Brett plays with her big boobs masturbation brett rossi

Brett plays with her big boobs masturbation brett rossi
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I walk in the room, push you up against the wall and kiss you so hard that it takes your breath away and leaves you panting for breath. Pinning your arms against the wall, I start trailing my way down your body, mapping every soft bump and curve with my mouth, tasting every inch of exposed skin my lips and tongue can search out. Swiftly removing your shirt, a whole new expanse of skin is open to my explorations. An endless stream of butterfly kisses and miniscule licks cross up and down, left and right across your body, snaking down through the valley between your still bra-encased breasts.

Still pinned to the wall, you whimper at the sensations, your eyes shut to drown out everything but what you can feel happening to your body. I work around the edges of your bra, massaging the skin above and below the cups with my mouth, teasing both of us by refusing to remove it.

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Your nipples are so hard that they're pushing through the flimsy lace, and I compromise by leaning down and sucking one fiercely through the material. I continue sucking strongly, while flicking my tongue swiftly back and forth over the sensitive nub, hearing only encouraging noises from above although you still can't move. Deciding not to play favourites, I switch to the other breast, changing tack slightly and bringing my teeth into play. Biting gently through the lace, I nibble on the nipple before pulling back to lave the area with my tongue, hard then soft, slight pain intermingling with exquisite pleasure.

I press your wrist into the wall, signalling it must stay there despite no longer being held, so that my hand can join my mouth on your breasts, massaging one strongly while lips, tongue and teeth continue to work the other over. Your free hand nearly moves to entangle in my hair, stopping just in time when some instinct reminds you it's not allowed, returning it to your side, grasping at air.

Finally tired of this part of the game, I tear the lacy barrier out of my way and away from your body, instantly latching on to the hyper-sensitive flesh that is finally revealed to me in all its glory.

I devour the newly-available areas, sucking, flicking, biting, tasting all that's on offer, while my free hand continues to work on any area my mouth leaves free. Your back arches from the wall, pressing into me as far as you can without breaking your invisible bonds, trying to force as much contact as you possibly can.

Meanwhile, the attention I'm giving your nipples offers a desperate glimpse of the treatment other sensitive areas of your body will receive in the near but oh-so-distant-seeming future. I give a last, lingering French kiss goodbye to either nipple, before rising swiftly while recapturing my hold on both your wrists, pressing them into the wall just as I press my mouth hard onto yours, invading your mouth with my tongue, allowing you to wrestle with it but always remaining the aggressor.

This is me making your body sing, me making your senses hum - you're still not allowed to break free. I pull back slightly, waiting for your eyes to finally open and meet my gaze. Undisguised carnal lust is clear in both of us, but the desperate, silent pleas for release in your eyes find only a mischievous glint in mine, signalling yet more interminable pleasure to come.

I draw one of your hands towards me, away from the wall, placing reverent kisses to the pads of your fingers before pressing one strong, open-mouthed kiss to your palm. Catching your eye again, I push the hand to the wall, making it clear that it's not to be moved, before repeating the process with your other hand. The invisible bonds still hold you in place, but now my hands are free to help explore every inch of your form.

You arch forwards again, thinking I'm leaning into yet another searing kiss, but I evade your searching mouth, dropping lower to place short, sharp kisses around your jaw. I continue downwards, tasting your sensitive neck and moving across your collarbone, finding a home at your pulse-point, fluttering my tongue over it like a hummingbird's wings while sucking strongly, leaving my imprint and marking my territory.


Becoming impatient, I move swiftly down to my knees, placing one quick kiss to either nipple as I travel, receiving twin groans of pleasure from above as you feel the brief contact to the still ultra-sensitive points.

I use my hands to run repeatedly over your sides and abdomen, barely touching your skin, just enough to let you sense a never-ending, constantly-moving caress.

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Meanwhile, my mouth has moved to your adorable tummy, repeatedly circling your belly-button, dipping in and flicking with my tongue. The taste of your skin is already imprinted in my brain, but this low on your delectable body another taste, another smell, is invading my senses. Drifting upwards, even from within the jeans that still cover your lower half, is the damp, musky, spicy scent that is inherently yours, drawing me inexorably downwards towards its source.

My hands reluctantly leave your naked torso as they're required to peel the tight jeans from your legs, revealing the gorgeous expanse of thigh and then calf to my questing gaze. All that remains is a scrap of lace covering my ultimate target, and the intoxicating scent from before is now almost overwhelming my senses.

I was planning to kiss and lick my way down your legs like I did to your upper body. but that's momentarily forgotten as I find myself unable to resist the draw of your taste. Roughly shoving the lace to one side, I bury my face in your apex pushing my tongue onwards in search of the nectar that had already saturated your panties and begun to seep through your now-discarded jeans.

Judging by the high-pitched shriek, echoing across the room, you're not going to object to my change of plans. You arch off the wall, bucking into my mouth as I grab hold of your ass, keeping your movements under control while pulling you harder onto my questing tongue.

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I greedily swallow every trace of your essence I can find, pushing you ever closer to the brink. Your moaning is growing louder, indicating impending release due to insistent efforts of my mouth, but I pull back and break all contact just in time, not letting you reach the summit.

The moans from above turn into something resembling a growl; you're unhappy at being denied, even though you know it will only make the eventual climax all the sweeter. Still on my knees, I look up into your eyes with a lascivious grin, your juices still smeared across my face. I lean forwards, momentarily making you think I've given in to your pleas, only to offer a teasing, taunting little lick to your clit, promising to return soon.

I carefully rearrange the damp lace in its original position, guarding the area from myself, at least for now. Finally, I get to work on your legs as originally planned. My hands massage the outsides, while my teeth and lips get to work on the insides, trailing downwards. I build into a rhythm, biting the soft skin with blunt teeth, before kissing better each little area that had just been attacked.

Bite, kiss; bite, kiss; bite, kiss. Finally having worked my way down the whole of both thighs, I use the flat of my tongue to trail a long, thick, wet line back up the inside of your right thigh, the taste gradually changing from pure succulent skin to the damp musky taste that has escaped its lace confines. It was so much fun that I go back down and repeat the act on the left thigh.


I contemplate working on your calves and feet, tempting as they are, but your quivering and whimpering suggests you need both feet to keep you upright. And I don't want you on the ground, not just yet.

I rise to my feet, staring straight into your unfocussed eyes, stroking your sides with my hands. Suddenly I grab you and spin you around, moulding myself into your back as I press you into the wall with my body, pushing your breasts roughly into the wall's surface. Brushing your hair to one side, I kiss down the column of your neck before using my tongue to trail all the way down your spine, making you shiver at the sensations even before I again reach that remaining scrap of lace.

Sliding the lace away to reveal as much smooth skin as possible, I caress your ass with my hands as my mouth gets to work yet again, nibbling at any sensitive flesh my hands can't cover. Above, your groaning and moaning has intensified, your hands braced on the wall high above your head.

Finally tired of my own games, I rip your panties from your body, unwilling to waste the extra seconds it would take to remove them by normal means.

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I pull back on your hips, making you bend at the waist while you instinctively spread your legs in invitation, knowing what must finally be coming. Still kneeling behind you, I reach in and spread your glistening lips apart, open to my eyes for only the briefest of moments before I bury my tongue back in your dripping pussy. A guttural moan emanates from your throat at the renewed contact as I press my tongue as far as it can reach into your quaking core.

The sensations in your body, from the bottom of your toes to the tips of your hair, are spiralling, twisting quickly towards an ultimate summit. Now determined to push you over the edge as fast as possible, my tongue isn't enough to satiate my own desires.

I savour as much of your flowing taste as possible as I draw my mouth away, hearing your quiet cry at thinking I'm continuing my tease, only to hear it turn into a shriek as I slam two fingers into your pussy to replace my tongue. Pistoning the fingers of my right hand in and out of your body, I reach up with my left and grasp one of the breasts hanging from your heavily sweating body. I massage the flesh, pinching and twisting the distended nipple, both hands moving in sync and driving you onwards, closer and closer to the edge.

I lean in past my hand, and begin offering repeated little licks to your engorged clit, alternating the licks with each pump of my fingers into your core. Your moaning intensifies into a near-growl, accentuated by the occasional whimper, as your pussy starts to tighten even harder on my fingers. I pinch hard on your nipple. I ease a third finger into your soaked pussy. I latch my lips on to your clit and suck hard, fluttering my tongue over the top of it.

You scream. You cum harder than you can imagine, screaming unintelligibly into the air, barely managing to stay upright with the help of my hands, which are still mauling your breast and being clutched by your spasming pussy.

I decide I can't resist any longer, and carefully ease my fingers from inside you, instantly encasing your entire pussy with my mouth to avoid missing a single drop of your copious juices.

I swallow and lick everything I can find, letting the little extra that I can't catch coat my face and chin. I gently rub circles around the edge of your hyper-sensitive clit, extending your pleasure for as long as possible without making it painful. Your screams have finally quietened to panting and the occasional moan as aftershocks of your orgasm ease through your body, or when my still-lapping tongue hits a particularly sensitive spot. As the flow finally eases I move my mouth away, kissing goodbye to each of your lips to ensure no juices have been left behind.

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A final squeeze of my left hand also signals goodbye (for now) to your breast. Licking up any juices remaining on my fingers, and cleaning as much as I can from my face, I rise to my feet slowly behind you, still holding you by the hips to make sure you don't fall to the ground.

I turn you around gently and ease in to a long, soft, languid kiss. Your hands are still at your sides, obeying prior orders, but that's not want I want any more, so I gently take your wrists and pull them around me, signalling that you've been released. I bury one hand in your soft hair while the other delicately cups your face, deepening the tender kiss that still tastes exquisitely of you.

Easing out of the lingering kiss, I step away with one final peck on your lips and a gentle caress of your face. Looking intently into your eyes, my gaze offers a promise that I'll return soon, before I turn and leave the room exactly the way I came.