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His Mother's Diary -1- "Ahh yeah, yes!" Curt was furiously jacking off in the shower, thoughts of Miranda's big, juicy butt slamming down on a big, black cock. "Yes!" He thought back to that night he peeped into her bedroom, the sounds of sex waking him.

He saw Miranda, her back to the door, riding a hugely muscular black man in her bed. Shock turned to anger, anger turned to interest, then interest turned to arousal. "Wow," he whispered as he watched her, hypnotized by her ass. Unable to look away, he was getting hard. He saw her arch her back, long brown hair flowing down her back, her booty going still as she climaxed while impaled on the black man's dick.

Curt immediately dashed to his room, jacking off, cumming in seconds. The guilt washed over him, the anger that his mother, Miranda, would bring some black guy home to have sex with came next. "How could she?" he asked, catching his breath. "Who is he?" When he'd rested up, Curt snuck back to his mother's bedroom door once again, this time seeing her in a 69-position sucking and slobbering all over a huge, black rod, her ass covering the black man's face.

He only left for his room when his mother climbed off him and went to all fours, the black man obscuring his view. For weeks he would sneak and watch her fuck this black man. Curt would jack off to her, always feeling guilt for spying and lusting after her, followed by anger that she would do this. "Slut," he muttered under his breath before going to sleep. "No wonder she isn't around as much." Here he was in the shower, pumping his cock, spraying a load of semen to thoughts of his mother riding a black man.

"Ahhh!" he cried out when his cock erupted, his moans of pleasure echoing in the bathroom. He was home alone; his mother was still at work. Sitting down in the shower stall, feeling stupid for jacking off to her, Curt shook his head. "Who is that guy? What does she see in him? A big dick I guess. Slut." That evening after dinner, Curt sat across from his mother on the couch, glancing at her. Miranda was humming to herself, ignoring the television while writing something in a book of some sort.

She giggled, twirling a lock of brown hair with her index finger and turned the page. "Is she even wearing pants?" Curt thought, glaring at her exposed thigh, her legs barely covered by a long t-shirt.

"Is that his t-shirt?" He wanted to ask who the black guy was, but Curt didn't want his mother to know he was spying on her while she had sex with him. Plus, while the two of them were somewhat close and got along ok, Curt didn't feel comfortable prying into her sex life. Miranda closed the book, set her pen down and got off the couch. Smiling down to Curt, she kissed the top of his head, "Goodnight, sweetie." "Night," Curt nodded, watching her hips sway as she left the room, the t-shirt coming down where her ass ended.

He rolled his eyes. "The book," he thought. "I've seen her write in it for several weeks. I bet it's a diary. Maybe she's writing ALL about black men, sex, and stupid shit like that." Curt sighed heavily, annoyed at himself for feeling anger and guilt, at the audacity of his mother having a sex life, and at his overwhelming curiosity to learn more about it. He tossed and turned in bed, the images of his mother sucking black cock coursing through his mind.

"So good," he whispered, thinking about how she looked. "No!" he fussed at himself for having these perverse thoughts. "I shouldn't be turned on by this." He couldn't help it. Curt imagined that huge dick erupting in his mother's mouth, spilling out of it.

Curt lost it, arched his back and sprayed his own cum all over his stomach and chest. "Damn," he cursed himself after catching his breath. He rolled over, sleep finding him in minutes. -2- The next week, Curt watched her write in her book across from him on the couch. The smile on her face, the playful way she twirled her hair, the tank tops, tiny boy shorts, the occasional sports bra.

Curt shook his head watching her write, thinking. "You hardly wear much of anything lately. Probably don't even wear underwear." He stared at her thigh again, his eyes trailing to her ass, imaging a big black cock spraying its load all over it. "Curt?" his mother spoke. "Hmm?" "You ok?" she asked, catching him stare at the side of her butt.

"Oh, uh, yeah," Curt shook himself from his stupor, turning away red-faced and embarrassed. "Would you get me some water? I don't feel like getting up, my butt is killing me," Miranda said. "Huh?" "The gym this morning. I was working my uh," Miranda's eyes went to her side, her hand tapping her thigh, near her butt.

"Oh, right. Sure." Curt retrieved a water bottle from the refrigerator handing it to his mother. He watched her drink from it, eyes widened when he thought he heard her moan. He envisioned the water bottle was a fat, black cock and his mother was drinking from it. "Ahh, there we go," she finished it. "Thank you. Help me up?" "Sure," Curt quickly stood, calming the erection with anger at himself and her. Miranda stood before him with his help and hugged her son.

He peered over her shoulder to where his hand was resting the small of her back, just above the rise of her ample backside. "Stop," he told himself. "See you tomorrow. I love you," Miranda said, kissing his cheek and leaving. More guilt washed over him. "I'll be hanging out with a friend tomorrow night. I'll be home late. Leftovers are in the fridge," She called out over her shoulder.

Curt assumed she was referring to the black guy she was sleeping with. He nodded and glanced at the book she was carrying, the pen in her other hand. In his bed, stroking his cock a little later, Curt made a poor decision.

"Yeah that's right. You'll be out sleeping around with some black man. I'll be here, home alone. I'll figure out who he is and what you've been up to." -3- The next evening Curt entered his mother's bedroom. He searched for ten minutes before finding it. He searched under her bed, in her nightstand, finally finding it under the cushion of a chair in the corner.

Just as he suspected, it was a diary. Casually flipping through it, he saw her handwriting. He stopped himself, invading her privacy affecting him. Curt started to put the diary back where he found it, but talked himself out of it. He wanted to know who the guy was and what was going on with his mother. He started at the beginning, glancing over the words, skimming through each page.

He saw words like "lonely," "bored," "unhappy." Curt kept skimming her entries. He found another entry about her work.

"Horrible," "stupid," "tired," and "annoying" were a few of the words he saw. Briefly scanning more pages, finding nothing besides the words of a lonely, single mother, Curt landed on a page about the gym. He read nothing of interest in it until he saw the word "sexy." "This is it.

This must be where she met him," he thought. He read the entry, surprised at who his mother was writing about. "I saw the mystery woman again. Not sure who she is, but every time I see her at the gym, she's always working her butt. I gotta say, it's big and well, really sexy. Sometimes she glances over to me. She'll give me a strange look.

Like I'm competition, like she's annoyed at me. Why? I have no idea. I don't talk to anyone there. I don't mingle, I don't socialize. I do my workouts and leave. Maybe I should say hi to her. She seems so angry though. Oh well, at least I'm doing something to better my health.


Whatever." Curt flipped another page. He found another entry about the woman. "She was really staring me down today. So weird. I have no idea what she's thinking. She did her squats and lunges, almost like she was showing off. Her butt is really big and muscular. Maybe she caught me staring at it. She's the one that shows it off. She wears these tight little shorts. I almost laughed when she flipped her long blonde hair and walked to another machine as if she was brushing me off.

I didn't even talk to her!" "Weird," Curt thought, turning another few pages, seeing no mention of the woman. He skimmed more paragraphs about his mother's work, an entry about being lonely on the weekend, a very brief paragraph about his mom growing tired of masturbation. "I can't," Curt whispered, his conscious returning. "This is wrong." Curt closed her diary, shoving it back under the cushion, hoping it was in the exact spot he found it.

He went to bed, tossing and turning for most of the night, guilt preventing him from resting. His erection, fantasies of seeing his mom have sex again, mixed with more guilt, anger with himself contributed to his sleeplessness.

He was a mess. Near dawn, Curt was awoken from his very light slumber by a car door slamming shut. He gasped, sitting straight up in bed and nearly tumbling off it. "Mom," he said. Throwing the covers off, he peeped out through the blinds of the window. He could see a car backing out of the driveway and his mother walking toward the front door. "All night. She was out all night," Curt glared at her.

He hopped back in bed, throwing the covers over himself, anger returning. "Why am I so mad at her?" he asked himself, before drifting back to sleep for an hour or so. * "You're up early," Miranda smiled at her son when he entered the kitchen. She was cooking breakfast, bacon, eggs, standing in a long t-shirt and socks. Curt couldn't tell if she was wearing underwear, he assumed so, since she looked as though she just got out of the shower.

"So are you," Curt sighed. "Yep, I'll probably go back to bed in a little bit," Miranda said. "Yeah," Curt discreetly rolled his eyes. "I'm cooking you a huge dinner tonight before I go out." "What?" "I'm going to hang out with a friend again tonight," Miranda said, plopping some scrambled eggs onto a plate for her son.

"Oh." "Thanks for being so sweet about this and not complaining. You're 18, you're an adult now," she said, sitting across from him, nibbling on her bacon. "I figured I'm not getting younger, making friends and going out is something I've never really done. Might as well do it now! Maybe you can hang out with me some time," his mother suggested. "Uh, no thanks," Curt smiled awkwardly.

He didn't want to see her out with her friend, but at the same time he wanted to be at home to catch a glimpse of her gorgeous body riding a black cock. "You ok?" Miranda caught him staring out into space, towards her direction. "Huh? Yeah," Curt chomped down on bacon, looking away from his mother. -4- "Why am I so angry at her?" Curt barged into his mother's bedroom after she left for her night out.

He didn't answer himself, instead immediately finding her diary. He sat on the chair and opened it, finding his spot from the previous night. "This woman is insane. Every day I see her in the mornings at the gym she is squatting. She adds huge weights to barbells and slings them over her shoulders. I can't help but stare when she squats low and uses her powerful ass to lift herself back up.

She caught me staring again. I could've sworn she winked at me. I've been single for a long time. I've been lonely, tired, bored, but something about her would I date her? I have no idea.

Just before I left, I glanced at her again. I think I saw a wedding ring on her finger." Curt looked away. He was so confused now. "Is she a lesbo? Is she bi? I don't get it. Why the black dude?" He kept reading. "I had trouble focusing at work today. I was thinking about her. It's so stupid, but I was imaging grabbing and slapping her ass.

I wish mine looked as good as hers. I'm getting there though. I've always been large back there. Maybe if I focus only on my butt, it'll be as incredibly juicy as hers.

What I am saying? It has to be the loneliness talking. She's married. I'm not a lesbian. Still though, the thought of her taking me out to dinner, then making me…" Curt reached the end of the current entry. He flipped the page, seeing his mother continuing. "It has to be the loneliness. I just masturbated to thoughts of her. Truthfully, I prefer a cock. A big one. I need one in me…to remind me I'm not gay. I wonder how often she and her husband have sex.

I bet she's on top, always. I'm getting myself worked up again. I need to meet a man." Curt shook his head. "Where he is?" he annoyingly asked out loud, flipping through a few pages, seeing nothing about the gym, the woman, or the black man. "I'm not stopping tonight," Curt told himself.

"I had to leave the locker room. She arrived, propping one of her muscular legs on the bench. She was dripping sweat; her midriff exposed. I couldn't look away.

I had to force myself to leave. She's an incredible specimen. Luckily, I was so flustered; I wasn't watching where I was going. I left the locker room and collided with someone. A man." "This is it!" Curt said, continuing reading.

"I apologized, he laughed it off and he introduced himself. His name is TJ. It was the first time I saw him there. I asked if he was an employee. He was huge. Extremely muscular, and tall. He said he wasn't and that this was his first day there. Lucky me. I told him my name, apologizing for my flustered state.

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Then he asked for my number, saying he had to go. I gave it to him without hesitation. He actually called me. He asked me to dinner. I said yes. I paced around my room, trying to figure out what to wear. After all, my plan was sex. I wore no underwear and a short dress.

This night would end in my or his bed. Was it because he was black? Not entirely. I've never been with a black man before. My overwhelming loneliness, horniness, overrode any reservations I might've had. I'm getting laid, I'm getting fucked. I can't wait. TJ was polite, charming, a gentleman. He recently became a personal trainer after over a decade of service as a police officer. We took a long walk after dinner. My hand rested on his huge bicep. We look at some of the new shops finally looping back to the restaurant.

I felt a gentle breeze blow up my dress, kissing my bare pussy. We arrived back to my car. He kissed me. I nearly collapsed in his arms. When TJ was done, I blurted out if he wanted to come back to my place.

I wasn't thinking of Curt. What would he think if he saw some stranger with me? I backtracked, apologizing to TJ, he interrupted me. He suggested his place. I quickly nodded. I kissed him next, feeling a bulge against my tummy. I was going to get sex, finally, after so long. With a man, a huge, big black man. I could barely drive; I had trouble focusing on following TJ. We arrived at his apartment, I followed him in.

We entered, he set his keys down, smiled at me, and like two magnets we became stuck together. Kissing frantically. He stopped it. TJ told me he wasn't looking for a girlfriend or anything serious.

As he caressed my face, he told me he loves white women, loves sex with them. I said nothing. I backed away, reached down, pulled my dress up high over my head and let it fall to the floor. I looked into his eyes, standing nude before him." "Holy shit," Curt paused, his cock rock hard. "I had no idea she was lonely and horny like this." He gulped, took a deep breath, turned the page and continued. He grabbed and squeezed his erection through his shorts.

"I watched TJ undress. I nearly climaxed from that alone. He was a sculpted specimen, statuesque, hard. My mouth hung open when I saw his cock. There's no way it would fit in me. I've lost count of how long I went without sex, there's no way he could stretch me out too big. My legs were trembling. I instinctually went to my knees before him. I didn't know where to begin. I knew what I wanted, but it's been so long.

I stopped hesitating and grabbed that huge dick, licking all over the shaft and tip. He tasted so good. I covered it in my drool. I looked to him; he nodded, approving of my mediocre cock worshiping skills. Apparently I was doing something right. He guided me to my feet, TJ bent down, wrapped his huge arms around me. My legs wrapped around his waist, his hands on my ass, and he walked us to his bedroom. Standing at the foot of his bed, he released one of my asscheeks; then I felt it the tip of his cock at my pussy entrance.

I whimpered when he inserted himself in me, not all the way. He nodded, kissed my cheek, and told me to relax. He slid more of himself in, taking it slow. I've never been stretched like this. My pussy lips were pried apart, his invading dick sliding in inch by inch until finally landing against my cervix. That couldn't be all of him.

Next TJ slowly lifted me up and down on his cock, letting my pussy, my body get used to him. I came in less than 30 seconds. He held me while I shook and climaxed. He was so thick. He sat on his bed next. I came off the first of many orgasms that night and straddled him.

He nodded and I got to work. I ground and squatted up and down on him, as slow or as fast as I wanted. I came on his big black cock several more times before tiring out. TJ simply watched me. Watched me ride, cum, and get used to his big dick. I was exhausted, another orgasm washing over me. I smiled at him; he stood, and then guided me onto my back.

It was his turn. Rolling and grinding his hips against me, propping himself with his huge arms, TJ made me cum over and over again. I loved watching his muscular, dark-brown body work as he fucked me.

It was so, so very good. Several hours later, he rolled off me. We were both a sweaty mess. He still hadn't cum. I threw my legs over his face, my hands to his cock, my mouth covering it.

I wanted his cum; I wanted to drink all of it. My eyes rolled into the back of my head when his tongue licked all around my asshole. I kept going though. I kept jacking and sucking that cock of his, waiting for his semen to fill my mouth. Then it happened. TJ grunted, his body tightening below me.

He was blowing his load. I covered his big cockhead with my mouth and let it flow into me. His cock spurt several times and I drank every last drop." Curt ejaculated in his shorts, quickly slamming the diary shut and sliding it back under the cushion. He went to his room, slammed his door and went to bed, angry at himself for cumming to thoughts of his mother. -5- He avoided his mother the next day. Part of it was the embarrassment of cumming to thoughts of her and TJ, the other part was anger at her for a reason he couldn't pinpoint.

Curt initially thought it was because she'd been secretive, but that couldn't be it. It was Sunday. Miranda went to the gym, then grocery shopping. Curt took the opportunity home alone to catch up more on her diary. The entries about TJ went on and on.

Detailed, long entries about sex with him. Curt shook his head; it was all she seemed to write about. Miranda went in details about how TJ worshiped her ass, sucked her breasts until they were sore, and lasted so long that she thought she was going to pass out. Curt was shocked to learn that his mother snuck TJ into her bedroom multiples times before he caught her. "I can't believe it. I can't believe she'd do that," Curt thought, squeezing his erection. He continued reading.

He read about how they worked out together. He read about his mother and TJ fucking in the parking lot before going into the gym together. He read about them having sex after a late night workout, in the showers, in the men's locker room, and one time, outside the gym in an alley. The entries finally ended.

Curt was caught up with his mother's private written thoughts and life. He jacked off once more in the shower, after putting her diary back where it belonged. * A couple weeks later, Curt's mother appeared in the living room wearing a Halloween costume. She was wearing a black wig, plastic gold arm and wrist bracelets, gold head band, tall white and gold boots and a small, white skirt with matching top her tummy exposed. "Well?" she asked her son, his eyes widening.

"Uh." "I'm Cleopatra. What do you think?" "Um, it's nice," Curt said, blushing, turning away. His mother giggled, gave him a hug and told him to have a nice night. She was going to a Halloween party, Curt assumed with TJ, and would be back late. Curt heard a car honk from the driveway. "I better go, my friend is here.

Goodnight!" Miranda said, taking her leave. Curt rushed to a window, watching her get into the car of a black man TJ. He watched her head immediately go to TJ's lap.

Curt shook his head watching his mother's head bob up and down as TJ backed out of the driveway. He read more of her diary. She had new entries. They were all about TJ, his black cock, and what his mother loved about it.

She loved how big and long it was; how TJ could be rough and animalistic, or gentle and loving. He read about how much she loved drinking his cum, occasionally taking a huge load on her face. Several more entries and Curt was caught up. He decided to go to bed, not jack off, and forget all about this. He knew who the man was, he knew who his mother was spending time with, and he knew what she loved black cock.

He frowned and rolled over to sleep. * He was asleep when she arrived. Curt's mom tried to be quiet while having sex with TJ. But her moans of pleasure, while not as loud as they were at TJ's apartment, were enough to wake Curt. "Beautiful," Curt thought, mouth hanging open, watching his mother in her Cleopatra costume, minus the skirt, thong pulled to the side, ride TJ's glorious black dick. With the black wig and accessories, she looked just like an erotic, Egyptian, sexual goddess.

Curt couldn't stand it any longer. He rushed back to his room and jacked off, pumping his cock for several seconds until it erupted all over his floor.

When he settled down, he used a dirty t-shirt from the corner to clean his mess. "All she wants is black dick," he grumbled before going back to sleep. The next morning TJ was gone and Curt did his best to avoid his mother. * A week later, his mother came home from work, barely saying anything to her son. Something was wrong.

She seemed troubled and distracted, unable to focus on dinner. "You ok?" Curt asked, hoping she wasn't mad at him, hoping she didn't find out he read through her diary. "Fine," Miranda lied. They ate dinner in silence, his mother retreating to the shower afterward, leaving Curt to clean the dishes.

Curt waited for a few days before he could get to her diary again. His mother was better, but he could tell something was still bothering her. One day before she got home, he took his opportunity to read her newest entries. "The woman at the gym knows TJ and I are sleeping together. She's been glaring at me from across the locker room. I've seen her staring at me, sizing me up again. She's bound to see me as a threat.

Maybe she wants TJ. She can have him, if she wants. He and I aren't committed." Miranda arrived home earlier than expected. Curt closed the diary, stuffing it under the chair cushion and ran out of his mother's room.

"This is stupid. I shouldn't do this. If she wants to be a slut and be all about black cock, so be it. She's not treating me poorly," Curt thought, rolling over on his bed.

A pang of anger still tugged at his heart. He thought he knew why he was angry, but still couldn't admit it. -6- Curt's shower masturbation sessions decreased along with his late night cock erupting orgasms with thoughts of his mother on his mind.

He stopped reading her diary. He barely noticed her writing in it. He instead focused on school work. It was difficult; Curt struggled to resist the urge to invade her privacy. It was like an addiction he was quitting cold-turkey. Overall, his mother seemed much happier as the holidays approached. Every weekend Miranda was out on Friday and Saturday nights. Curt didn't know what she was up to and didn't care. Thanksgiving and Christmas were boring. He saw some family, but it was nothing special.

He couldn't help but notice how jovial his mother was while conversing with relatives. Curt shrugged it off, keeping to himself. The night before New Year's Eve, Curt saw his mother writing in her diary again. She was humming, occasionally giggling while she wrote.

Curt rolled his eyes. "Great. Writing on and on about how much she loves black cock. Slut." He got up and went to his room.

There was a knock at his door an hour later. "Come in," Curt said, knowing it was his mother. He was lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. "Hi. You got any plans tomorrow?" his mother asked, sitting on his bed. For a brief second Curt thought she would ask him to hang out or go to dinner. "Uh no." "Aww. Well if you want to go out with your friends, please be safe.

I'll be hanging with my friends; I'll probably be home very late. I'll leave that pasta dish you love so much in the fridge." "Oh, yeah, sure," Curt said. His mother patted his knee, stood and kissed his forehead. Curt closed his eyes, her sweet smelling hair filling his nostril. "Goodnight," she smiled at her son, closing his door.

"Goodnight," Curt sighed. * "The woman at the gym confronted me. Her name is Danielle. She's married as I suspected. I truly thought she was going to beat me up." Curt's mouth dropped, after reading that line in his mother's diary. Miranda was out for New Year's Eve.

Curt, home alone, not caring about hanging out with his friends, decided to catch up on some reading. He pushed guilt aside, unable to ignore the desire to read it, and gave in.

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"She slammed me against a locker before I had a chance to change, or well, do anything. She was so strong. She held me in place, her forearm against my collarbone. I was able to get a good look at her face. She appeared to be a few years older than me, in her early 40s, I'd say. She wasn't the most attractive up close, I suppose. She told me she knew what TJ and I are up to. She said she could tell all about me just by looking at me.

I had no idea what she was talking about. I asked her. Danielle told me I was made for one thing and one thing only it was the one thing she was also made for. I was confused. She spun me around in the empty locker room and slammed me against the locker again. She pulled down my shorts, while pinning me against the locker with her free arm. I thought about screaming, but something about this told me she wasn't going to hurt me like I initially though.

Danielle slapped my bare ass several times. She told me it was made for one thing black cock. She turned me back around, not pressing hard against me like before. She smiled and, looking me over.

She took a step back and turned her back to me. I watched Danielle slowly pull her black, tight shorts down, revealing her own bare ass. She told me hers was made for black dick too. Her butt was gorgeous, so sexy. I asked her what the hell she wanted, why was she telling me this. Facing me again, she said TJ as her answer. She wanted him; she wanted every single black man she saw. Danielle then proposed she and I work together. She demanded my phone number. I didn't know what to say.

She grabbed my hands, placing them on her ass. She told me squeeze and for some reason I did. Danielle told me she has a network of women that all work together and find black cock.

She told me I could be part of it I could be a black cock queen like her. I released her toned ass; I didn't know what to say. She told me to think about it. Danielle admitted she saw me as a threat at first, but then decided since I met and fucked TJ the first time he showed up to the gym, that I might make a good ally for her network.

I went home, shaken, thinking about her words. TJ snuck over around 2am, we had quiet sex, not waking Curt. I couldn't help but picture Danielle and I slobbering all over TJ's cock." "No way," Curt thought.

He had to know more. "This explains her being out of sorts that week." -7- "I thought about Danielle's offer for a few days. The thought of a married woman sneaking around bothered me. I wondered if she wore it for show, or was really married. I looked for her at the gym, not seeing her out front or in the sauna.

I didn't see her in the women's locker room, but I heard moans coming out of the men's. Behind me I heard a couple people approaching. They were whispering something, I caught a few words, and then two younger black men brushed past me saying Danielle was in the locker room. Just as I figured. I waited and waited in the women's locker.

Finally she appeared. I asked her if she was married. She was brushing sweat off her forehead and tummy. Her hair was a mess and it looked as though she haphazardly put her clothing back on. She said she was almost 20 years. I grimaced at hearing her words. How could she do this to her husband? Danielle pinned me up against locker and kissed me hard. I was petrified, I let her. She asked me if I tasted the semen on her tongue, I nodded.

Danielle told me I could drink it every single day if I wanted, she would help me. She demanded my number again, a devilish grin on her face this time. I sighed, and gave it to her. What was I thinking? Black cock I guess. She thanked me and asked about TJ. She said she wanted him. I did too, again. I also wanted to see her in action; I wanted to watch her fuck. Later that night, I got a chance to. Danielle rode with me over to TJ's after showering in the locker room.

I couldn't help but steal a few glances at her muscular body in the stall next to mine. Maybe her body was built to serve black men. I'd find out soon. She called her husband, talking sweetly to him, lying about going dinner with a friend. Danielle made sure to use female pronouns. I remained silent, fueled by my own lust for black cock. She was insane absolutely insane. She nearly broke TJ's bed. She squatted up and down on his black pole, never stopping, never slowing, and cumming over and over.

Those squats and lunges paid off. I sat in TJ's bedroom, watching her. She didn't even let me cum, pushing me off his bed, and attacking him. TJ couldn't hold out any longer. He came, filling her pussy, in far less time than he did with me. Perhaps Danielle was just that good. She was built for black cock. I listened to her cuss and grunt like a man might. She kissed TJ hard, playfully slapping him, saying he had a good dick. I smiled at TJ, nodding at him.

He thanked me for bringing a friend. I drove back to the gym parking lot, letting her out. She told me she'll see me soon. I don't know what to expect. I'm kind of excited but scared at the same time." New Year's Eve dragged on, Curt jacked off while reading his mother's diary, going from page to page of entries she wrote since his break from reading it back in November. Midnight came and went, Curt didn't notice. He read about their escapades, how this Danielle woman introduced his mother to a new world a world full of fucking black men.

Miranda's diary entries skipped to weekends only, this explained why Curt hardly saw her write in it. He wondered if she wrote it during the morning before he woke up. Curt read about Danielle's "associates". "I met Aline and Melissa.

Two tall Latina's, hour glass bodies, big booties like Danielle, and well, me. I'm getting very impressed with the results of my consistent work outs. Anyway, Danielle called them her associates, or wing women. She sometimes called them black cock hunters. They found black men at the club and brought them to this married woman Danielle. They also allowed Danielle to stay at one of their apartments and cheat on her husband with black men.

I had to hide my disgust at Danielle and her friends after all, I wanted black cock too. The first night the four of us were at a club, a night Danielle told her husband was a girl's night out, we ended up back at Aline's with four black men. I don't even remember the name of the one they found for me.

We switched and took turns with them all." Curt paused disdain toward his mother going down this slutty path rising. It wasn't the only thing rising. His cock was too.

He kept reading. "I invited TJ out the following weekend. He already knew Aline and Melissa. He no doubt fucks them every once in a while. With a body like his, he probably has pussy every day.

TJ wasn't alone. He brought a friend. A friend I nearly fainted upon seeing. I thought TJ was a hunk, his friend, a man named Ulysses, was even more so. I wanted to strip naked upon seeing him, and ride both their cocks until the sun rose.

Danielle maintained her composure upon meeting Ulysses. She's probably had so much black cock that nothing fazes her. Two Latinas, two white women, two black men was our composition. TJ and Ulysses had a woman on each arm. We all ended back in TJ's bed. Six people crammed in there, Danielle directing the event. TJ and Ulysses were on their backs while the four of us slid, slithered, licked, kissed all over their bodies.

We took turns sitting on their faces and riding their cocks. I was sitting on Ulysses' face, Danielle was riding him. We switched. She was facing away from me, sitting on Ulysses' face. Her ass, it was so amazing. I only hope I can get mine to be a good as hers perfect for black cock. The four of us women eventually fell asleep.

After TJ and Ulysses' cocks erupted like fountains for us. We held our tongues out, collecting their cum." Curt put her diary down, squeezed his cock several times, and ejaculated all over himself. -8- His mother came home on New Year's Day, smiling sweetly at her son.

Curt smiled back, nodding awkwardly to her. He watched her do laundry, clean up the kitchen, and then sit and write in her diary.

He shook his head. "She's so beautiful," he thought. "No," he stopped himself, attempting to build anger toward her. He felt awkward and ashamed around her, so Curt mostly kept to himself, focusing on school work. He would read her diary on the weekends, when she was out with Danielle. The two of them were like best friends, sleeping with as many black men as Danielle and her associates could find.

However, Curt could tell that his mom didn't quite approve of Danielle, only using her to obtain more black cock. Miranda never wrote about how Danielle was cheating on her husband, opting to ignore that horrible fact. Curt read about Miranda, Danielle, and TJ's threeways. He read about Ulysses joining in when he was in town.

He read about the two wing women helping out occasionally. One entry stood out for Curt. He learned more about Danielle. "There's something odd about her. No, not odd, horrible.

Danielle's married, but she also has a son. He's Curt's age. He doesn't go to the same high school though. I struggle to put my conscience on hold. Every time I'm around Danielle I want to tell her how horrible she is. But I don't. My mouth is usually filled with black cock and cum. She supplies me with what I crave.

My conscience can keep quiet. Tonight though, on our way back to a random guy's apartment, she talked more about her family. She belittled them, she mocked them, she bragged about her lifestyle.


She made fun of her husband's cock and bedroom stamina. Then…" There was an empty section of the page. Curt's eyes scrolled down, noticing his mother's hand writing became jagged, not as clean and eloquent.

"She belittled her son. She called him a little bitch, like his father. She went on about how he'll never please a woman with a little white dick like his dad." "What?" Curt asked out loud. "Danielle's psychotic." "I was too shocked to say anything. How could she? How could a mother ever talk about her son like that? What is wrong with her? What's wrong with me?

Why didn't I tell her to take me home right then? Loneliness, boredom, horniness, and wanting black dick. She is the supplier and there is so very much of it. That's why I shut up. I feel so stupid now. I could never, ever imagine talking about Curt like that.

I love him more than anything, more than, well, my own sex life." His mother's hand writing returned to its normal style. She was angry, livid when she wrote that about Danielle. A new tidal wave of guilt washed over Curt once more. Any blood in his penis, any sexual arousal he had from reading of his mother's sexcapades, died down. He wasn't horny anymore. He didn't want to read anymore. He put the diary back and went to bed, lying wide awake for hours.

* Curt continued watching his mother, not have sex, but simply watching her. He watched her cook dinner for him, do his laundry, all while hating himself. She seemed different too, sad almost. He wondered what she was writing about. Miranda still went out on weekends, inviting Curt to hang out with her a few times. He always declined. Her son went a few weeks once more, without invading her privacy, but like an addiction, he gave in. Curt was surprised to see his mother hardly wrote in her diary at all.

The weekend after Valentine's Day a day his mother asked him to dinner, his shame causing him to say no, Miranda was out again. Curt flipped through her diary, only seeing a few new entries. "Last weekend was Valentine's Day. I was hoping to take Curt out to dinner, but I guess he didn't want to hang out with his mom. Danielle called me. She snuck out of her house after dinner with her husband.

They had sex, he went to sleep, and she headed to one of her safe houses Aline's or Melissa's. I should've said no. I should've hung up on her, but I didn't.

Maybe I'm an addict. I can't get enough of TJ. I can't get enough of all the black men Danielle brings me. I love black dick. We were at a club, after midnight, on Valentine's Day. I stared right into Danielle's face, out in the middle of the dance floor while a black man fucked her from behind.

Then another, then another, and another. This married woman was holding her dress up, exposing her ass, letting these men take her from behind one after another all night.

I couldn't do it. I didn't have the courage. I found a nice guy, maybe in his 20s, and had sex with him in the parking lot.

I couldn't do it on the dance floor like Danielle did. Her and I met up later. Two black men were with her. My addiction kicked in and 30 minutes later we were back at Danielle's house, her son and husband asleep, riding those men on a couch in her basement. When we were done, our pussies filled, Danielle's far more than me; she led them out, walking naked to her front door upstairs.

I was getting dressed when she came back downstairs. I was putting my shoes on when she scooped out cum from her pussy. She held her middle and index finger up to my mouth and nodded at me.

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She said she knew this is what I loved. She told me I was a black cock queen. I hesitated, looking at the cum on her fingers, then reluctantly licked it. She told me of a yearly trip she makes in the spring to a place a few hours away. Danielle said she's been going there about five years, telling her husband it was a work conference of some sort.

She invited me. I shrugged and told her maybe. I just wanted to go home, I felt horrible. The house was quiet when I got home.

But I couldn't sleep. I touched myself, until dawn. Mostly thought of TJ or Ulysses. I wished I stuck to them only. I wished I never craved more. They felt so good. I'm getting worked up writing this. Curt is asleep now. I want to cum again." Curt was hard as a rock once more. The entry ended there, his mother presumably stopping to masturbate right down the hall from him.

He didn't recall hearing anything from her bedroom recently. She must've kept quiet. Curt unzipped his pants, set the diary down, and jacked off right there in his mother's room. -9- The following weekend, after a week of nothing, mother and son somewhat quiet around each other, Curt was at it again. This night there would be no lust-filled imagery only anger. "Danielle got caught. She called me about it laughing. Her son caught her. He came home early and found her in bed with a kid from his school.

Danielle went on and on about how funny it was seeing her son, standing in her bedroom door, a look of total shock on his face, watching his mother's ass slam down on the high school quarterback's big black cock. I asked her if she stopped. She said she kept going, she kept riding his dick until he came inside her.

When he was done cumming, she slid off him, grabbing his cock and sucking it clean while grinning at her son. I should've hung up on her right there. I can't forget her words, 'I sucked him dry, walked up to my son, and told him to look at that black cock.

That was a real man. I told him his father isn't a real man. He can't please this ass of mine. I told him to leave, so I can have another round with what I truly love.' I was speechless.

All I could muster was to ask her what happened next. She said she sucked his cock back to life and kept going. Her husband wasn't due home for several hours. She said she acted like nothing happened around her son." Curt slammed the diary shut. "Get away from this woman!" he yelled to no one. He ran his fingers through his hair, angry at his mom again. He sat back, rubbing his chin, contemplating on confessing what he'd been doing or shut up and keep reading her diary.

He kept reading. "She bragged about it for a few days. Danielle even asked if I was ok. I lied and told her I felt ill. Which wasn't too far from the truth. What kind of woman would do that to her son? I would never do that to Curt. I love him with all my heart." Curt closed the diary, he had enough. * His mother seemed irritable, anxious, and unable to focus for the next couple weeks.

Curt was similar but for different reasons. Mother and son rarely talked or hung out. Many would see it as normal for an 18-year-old not wanting to hang out with his mom. But it was far from normal in Curt's home. Miranda stopped going out on weekends. Curt never saw or heard TJ sneaking into the house. She gave it up, cold turkey it seemed. Curt was proud of her for not hanging out with Danielle anymore.

One Saturday in March, late at night, Curt heard familiar moans coming from her bedroom. "Oh no," he thought, waking up from his mother moaning. He shook his head, threw off the covers and went to spy on her again. No one was in her room. The bathroom door was closed, she was in there. Curt looked out her bedroom window, TJ's car wasn't there.

He heard another moan again. Placing his head against the bathroom door, he heard his mother whisper, "I need it. So horny," followed by another moan. Curt was getting an erection listening to her masturbate.

He heard her slam, what he assumed, was a dildo down on the counter and sigh heavily. His mother was so horny. He heard footsteps and quickly dashed out of her bedroom just before her bathroom door opened.

A slight twinge of sympathy for his mother came over him before he drifted to sleep. * In late March, his mother unexpectedly left for a weekend trip. Miranda told Curt she was going out of town with a friend. Curt couldn't question her; he couldn't ask if it was Danielle or TJ.

He didn't know if she was lying, he didn't know where these people lived so he couldn't go by their houses to spy. Curt lasted a few hours home alone before he read her diary again. He saw only one new entry.

"I need it. I need it so bad. It's been a few weeks since I've had black dick or hung out with Danielle. I'm going on one last binge with her and that's it. She's inviting me to go out of town with her. She's lying to her husband, saying it's a yearly work conference.

Whatever, I'm getting black cock with her. I don't know what this weekend will have in store, but it will be a wild, insane time, afterward, I hope to never see Danielle again." Curt threw his mother's diary across the room.

"No!" When she rushed out of their home, she told him she'd be back late Sunday night. He didn't know where she was, Curt wondered if it was the beach or perhaps to Miami a few hours away. He wondered if she was staying at TJ's or a random black guy's house the entire weekend.

He didn't know what to do or what he could do. He waited instead. She never showed Sunday night. He got a text around 11pm saying, she's staying the night and would be home in the morning. Miranda still didn't say where she was or what she was doing. Curt got up Monday morning an hour earlier. He saw his mother's car in the driveway; she'd returned during the night. He was surprised he didn't hear her arrive.

He peeped into her bedroom; she was knocked out, wearing a dress. He closed the door letting her sleep, hoping whatever was in her system was finally out. He was tired of her not being around, tired of her out sleeping with black men. He wanted her home. -10- She was cooking dinner the following weekend. Curt watched her chop vegetables having just returned from the gym. She was still wearing her sports bra and yoga shorts, her tummy exposed. He approached her from behind, sliding his hands around her, resting them on her stomach.

Miranda put the knife down, resting her hands on Curt.

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"Please be done," Curt thought. "Please be done with this and stay here with me." His mother turned around, hugging her son tightly. "I love you," she said, ending the embrace, kissing his cheek, resuming preparing for dinner. Curt nodded and went to his room to study. Dinner was quiet. Afterward, mother and son sat on the couch. Miranda popped in a movie and slid next to her son, wrapping his arm around her.

Curt smiled, kissed her head and watched the movie with her. When it was over, Miranda sat up, kissed his forehead and went to bed. "Goodnight. I'm going to shower." Curt watched her leave, watching her hips sway, watching her muscular ass flex.

He thought about how amazing she looked. Then he remembered the previous weekend. He remembered her diary.

He quickly made his way to her room, hearing the shower. He sat on the chair, pulling out the diary, hurriedly flipping through to find new entries. He only found one. "Danielle took me to a trailer park. It was in a swampy area of Florida about three hours away.

This was the place she claimed she visited once a year. Once a year for what she called the best black cock she's ever had. She talked on and on about her little cock husband, how good it felt sneaking around and cheating on him. Danielle was saying how her son wouldn't do a thing. He was as useless as his dad. He would never take charge and please a woman; he would never take charge and confess what he witnessed to his father. I stayed quiet, my pussy oozing with the thought of an entire trailer park of black men to have sex with.

When we arrived, Danielle immediately stripped naked. She was greeted by several men they all knew her apparently. I was introduced next and ordered to undress by Danielle. We were given vodka and rum shots and led to Danielle's sole purpose for going to this place. His name was Hoover. He was around 80 years old. He had white hair and no front teeth. I watched Danielle immediately go to him, sticking her tongue down the old man's throat. She then went to her knees and began sucking off the longest cock I'd ever seen.

Several of his relatives were around, watching smiling, grabbing my ass. They were all waiting for us. Danielle popped his cock out of her mouth and ordered me to join her. More rum flowed, more shots downed. I was going all out this weekend.

I joined Danielle, immediately licking and slobbering all over Hoover's huge cock. Danielle was on one side, I on the other. We licked and kissed our way to the cockhead. Then Danielle grabbed my face, kissing me hard.

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She told me this would be the wildest weekend of my life. She wasn't kidding. After she came all over Hoover's cock, Danielle stood, drank more, grabbed one of the other black men in Hoover's trailer and left with a group of them. I remained behind, loving all over Hoover's cock.

I took another shot of rum and cleaned Danielle's pussy juices off it. Then I carefully straddled the old man. I asked him why they called him Hoover. He showed me by sucking my tits so hard I nearly came right then and there.

Seconds later, I did, and Hoover guided me to all fours. He used his mouth, with its lack of front teeth, so suck all over my ass. My butt cheeks were no doubt covered in hickeys.

Then Hoover guided his cock into me from behind I couldn't help but come again. I loved it. I can see why Danielle visited this place once a year. It's a shame she's betraying her husband to do so. Hoover and I went at it for hours. Drinking, kissing, sucking, and fucking until well after midnight. He eventually grew tired. He asked me if it was ok for him to finish inside me. I told him of course.

He thanked me and quietly climaxed, his beautiful, old cock pumping me full of cum. I said goodnight. I told him I'd see him soon and left. I found Danielle around a huge bon fire in the center of the trailer park getting double penetrated in a gang bang of sorts. A younger black guy passed me a bottle of rum, I took a big swig.

He picked me up and took me to his trailer. Several more joined us and before I knew it I had a cock in every hole of my body. Shortly after dawn, they finished with me.

I limped out of their trailer and ran into Danielle. She was limping too. She grabbed my arm and pulled me along to the trailer where we'd be resting. She slammed me against the wall once we got inside, kissing me hard. I kissed her back, grabbing her big ass. Danielle pushed me on the bed, climbed on top and sat on my face.

In my drunken stupor I licked semen out of her pussy and ass. She did the same to me in our 69-position. Several minutes passed and we climaxed together. Danielle and I shook and cried out in ecstasy in that little trailer. She got off my face and collapsed next to me. We were asleep moments later. This was the weekend routine. We'd service and fuck every black man there focusing on Hoover the most.

Sunday was horrible. I truly saw how despicable Danielle was." Curt paused, making sure his mother was still showering, not wanting to be taken off guard.

He looked back to the paper of her diary, seeing a circular smudge mark blurring some ink. It appeared to be a teardrop. "It was shortly after noon.

I was exhausted from constant sex throughout the weekend. I was on top of Hoover, approaching another climax, when he stopped me. His eyes shot open, he grabbed my face, bringing it to his. He told me to keep going, don't stop he said we'll climax together, one final time for him.

It took me a second to realize what was happening. Luckily one of his sons was in the room, idly doing dishes while his old man was having sex with a white woman.

I was planning on doing Hoover's son next, but didn't get a chance to. Hoover was staring into my eyes, inches from my face, he just kept thrusting hard over and over again. He told me not to stop until he goes. I did as he asked; I kept grinding and riding his black dick until I felt our bodies tighten, until his eyes rolled into the back of his head, until we both moaned with pleasure, cumming at the same time. When we came off our mutual orgasms, I kissed him several times.

There was no response. His son was standing next to us at this point. He told me his dad is gone. Gone? I looked to Hoover, he was still; his chest wasn't moving up and down. I checked his pulse.

Nothing. I was in shock, I didn't know what to say or do. I kissed him again, and then kissed down his still-warm body. His cock slithered out of me. I cleaned it for him, licking his cum and my pussy juices from it. Hoover died doing what he was meant for, built for, his black cock pleasing a white woman.

Danielle found out a few minutes later, along with everyone else. She immediately complained about losing the best cock there. She cursed and dragged me to our trailer, telling me we were leaving early. I was confused and asked her what was going on.

Her true, uncaring self, shone through once again when she told me the best dick in that trailer park is dead there was no point staying with those losers.

I was too angry and shocked to say anything. We put our clothes back on for the first time in two days. Danielle pushed me to her car. I looked over my shoulder seeing several of the trailer park's residents hugging and consoling one another for the loss of old Hoover. I wanted to yell at her, make her stay, but at the same time I had a better idea.

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After she complained about how I got to have another round with Hoover before he died, we were quiet the rest of the three hour car ride. She dropped me off at my house. When I saw she was out of sight, I texted Curt, telling him I would be home the next day instead. I got in my car and left. I drove right back to that trailer park alone.

I arrived two hours later, thankful I didn't get caught speeding. I put my car in park, got out and shed my clothes. Most of the residents were around a bon fire, sitting, drinking. I found Hoover's son and told him how I sorry I was for his loss. I kissed and told him to use me, to use my body.

He took me to bed and made love to me, filling my pussy, thanking me for returning. After him, another son joined, then a friend, then more and more residents. All of them used my body for comfort, to help mend their sadness. It was only temporary but it's all I could think to do. Danielle did and said nothing to them when she rushed out of there.

One by one all the black men took me, made love to me, thanking me afterward. I left around 4am, stopping for coffee along the way. I smiled, feeling my pussy leak cum in my car.

I hoped I made those nice men feel a little better after their loss. When I got home I went straight to bed." Curt shut the diary, sliding it under the cushion. He went to his room, sitting on his bed, staring off into space. Several moments passed, he kicked off his shoes, laid on his bed and went to sleep. -11- Curt read more of her diary when he got a chance.

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But there were no new entries. He went back and read the older ones, the ones that were before her encounters with interracial sex. He learned she was extremely lonely. She attempted signing up for dating websites, never having success. Curt read that she sacrificed much to raise him and now that he was 18 she wanted to venture out and try dating.

He read about all her failed attempts. Curt also read, in those earlier entries he skipped, that she was a masturbation enthusiast, a self-pleasuring expert. Curt couldn't help but get hard reading about how she did it every night in bed until she fell asleep, or snuck away at work to ride a dildo in the bathroom.

One day, randomly flipping through it, Curt saw a new entry. "Danielle was caught again this time by her husband. She called me last night, begging for a place to stay.

She said Aline and Melissa were packing up, moving up north, their places were boxed up. Maybe they were tired of her too. I told her no. She went on and on, playing like she was the victim. She said her son set it up. He worked with the quarterback from school to arrange it. Her son took photos of them, followed them, everything. Danielle's son lied to his father, claiming there was an issue with the plumbing and he needed his help.

This got him to come home early from work. Danielle said he went into a rage upon seeing her riding that black student in their bed. He screamed at her, telling her to get out, threw her clothes at her, scaring the hell out of the black guy. Danielle started crying on the phone. She said just as she was about to walk out the front door with a bag of clothes, her son stopped her.

Danielle described the look on his face as smug. She cried harder when she told me her son spit in her face and pushed her out the door. I'm shaking as I write this. It felt so good to tell her no. She begged and begged me to let her stay here. I hung up on her. She's horrible. I don't know where she'll end up and I don't care. I'm glad I'm done with her. I'm shaking for another reason too.

Curt, I know you're reading this. I know you've been reading my diary for a few weeks now. I'm your mother, I know everything. I know you've been masturbating while reading of my private sex life. I saw you one night when I came home early. You must've been too engrossed with whatever you were reading to hear me arrive. I know you saw TJ and I have sex.

I heard you approach from the hall. I think I even saw your shadow in my peripheral vision. I was too busy to care; I wanted to keep cumming over and over, ignoring everything else." Curt dropped the diary, looking around the bedroom in a panic. He got up, looking outside, not seeing his mother's car in the drive way.

His heart was racing, his breathing frantic. "No, no, please no," he paced around her room, unable to think straight. He picked up her diary, reading that line several times to make sure it was real.

He continued on, trying to calm his speeding heart. "How dare you! How dare you invade my privacy! I'm so disappointed and hurt by this. I can't believe you've done this. I would never do that to you. My sex life is no one's business. I know you thought I was a slut, reading about my sexual adventures. I know you thought I was some sort of black cock queen all about big black dick. I know that's why you were angry at me, why you've been distant.

But there's another reason. A reason I know and you have yet to realize. Masturbating to what I've written told me. You're jealous. I'm not going to punish you, Curt. The shame and embarrassment you feel should be enough. I hurt NO ONE. I cheated on NO ONE.

I didn't ruin my family. I didn't ridicule or talk poorly of my son! I'm not like Danielle. The only thing I've done wrong, as a single, lonely, horny mother, is hang out with that piece of trash for as long as I did.

I should've cut her out of my life far sooner. That's the only thing I regret associating with her." Curt took deep breaths, the need to run away and hide subsiding. He thought about apologizing, he thought about calling her now, telling her on the phone.

He wondered if he should wait until she got home. His mother was right he was jealous. He felt as though he knew why at this point. Seeing her riding black cock, her naked body, seeing her suck it, reading of her sex life he wanted her, badly. Curt had no idea what to do, so he kept reading.

"What I don't know is when you'll read this final entry. It's lying under the chair cushion waiting for you to read it. I'll come home every night from work, cook you dinner and act natural. If you come to my room at 10pm, then I'll know you've read this. If I'm asleep, wake me up." Curt looked at the date his mother wrote this three weeks ago.

He couldn't believe it. She's said nothing this whole time. "As I said I'm not punishing you. I think we need to talk though. We haven't talked much about anything really. Don't be afraid; just be here in my room at 10pm. I love you." That was it. There was nothing left. There were dozens of blank pages remaining in her diary. Curt closed it, and set it on his mother's bedside table.

He checked the time on his phone 6:02 pm.

She would be home soon from work. They didn't speak during dinner, Curt attempting to act normal. Afterward, his mother went to shower and he went to study. 10pm arrived. Curt knocked on her bedroom door. "Come in," he heard her say on the other side. When he entered, Miranda was sitting on the edge of her bed in a white bathrobe, smiling softly at him. "Come sit." Curt sat next to her, eyes to the floor.

She placed her hand on his, patting it gently. Curt fought tears of shame, but finally blurted out an "I'm sorry." His mother hugged him tightly, calming his nerves. "I should've fixed that door. A hinge is loose or something. That why it doesn't close all the way. You wouldn't have heard TJ and I," Miranda said. "No, I never should've spied on you, I never should've," Curt spoke up. "Shhh, it's over now. It's fine," his mother said, caressing his chin, turning his face toward hers.

"Danielle was horrible. All those things she said about her husband, about her son. I would never, ever think that about you.

I would never say those things, I would never treat you like that," Miranda said. "I know, mom." "Do you? Do you know how much you mean to me? More than any," Miranda paused, "black cock in the world." A slight smile came over her face.

Curt nodded, smiling back. "It's true you were jealous, right?" Miranda asked. Curt looked down, nodding his head. "You saw me," she kissed his cheek. "You wanted me to be here with you, to forget about black men, right?" Curt nodded again.

"You saw me naked, you read about me having sex, you masturbated to it." "I did," Curt said, thoroughly ashamed. "You wanted it, didn't you? You still want it," his mother said. "Huh?" Curt watched his mother stand and turn around, her back facing him. His eyes went wide as saucers. He watched his mother look over her shoulder and remove her robe, her big, bare ass on display. Miranda further proved she was nothing like Danielle. "You want it? You want me to give it you instead of black men?" Curt's mouth hung open, nodding his head slowly.

"Then it's yours." A small smile came over Curt's face. He glanced to his mother's eyes, she nodded at him. Looking at her ass, inches in front of his face, he grinned. This would be the best night of their lives one that would change things, for the better, forever A mother and son becoming one. Curt dove right in. Grabbing her hips, pulling her ass back to his open mouth, he licked and kissed all over her asscheeks.

He licked up and down her asscrack, prying her cheeks apart, quickly swirling his tongue all around her asshole. "Curt, yes," Miranda moaned. He guided her to bed, on all fours, his mouth not leaving her ass. He listened to her moan as he ate out her ass, spanking her playfully as he did. "All of me, you can have all of me," Miranda whispered over her shoulder.

Curt nodded, removed his shirt, unzipped his pants and fished out his erection. "Yessss," Miranda hissed, her pussy dripping wet for the only love that really mattered in her life her son. Curt nearly ejaculated upon entering her from behind. So did his mother. "It's yours, all of it, all yours," Miranda encouraged him instead of discouraging him like Danielle did with her son. "I love you," Curt said before getting to work, before fucking his beautiful mother's brains out.

"I love you too," she said. "You're all I want and need." Several minutes of hard work, grunting, hips slamming into ass transpired. Curt showed this woman she didn't need a black man to fuck her good. He would gladly do it every day. He felt his mother cumming, her pussy spasming. It coaxed the semen out of Curt.


He filled her with his seed. He collapsed on top of her, his mother rolling on to her back, wrapping her legs around him, kissing him over and over again. She briefly wondered what became of Danielle, saddened that she was such a horrible mother to her son.

Miranda kissed Curt again, smiling up at her new lover. "I don't think I'll write about this in my diary it's not exactly legal," Miranda giggled. "It's fine, mom," Curt chuckled. They kissed again and again, like lovers; Curt was hard and ready to make love moments later.

Epilogue Five Months Later Danielle left the soup kitchen where she sucked off one of the black cooks for a free meal. She had no job and was living with a nice black man she met at the shelter she was staying at. His tiny one bedroom apartment was several blocks away.

Someone was following her a hooded figure. Danielle figured it was someone from the shelter wanting a piece of her ass. She'd been taken against her will several times since being kicked out of her home. In an alley, behind a dumpster, and so on. It wasn't completely rape per se she enjoyed it, but it wasn't something she planned for or expected. This person was picking up speed, getting closer and closer. Danielle looked over her shoulder. "Great.

Get it over with," she thought slowing down. "It's all I'm good for anyway serving black cock." The man caught up to her, nearly tackling her into an alley. He punched her across the cheek and kneed her in the gut. On her knees, Danielle watched the man unzip his pants and fish out a cock. Her eyes lit up. She was staring at the biggest cock she'd ever seen dwarfing all the countless black men she's been with.

The cock was white. Looking at the biggest, most beautiful cock gain strength, becoming erect, Danielle instinctively grabbed it by the base and devoured it. Sucking and slurping all over it, not caring that it was white.

Just before she climaxed from sucking on the massive white dick, the man picked her up and spun her around. He tore off her tattered yoga shorts. He slapped her ass several times, and then slid himself in. Danielle's moans of pleasure echoed off the alley's walls. She came all over his cock within seconds. The man grabbed her waist and proceed to impale and stab her with his cock over and over again, bringing her three more orgasms in ten minutes of continuous fucking.

When the man was ready to cum, he pulled out of Danielle, spun her around to face him, and pushed her to her knees. He jacked his cock a few times and exploded semen all over her face. Danielle moaned and rubbed it into her skin, licking her fingers clean. He took a step back and laughed at her. "His voice," Danielle thought. The man removed his hood and looked directly at her. It was Danielle's son.

"Still think I'll never be able to please a woman, mom? Looks like my big white dick did quite a number on you," her son said. He shook his head in disgust and turned to walk away.

"Wait!" Danielle called out to him. Her son turned back around, his cock dangling. Danielle clung to his pants, pulling herself to her knees. "I want this," she panted, still out of breath. She licked and kissed at his big, flaccid cock. He grabbed her by her hair, holding her head in place, letting her suck him.

"Mom. After what you did? Should I let you?" Danielle didn't respond, busy worshiping his cock. "I could keep you in my dorm at college. Use you everyday. This, after all, is what you're made for, what you're built for." Her son laughed again, pulling back, putting his cock back in his pants.

He picked his mother up, hoisting her over his shoulder, pulling her shorts back on. He slapped her ass several times and walked to his parked car. He smiled, carrying her, thinking of all the savage, brutal, intense fuck sessions he and his roommates would inflict upon this whore his mother. The end.