Ladies are here to get weenies in wazoo

Ladies are here to get weenies in wazoo
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I was about 16 when I wrote this and it is my first time writing.

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It is more of a romantic story and written to a girl that I knew a long time ago. I was what you call cybering with her except this was one sided as I was doing all the writing.

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That's why it might seem odd when reading. I was about 5'11 at the time healthy teenage cock with a great body and abs that people would die for. The girl I was writing this for her name was Melanie and she was amazing.

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She had a perfect tanned body, luscious lips that rival Angelina Jolie, and tits and ass that made you pop a Bonner just looking at them. Her tits had to be at least a C cup and the ass was like a bubble.

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This is what we would have done if we ever got the chance&hellip. I light a room full of hundreds of candles and I spread rose petals everywhere I turn out the lights and let us be illuminated by the candle light I carry you into the room I place you on the bed and start kissing you Our tongues brush in ecstasy I rub your body and start to take off your shirt I slowly take it off your body and kiss you I caress your perfect breasts and then undo your bra I bring my head down and blow on your pointy nipples slightly licking the tips I pinch them a little and then take them fully into my mouth I suck on each nipple and caress them as well I go out and get some ice cubes I rub it up and down your body Rubbing it across your nipples and breasts Bringing it from your neck down to your belly button and back up I touch it to your lips and let you lick the cold water that it gives off I take it put it in your mouth and kiss you letting you end up with it I take more ice cubes and rub them all over your chest and back I flip you over and start massaging your shoulders and back I take some oil and rub it all over and caress your body I take the rose petals and rub them on your body soaking in the oil on your body I take them and guide them over your skin They are soft to the touch and you shiver and moan You beg me to go lower and for now ill comply I slowly look towards your pants and undo them I take my time sliding them way down I leave your panties on I caress your legs feeling them I bring them up and put them on my shoulders giving me a clear shot of your panties I go down on top of you and touch your wet mound It is oozing and I smell it I take my hand and start running it up and down your covered slit I take my other hand and run it up your body feeling your breasts I then arch up and pull your panties down exposing your pussy I dive in and start licking it I push my tongue in and swirl it around your warm cunt I push it one way and the other Tongue fucking you I push my head in and out of you In Out In Out In and out Faster and faster Then I pull my head away and give you a break I then put my fingers in I take my thumb and rub your clit bringing my tongue to help my thumb I take my fingers and push them into you I ram them into you Up and out Faster Faster Harder into you're awaiting mound I pull them out I gaze at your beautiful eyes I lean in and kiss your soft lips I take one of the candles blow it out and pour some of the hot wax on to your stomach You wince and then moan in a painful pleasure I take some more of the fluid wax and pour it in circles around your breasts I slowly spiral the liquid in until it lands on your nipples and you scream I slid you closer to me and lick up the wax I come to you and take you into my arms I take an ice cube and run it all along the where the wax was Then I guide your own hands to your pussy I let you insert your fingers into the warm juicy flesh Allowing you to feel yourself I get up and walk a few feet away from you I stand and look straight into your eyes I tell u to stay were u are I rip of my shirt and flex my muscles I show u my rock hard abs Then I caress my own body not letting u come near me I rub my hands over my body feeling my hard muscles and toned body I slowly move my hands towards my pants I undo the button and start sliding my jeans down All I have on is a pair of boxers My dick is clearly visible and slightly coming out the bottom of the boxers I slowly play with my dick through the boxers Teasing it slowly while staring at you I rub my body and my legs Watching u moan I rub it harder Then I say ok u can stand up.

You come over and hug me You start kissing me and feeling my chest You slip in your tongue while one hand slowly runs down my stomach down to my dick You grab my dick and massage it slowly as we kiss harder You lay you down and start licking my body while still massaging my penis You move down and start licking my dick and begin sucking it lightly Gradually getting faster In and out In and out It's so warm I start to explode so I take it out and let it spray on your stomach Then move back up and lick it all off You move away from it and you lick the cum off of your face and blush You wait for me to recover and take my cock back in your hands and start pumping up and down again You wait for it to get hard and move your hand up and down faster Faster and faster Up Down Harder Around my cock You take my balls in your hands and squeeze and I moan You lie down and take my balls into your mouth and start sucking on them You take my cock and put it in between your breasts and I start titty fucking you I push my dick up and down between your cleavage I push it through and through and I start Cumming on your chest The liquid makes my dick move faster and you open your mouth and it slides right in You take the rest of the load in your mouth and swallow Then you take the oil and rub it all over my body You caress my arms and legs Rubbing oil on my hard abs We kiss for what seems like an eternity Then I ask are you ready&hellip.?

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(By the way as you can see it's not quite finished I never got the chance. Let me know if it's good enough to finish and please remember it's my first time writing and well it wasn't even supposed to be a story so just tell me what you think!)

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