Mi chilena anal metiendo el pico de una

Mi chilena anal metiendo el pico de una
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My wife has taken the term" eating cum" to a new level. I wasn't happy about it. matter of fact I was in a rage about it. Sandy had never swallowed my cum when she, reluctantly, gave me head. She always spit it out and made an issue of washing her mouth out. About six months ago she was at her friends, Ann's house.Her slut friend had several guys. When it came time for her to do all them Sandy watched. She, at first when Ann blew one guy and then made a deal out of eating his cum.

She even let some coat her fingers and sucked them clean. " I can't see how you can do that Ann." my wife said. Ann had taken another cock, there were seven men there. Ann had tried unsuccessfully, even acted disgusted to get Sandy to join in. She finally succeeded, along with the help of the man she was sucking who grabbed Sandy's hand and used it to jack his cock for him.

Sandy's hand was trapped under Brian's large hand and even tough Sandy protested and tried to get up from the table, Ron and Ralph, two others held her down while Ann continued to suck. Brian under the twin stimulation came a big load and Ann couldn't contain it all. She let some out around the shaft and Sandy's hand. " Now Sandy why don't you taste it.it's real good ," Ann told her. Sandy looked at her hand and fingers completely soaked with Brain's cum.

She closed her fingers watching the way the cum oouzed between her fingers. Then Brian took the offensive and Took Sandy's fingers and shoved them in her mouth. he held them there. "You can keep them there till hell freezes over but when they cum out they have to be clean," he said. Sandy felt the gooey slime in her mouth and inadvertantly swallowed some. Brian kept her fingers there for five minutes and sandy had to swallow or strangle.

She tasted the rather tart salty ammonia taste and decided that it wasn't that bad. She began to lick her fingers off. When she withdrew her hand it was clean and Ann kissed her on the mouth letting Sandy taste some she had in her mouth. Sandy had a grin on her red face and she looked at brain's cock and noticed some cum dripping from the large hole. She took his cock and sucked hard to get the morsel.

After that it was a conclusion that Sandy would suck some of the other cocks. There was Ralph from the market of course and she took his hard cock eagerly while Ann sucked on Ron.

When she felt Ralph unload in her mouth Ann had just gotten Ron's load. Ann kissed her with their mouths full of cum. Sandy savored the taste. That night she had to be careful when she blew Roger, her husband. She still made a ceremony of spitting his stuff and washing her mouth out. The next day at Ann's there were more men there. Ann told Sandy that she would get one hundred dollars for a blow job and if she fucked them then she would get Two hundred.

That day Sandy blew nine cocks and drank all the sperm down and then she fucked three while Ann fucked three. After wards the two women let the men watch them suck each others pussies clean. One of the guy's that fucked her had a very large cock and he fucked her for an hour.

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He even used her anal cherry and though it hurt at first He was Arnold. the butcher. His cock was at least eleven inches long but it was a thick as a wine bottle. Sandy loved being filled like Roger and his small eight inch cock could not do.

She started going out to the alley in back of the butcher shop to get Arnold to fuck her. He fucked her ten times in one week when Roger was off shore on a drilling rig. Sandy wasn't aware of it but all the fucking she did with Arnold was stretching her cunt.

The other guys that fucked her said nothing about it since it was just a warm hole to them. One day Ann said that she had to leave for a month or two to take care of a baby she didn't want. The problems with the trade.

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Ann suggested that Sandy have the guys come to her house before the kids got out of school. Between the hours of twelve and four she could make a lot of money.

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So for weeks she had the men meet at her house in her kitchen. She would lean over the table and let one guy fuck her from behind while she blew the others. Once she even had four hard cocks at her face and she blew them one at a time or she could get three in her mouth at once and drink a triple load of cum.

One day as fate would have it the kids came running into the kitchen and saw their mother with two cocks in her mouth while one man lay under her with his cock impaled in her cunt while another rammed his cock in her well used anus.

her cunt and ass were so used by now that the shin of her labia was stretched out and her anal ring wouldn't even close around the cock in it. That was when another guy suggested the he shove his cock in her anus too. Not to be outdone another guy lay with his cock against the others in her cunt and plunged in.

Sandy was crazy with six cocks, counting the two in her mouth. She was a crazed woman. " Look Suzy.look Sammy.mommie has six hard cocks in her at the same time. I never occurred to the wanton cock crazed slut that these were her seven and eight year old children she was talking to.

To make matters worse, Jerry had his video camera recording the town slut getting fucked by six cocks at once. he pointed the camera right at the faces of the shocked children.

John Cambra, the most perverted of the lot saw little suzy with her mouth open and walked to her and was about to shove his cock in the startled child's mouth. She screamed for her mother to help her but Sandy, being in the throws of orgasm told her to open her mouth and suck Mr. Cambra's cock. Suzy looked scared and she saw Cambra's huge cock comming at her. Another man grabbed Suzy's big sister Sally, by a year, and ripped her dress off her slight body. Sandy yelled that the men had to pay her if they were going to fuck her daughters.

Her lust had destroyed the last vestage of her motherly feelings. The children screamed as Sandy orgasmed over and over again. She orgasmed again and again from all of the cocks in her. She swallowed sperm from the two cocks in her mouth that came together. Suddenly her world of fuck lust and degredation ended as the door burst open and there stood Roger with six of his roustabout buddies, just in off the boat for a few beers before heading home themselves.

The sight they saw made them see as red as it made roger see Roger wasn't stupid nor would a person have to be to see his wife with all the town slime fucking her. His main concern was John Cambra as he was grabbing a screaming little Suzy's head and Sally as she huddled naked and looking at a man's large cock.

At his side Roger carried a large knife, used for cutting them loose when they were tangled with some rope and about to be washed overboard. He approached Cambra and with one downward swipe cut the man's hard cock off. Blood was spurting out all over a little Suzy and he went and gathered the two children in his arms. Gladys Wilson was with them and she immediately took the kids out. "You deal with the rest of the slime Roger.the kids will be ok." She hurried off to the bathroom with a bloody Suzy.

All activity had ceased. Sandy was looking stupid and still sucking cock that was no longer there. One roustabout had taken first the man in Sandy's ass and tore his throat out with his hands.

Powerful hands. Brian was trying to shove his spurting cock back in his pants He was holding his hand's in front of him trying to ward off Roger's angry enraged face. It didn't work. Roger hit him square in the face and blood showed that Roger had broken every bone in the man's face.

Roger then took his large knife and used it to cut Brian's cock off. Brian looked down at the blood spurting from his severed cock and began screaming. Roger had held the front half or Brian's cock to sever it. He turned to his slimy whore cunt and went to her as the other roustabouts went around rounding up the men that were fucking Sandy.

He approached her with Brian's bloody half cock and grabbed her face by the chin. You love sucking him so much then you'll really love eating him. He filled Sandy's mouth with the bloody flesh had then squeezed her nostrils together. "Now chew it or you can strangle to death.it don't matter to me one bit," Roger said with pent up anger. Sandy cried as she chewed and then Roger told her to swallow.

Sandy looked as if she would puke but swallowed her former lover's cock. Brain's bleeding had stopped somewhat and he watched with a deep sick feeling as Sandy swallowed his pride and joy. Then Roger threw all the creeps together and Sandy with them. Now you bastards you just probably wanted a little pussy but that woman is my wife," he looked at a whimpering John Cambra, " And that little girl is my child.a child.do you understand." He grabbed Cambra and hauled him erect With one deft movement he sliced halfway through Cambra's throat.

Cambra fell gurgling to the floor. he was dead before he hit it. by this time the police arrived and they saw the film that Jerry was filming at the time, they took one look and told Roger and the other roustabouts that they simply prevented Roger's wife from getting raped more and about Cambra, " You saved the tax payer a lot of money when you killed him.I would have killed him too. For the next month Roger took good care of his children and smacked Sandy in the stomach when she tried to explain what she had done.

"And I suppose that you were going to charge Cambra for raping little Suzy too I suppose." Roger spit at her. He made her sleep in the basement on the floor with an old blanket. She wasn't arrested because she was a rape victim and roger let it go at that. When Ann returned home later she came to see Sandy. "Ok Sandy I can take my customers back now and you will have to fuck them at my house and." Ann started to say but stopped when she saw the fear in Sandy's eyes.

She then saw roger. Roger wasn't in a good mood. Later on Roger had Sandy and Ann along with the men that still lived after the mele at Roger's home. " Ann you turned my wife into a whore. I loved her till you made her a whore. I suppose that she would have eventually became one anyway but it was you who started her on the road.why? because you wanted her to be as slimy and a cum bucket just like you. I guess there is a lot to the old saying that misery loves company.

Why dod you have to make my wife into a whore so you wouldn't feel so bad about your self?. Why you did is anyones guess but you did.and you got her to disrespect me. I have never liked you but was always friendly to you even though I wanted to puke.so for this I pass the sentence of death on you." Ann heard and was unable to believe the words she heard.

Death? Death for getting Sandy to admit to what she liked. She began to beg for her life and plead with Roger. She still thought that roger was kidding but a part of her mind was terrified. "Any you mt sweet loving wife.did you ever tell me that you were disatisfied with me.If you had i would have given you a divorce and lat you have joint custody of the kids but now you have to die with your friend ann and the men that you enjoyed fucking." Unlike Ann, Sandy believed what her husband said.

She had seen instances of how you didn't cross him.


She wailed and cried and begged, "Roger have mercy on me.I'll make it up to you. I won't ever look at another man.I'll even help you kill Ann, my best friend." Ann heard this and cried even more. "Sandy you are my friend.why do you turn against me like this?" " You are both slimy sluts that the world would be better off without. I am simply making the world a better place for decent women without you two in it," Roger said with disgust clearly in his voice.

"Sandy your kids have asked me to make sure that you never come in their home again. They don't feel like you are their mother any more. Little Suzy will always remember you as the one that almost caused her to be raped.

I intend to let them return to a happy childhood life without you in it. I have fallen in love with Gina Wallace.you remember Miss Wallace their teacher don't you. Well she's not like you at all and wants only me for the rest of her life. She will make a good mother for my children. we will have to wait for the time to expire till you are declared dead and then we'll get married and i'll try to erase the horrible taste you have left." Roger said that they might as well get started.

He felt that it was the hardest thing he would ever do. His buddies felt equally bad but they felt that they had to help do it to erase the images from their mind of a friends wife becoming a slut whore and especially the images of the two terrified children. They knew and Roger knew that the liberal courts would protect the sluts and evil men so there fore it was up to them. He ripped Ann's and Sandy's clothes from them. Making them stand naked before all the gathered men.

There were eighteen men that they had rounded up form Ann's black book. Arnold the butcher was one. naked the other men saw how big his cock was. Roger knew from the marks that Ann and Sandy kept that Arnold was a regular who had fucked sandy many times at Ann's and finally at Roger;s home. He shuddered. She had turned his home into a whore house.Roger told Arnold to fuck Sandy. Sandy and Arnold looked at Roger with amazement. This was too good to be true. He smirked and thrust his over sized cock into Sandy's cunt.

" Guess I have stretched her out for your little cock huh Roger," he smirked. "I have an eleven inch cock and you have a little boys cock," he said as he fucked Sandy. In spite of herself Sandy secummed to the fullness that she felt as Arnold fucked her. She bit her lip to keep from crying out in pleasure but finally yelled for Arnold to fuck her harder.

Roger knew that he was doing the right thing. He watched and his cock actually shriveled up a little. Roger had given Arnold and the other men some water that he had put liquid viagra in.

large doses so they would do their part in killing themselves and his wife and her friend. While Roger was watching Arnold plunge his great cock in his ex wife's rancid cunt he had another man stand in front of her and feed his cock to her mouth.

The man came and filled Sandy with his cum which she swallowed eagerly. He had Ann come and get on her hands and knees besides his rutting wife.

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Soon a large cock was fucking her and another guy plunged his cock into her mouth. the men were laughing and joking that they were getting to fuck the two whores, one of them married and her wimp husband watching as thee women were fucked.

After two hours of fucking Sandy's cunt was feeling raw and sore. Arnold had cum in her eight times and her cunt was a whipped froth of sperm. Arnold wanted to stop and he finally pleaded for roger to allow him to stop. He grabbed Sandy and took her to another part of the large barn they were in. He told Arnold that he could lay on the short bench. as soon as he was on it Roger handcuffed him to where he was on his back with his legs spread. he made His former wife get down and tongue Arnold's asshole and finally give her larger and larger objects to fuck his ass with.

This was nothing new to Arnold as Sandy had spent hours with his when roger was out of town on the oil rig. Sandy loved fucking with Arnold so much that she didn't charge him. One thing she found out was that Arnold loved having things shoved up his asshole. Roger gave her a large cucumber to fuck Arnold's ass with.

When he gave her a salami loaf she pleaded that it was too big. Roger told her to suck Arold's ass and get him ready then he said that she should fuck herself with the salami.


She balked and Roger threw her down on another bench and tied her to it. He then placed the salami in her cunt and pushed it in.

Strangely enough her cunt seemed to stretch around it. Roger smiled at Sandy. "I guess you really think you're something. Well bitch I have a cock for you that will split you open, Now fuck Arnold with that thing. Sandy pulled the large salami from her cunt and told Arnold that Roger would kill her if she refused. Arnold screamed as sandy shoved the large object in him and cried when she saw that blood was seeping from around his stretched asshole.

She continued to fuck him with it till he was unable to scream any more. With tears in her eyes she kissed Arnold on the mouth and told him that she was sorry.

Roger said that she was truly Arnold's and the other mens' slut now, "I don't think that you would have even a little tear for me.' He pulled Sandy to her knees beside Arnold and told Arnold that nhe would soon be dead, " Guess you felt real good about fucking another man's wife and smirking to him when you saw him.oh yes I noticed that smirk on your fat face.now let's see you smirk at this.

One the Mexican workers had brought a large stallion out. The animal had been fed something for it's cock was hard and extended through the horses front legs. His cock must have been four feet long and about as large around as a small bucket, about ten inches in diameter.

He saw Arnold and went for him. Arnold;s legs were tied and spread to post and some gooy mess rubbed all over his ass and cock. Roger ordered Sandy to start sucking his still rigid cock. With tears in her eyes she began to suck Arnold's cock. She had never had suck him because he was so large but she loved sucking the head and swallowing gallons of sperm from him.

Roger had placed a large television on the other side of Her as he pushed down on her head and caused Arnold's cock to become lodged in her throat. She had to breathe through her nose as the large stallion walked over her head. Roger ordered her to take the horse's large cock and to place the huge head in Arnold's enlarged anus.

She cried as she breathed in small gulps through her nose. Remember that Arnold's cock will go down when he dies and the large horse will fuck his entire body once he's started.now put the horse's cock in his. Sandy looked at Arnold and placed the horse's cock head against his anus. The horse felt something wet and hot against his cock head and wanted to shove hard but the restraints that held him in place were strong.

The horse was straining hard and Roger handed Sandy a remote control. "When you press this button it will automatically release the horse and he will start fucking your lover with his unusually large cock.

You see he's so large that only large mares can handle it." Sandy felt Arnold's large cock in her throat and self preservation caused her to press the button. Arnold had heard every word and knew that his lover would also be his excecutoner Her eyes tried to tell Arnold that she was sorry.

She saw the doom and fear in the man's eyes. So different from when he fucked her. Right now her pussy was sore from him fucking her so much. A swarthy Mexican had gotten his cock from his pants and at a nod from Roger he began to fuck the slut. All this Arnold saw in his last moments on earth. he thought about his kids and grandkids and his wife. They would never know what had happened to them.

Suddenly the tv screen came alive with scenes of a family gathering at Arnold's.

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he saw his wife and kids and all his relatives that he had thrown away for the slut. Sandy looked at his pain and released the horse. before the horse thrust deep inside Arnold's body rupturing all his organ. Sandy heard Arnold tell her." I hate you bitch.I wish that I had never laid eyes on you." Then the man screamed in a loud inhuman sound and his eyes were dim then he was gone.

the horse still fucked the man's body till it came. Arnold's cock went flaccid as he died and Sandy pulled it from her sore burning throat.

Before she could catch her breath the Mexican in her raw cunt came and caused her to orgasm. Roger grabbed her head and held it as the horse was restrained once more as the creature had filled Arnold's body and ass with quarts of sperm. The horse cock was still cumming when it pulled out of Arnold's dead body. " Drink it's cum slut," Roger screamed and forced her open mouth in front of the horses cumming cock head. Her body was being racked as the Mexican came mightly in her.

She took the horse cum in her mouth and sucked the fluid hard. She was having an orgasm like she had never had before. Her stomach was filling with horse cum and then roger grabbed her head and placed it against Arnold's bloody hole between his legs that was very large and bloody.

The horse cum was pouring from it. " Suck your dead lover's asshole slut," Roger yelled at her. With a terrified tear streaked face she began to suck the blood and cum from her dead lover's body. When Roger dragged her back to the other room where Ann was being fucked by large dogs. they were mastiffs and wer a lot larger than a Great Dane. Thier cocks were larger than a dane also and Ann was being fucked by three of them at once. Ann was tied in a upright position and a dog had a cock in her asshole and cunt at the same time while another was standing un and letting the woman suck the large cock.

"Hey sandy look at your friend.she's finally getting large enough cocks to satisfy her. You can fuck the other dogs too." she looked to see about a dozen large dogs chained up in a cage. She noticed that all the dogs wore muzzles. "If they didn't have these on then they would rip you and the others to shreads and then gulp you down.they are starved. Right now as you watch your friend getting fucked I have to kill your other lovers." Roger brought each man to fuck Sandy's swollen raw cunt.

It hurt and burned like fire now. Each man stil lhad a hard cock, thanks to the viagra. He helped each manwho had his hands tied behind his back, in between his wife's legs. He took hold of the man's cock and put it in sandy's swollen cunt. "Now fuck or i will cut your stomach open and let you suffer for hours before you die. the man had no choice but to fuck Roger's ex slut. While he was fucking a large leather noose was placed around his neck.

the noose had a handle on each side of it. A burly friend with arms larger than even Roger's took a hold of the handles on the other side of roger.

Roger took the other side and pulled. the man fucking sandy started to chock a little. "Please don't kill me," the man said in gasping breaths.

" Don't kill you.what good are you.you were there in my home and fucking the woman that i used to love.She was a wife and had two small girls and you used her for your carnal lust.you have a wife that even now is being taken care by your next door neighbor, Gus. You know Gus don't you. he loves your wife and children like you never did.

Now with you out of the way and disapeared Gus will move in with Doris to comfort her. What do you thimk of that.Tell him to fuck you whore." Sandy was in pain but she couldn't help herself and she cried out for the man to fuck her.

he did and Roger and his friend tightened their grip on the noose. As soon as the man started cumming in Sandy's used up cunt they pulled and the man started to shaking. His death shakes. In spite of herself Sandy started cumming. She was crying.no make that bawling like a scared child as roger brought one of her customers that head fucked her.

Roger made him lick out the other man's cum. At first he refused but a red hot poker in his ass made him start sucking. " You have done this before haven't you.you like it. Too bad yo can't be there to suck your friend Sam's cum from jean.you do know that sam is fucking your wife dont you. he was made to fuck Sandy and he got the same treatment as the other man.

Sandy lay there as Roger executed man after man as he was coming in his wife. When he got finished with the twentieth man he was tired and also a little crazy. When sandy was finished fucking her lovers for the last time roger led the dogs to her. She was tied along side of Ann and fucked senseless by the dogs.

She drank so muck dog sperm that it ran out of her stomach and down her body. When all the dogs had been well fucked Roger threw the women, still bound on top of their lover's bodies. Sandy and Ann were laid on their bellies where they had to look at the men. They couldn't sleep as Roger made sure by giving them doses of meth. They would never sleep till the horse fucked them to death the following day.

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All night his friends used them as toilets by pissing all over their bodies. Several menincluding roger made Sandy open their mouths and filled with piss. If they didn't swallow the piss then the men would beat them. The next day they, Ann and Sandy were tied to the benches and fucked by the horses. the large stallion that had fucked Arnold's body to death wasn't there but the more normal six cocked horses fucked the women raw. As Sandy was being fucked in her ripped open hole that used to be her cunt she knew that she was dying.

Roger turned on the large TV and sandy saw little suzy and Sally fill the screen. they were saying " hello Mommy.I love you." tears filled Sandy's eyes till she saw who the kids were talking to. It was rheir teacher Miss Wallace who hugged and kissed each girl.

Sandy listened to them acting like she wasn't even a memory to them. "Do you remember when I used to love you Sandy.then I came home and I saw you and I went crazy. You know i could never take the revenge I did unless you made me crazy.

You also made Suzy and Sally crazy till Gina Wallace gave them love. She might be able to heal me again and I hope so." Sandy and Ann were half dead but could still feel pain when Roger and the others dragged them to where their dead lovers were laid out. As soon as Sandy was laid down she saw the dogs, now with their muzzles gone, straining at their chains. She knew that the dogs would make a feast of her body and began to scream as much as her condition would allow.

She felt the first dog as it ate at her leg. She was able to look to the side and see Ann as she was being ripped apart. She felt intense hatred for this woman.

Then she saw one of the fierce dogs, the same dogs that had rammed it's cock in her and came down her throat, take her stomach in his mouth and start ripping. She knew then that Roger was crazed with remorse and he wasn't kidding when he passed a death sentence on them. Her last thought was that the dog had a large hard on as he killed her. Roger and the his friends finally came around. The day that they witnessed the final degradation that made each man fear that their wives could become like Sandy.

As long as there were men like the ones that Sandy and Ann sucked and fucked. Men like the one next door to them. They had to let other men know that they too could die.They found new jobs where they weren't away from home. Roger and Gina waited for the day that they would receive word that Sandy had run off with her whore friend and most of their rapist customers.

They were declared dead.

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The wives of the customers were happy. they all had someone new in their lives that treated them like a human being. Roger had Gina and she made him forget. One day he found Suzy and Sally burning pictures after they had cut themselves and Roger from the pictures. They burned pictures of a smiling Sandy.