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Going Away Party on Dancingcock
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Obsession to be Desired &hellip.First, let me say that I'm telling this story against my will. …This has been a life long personal secret of mine and I never ever planned to tell anyone.

&hellip.This is about my obsession which has brought me thrills beyond what other girls will ever know. I've have always kept this to myself as I was born with the right things to get 'it'.

… 'IT', was having a guy of my choosing, desire me. 'IF'…he desired me enough, I 'let' him have sex with me and enjoy great sex with me. …To put it bluntly…I was a beautiful girl, born that way and I loved the attention I got from it. I tried not to abuse or use my beauty to take advantage of men. When I did pick a guy out, of my choosing, I had the advantage. They would tell me how I made them get erections and get so horny over me they would have to go and jack off.

…My name is JoAnn, or Jo, as everyone called me. My daddy was not impressed with my beauty that much. It caused him to keep the boys away as I grew up. I remember he told me once…"A guy will come along that is 'not' impressed by your looks.

That's the guy to look out for." I had no idea what he meant, but that statement did stick with me. That 'guy' came along. Tim was his name. …I had a creative writing class and I was no writer and wasn't doing well.

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Tim was a whiz at this and wrote some stunning stories. I decided to use my beauty and charm to get him to help me pass the class. After class I went up to him and put my hand on his arm. Normally getting any guys attention. Tim looked at me and just said: "What?" I looked him in the eyes and asked him for help in writing. .He looked at me and studied my face and body.

He said: "I'm really busy right now, but…let's make a deal." So I figured he was going to suggest a deal where he could get in my panties like so many guy's had tried before. I of course liked the attention and turned on the charm. "What did you have in mind.Tim?" He didn't melt or stammer like the others, He didn't even smile.

He said: "I know some things about you Jo, but…I want to know the inside of you Jo. You let me interview you for a story, and I'll help you write. . Do we have a deal?" I was shocked at his answer. I wasn't about to reveal my personal thoughts to him and have him start digging into my hidden obsession of wanting to be desired&hellip.but now he was somehow charming me with his eyes deeply looking into my brain I felt.

I was locked on his eyes when out of my mouth came: "Deal." Did I just say that?…I knew I had. . He made me wait and wait while he talked to another girl about writing. Finally we got to discuss a time and place to get together and study. He was one of the handsomest guys in school, as I watched him walk away.

Damn, now I was the one getting aroused by him, instead of him over me. I had never felt this way before. I had to have him desire me as my obsession rose up inside of me. I had to have his attention…I mean 'had to'. …We met at his house and in his bedroom. Cool, just where I wanted him. A beautiful girl, a bed, and private bedroom. Now we're talking satisfying my obsession real good.

I remembered dad's statement, but I felt I had control over Tim…kinda&hellip.and I was excited. I sat down beside Tim at his computer. He said he read some of my stories at school and made some suggestions. He was all business and matter of fact about my writing. He pulled up one of his stories and showed me his style and how he developed it. It was a porn story.

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He let me read some of it. I read two pages and I was getting really hot and aroused. I found myself breathing hard and sexually getting excited. I stopped reading. Was this a trick to get me all horny?…if it was…it was working.

.My obsession was not being satisfied though. I turned to Tim and we looked each other in the eyes deep. He said: "Now, tell me about you Jo. I know you must have a great story about you and your beauty and how it has effected your life." I froze.

He had just made my pussy tingle. I was melting as I looked at him. My obsession was so stimulated with him wanting to know about me I started getting wet, and fast.

…I tried to explain how my personal life was not that interesting and tried to play it down.

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Then he smiled at me for the first time. "Your lying, " he said.

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…He reached out and held my clammy hands and said: "Jo, let's face it, your fucking beautiful. You know how this has effected your life. Tell me those inner thoughts you have every day." He scooted closer to me as I was losing control. Now my only obsession was to please him to get what I wanted. My 'will' was fighting this. This was a major conflict within me. I would fight my will and tell all. I had to have him desire me. He had now taken control of me. First I talk, second he desires me and third&hellip.we have beautiful sex together.

…I took a big breath and said: "Ok Tim, but 'if' you write a story about this, you must promise me you'll change the names and make it so it's not me. OK?" I trembled as he leaned in and kissed me on the end of my nose. That gave me chills all over. He whispered: (…"that's exactly what I want.") I could say nothing as it was a 'have to' for me. My only chance to force him to desire me.

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I looked all submissive, but inside I wanted him to beg me for sex with him, showing I was in control, not him&hellip.but…his damn beautiful eyes were making me want to talk about all my hidden inner thoughts. &hellip.I spilled my guts to him…well…most of it. He looked at me and waited like he knew I was holding back my true thoughts. I finally said: "Tim.I " I couldn't tell him about my obsession and take a chance he might not desire me.

"Tim, ok…I have more to tell and it's very hard. It involves you and I.

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He smiled and ask me to go get us a pizza. I jumped up and out the door I went&hellip.wait…what am I doing?…he should be getting 'me' a pizza. …I got the pizza and we ate it in his bedroom.(damn him) &hellip.Afterwards he smiled and said: "You've got a 'desire obsession' don't you, now tell me all about it." I tried not to react but when he said that I got a sexual rush. He just watched me squirm and fan myself.

"I want you…to desire me Tim, I can't help it." He said: "After the story, we'll have a date right here in my bedroom.

I do desire you Jo, what guy wouldn't." I launched myself at him, putting my arms around his neck and kissing him. He grinned at me and said: "After the story we'll let 'us' have our way with each other&hellip.so keep talking sweet Jo." …I talked fast telling him all details and how it felt to have so much desire from guys and everyone, I got so I had to have a steady diet of it&hellip.or be unhappy.

&hellip.We sat quietly as he thought. "Thank you Jo for telling me your inner private story. I now have a desire to fill your 'desire' tank so full it will overflow.


He stood up, shut off the lights and shut the door. I got dizzy as his arms held me tight. .He ripped my little t-shirt off, he tore my bra in half and pealed it off of me and tossed it on the floor. In one pull, down went my shorts and panties.

He stuffed his face right in my pussy and I felt his tongue flicking my clit. He held me up as I started to fall. My desire obsession was already overflowing with satisfaction.


He picked me up and dropped me on his bed. He took off his clothes in seconds. I heard beautiful voices and saw wonderful colors in my head. He licked my pussy like an animal…and I loved it.

He came up to my ear and told me how he had wanted me from the first time he ever saw me. . How beautiful I was and sexy beyond his wildest dreams.

He said he dreamed about me, wanked about me hundreds of times. My legs parted as he talked…just waiting for his erection to be inside me.


I was in euphoria land and the happiest I had ever been. He 'desired' me like no other guy ever did. His hands were all over me and he sucked my nipples till I moaned over and over. .Up came my legs as he held them and teased my pussy with his hard cock. I couldn't think I was so high.

I felt his cock enter me and go all the way in my super wet pussy. I couldn't wait and started fucking him deep as I could. He held me tight and moaned his low moan as he fuck me hard and deep. I was ready to pass out with the pleasure but I had to have that climax he was going for in me and feel his cum fill my pussy.

…It happened. I squirmed and fuck back for him as he gasp for breath&hellip.we locked up and I finally got what I wanted…a huge blast of his cum shot in me and shook my whole body.

I screamed with joy and we fucked together hard, slapping our bodies together and cuming together. I just couldn't get enough of him and kept pushing his cock in me deep. Cum flowed out and my pussy flowed juices all over us.

We both shook and let the high feeling over take us. Finally&hellip.we both sucked a big gasp of air and the room began to spin &hellip.I think&hellip.it's hard to remember&hellip.I held him tight as I slowly went weak and he went weak on top of me. We moaned as his cock kept jumping inside of me. My pussy squeezed by itself each time his cock jumped. This kept up until sleep over took us…… &hellip.I remember him dressing me in some old clothes and taking me out to my car and sending me home.

I think I drove…I don't remember&hellip. &hellip.That night as Tim and Jo lay in the beds thinking…… Tim&hellip.Man, the things I have to do, to fuck the prettiest girl in school. Jo&hellip.Wow, the things I have to do to get some good sex from the handsomest guy in school&hellip.