Which of these gay guys will cum first in their gay lineup

Which of these gay guys will cum first in their gay lineup
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BED MAKING MOM Chapter One by Simon Fear My name is Simon Greenwich, and this is my story of what happened when I was 16 years old. I was a pretty horny teen, my hormone always raging, everytime I would see a sexy girl, with an outfit, that showed way more than it should, would just cause my 9 inch dick to spring to attention.

Hell, I could just be thinking about a girl and my dick would just pop up. Of course this made it difficult for me, because during this time, I had started wearing the silk boxers that had a single button in the fly. Of course being silk, meant when I was fully aroused, there was no keeping it from making a a good size tent in my boxers.

And of course, I didn't wear jeans, because I hated the feel of the material on my skin, so I normally wore kahki style pants. This of course didn't help with keeping my dick tight against me either, so whenever I got turned on, there was good size bulge in my pants.

I am 5'9" tall, with dark black hair, cut short, and though I'm not muscular, I am not chubby either. I weigh about 170 lbs. and I do occasionally work out. I have had a few serious girlfriends, though serious may not be what some of you would think. I respected girls, so I did not try to influence them to do anything sexual, in fact I guess you could say I was pretty shy. Out of my 6 girlfriends, one had actually jerked me off to an orgasm, which I may tell at another time, and another girlfriend, my current one actually has give me head.

She is pretty red hair girl, about 5 foot even, and weighs only 95lbs. Her name is Ashley. A sexy lil doll, she is only 14 and a cheerleader at that.

Her breasts are 34 b cup and very firm and perky, and she has a nice, rounded but firm ass.

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Her skin has pinkish tint to it. What I love most about her is the fact that she wears glassed most of the time, and not contacts. I think she just looks fabulous with glasses. We have been going out for about 6 months now, and just recently while we were making out, she felt of my dick straining against my pants and without warning she just whipped it out and sucked on it right there, till I blew my load right in her mouth.

I of course returned the favor by pleasuring her down south, which I must is very sexy as hell, since she shaves it all bare, and has a sweet taste to her pink pussy.

But this story is not about her either, maybe later. This story happens at home. Let me set the picture real quick. I live in a family of 4. My mom, my oldest sister who is 17, and my younger sister who is 13. My dad left when I was little, supposedly right after my little sister was born. Which sucks for her, because she thinks it is her fault, which I am always trying to tell her it isn't. I am very protective of my lil sister. Both sisters are very pretty, my oldest, who we called G.G.

is about 5'6" tall, short black hair to her neck, and weighs about 120 lbs. and has what I would think at 34 c cup tits. My youngest sis whose name is Vera is only 5 foot even and weighs at 80lbs. Her hair is mid back lenght, solid black and wavy, and she just went through puberty and has developed at least an a cup breast size if not a small b cup. But this story is not about them either. Lol, sorry to keep you in suspense.

No this story actually involves my mom. My mom, whose name is Tracy, is very attractive. She is 5'10", slightly slim, with that bit of motherly chub, but very little, breasts which must be at 36 cc cup. She also has dark black wavy hair, to her shoulder. I have always thought my mom was pretty, but not in a sexual way.

I guess you could say she is sexy, if your into the age group of mothers. My mom is 33 years old, but looks like she is 27. I know you're probably thinking, hey there is no way she could be 33 if I'm 16, but it's true. She got pregnant with G.G. right after she turned 15, and got pregnant with me a few after she turned 16.

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She had gone only 5 months after giving birth to G.G. when dad knocked her up again, so I became child #2. I have seen her with some boyfriends in the past, but they never stayed around for long. In the past coupe of years, mom really just hung out with women who were her friends.

Well one day I came home early from school. There had been a fire in the gym and school was closed. My oldest sister G.G. was of course in a another high school as there were two in the city we lived in. I drove home and parked on the curb, knowing that my mom would park in the garage when she got off work at 5.

It was 1:00 PM and I figured that I was the only one who would be home for at least a couple of more hours. This would give me the chance to do my favorite past time. Get completely naked and sit in the living room and watch some porn that I had stashed and stroke one out.

My dick had been straining for some release for a few hours now. I walked in the house and dropped my bag in the entry room. I then walked into the living room and began unbutton my shirt, I was wearing a black t-shirt underneath. I stepped down the hall to my room to finish taking my clothes off. My bedroom was the last door down the hallway on the left side. The first door was my mom office that she sometimes worked out of when she needed to.

The first door to the right was the bathroom and the last to the right was the spare room. In the living room against one wall was the stairs that led upstairs to a landing that surrounded the living room. Once up the stairs to the left would lead to my mom's room which had its own masterbathroom. Leading to the right of the stairs led to my sisters' rooms. In between both rooms was another bathroom that had a door leading into both girl's rooms.

They had a double vanity, double sinks, one shower stall and one tub. I entered my room and reached under my bed, and found my secret shelf that I built into the frame of the bed. No one knew about it. I pulled out 6 DVD's and 10 porn Mags. I looked through the DVD's and picked out my favorite one, called Barely Legal Lesbians. I loved this one, because one girl in here looked so much like current girlfriend, and hey, I just had a big thing for red heads.

I put the rest and sat on the edge of my bed, I open the case and pulled the thin DVD out, and then slid the case between my mattress and box springs. I was real careful about these things, as I did not want to get caught with them.

I began to unbuckle my belt when I heard a thud upstairs, which of course would be my mom's room. Of course the first thing that went through my mind was a burglar had broken in and was stealing mom's jewelry. I grab my baseball which was leaning in the corner and quietly went out of my room and to the stairs.

Once upstairs I walked to my mom's door which was slightly opened. I wanted to peek in first to make sure the burglar did not have a gun, something a bat just would not be a match for.

What I saw shocked me completely. Mom was inside the room and was standing at the foot of the of the bed, with her back turned to me. The sheets and quilt were off the bed, and mom was bending over to pick up a box which she had dropped on the floor when she had pulled the new clean sheets out of the closest. But what shocked me was the fact that mom was completely naked except for only a pair of bright ankle high socks.

I knew that I should have turned, that seeing my mom's naked ass was wrong, but I could not tear my eyes away from what I thought was a flawless and sexy ass. I could even see mom's thick pussy lips peeking at me between her thighs.

My animal urges started flowing through me as my dick sprang to full attention and I had the hardest time from just going in there and plowing my dick right into her pussy.

But I held off. Mom straightened up and turned towards her dresser which fortunatly for me had her right side now facing me. I could prefectly see her stomach, which had the slight roundness to it, and the side of her bare breast. Because they were so large they slightly hung down, but not by much. I could also see her nipple which seemed to be hard and looked to be the size of a quarter.

As I said before I had never looked at my mom in a sexual manner, but at this moment all I could think about was just how sexy she looked. She walked over to the dresser and I could see her breasts jiggle from her movement and it just sent shudders through me and made my dick throb inside my pants. I saw her bare ass cheeks sway in a sexual manner and I felt my heart beating so hard I was sure it was going to burst from my chest.

Mom then turned around which cause her to fully face me for a second. It was only a second but it allowed me to get a good look at her front side. Like I said her breasts hung a little bit because of the size and weight of them but damn were they sexy. I saw her small bellybutton and the roundness of her stomach. Her hair was different. On side kinda draped over her left eye and went around her neck.

But what really caught my attention was the fact that her pussy was completely bare. Shaven clean as a whistle, and thick meaty lips with a long slit. I could have even sworn that there seemed to be a heavy moistness to her nether lips. My mom now looked as she was only 26. I no longer saw the naked sexy woman in front of me as my mom, but more as a sexual fantasy, one that would make young male teens cum in their beds from the result of a wet dream. My dick was throbbing so hard it literally hurt and I could not help but to move my hand down to it and begin rubbing it through the thin material of my pants.

As I continued to watch mom, she pick up a bundle of bed cloths and placed them on the low table at the foot of her bed. Mom then crawled onto the bed on all fours and began to crawl across the top of her bed. As she crawled I saw her pussy lips peek out at me everytime her legs seperated, and her ass jiggle, taunting me.


I saw her lovely breast dangling down and swaying a little side to side. I was almost tempted to rush through the door again and drive my hurting dick into her pussy, but I kept myself at bay.

As I watched she made it to the other side of her bed and crawled off and resumed standing with her backside to me. I just could not get enough of that beautiful ass, cause one thing I truly love about girls is their ass. Mom then walked to her wardrobe and pulled out a fitted sheet. She then walked around to the foot of the bed again and flip the sheet out over the bed.

I continued to watch mom make up her bed, seeing every aspect of her nude body, just teasing me. One time she walked fairly close to the door facing me, that I though she might come out and catch me, but she didn't. I did confirm though that her pussy was indeed very wet as it glistened.

Several times mom would quickly run put her hand down to her pussy, and slide her middle finger into her hot hole and push in and out a few time and then run her up through her slit and lightly pressed down on her clit before resuming her bed making. Through out the whole time I had been rubbing hard at my dick and I could feel my orgasm building up. When I saw mom stick her finger in mouth to suck off her juices I almost came and I had to stop because I did not want to make a mess in my pants, let alone have my mom hear me grunting from an orgasm.

When I let off I almost thought it was too late and that I was going to cum anyways and I felt it right on the edge I felt a little seepage squeeze out of my little hole on my penis head.

But then feeling slowly began to reside and I relaxed. She finally finished with the bed and walked over to her dresser and picked up the box that she had laid up there earlier.

She then walked over to the bed and sat on the edge facing me. Her legs were spread and I got a good look at her now open pussy. I could just how wet she had gotten, and I could see the wet smears running down the inside of her thighs. Mom then placed the box on the bed beside her. It looked to be a jewelry box, wooden, with a gleamy coat of finish on it. I had seen it before and had mom what it was. She had placed it in the top of her closet and said that my dad had specially built it for her, and it contained some special items.

As I watched her open it I figured she had things in there from when her and dad had been together and was wanting to remember some fond memorys. I decided then that I would leave and leave her to this, and go to my room and jerk one off real quick as my dick was hurting so badly now. I decided to see first what she would pull out and then leave. What came out of it though was not what I had expected. Mom pulled out a large blue translusent colored vibrator. It looked like it was as least 7 inches long and 3 inches thick.

It had a smaller round pole, that looked like a thumb jutting out at an angle from the base of the vibe. You could see the mechanical parts inside the vibe. I could not believe that my mom had one of those. Then My mom turned the thing on and it began flopping around in a circle. I could not believe it, I thought those things were only supposed to vibrate and that they were hard plastic, but because of the way it moved I figured it was some type of rubber, or soft plastic, Im not sure what the actual term is.

She ran one hand up and down the length of the vibe's shaft. Then to my amazement she slowly began wrapping her mouth around the tip and then began to swallow it. Her free then moved down her stomach trailing her skin with her finger tips until they were right above her slit.

I heard her moan around the vibe and then her middle slipped into the folds of her slit and she slid down the length of her pussy until her finger slid into her wet hole. Slowly she began fucking her pussy with her middle finger as she continued to suck on the vibrator.

After a minute or so of doing this, mom withdrew her finger and pulled the vibe from her mouth. She then stood up again and turned to face the bed, once again lovely ass looking at me. She crawled onto the bed and then raised up straight with only her knees on the bed. She was sitting on the back of her ankles and from the look of her left hand she was once again rubbing her pussy.

Then she raised up off her ass so that she was in a kneeling position and then spread her legs far apart. As she did this I saw her pussy lips again and her ass cheeks also spread open a little showing off her small anus. This caused my dick to jump again and I began rubbing it again through my pants.

I saw mom's hand between her spread legs and noticed that her finger was buried in her pussy once more. Then she removed her left hand, and with her right hand I saw he bring the vibe up to her pussy, the tip of it pressing against the opening of her pussy. I thought to myself, "Oh my God, she is going to fuck and I am going to get to watch it." I just could not believe my luck.

Mom slowly slid the vibe into her pussy. I would have figured that since she had given natural birth to all of her kids, that it would not be problem for the big vibe to slide up into her.

Boy was I mistaken. I heard mom gasp as she slowly eased the vibe into her wet hole, and then withdrew it, then slowly push it in further.

Mom continued to moan out and she continued to work the vibe into her tight pussy. I realized then that since mom didn't probably have sex too much, and it had been 13 years since she last gave birth, her pussy had probably had time to tighten back up again.

As I watched the base of the vibe get closer to her pussy, I noticed that the thumb portion was facing out toward her ass. It looked to be at least 2 inches long and inch thick. I was begining to wonder what this part of it was for, thinking that mom might to push it as well into her pussy.

Boy how wrong I was.

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Mom tilted the base of the vibe towards me until the the thump section was pressed up against her anus. Then very easily she began to push the thumb up into her ass. I started rubbing my dick even harder. Mom continued to ease the thumb into her ass as the big portion of the vibe continued to slide into her pussy. Finally mom had it all the way in her ass and she kind of squated down till the base of the vibe rested against the bed, and then removed her hand from the vibe.

Mom then let out a sigh, and I could see her trembling a little bit. Then very quickly mom reached back to the vibe and twisted the bottom of it.

The thing came to life, humming through her pussy, mom let out loud squeal as she bent over placing her arms on the bed, bent at her elbows, she was basically in the doggy position. "Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh fuck ohhhhh!!", She screamed She was breathing heavily, as I could see her diaphram moving up and down, her hanging breasts bouncing.

Mom let out another scream, "UGGGghhhhh, ugggghhhhhh shit, oooooohhhhhhh!!" She began humping the vibe, bouncing her sexy ass up and down. Mom's breathing was getting heavier and faster as she humped her ass up and down on the vibe, so hard in fact I was sure she might rip something inside of her. I saw mom's hands grasping at the quilt, tugging on it hard, messing the nice work she had done to get it all made. Mom let out another scream, "Aaagghhhhhh fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, uggggggghhhhhhhh!!" Oh the sounds of screaming exstacy coming from my mom's mouth was really turning me on.

I almost came again in my pants, but I stopped just short once more, feeling another little bit of cum ooze out my dick. Mom then let out a piercing scream, "Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhh Fuuuucccckkkk uuuggggghhhh!" She quickly reached behind her and pulled the vibe out of her pussy and ass, with a plop, and tossed to the side of the bed, as she collasped onto her bed, breathing hard. When she had pulled the vibe out, I saw a stream of clear thick liquid squirt from her pussy, drenching the bed in a small puddle.

Mom lay there for a few minutes, just breathing, her legs spread wide open, allowing me to see her pussy lips, which were swollen and very red, pussy juice flowing from between her nether lips, pooling under her pelvis.

I just could not believe it, I had witnessed my mom naked, fuck her herself, and then have a powerful orgasm, in which her pussy literally squirt out juice. I glanced over at the vibe which was still writhing around the bed, humming loudly. I had not realized, but I had been holding my breath. Suddenly the phone rang scarring the shit out of me, and I think my mom too because she sat up as well.

She quickly reached over and grabbed the vibe, shutting the power off. Then shakily she got up and walked over to her to night table and pick up the cordless phone. "Hello," she said. Mom sat down on the edge of the bed, "Oh hey Angela, how are you?" Angela was mom's closest friend, she would come over all the time. We knew her as Aunt Angel. "You calling from work?" "Well I needed a day off from the office, so I took a vacation day." "Angela what if someone over hears you.

I don't want anyone there knowing about that." "Oh she did take off too, well then it's just you then, so I guess it alright. And yes I just tried it. Oh did I sound that noticable?" "Well simply put, it does not match that little red one of yours that you used on me three nights ago." Then it dawned on me that they were talking about the vibrator.

Aunt Angel had given it to her. Wait did I just hear that right, Aunt Angel used a vibrator on my mom three nights ago.

Mom had gone with her to a club that night. Oh my God, was mom a lesbian now. During my train of thought I had failed to listen to the rest of the conversation, until I heard my name said, so I started listening again.

"I told you that I didn't mean to see him like that. I figured he would have been under the covers." Oh fuck, mom had seen in bed. I always slept naked, but I always managed to stay under the covers. Wait 5 mornings ago I had woke up and my cover s had been kicked off, and I had boner that morning.

Oh my.mom had seen me. I kept listening. "Yeah I told you, he is built just his father. The thing was huge, and sticking straight up. Oh I knew I never should have told you about it, especially the fact that it me horny as well.

He is going to make some girl very happy I'm sure about that. Oh Angela he's my son, I couldn't do that. I don't care if you and your uncle did it. Well I guess I am a little curious what it would feel like. Oh besides, he wouldn't be interested in an old woman anyway, especially when he has that cute little red headed girlfriend of his. Oh your such a tease." Mom was talking about the possibility of sex with me. I knew it was wrong, but I honestly at that moment I wanted to burst through the doors and say, "To hell with me being your son, I think your sexy and I would love to have to with you." Instead I didn't, but a plan was begining to form in my head.

Then I heard mom say, "Hey why don't you stop by and have dinner with us tonight, I know the kids love it when you come by. Ok good. Well listen, I'm going to get something to drink, my throat is dry.

Ha Ha, very funny. Love you too sweety. Bye." I had already made it to the foot of the stairs when I heard her say bye. Since her door was still open a little you could hear pretty good. I quickly went down the hall, and slipped into the first door, my mom's office, and kept the door open partially so I could see out. I heard my mom walked across the landing, and then start coming down the stairs.

I then saw her walk past the hallway entrance and go through the living room towards the dining room which led to the kitchen and then the utility room. And yes, thankfully she had come down, wearing only her orange socks.

So sexy. I carefully crept out of the room and walk the five feet to the living room and saw mom disapear around the corner of the dining room going to the kitchen.

I quickly walked through the living room and into the front door entry room, and picked up my bag, luckily she hadn't seen it laying there. Then very loudly I opened the door and slammed it shut, "Hello, is anyone home!" I called out. I heard a soft gasp, and the slight click of a door. I walked into the living room and went to the closet door next to the T.V. It was the coat closet. It basically faced the couch, and instead of being a solid door, it had what looked like venition blind on it, except they were would and they didn't open or shut, but between each one going all the way down, was a slight gap, and which you could see through.

I opened the door and tossed my bag into it.

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I then entered the dining room. I walked around the table to the left and entered the kitchen. Mom was not in there, but I saw the glass that she had poured a coke into. I looked at the glass and said to myself, "Mom must have this here this morning.

Probably flat." I reached into the cabinet and pulled another glass, and then got some out of the freezer and put it into the glass. I then reached into the fridge and grab a DR. Pepper. My favorite drink. I then poured the drink into my glass. I then took off my outer shirt, leaving me in my black t-shirt, and my kahki pants. "I guess I had better put this into the hamper." I said.

I was so tempted to just open that utility door and catch mom naked, but then a better plan formed. I'm sure mom was sweating in there, and I knew that there would not be any dirty clothes in there, because each of our rooms had our own hampers, and when they got full we could just pull the bag out and drop them in the utility room, and none of our hampers were quite full yet. So she had nothing in there to quickly put on.

I then pretended to do something else with it, "Nah, I'll just wear it later. I took my glass my glass and walked out of the kitchen and then went to my room. I could have sworn though that I heard my mom let out a small sigh.

I made it known that I had gone into my room but shutting the door, but I quietly opened it back, and looked out the crack. As I watched I saw my mom's shadow come across the living room floor and I knew that she was far enough away from the dining room to not be able to get back before I could catch her.

I quickly opened my door and backed out of it, shutting it, and then quickly walked into the living room. Right after I had shut, I knew I had heard a small click. When I got into the living room, I saw mom's glass sitting on the entertainment center, but I pretended not to notice. I figured I knew where my mom was at now. The closet by the T.V. Just as I had thought she didn't have time to run back into the dining room with out me hearing her and she had quickly slipped into the closet.

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I knew she could see me through the cracks. I kept my eyes away from the door. My plan was full motion now. I sat on the couch and began drinking my soda. Now that I had her in there, could I go on with my plan. My plan was to get naked on the couch, in full sight of my mom and jerk off right there, and cum and let her see it. I didn't think it would go any further than that, I just wanted her to see me, and see me do it, like I had seen her do it.


I hoped she would enjoy it. I really hoped that maybe she would get so turned on, that she might come and something happen. I knew that was a long shot, and then what if she didn't like it, and I did that in front of her. Would she avoid me from then on, and our relationship as mom and son turn sour. Now I started getting cold feet. I almost chickened out, deciding to just go to my room and let my mom get to her room and get dressed.

But then there was there statement she made to Aunt Angel. She had gotten turned on from just seeing me. That made me blush a little, but it also strengthened my nerves. I decided to do it, even if she didn't make a move, I wanted to give her a little show like she had given me.

It was only fair right?" I looked at the clock, "Only 1:48PM. I said. Plenty of time before the girls gets home." I then stood up and set my glass down.

I then began to unbuckle my belt. I almost expected my mom to realized what was about to happen and at least try to stop me. But when I had gotten my belt undone and then my pants and began sliding them down, and not hearing anything from her, I figured that maybe she did want to see.

I dropped my pant and kick them to the side. My dick was still very hard, straining against my silk boxers. I knew mom would be able to see how far it push against the thin material. This was it, now or never. My heart was beating fast. I kept wanting to look at the door and see if I could see mom's eyes looking through the slits of wood, but I knew that would just give me away.

Very quickly I slid my boxers down to my ankles, My dick springing to full attention. I looked down at it, and saw it staring back up at me, all 9 inches. I reached down and massage the head with my thumb. It was covered with thick clear pre-cum, a drop was even hanging down from the tip.

I looked at my boxers laying on the floor and saw the wet spot on the silk where it had seeped through. I wrapped my hand around my dick and began to slowly stroke up and down, while I was still standing, in just my t-shirt.

Damn was I very horny. I wondered what mom was thinking. As I rubbed my hand back up the length of my shaft, I saw more cum ooze through my tiny slit.

I continued to rub my dick for a minute, acting like I was facinated by it. Then I quickly removed my shirt and tossed it to the side. I had hoped to hear a gasp, but I didn't. Maybe she wasn't even there. Maybe she was still in the dinning room. Oh well I had gone this far, better keep going. I needed to cum badly, especially since I had stopped myself twice already. I sat on the couch and spread my legs and slowly began rubbing my dick again. I really hoped mom was in the closet and that she was enjoying it.

I continued to do for about 2 minutes, trying to keep myself from cumming, cause by now I was hoping that mom would come out and want to do something. Yet she did nothing and I knew if I kept this up I would cum soon. I didn't want to go with original of just cumming in front of her. I wanted to have sex with her. I know it was wrong, but I wasn't thinking straight at this time.

I wanted sex badly and I wanted it with her, and if I didn't make a move, I would never find out if it could happen. I began acting like I was just wasn't getting aroused enough. "Damn," I said, "I just can't cum. I need something to help me." I had decided what to do. I stopped jacking off and stood up, my dick bouncing up and down. "Where did I put my bag, I think my DVD is in there." Of course I knew it wasn't, I had left it on my bed, but mom didn't know that.

"Oh yeah, I put it in the closet. I swear I heard a gasp, and I knew full and well that mom would not be able to hold the door because there was no knob on the inside. She had slipped her fingers through the slits of wood to close it, and there would not be much of a hold to grab of to keep it closed. I walked to the door, knowing full and well what was about to happen. Mom and son were about to come face to face naked.

I looked to the side and pulled opened the door and stepped over the threshold. This is what happened. When I walked in, my dick being bent up at an angle, pressed right between my mom's naked thighs and I felt the head actually slip right through her very moist slit. My chest pressed right up against her large breasts. Her arm was draped across her boobs, so I really only felt her arm against my chest.

As soon as I felt my dick press against her I started turning my head towards her saying, "What the." I stopped as soon as I met her eyes. Her face was bright red, and her eyes wide open.

It seemed that we just stood there looking at each other for a long. I acted surprise too, but I really loved feeling my dick pressed right up against her naked pussy lips. Finally I quickly back out, still trying to act shock, while I tried to cover my hardened dick with my hands. Very hard to do when you have 9 inches of it.

I covered my balls and the lower part of my shaft, while my other covered covered the next lower portion. However three inches at the top still remained exposed, including my pre-cum covered head. "Mom, what are you doing in there? Why are you naked?" Mom stepped out, one arm still draped across her large breasts, her other hand now covered her wet pussy.

"I.I was in the kitchen, when you came home. I didn't think any of you would be home so soon. Oh I'm so embarressed." She was looking at the floor, then she looked up at me, "What are you doing young man, naked in the living room?" She sounded mad, but I figured she was trying to be tough and turn the situation off of her. "Well like you, I didn't think anyone be home. Wait have you been watching me the whole time?" I tried to sound upset. Mom looked down, her face going bright red.

"Mom how could you, why didn't you say something to stop me. I would have gone to my room if you told me you were naked and needed to get some clothes on." "Because." I saw her look up a little bit and I followed her gaze and saw that she was staring at my purple mushroom head.

I acted shy by quickly trying to cover it with my hand, but that just exposed the middle section of my shaft.

Oh I needed to cum so badly. "Please son, don't think badly of me, I know it was wrong, but.I really loved watching you." I tried moving my hand that was covering my balls up to cover the middle section, but that just exposed my balls.

Honestly I was loving it. I quickly bent down to pick up my boxers, uncovering the head of my dick "I should get dressed, I'm so sorry mom." I was actually surprised when she removed her hand from her pussy and grabbed my arm, "Don't, I.I mean you don't have to, that is if you don't want to. What I mean to say is that it is really a nice one, and you don't need to cover it. I mean I've already seen it. Right?" She moved her other hand away from her breasts, revealing her naked nipples up close.

She took hol do my other hand that was still trying to cover my dick and removed it away, causing my dick to spring away from body and point at her. Mom stepped back still looking at it, "I would have thought you would have shrunk by now, with your mom catching you." I nervously laughed, "Well how could it, when there is beautiful and sexy naked lady standing right in front of me." I saw her blush, "I'm sorry, mom I shouldn't have said that." She shook her head, "It's ok.

You really think I'm sexy?" For the first time I actually saw her looking into my eyes, pleading with me to let her know that she was still attractive." I then realized that maybe the reason she hadn't had any boyfriends was that men her age probably wanted someone younger, someone they thought might be sexier then a woman my mom's age, only because they were young. "Of course mom.

I mean your hot as hell. I have to admit your sexier than a lot of girls my own age." And that I spoke the truth.

TO my mind mom was sexier than girls in my own school, except of course my girlfriend Ashley. I saw tears starting to run down my mom's cheeks. I decided to go for it, and I stepped up to her and hugged her. I felt my dick pressed back up against her wet nether lips, and her boobs squashed up against my chest. Mom wrapped her own arms around me and hugged me back. "You don't know how much that means to me Simon." she said. "Oh mom your are so beautiful and so sexy." Mom hugged me harder and so I hugged harder.

When this happen, my dick pressed harder into her slit and slid up through it and rubbed across her exposed clit. She gasped out from the sensation and I quickly pulled away, "I'm so sorry mom.

I didn't mean t." She stopped me by putting her finger against my lips, "There is nothing to apologize about, I was enjoying my hug." With that she pressed into me again and wrapped her arms around my neck, squishing her boobs back up against me.

I felt my dick slip back into mom's slit. Oh it felt so good. Mom lowered face down onto my right shoulder, and I felt her lips rest against my skin. Mom pulled me tighter into her causing my dick to slid up through her hot wet slit and rub across her clit again.

Mom then relaxed and then pulled me in tight again. The way she was doing this was causing my dick to hump against her clit. Mom kept doing this over and over and everytime my dick would press against her clit, her body would shudder.

Mom then whispered in my ear, "I know this is wrong son, and if you want I will stop." I turned my head to her to look into her eyes, "Are you enjoying it? Is it making you feel good?" Mom nodded, "Oh yes baby, I love it so much, and it does make me feel good." I kissed her forehead, "Then I see nothing wrong with it, because I'm enjoying it too." I then lowed my arms down to her back till I placed each on a bare butt cheek and then I pulled her pelvis hard against me.

Mom gasped out, and then she pulled hard against me too. Mom then lowered her face back down to my shoulder, and this time, I actually felt her lips open and then she started sucking on my shoulder.

Oh damn it felt so hot. I then started to actually grind my dick against mom pussy, literally dry humping her. Mom started moaning as she started grinding her own hips against me. I couldn't take anymore of this cock teasing, I needed to fuck her, I wanted her to take my virginity, my mom.

Oh I knew it was wrong on several counts, it was morally wrong because she was my mother, and I knew it was wrong because I was cheating on my girlfriend. But I wanted my dick in my mom's sexy pussy. I reached my further down her till they were cupping the bottom part then I lifted up on her ass, letting her know that I wanted to pick her up. She understood perfectly well, because she lifted her right leg and draped it over my ass, and lightly jumping up, she wrapped her left behind my ass, interlocking her legs together.

I moved my hands further under her ass, feeling of her smooth soft skin. Mom continued to dry hump her pussy against my dick, then she removed her mouth from my shoulders and looked into my eyes. What I saw was pure lust, love, and affection all rolled into one.

"I love you mom, and not like a son to mother love, I love you." Mom smiled at me, "I know son, and I love you too" I then leaned my head and began to kiss her on the lips. Mom pulled her arms tightly around my neck and returned the kiss with a passionate hunger. I then slipped my tongue past her tongue, and met her tongue and as our tongues danced together, I slightly pulled my hips away from her body. Mom raised herself up with her legs, and positioned the entrance of her hot wet pussy hole right against the head of my swollen dick.

Before I entered though, I broke the kiss and looked at her glowing face. "Mom, are you sure of this? I don't have a condom handy and I don't know if you do." Mom shook her head, "No baby I don't have any condoms handy either as I haven't had a male lover in several years, but I don't care at this point.

I want to you to fuck me. I need to feel your dick inside of me." "Do you want me to pull out when I get close?" Again she shook her head, "No, I want to feel your spunk fill me up. If I do get pregnant we will cross that bridge when it comes.

For now let us just make love as it should be done." Then she forward and began kissing me again, her tongue swirling around inside my mouth. I felt like I was going to get dizzy, but I slowly began to slide to my dick into her pussy. Oh her pussy felt like it was fire, it was so hot, and extremely tight, but she was so aroused, so turned on that my dick was able to easily slide in about 3 inches, before I had to pull back out. Mom moaned out as my dick slipped back out, then her body shuddered as I slid even further back in.

After 4 times, I had all my dick buried deep inside her pussy. I could feel mom's pussy muscles contracting around my dick, milking so to say. I knew it would not take long for me to cum, and mom was already on the edge. I started slow at first, moving my dick in and out of her, all the while, mom was moaning in my mouth.

Then mom began to meet my thrust and she would ground her hips against my dick. As I slowly fuck my beautiful mother, she broke our kiss and looked back into my eyes, "Oh God son, you don't know how wonderful this feels. I'm sure it may not be as good as some of the younger girls, but I hope you like too." As I continued to fuck her pussy I smiled at her, "Mom, I don't know what other girls feel like as you are my first one, but I doubt any of them could contend with you, and honestly I don't want to find out." Tears streamed out my mom's eyes, "You mean to say that you gave your virginity to me?" Grinning I just bent my head down, and took her right hardened nipple into my mouth and began sucking on.

This brought mom over the edge as she began cumming, "Ugggghhhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck, aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!", she screamed out into my shoulder as she had buried her face back into it. Mom was really humping my dick at this point and I felt a build of warm liquid inside her pussy as it forced its way around my dick and began splashing against my pelvis and down my legs. I had all but stopped fucking her as she came on dick. Finally mom relaxed in my arms and held herself tight against me, her pussy throbbing around my dick.

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I was close to cumming myself, but I wanted to give mom one more orgasm if I could. I slowly lowered myself to my knees and then wrapping one arm tightly around mom's back, I placed my other hand on the floor and gently lowered her onto her back, with me on top. I looked back into face and saw that tears were streaming from her eyes, but they weren't tear of saddness or pain, they were tears of happiness.

She smiled at me and I saw love in her eyes. I kissed her for a minute, and then I lowered my head down to her left nipple taking it into my mouth as I began sucking on it. Mom thrusted her breasts at me, and began pushing up with her hips, letting me know that I could carry on.

I then let caution fly away as I began pounding my mom's pussy. She was so wet by now, that loud squishy were made from my dick and her pussy.

Mom literally being digging her nail into my back as another orgasm began building inside of her. She screaming out by now, almost as loudly as when she had fucked herself with her vibrator. She was saying my name over and over again. She no longer saw me as her son but as her lover, so I began whispering her name as well. "Ohhh Tracy I love you so much, and I hope this never stops." "Oh Simon you make me feel so good.

I love you so much Simon. Oh Simon, Simon, Simon uuuggghhhhh Ohhhhhh Fuck Simon I'mmm cummminnnnngggg!!!!" I began pounding hard into my mother's pussy as felt her orgasm erupt again, her juices squirting past my dick and onto the floor.

"Ohhh yes Tracy come for me, cum on my dick my sweet Tracy." Mom clawed at my back as her body violently shook under my body. I couldn't take any more as I felt my orgasm bursting out, "Ohhhhhh fuck Tracy I'mmm cummmingggg!!!" I rammed my dick hard into her pussy and held on tight as I felt the most powerful orgasm I ever had explode from my dick.

Mom screamed out, "OOOhhhhh Simon ugggggghhhhhhh, and then she actually bit onto my earlobe, not hard to draw blood but painful but yet pleasurable. I felt 4,5,6 up to 10 long squirts of spunk spewed from my dick into her pussy. As mom's orgasm began to subside, I squirted my last rope of cum into her and then I relaxed. I held myself up enough to not smother mom with my weight, but her breasts and stomach were pressed up against my chest and stomach.

I felt my dick throbbing inside my mom's hot pussy, felt my cum mixing up with her pussy juice. I then leaned down and began kissing mom again. We kissed for about 5 minutes, until we had stopped for fear of passing out. Then mom hugged me and I hug her back. My dick was starting to go limp, it was bout 5 inches long by now, and I slowly pulled it out. Mom let out a whine as my purple mushroomed head slipped out of her pussy along with gobs of my cum and her juices splashing onto the carpet and pooling around her ass.

I laid down beside mom and reached my arm across her breasts and pulled her to me. She rolled onto her side to face and draped her arm across me. She smiled at me and I smiled back and then I kissed her forehead.

Mom then laid her head into my neck and I saw her close her eyes. She was very worn out and to tell the truth I was too. I looked at my watch and saw that it was only 2:33PM, still an hour before either of my sisters would get out of school. I set the alarm on my watch to go off at 3:30 PM and then wrapping my arm tightly around my mother's naked body, I laid my head against the top of her head and I fell asleep. Before I did sleep though, several thoughts ran through my mind, would we tell my sisters about this, and what if mom did get pregnant how would we explain that, and then my girlfriend flashed through my mind.

How would I explain this to her. I had fallen in love with her, but I loved my mom even more, and how would I explain the hicky on my shoulder and the nail marks on my back.

Somewhere during my train of thought I fell asleep holding my mother, my lover the most sexiest woman around and she was mine.