Cutie blonde teen gets disciplined by an older dude

Cutie blonde teen gets disciplined by an older dude
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I hated it when we went to church. But my parents insisted on it! Every Sunday I had to get up so damn early and get ready just to go somewhere I didn't wanna be. So last Sunday I got up. As normal and got ready. We were in the car listening to the radio when a song came on.


I remembered it but I couldn't figure out how. Then I remembered its the song I was listening to when I lost my virginty. Remembering this was a BIG mistake coz I started thinking about that night and I got SOOOO damn horny!

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I could feel myself growing moist in my panties. I gathered my nerves and went into teh church. We sat were we usually do but there was a really cute boy next to me this time. not the same old pervert that usually sits there and tries to cop a feel of my leg whenever I wear a skirt.

Not that im complaining. I'd fuck anything if it moved!

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But this boy was SO not the old guy! He had longish blonde hair which was stylishly messed up, a white shirt which had 2 buttons undone and faded blue jeans. He looked like a rock star!!!

My mind went back to the song and I felt myself grow wet again but this time I wasn't thinking about the guy i'd actually fucked. I was thinking about this boy. After church we were walking out and I saw my Dad talking to someone. I'd never met him so I walked over to them. It was the cute boys Dad!!! We smiled at each other and were introduced by our fathers. His name was Rob and it was my age! We exchanged numbers and were on our way. That night my cellphone beeped.

It was a text from rob! "Keep thinking about that sexy black skirt you were in.


Compliments ure alluring figure. Wanna meet up 2moro?" My heart skipped a beat. I text back saying yes and we set a time and place. He was already there when I arrived at the church and we walked around the cemetry for a bit. We came across a bench and sat and talked. he was single like me and had just moved here with his family about 2 weeks ago and I was the first person he'd met.

I was excited coz that meant there were no other girls interested in him! It was a hot day so I'd worn a skirt. It was obvious he liked this because as we were talking my leg brushed against his and there was a HUGE bulge in his trousers! That bulge alone told me it was at least 9 inches!

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He leant in to kiss me when he caught me looking so I kissed him back. I felt his hand move up my thigh and open them, Moving a finger onto my panties and begin to rub my slit.

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Slowly making my panties wet. I reminded him of where we were and he smiled cheekily. god that was enough to make me cum without contact!. "surely that makes it exciting!" he stated. In a way I agreed but it was wrong!.Oh well. I needed action and I needed it fast! I straddled him and undone his shirt, His body was SO hot.

I felt his hand move over my ass and into my panties. Moving his finger up and down my slit again and push 2 fingers into me. I groaned as I felt them enter me.

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I felt his cock grow even more and I just HAD to see how big it really was! I undone his pants and let it out. it was 11 inches!

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I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I looked at him and he grinned. "ever sucked on anything that big baby?" I knew what he was asking of me so I got on my knees immediatly and sucked on the huge organ greedily. His moans made me suck harder and harder and harder until he stopped me and lay me on the grass and slammed it into me.

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Pumping at me so hard I almost passed out. I couldn't believe how big it felt inside me. We fucked for what seemed like hours until he came inside me.

I felt him cover my insides with white hot sticky cum and it felt SO good! We got ourselves together and carried on walking. He walked me home and we said goodnight.

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But thats a different story.