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Nasty bitch gets her wet pussy pounded
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No one under the age of fourteen has sex in this story. PENNY: My name is Maria Elena Luisa Gomez, but I am usually called Young Maria in contrast to my grandmother that I live with who is called Old Maria. The name Maria is very common in our family.

My mother had it, too. I decided to write my story, because I have read some of Mr. Nice Guy's (my Gray Knight friend) stories and enjoyed them so much. He informed me that a lot of them are based on small events in his life that he lengthens out to become stories that he is interested in telling.

All I know is that they are very entertaining.

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But, sometimes very sexy, too. But, I decided when I began to write, that I would not make any of it up, I would just tell my story as it has happened. I came to the U.S. secretly when I was about eight years old with my Mexican parents. We snuck into Big City and came to live with my grandmother, my mother's mother, who was a naturalized citizen of the U.S. At that time there was not the aggressive efforts to round up and deport illegal aliens. If they kept out of trouble, everyone just ignored them and they usually found jobs doing things that U.S.

citizens would not want to do. We lived very simply with grandma and things were fine. We had left the south part of Mexico and our village, because some very bad men in the drug trades were taking over the village and using the men and women like slaves. If the parents complained or tried to rebel, they would threaten their children. And the local police and the 'federales' would not help us. They were being bribed off to turn their heads from our distresses.


However, about the time that I turned twelve, the U.S. authorities became very much more aggressive towards 'illegals' and my parents were gathered up and returned to Mexico. I never heard from them again. But, when I met with the Mexican representative in Twilight City, he mentioned that the Mexican government had scholarships for children of illegal Mexican parents who had been deported and their whereabouts were unknown.

All I had to do was remain in the U.S. and keep very good grades up here. I already had good grades and so I put myself on the waiting list until I would graduate from High School and be ready for college. And since I was having my college paid by the Mexican government, the U.S.

government accounted for me differently and I went off of their active watch list for deportation, myself. So, I remained with my grandmother, her only living relative still in the U.S. and got bonus points from the U.S. Authorities over that, too. In fact, depending on what studies that I entered upon in college, I could qualify for education assistance from the U.S.

also. So, things just moved along for the rest of my public education years. And somewhere along the way I got a pretty little beagle puppy, that I named 'Penny,' because of the brightness of the red blotches of its coat. Then there was the terrible night of the gang wars on our peaceful street named Maple Grove Way, at least that is what some of the signs on our road called it. Others used similar names, but not the same. I happened to be out walking Penny as she became insistent to do her duty somewhat later than usual.

I became frightened at the rushing around of crazy acting people and the mayhem that I was seeing before my eyes, I then lost hold of Penny who ran down the street where I was afraid to follow. So, I saw a group of young women heading into the Mount Beaver Gardens condo complex and so decided to go with them, to feel some protection with them around me. They moved up to the third floor to a known condo of one of the Gray Knights, called Mr.

Nice Guy (M.N.G. for short) none of the Knights of any color ever using their real names in public. As I was going up the stairs I lagged a bit behind and all of a sudden got wet from some water dropped from above. I never knew what that was about, but I did make it to the door as the girls were entering and mixed myself right up among them. As soon as we entered and M.N.G. closed and blocked the door, he asked us to get out our sleeping bags, those that had them and to double up as much as possible and to lay down and be quiet.

Not even flushing the toilet if we had to use it. The lights were dimmed when we arrived and completely turned off soon after we all settled in. With some who slept on the couch getting blankets that he supplied. Then M.N.G. moved the girl who was in his plush recliner and sent her into his bedroom to cuddle up with the other girls already there. He took one of the extra blankets off of the couch and when one of the girls started to complain, everyone let out a shush to quiet her down.

Besides the blankets weren't really needed, because it was nice and warm in the condo even without them. Especially if you were cuddled up with someone.

I looked around in the dark and couldn't see a place for me to rest up and wait out the chaos outside, so I approached him and asked if I could cuddle up with him. He noticed that my clothes were all wet, so he instructed me to go to the bathroom and wash up and then dry myself off with a towel there and then to return to him, with my clothes hanging up in the shower to dry.

I picked up on the thought that he wanted me naked on him when I came back. And when I did I noticed that his shirt was opened with no undershirt and that his pants were pulled down with his male member exposed. "Oh well," I thought. If he really does rape me, that would be better than dying out on the streets that night. So, I settled in with him to see what would happen. Thankfully, he pulled the blanket over us to give us a little privacy from the staring eyes of the others peering out of the darkness in our direction.

When I settled down on him, with his member riding under my naked privates, he began to caress and massage me first on my arms and back. To tell you the truth, it felt great, especially with the stress that I was under because of my close call on the street. After he felt me relax in his arms, he began to reach up with his mouth and kiss me very lightly on the lips. As he did this, he asked me my age, and I told him the truth, I was just sixteen that day.

Then after a few minute when he was about to ask if I was a virgin, in this I lied, that I wasn't. I guess I will have to say a couple of extra 'Hail Marias' on Sunday for that lie when I take my grandmother to Mass. Then his hands began to wander about on my body in all of my private places, gently caressing and probing at them. When one of his fingers entered my virginity hole between my legs, I thought that I would go crazy from the feelings that it generated.

And then I felt my sex opening leaking the same thing that it did when I played with myself, only in much larger quantities. I then soon became very inflamed in my feelings and moved to impale my virginity onto his 'cock' as I had heard it referred to. I felt almost no pain as fast as I did it, and he didn't seem to notice my reaction even to that.

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I guess while he was playing with my little titties, he wouldn't have noticed much else as much fun as he was having with them. I liked the feelings that he was generating there, also. I increased the frequency of my pounding down on his cock and soon, we both climaxed, with my body vibrating and shaking with spasms travelling all over my abdomen, and him squirting his stuff up into my baby chamber. 'Oh, No!' I thought, am I going to get pregnant from this.

"Oh, Well" I would just have to wait and see. But, since I had had my period end just the day before, it was not likely. With us both very relaxed then, I settled down on him with his thing still in me and quickly fell asleep in his arms, feeling very safe and appreciated. I awoke first in the morning and so carefully removed myself from his arms and member.

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I then went into the bathroom and put my dress back on and escaped from the condo, closing and using the door handle lock to lock it up. Then down the stairs, with no water bath this time, past the police busy in surveying the scene from the night before, which I wanted to not see any of. I made my way up the block to my grandmother's apartment and was greeted by her tears and clutching arms.

I then excused myself to take a shower and move to my bed for an extended nap with Penny by my side obviously concerned about me, too. Things then settled down again and I picked up my life where it had been left off before the night, but now a woman after my experience with M.N.G. I did have an hour with the priest in confessional over a very extended explanation of what I had done that night.

It appeared that I would be saying 'Hail Marias' until the next Christmas over this. Not that I was complaining, after all I survived that terrible night. I never saw M.N.G. at Mass to be forgiven for his sins, so I in my young girls logic, supposed that he didn't worry about that very much. A couple of weeks later, though, while walking my mother to the little Mexican market and café down the street to get her beloved burritos, that each one could very comfortably feed two hungry people, I happened to see M.N.G.

or at least I supposed it was him walking our direction on the opposite side of the street. He seemed to sort of recognize me, but wasn't pulling it together, so I restrained myself from acknowledging him. Later that summer during one of our few hot stretches of weather, Mr. Jensen the owner of the condo complex had put out a shallow, but wide pool for the kids to enjoy.

I saw this on one of my walks with Penny, so I put on my bathing suit and moved to join in. No one made an issue of it, so I stayed and had a lot of fun with the condo kids.


Then all of a sudden, I had to pee in the worst way, so remembering the condo number of M.N.G. I rushed up to knock on his door to see if he would let me in.

When he saw my obvious desperation to use his bathroom, he readily let me in. And after I had relieved myself, I thought that I would have a little fun with him and so I removed my bathing suit, hung it up over the shower curtain bar and rushed in to take my seat with M.N.G.

again just like the last time. I pulled the blanket over us and proceeded to lead him to repeat the fun we had the previous time. He caught on very quickly and after only about twenty minutes, I again found myself full of his manly secretions to my very pleased feelings.

As I left, I assured him that I would come again and see him, he seemed really pleased at that thought. I showed up again on a very rainy summer day, with nothing else to do. I had still only been with him and was curious about some things that I was running through my mind. So, after we played again, this time behind a locked bedroom door, since there were a couple of pros in residence, as we rested from our efforts I brought up a couple of ideas that I had.

I mentioned that my auntie was familiar to him, and seemed to be doing well in the escort way of life, even though she had a pimp to answer to. But, it was reported that he was one of the more responsible and fair-minded ones, so that she was prospering under his tutelage and management.

I then brought up that I was thinking seriously about following in her footsteps, except with no manager than myself. I knew that I was going to have to learn a lot more about the recruiting, servicing and financial side of this.

And a key to it would be to find a place of my own that I could afford, so that I could keep it separate from my grandmother's world. I knew that she would find out eventually, but I hoped that by then I would be established in my new profession and situation.

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Then I could still visit her and help her, but would not be dependent on her. And I noted that she never gave my auntie a bad time over it, but she was after all not her daughter, but daughter-in-law.

As I laid naked in his arms, with his free hand massaging my belly and privates, I could tell that he was thinking this over very carefully as to what he would say to an apparently impressionable young girl contemplating a career decision that could have disastrous consequences. Finally he seemed to come to a couple of decisions and then passed them on. 'Penny (my new secrecy name, named after my dog,) there are some very challenging situations that you will meet up with if you adopt this lifestyle.

You shouldn't minimize them. And as to the working without a pimp, even though I truly hate most of them, it can be difficult to remain free of them, and especially their service of protection of you against harmful clients and other aggressively recruiting really bad pimps. You will want to privately talk to a couple of current and former working girls and get clued in on this. And resist being recruited to their pimps, also. You will probably want to start with your auntie. Also, you will need to see some other guys in addition to me, and start asking for modest donations to start, perhaps in the 120 to 150 range, depending on what they ask for, to see if multiple partners would work out for you.

Luckily there are a number of very fine clients in this complex, Marcus and Marty being two of them. If you want I will approach them and suggest that you want to widen out to learn some things about dealing with multiple clients with some of the more gentle and appreciative of possible partners. And then he went on to suggest that I specialize in the older gents, to avoid the possibility of efforts to live off of me and the forcing of themselves into my personal life, which can be common among the younger clients that I might take on.

It is not all their faults, they can be impressionable too, he suggested. And that he knew a lady in the P.I. business with a background of escort activity herself, who could include her husband as one of the multiple partners to help you to see if this is for you, and could for a modest per client fee vet them for you, too. He then suggested that since banks and other financial institutions were very suspicious of large unreported sums coming into their accounts, that a rich guy like Marty might be of some help in that, in effect laundering her cash, so that it could be legally saved in a bank.

And also, that there was a very small condo (much like a studio apartment) in one of the back corners of the new building that came to be because of the melding together of other units on its floor. It was up on the third floor and on one of two doors on its landing, helping to insure her privacy and security.

The owner of the other unit on that floor was gone a lot on trips and usually spent the winters in Florida or California for the sun there.

Since it was small, but currently occupied by a renter, it could be made available to her, when it came to be free. But, that she would have to save up some money to get in, depending on what arrangement that she made with Marty.

He then offered to discuss this situation with Marty to sound him out. And he reminded her that he, M.N.G, was the President of the Resident's Council for this year, so that was why he was so up on things about the complex. I then smiled up to him as he hovered over me and admired my little tits and I asked him to please do all of those things for me, and as his mouth lowered to kiss, tongue and suckle on them, he nodded yes that he would.

After he finished fucking me good and improper again, I left with a lot of thoughts on my mind, and making plans to do my part. When we passed on the street, with me walking Penny, he stopped me to advise me of his progress. A lot on all fronts. The older guys of the complex that I knew and had confidence in were ecstatic to say the least to see me, and planned to offer the usual fee for my personal services, about 250 per hour. And Marty said that he would work out a deal to get her funds legally into the local bank branch, since he had a friend there that had a lot of say as to its affairs, a Mrs.

Darby who would not be judgmental about her prospective career choices. So, he asked when I would be available to see the various guys to test out these waters and I wrote down some notes on an index card that he had with him and he promised to copy it an pass it on with my email address, the new one for privacy sake and let me handle the scheduling.

I didn't see him again for three weeks, after the new school season began, after all I was still a junior now in high school. When I came into his condo on a Saturday morning, I took him into my arms and raised up to give him very enthusiastic kisses. The guys had each been good for their words and I already had a bank account that was growing rapidly.

Each of the guys had been lovely lovers and very kindly to me. They each also had other guys that they trusted to be with me. So, the concern about seeing multiple guys, was laid to rest. As long as the ones that I saw were kindly in their passions for me.


But, they each did tell me that they had other responsibilities of the female type and would only be occasional partners for me. So, I moved on to hire the detective agency to vet further prospective partners. With that I met the two ugliest and most dangerous looking guys that I had ever encountered in my life.

But, it turned out that with women they were pussycats, and as gentle of men as I would ever meet. And because of their reputation and their prospectively seeing me regularly after their initial dates that they passed with flying colors, a lot of trouble makers would be discouraged from harming or bothering me.

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However, one didn't get the message, I guess. Or more likely, didn't listen to it. The very nice people that ran the local Mexican food restaurant and little store on our street, had a young son of about seventeen. He had always been sweet on me, when I came in with my grandmother to get her favorite burritos. But, I just gave him a lame public smile and gave him no encouragement at all. But, he must have heard through the Hispanic grape vine about my new profession and determined that he would avail himself of me too, though I had no desire to ever see him that way.

I could see that he could be trouble. Just too many hormones working on him at that time. After a few months, I had the necessary funds to rent the little condo at the complex and it happened that the couple there were offered another bigger one in the complex that had become available at the regular rate, but with no security deposit nor first and last at all, because of their good payment record and the desire of allotting the studio-sized condo to me.

I got to move in at the beginning of the next month. My grandmother was shocked and worried about this and couldn't understand why I was doing it. But, I just said that I would like to have some more privacy while finishing my junior year of H.S. and would still sleep over most nights with her and my puppy, Penny. I also worked out a deal with my auntie to have her do some of her dates there, and to pay me fifty of each date for its use. She felt that I was no pushover, but kept her pimp at arm's length from me to protect me.

And the RED KNIGHT, the highest official in the BLACK NIGHT'S loose association proclaimed that I was to be left alone by anyone that he had any authority over. This all worked out fine, since I had a limited number of clients at that time and my auntie took up some of the slack and it left the condo not empty too much of the time.

Because of all of this, my auntie and Tracey the resident sexy massage therapist, who also had an office in the complex, took me under their wings and helped me learn all of the ropes to make a go of this and protect myself.

I was once in a while invited to double with them on dates, too. And that was a hoot also. After a couple of months of clear sailing, the first serious bump in the road came about. The young man from the restaurant, the son of the owners, showed up on my condo doorstep knocking on my door loudly and demanding entrance to give me a house warming present from his parents. Turned out after he forced his way in, when I opened to order him away, that he considered himself to be that gift. And he threw his valise into my hallway and insisted that I take care of him right away, and that he was going to manage my business and take over my life.

I calmly asked if he would like something to drink, and he ordered a beer, which I didn't have any of. But, I went to the kitchen anyway, pretending that I was going to knuckle under to him, and in his supreme male confidence that seemed to be paying off, he didn't notice me hit the installed Panic Button that directly alerted the onsite security staff, and with their master key to all of the condo units, they entered and took charge of my young male interloper.

When he began to struggle with them and argue with them as to his rights, they paged one of the resident cops who happened to be onsite having lunch, and in his viewer of the security cameras onsite, he caught the drift of what was going on.

So, he moved up in his L.E. uniform with a very big gun on his hip and informed the young man that he was trespassed from ever coming to my door, or accosting me anywhere again. While he was writing out the ticket while Juan was being restrained by the security guys, Juan's father showed up and inquired about what was going on. When I took the lead, I explaining what he had tried to do, Miguel was livid. Miguel accepted the ticket for his son and then with fiery red eyes, took his son in custody to march him back to their restaurant by a very firm and painful hold on his ear.

And when Juan tried to break away, Miguel screaming that he had not caused his birth and raised him to become a bad man like this, slugged his son in the ribs probably at least bruising him there. With that all struggles by Juan ceased and he accepted being led in dishonor back to his home.

The neighbors seeing this remarked to each other, "What a father!" And his business suffered not a bit over this. After this things went on fine, I graduated from High School and started college right here in town.

I was pursuing a computer networking degree and doing well in the classes that I had already finished while in H.S. Professionally, I now had a coterie of 24 guys that were vetted and doing well by me.

I was getting all of the sex that a girl could ever want, and I still made time to see M.N.G. every time that he desired me and Marty, the same. They were better than nice to me, they were very sweet to me and continued to be helpful in my career. And they each insisted on contributing to me, though I had told them that it was not necessary.

Just part of their honoring me as their escort and friend. The latest time I saw him, he inquired as to the availability of anal. I had not shared in this yet, but knew that I would eventually have to accept it, so decided to have a man that I really liked a lot and who was really capable around the bed initiate me.

After we had played for a bit, and he had been into my pussy vault to my delight, he instructed me to move up with my lower belly up on two pillow stacked up to raise my hips and anal entry to a comfortable level for his penetration of my ass.

He then caressed me about my ass and entry point, moving on to using his fingers and to mount to start the preparation for his cock entering me. It ended with his tongue up my pristinely clean ass, which felt just heavenly to me.

Then with my head now lowered to being on its side on another pillow so that I could look back at him while he fucked my ass, he moved his now lubed up cock to move into my lubed up anal cavity and quickly moved past the sphincter, to enter into my rear carriage. He was careful to allow my innards to adjust to his presence and slowly continued penetration to the deepest that he could muster.

My body accepted this very well, and since my hips were up and my legs were separated, I reached back with my vibrator and worked on my clit as he worked up my ass. With both in action including the sensations felt in my pussy through two layers of tissue, I was soon out of my mind in lust.

With that, I began to push back on him very strongly and his cock moved even farther inside of me. As I looked back at him, I could see his eyes begin to have a rather wild look in them, and then as my belly began to vibrate with my climax and my cum came out dumping all over his bedclothes, he reared up and shot his cum into my lower intestine like a magnum shot.

After that, I reached back and moved the pillow aside and we laid down with him on top still inside me to rest and nap with us both saturated by the cum of each covering the bed sheets that we were on. Neither of us seemed to care a bit. As I lightly napped I was reminded why I was so fond of this man. If he had been some years younger and closer to my heritage, I would have kidnapped him to marry me and drove him crazy with sex and children for the rest of my life.

But, I had already learned to enjoy and act on what was possible and likely and not to obsess on what wasn't. Evidently by what happened next, not all people have learned this lesson. The word had already gone out by the RED KNIGHT and auntie's pimp for all of the pimps and other young guys to strictly leave me alone.

A couple of them had had very unpleasant experiences by the complex security staff, which was now not manned by underpaid college students, but by a fewer in number but much more qualified and well paid professional staff. Cheaper in the long run, it turned out to be. A maxim that I had heard in my youth came to mind, "You get what you pay for," in this case it turned out to be true.

But, one of the younger and newer stud pimps decided to ignore the proclamations of the RED KNIGHT about me, after all in his assumptions he was an old guy and on his way out soon to a younger man. And since he was just beginning to gather together from local girls and others his own 'bitch' parade to enrich him, he decided to take possession of me, and with the confidence that he would turn me if given the chance, he brashly came to my condo and crashed his way in.

I hit the Panic Button as I luckily was cooking in the kitchen and in a hurry, the security patrol was back. This time, there was no calling of the police, they were tired of seeing a fine gal like me to repeatedly have to put up with this, and with the assumed permission of the RED KNIGHT, they took him in hand and beat him to a pulp, and then called the Bash Brothers to come and dispose of the remains. The Arl and Bla didn't finish him off, but did produce a very painful trip out of the area and warned him that it would be worse for him, if he was ever seen in Maple Grove again.

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He evidently got the message and with his tail between his legs, he left the area and never came back. Also, the RED KNIGHT used intercepted videos from this encounter to highlight what was waiting for any of the others that broke the village agreements, including strictly leaving me alone.

I was never bothered again! In the meantime, I received a very big surprise for my twenty-second birthday from M.N.G. and Marty. They together worked it out that I would get the condo free and clear from then on, with no obligation from them, except that I couldn't sell it without their permission for twenty years, or have to honor the lien that they put on it for their investments to allow me to live near to them for obvious reasons.

I readily agreed with that, since I had no intention of ever leaving the complex which provided for all of my interests and most of my needs. I had by this time graduated with my degree and had a beginning job with the local T.V. station, which with my coterie, allowed me to be very choosy of whom I saw. And my grandmother had died of her old age issues and I kept her apartment in my name then as my primary residence to reside in.

Penny, my beagle was deliriously happy about that. When I had my first break on my temp job in the slow time of the year, I had enough funds saved up, that I invited M.N.G. and Marty to accompany me on a mini-vacation at a hide away motel south of the city.

We took up two adjoining rooms with a connecting door, on a weekend that had no other renters and had the time of my life with them. They had had no intentions of asking anything for the considerable help from them, but I knew to take care of those that take care of me and so insisted on this fun weekend to thank them for all that they had done. We did some solo things and some dual penetrations things, that were instructive and a hell of a lot of fun.

It was just a special time for us, all three of us. And we all felt even more at ease and bonded together than ever before. When I had another free three days, I invited the RED KNIGHT to spend a night with me to thank him for his protection and patronage, too. He inquired if I would like the relationship formal, but I deferred, since I wanted to continue my freedom.

He nodded at that respectfully, and enjoyed the best that he could the night with me and left respectfully in the morning. After that, no one even blinked crookedly at me as long as I lived in the complex and village. Eventually, with a very full bank account, I decided to marry, though I had made myself sterile for my work.

Since it was fifteen years after the providing the condo to me with a lien on it, the guys gave their permissions anyway to me, and I sold it to the RED KNIGHT for his use, with the provision that my auntie could use it free at least for three two hour sessions week. He accepted immediately at an inflated price out of his respect for me and a couple of well-hidden, except for me, tears to see me going.

Of all things, the man I was about to marry, was Juan the all grown-up young man that had tried to move in on me many years before. He had moved up to managing his father's multiple businesses and learned a much more respectful attitude and mode of acting towards us the fairer sex.

So, we married in the largest wedding ever seen in the village and moved to South Hill right next to the now retired, but still feared Bash Brothers. Juan was a dear to me and after a couple of years of delightful married life, we adopted some of the young children of cousins who were overloaded with young ones and raised them as our own. They were very good years. And promised to continue to be so right into the future.