Beautiful mature seductrice gets her nice tits played

Beautiful mature seductrice gets her nice tits played
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This is a fictious story about fucking African gals Sooby and Tooby had left quite satisfied in the morning. Next day evening as the bell rang,I opened the door to find this lovely black girl not more then sixteen or so.

She said she was a friend of the above gals and was told to meet them here. I invited her inside and gave her a cold Beer (Gulder) to drink Her name was Naomi and she looked quite nervous but started to drink the beer. I called her friend who were stuck up in a traffic jam (go slow as they call it here) and said will be there in an hour or so. So I knew had just an hour to seduce this sexy girl I went close to Naomi and started touching her, she did not resist and was actually enjoying it, slowly I remover her panties which were wet now as she was so excited, the moment my finger enter her clit I could feel her cunt was saturated.

''Mmmm you are wet baby.'', I carelessly utter. Immersed in pleasure she could not muster a response only moans.


I frantically finger-fucked her which drew louder moans of pleasure. After enjoying my penetration of her vagina, she focused her attention on my cock. Feeling the undeniable bulge in my trousers, she informed me of what she desired.

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''I need your cock.'', she said breathlessly, ''Yeah.'', I replied adopting a similar tone. She undid my belt removed my pants and both of us examining the only item of clothing still being worn by either of us. Eagerly, Naomi removed my jocks and discarded them swiftly. We were now stark naked on the bed, our clothes residing in a heap on the ground, abandoned, unneeded. Naomi now took control.

She pushed me onto the bed and lay me down flat. She kissed me on the lips and then devoted all her attention to my rock hard knob. ''Go on baby. taste me'', I urged.

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Naomi started by grasping my waist and gently kissing the inside of my thighs, ever closer to my groin with each kiss. She then gingerly flicked the top of my meatstick with her tongue, while masturbating me. She eventually gave in to my desires and devoured me in swift thrusts. She knelt over me, her head bobbing up and down buried between my legs, her young tight ass stuck out in the air.

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''Mmmm your cock tastes so fucking good'', Naomi dictated, as she went further down and sucked my balls. ''Suck it baby, suck it like a good little girl.''. Soon the two of us were under the bed cover enveloped in a steamy vapour of hot, wet passion. ''Put it in me now!'', she scream. Ignoring contraception, I squeezed my member into her teeny, tiny tight wet cunt. ''Fuck me tight baby'', ''Of course I am.

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I'm only sixteen''. These words sounded like heaven to me a middle-aged man. Sensing my appreciation of these utterances the little nymph decided to indulge your much older partner in more tasty talk.

''What would you think if you knew this I wonder?'', Naomi pondered slyly as I plundered her love hole. Naomi was showing her true colors. She was now a distant memory from the innocent girl that had come, but now was dirty little whore with a filthy mind. I knew that it was not right on my part to take advantage of her but the allure of Naomi was too much for me to handle Her phone just rang and when she answered, it was Tooby her friend and she replied someone is too busy fucking my brains out at the moment.

so kinda busy will talk later. 'Go on fuck me daddy!!!'', she demanded. ''Awww yeah.'', I cried. ''Do you like that. mmm. you like that!!''. I held her neck, stared in her sex-crazed eyes and told her exactly what I was thinking, ''You are my filthy little whore''.

With that she just grabbed my back and thrusted against me ''I'm going to come.'', ''Yeah come with me baby'', ''Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. awwwwww fuuuccckkk,, she screamed, as she came, followed swiftly by me I unloaded all my sticky goo into her teeny fuck hole, both of us gasping for breath.

''I want every drop of your cum in me'', she like a bitch demanded. I took himself out of her and both of us just collapsed onto the bed gasping for breath and speechless.

her vagina was absolutely sopping. Drops of vaginal juice carelessly made their way down her thigh out of her entrance. ''Suck the rest of that spunk out of my cock baby, make it clean''. She greedily obliged.

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The teenager that lay once again next to me All we could do was laugh. she had unlocked my darkest desires and of course she knew it and then she casually suggested the next location for our sexual exploits. The bell rang I went and open the door it was Tooby and Sooby her friend and my last night lovers.

they looked at me and giggled It was there plan am sure as I looked at them Sooby was dressed in tight black pants and wore a tight pink tank top without a bra. The top hugged her large 38C breasts and accentuated her nipples. The black pants not only nicely showed off her nice round ass, they were tight enough in the front to snuggle up against her pussy. With a pair of "fuck me" pumps on her feet she just looked like an African hooker. I could see that her nipples were hard as she saw Naomi lying naked there each of them now giggling as if sharing a joke.


Knew she was clearly ready for action but a bit nervous; I told her my Slut you are going to be fucked hard and fast, she start removing her clothes and showing me her clean shaven pussy my hard cock started aching for some action and began to thrust into her, and manipulate her clit with my finger, as she moved up and down, faster and faster, harder and harder on my hard shaft.

Just as she was getting into a rhythm she felt Naomi who was watching us just grabbed her hair and aggressively kissed her, then worked her fingertips down her spine, to her ass cheeks. She dipped her fingers down to her wet pussy, which was still thrusting on my cock. She used our juices as a lube, swirling his finger around your asshole, than forced one finger inside her tight asshole, moving in and out of her. This new sensation quickly got Sooby worked up into frenzy.

She knew then that she wanted a desperate fuck in her ass. "Fuck my ass !" she moaned as she looked at me. I grabbed the tub of lube from the drawer, opened the tub and dribbled it onto her back, just at the top of her ass. she gasped,the lube started to run down, I poured a little more into my hand, using one hand to rub the lube onto my cock, while the other spread the lube from her back down around her tight asshole.

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I worked the lube inside her with a couple of fingers, stretching her opening, while Naomi was busy licking her pussy juice and getting her good and relaxed. As I pressed my cock against her tight asshole, going ever so slowly not to hurt her, she pushed back a little, enjoying the feeling of being stretched as I entered her.

I sighed with pleasure as I entered her, feeling her tight ass engulf my cock. I began to move first, thrusting gently, "Faster.please!" she cried, and I was more than willing to oblige her.

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This was no longer gentle lovemaking. I smacked her ass fucking her, leaving a hand print on her cheek. The deviance of the act we performed brought out the beast in all three of us, and the room was full of our moans and the bed creaking beneath us as Naomi while licking her was fingering herself as well.

Sooby first came with a howl, and her clutching holes drove us crazy as I now filled her butt hole with my juices. Sooby and Naomi now lay in between me as we all tried to catch our breath now. I wiped up the mess from her, and pulled her kissing her forehead as we lay down for a short nap. After a while Sooby was awakened by both Naomi and me sucking both her breasts. The sensation was incredible; we circled her nipples then sucked until they were hard.

Then one mouth moved down her body, and sealed myself between your legs. She opened her eyes, and found me below. I continued to kiss and lick her cunt.

Her pussy began to juice up as I ate her out. I found her clit with my tongue and pulled at it with my lips, and sucked on it. She let out a cry as she orgasm once again. Postive replies appreciated.