video of her. Next was us fixing her bed. Mom must have seen my hardon even with me on my knees trying hide it. ("Somebody's got a big lump in their pants, Chad.") Jodi said. I pinched her leg this time as we giggled quietly. Next was Jodi and her sexy poses to distract mom, so I could quick leave. ("…my my, Jodi, your such a naughty girl, let's see that again.") Jodi wiggled her pussy on my cock some more as I replayed her sexy poses.

The last shoot we were totally unaware of. Jodi hid her face in her hands and said: ("…we are so busted now, we're in big trouble Chad.") "No your not" came our mom's voice at my bedroom doorway.

She was holding her camera and had been taping us. Jodi let out a screech and dived for the floor. Mom said for us to sit on my bed. She put the camera down and began to talk. She told us everything about her and her brother. She told us about wanting to make a 'private' video for herself. She said I know how you feel about each other and she 'just' wanted to tape us&hellip.well&hellip.'making love', she called it.

"I wont be in the way, I'll tape you guys and it will be like I'm not even there. Now you guys think about all of this and we'll set a time when your ready." she said. "Mom we haven't had sex before, this would be our first time." I said. She said that made it all the more perfect to record. She said how exciting it would be to have a private record of your first sex together and to please let her do this.

She left the room. Jodi and I took a big sigh and then begin to giggle. Jodi whispered: ("Oh my god,…… can you believe what's happening! We not only have moms permission to have sex, but she wants to record it!") She threw her arms around my neck and began to kiss all over my face. I held her close to me as we slowly laid down on my bed.

I began to feel her body and rub her pussy. "Let's set it up for tomorrow night, and we'll give her a real hot show to record!" Jodi said. I agreed and got down between her legs. I kissed her pussy over her pajamas as she squirmed and moaned.

"Now get out of her before we spoil it for tomorrow." I said. We didn't hardly sleep at all. We started giving mom things to record right away. Right in front of our mom, we did feel ups on each other. She would scramble to get her camera and record us.

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Jodi's nipples stayed hard all the time and I had a constant hardon. We watch mom get very hot and excited. After doing this all day long, mom got me alone in her bedroom. She whispered: ("…oh how I wish I could join in with you guys. I wish my brother was…) She put her arms around me and said: (…could you…a…well…just maybe let me pretend a little?") She didn't wait for my answer and I felt her hand on my hardon.

She really tense and slowly felt and stroked it over my shorts. She was gasping and panting as she took my hand and put it on her nice tits. She wanted me to feel her up like I had been doing Jodi. I went for it and put my hand in her robe and began feeling her nice big bare tits. She started driving her pussy in tight to my hardon. She was pretending I was her brother. She whispered and called me his name, Johnny.

I let her pretend as I put my hand in her panties. Her pubic hair was all damp and I slipped two fingers in it. ("…oh Johnny…at last we can be together and have the sex we always wanted.") This was kinda weird pretending I was her brother Johnny, but I was so hot for her now and Jodi too, I couldn't resist a thing. ("…hurry Johnny, before someone comes.") She took out my hardon and she quick slipped it in her pussy as we stood up.

I went into shock. I sure wasn't expecting this.


She started humping my hardon like a wild woman. "Oh god yes Johnny!" she said. I went for it. I couldn't hold back my cum if I wanted to. I shot a max load in her as she groaned and squirmed with her trembling climax. Cum came dripping out of her pussy as she kept on humping me.

Our legs got weak as we sunk to the floor with me on top of her. She just moaned and squirmed, on and on. I was in a state of euphoric shock as I panted for air. My cock was throbbing with pleasure. Her tits were the best I had ever felt as I just keep on feeling them.

Mom then started to giggle. Then I heard Jodi giggle. I turned my head and looked back. I saw Jodi standing in the doorway holding moms video camera up to her eye. They had planned this out. I collapsed and started to chuckle myself. That night, mom took her camera and set on a tripod. She told me to turn it on when we were ready and left my bedroom.

I locked the door, turned on the camera and began to slowly undress my sister. At last we were free to be together. We took our time as we dance a little completely naked. Our hands were free to feel us all we wanted. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around me. I laid her in my bed.

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We licked each other until we couldn't take it any more. I had dreamed of licking and finger fucking her pussy, and she had dreamed of licking my hardon and then putting it down her throat. As we were all wet now I turned and got on top of her. I put her legs on my shoulders and let my cock find it's way into her pussy.

… We both panted as it slipped in and the good feelings began. It was a natural motion as we began to move together. To feel her bare sweet tits in my hands was beyond thrilling. Her hands felt my ass as she began to moan in spurts. "Oh …oh…jez …Oh…" was our sounds of much delayed pleasure. We went to another place together in our minds.

Her pussy felt awesome and hot on my cock. She knew just how to move with me and we became one hot fucking animal. We pulled on us and our fingers dug into us as our bodies began to slap together. We squirmed and twisted as the pleasure became so high we locked up and shook&hellip.we both felt her clit as a blast of my cum shot out of me and deep into her. She yelled and trembled as tears of joy ran down her face.

We just kept pumping it in as it seemed to never end. I was holding a beautiful girl as we were climaxing. I doesn't get any better than that&hellip.we just let all our feelings out and slowly kept fucking and fucking. We ran that camera out of recording space as we fucked all night. We remained locked together until the next morning. She opened her smiling eyes and wiggled on my cock. That triggered us again and we were at it again.

She got on top now and I held her sweet moving ass as we wanted more.

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About noon we staggered out as mom ran in to get the camera. Later that afternoon mom came out of her bedroom all spent. She said she lost count of all the orgasms she had, fingering and watching us on her computer&hellip.

------- It is so cool now to walk around the house and be able to feel Jodi's…and now moms tits and pussy's anytime I want to. She&hellip. and now mom do cock feels, jack off's and give me the best blow jobs ever. We never get tired of watching moms old and new videos…&hellip.all in bed… all together. .